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In silico modeling of toluene binding site in the pore of voltage-gate sodium channel

Author(s): Thomas RF Scior | Evelyn Martínez-Morales | Silvia L Cruz | Eduardo M Salinas-Stefanon
Potassium channels as a potential therapeutic target for trigeminal neuropathic and inflammatory pain

Author(s): Takeda Mamoru | Tsuboi Yoshiyuki | Kitagawa Junichi | Nakagawa Kazuharu | Iwata Koichi | Matsumoto Shigeji
Voltage Sags Matching to Locate Faults for Underground Distribution Networks

Author(s): MOKHLIS, H. | MOHAMAD, H. | LI, H. | BAKAR, A. H. A.
VKCDB: Voltage-gated potassium channel database

Author(s): Li Bin | Gallin Warren
Load matching in a direct-coupled photovoltaic system-application to Thevenin's equivalent loads

Author(s): A. Balouktsis | T. D. Karapantsios | K. Anastasiou | A. Antoniadis | I. Balouktsis
Charge-Domain Signal Processing of Direct RF Sampling Mixer with Discrete-Time Filters in Bluetooth and GSM Receivers

Author(s): Yo-Chuol Ho | Robert Bogdan Staszewski | Khurram Muhammad | Chih-Ming Hung | Dirk Leipold | Kenneth Maggio
Impact of Level-Converter on Power-Saving Capability of Clustered Voltage Scaling

Author(s): St. Henzler | J. Berthold | M. Koban | M. Reinl | G. Georgakos | D. Schmitt-Landsiedel
Optimal Placement of Static VAR Compensator Using Genetic Algorithms

Author(s): Mohd Wazir Mustafa | Wong Yan Chiew
A perturbation-based model for rectifier circuits

Author(s): Vipin B. Vats | H. Parthasarathy
A new Logic Converter

Author(s): Dr. A. Abu-Ali
Digitally Controlled Linear Four-Port Network

Author(s): Z. Kolka | V. Michalek
DVS 926 CPU for Mobile Handheld Devices

Author(s): A. Rajalingam
Empirical Modeling of EDM Parameters Using Grey Relational Analysis

Author(s): A. Doniavi | M. Eskandarzade | A. Abdi | A. Totonchi
A Sentinel Sensor Network for Hydrogen Sensing

Author(s): Craig A. Grimes | Keat G. Ong | Oomman K. Varghese | Xiping Yang | G. Mor | Maggie Paulose | Elizabeth C. Dickey | Chuanmin Ruan | Michael V. Pishko | James W. Kendig | Andrew J. Mason
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor modulation of Kv1.3 channel is disregulated by adaptor proteins Grb10 and nShc

Author(s): Colley Beverly | Cavallin Melissa | Biju KC | Marks David | Fadool Debra
Characterisation and correction of signal fluctuations in successive acquisitions of microarray images

Author(s): Glatigny Annie | Delacroix Hervé | Tang Thomas | François Nicolas | Aggerbeck Lawrence | Mucchielli-Giorgi Marie-Hélène
Classification of Single and Multiple Disturbances in Electric Signals

Author(s): Moisés Vidal Ribeiro | José Luiz Rezende Pereira
Regulation of store-operated and voltage-operated Ca2+ channels in the proliferation and death of oligodendrocyte precursor cells by golli proteins

Author(s): Pablo M Paez | Daniel J Fulton | Vilma Spreuer | Vance Handley | Celia W Campagnoni | Anthony T Campagnoni
Reactive Power Control of the Isolated Hybrid Power Systems with STATCOM

Author(s): SHARMA Pawan | RAMAKRISHNA Kondapi Seha Srinivasa | BHATTI Tricholen Singh
Performance-Aware Power Management in Embedded Controllers with Multiple-Voltage Processors

Author(s): Feng Xia | Liping Liu | Longhua Ma | Youxian Sun | Jinxiang Dong
A Novel Design of Ternary Galois Field Based on Carbon Nano Tube FETs

Author(s): S. Abdollahvand | E. Shahamatnia | P. Keshavarzian | K. Navi
Modulation Technique Using Boundary-Pulse-Width for a Single-phase Power Inverter

Author(s): Igried Dib Al-Khawaldeh | O. Aloquili; J.A. Ghaeb
Sodium-calcium exchanger and multiple sodium channel isoforms in intra-epidermal nerve terminals

Author(s): Persson Anna-Karin | Black Joel | Gasser Andreas | Cheng Xiaoyang | Fischer Tanya | Waxman Stephen
Optimization of the WEDM Parameters on Machining Incoloy800 Super alloy with Multiple Quality Characteristics

Author(s): Muthu Kumar V | Suresh Babu A | Venkatasamy R | Raajenthiren M
5TClocked Carry Look Ahead Adder Design Using MIFG

Author(s): P.H.S.T. Murthy | Malleswara Rao


Magnetoelectric Interactions in Lead-Based and Lead-Free Composites

Author(s): Mirza Bichurin | Vladimir Petrov | Anatoly Zakharov | Denis Kovalenko | Su Chul Yang | Deepam Maurya | Vishwas Bedekar | Shashank Priya
Impact of replacement of conventional Recloser with PulseCloser

Author(s): Engjell Zeqo | Rajmonda Bualoti | Olgert Metko
FTL based 4Stage CLA Adder Design with Floating Gates

Author(s): P.H.S.T. Murthy | K. Chaitanya | M.Murali Krishna | Malleswara Rao.V
Topographic abnormality of slow cortical potentials in schizophrenia

Author(s): Basile L.F.H. | Yacubian J. | Ferreira B.L.C. | Valim A.C. | Gattaz W.F.
4-Aminopyridine Decreases Progesterone Production by Porcine Granulosa Cells

Author(s): Li Yan | Ganta Suhasini | von Stein Fred | Mason Diane | Mitchell Brianna | Freeman Lisa
A pyridinium derivative from Red Sea soft corals inhibited voltage-activated potassium conductances and increased excitability of rat cultured sensory neurones

Author(s): Temraz Tarek | Houssen Wael | Jaspars Marcel | Woolley David | Wease Kerrie | Davies Steven | Scott Roderick
The evolutionary history of mitochondrial porins

Author(s): Young Matthew | Bay Denice | Hausner Georg | Court Deborah
Load matching in a direct-coupled photovoltaic system-application to Thevenin's equivalent loads

Author(s): A. Balouktsis | T. D. Karapantsios | K. Anastasiou | A. Antoniadis | I. Balouktsis
Scalable IC Platform for Smart Cameras

Author(s): Richard P. Kleihorst | Anteneh A. Abbo | Vishal Choudhary | Harry Broers
Transient charge-masking effect of applied voltage on electrospinning of pure chitosan nanofibers from aqueous solutions

Author(s): Dohiko Terada, Hisatoshi Kobayashi, Kun Zhang, Ashutosh Tiwari, Chiaki Yoshikawa and Nobutaka Hanagata
Schottky Barriers on Layered Anisotropic Semiconductor – WSe2 – with 1000 Å Indium Metal Thickness

Author(s): Achamma John Mathai | Chalappally Kesav Sumesh | Bharat Purushotamds Modi
Increased complexity of Tmem16a/Anoctamin 1 transcript alternative splicing

Author(s): O'Driscoll Kate | Pipe Rachel | Britton Fiona
Transient and Steady-State Analysis of Nonlinear RF and Microwave Circuits

Author(s): Zhu Lei(Lana) | Christoffersen Carlos E
Charge-Domain Signal Processing of Direct RF Sampling Mixer with Discrete-Time Filters in Bluetooth and GSM Receivers

Author(s): Ho Yo-Chuol | Staszewski Robert Bogdan | Muhammad Khurram | Hung Chih-Ming | Leipold Dirk | Maggio Kenneth
Scalable IC Platform for Smart Cameras

Author(s): Kleihorst Richard P | Abbo Anteneh A | Choudhary Vishal | Broers Harry
Classification of Single and Multiple Disturbances in Electric Signals

Author(s): Ribeiro Moisés Vidal | Pereira José Luiz Rezende
Nonlinear Dual-Phase Multiplexing in Digital Microfluidic Architectures

Author(s): Christopher M. Collier | Michael Wiltshire | Jacqueline Nichols | Brandon Born | Emily L. Landry | Jonathan F. Holzman
Formation of Oligovesicular Vesicles by Micromanipulation

Author(s): Yukihisa Okumura | Tohru Ohmiya | Toshiki Yamazaki
Mixed Over-Voltage Decomposition Using Atomic Decompositions Based on a Damped Sinusoids Atom Dictionary

Author(s): Qing Yang | Jing Wang | Wenxia Sima | Lin Chen | Tao Yuan
The effects of laser assisted hatching on pregnancy rates

Author(s): Alireza Ghannadi | Marjaneh Kazerooni | Fatemeh Jamalzadeh | Sahar Amiri | Parifar Rostami | Forouzan Absalan
A Parametric Study Delineating Irreversible Electroporation from Thermal Damage Based on a Minimally Invasive Intracranial Procedure

Author(s): Garcia Paulo | Rossmeisl John | Neal Robert | Ellis Thomas | Davalos Rafael
Quantum Supercurrent Transistors in Silicon Quantum Wells Confined by Superconductor Barriers

Author(s): Nikolay T. Bagraev | Edward Yu. Danilovsky | Leonid E. Klyachkin | Andrei A. Kudryavtsev | Roman V. Kuzmin | Anna M. Malyarenko | Wolfgang Gehlhoff | Vladimir V. Romanov
Development of a novel protein multi-blotting device

Author(s): Amin M. Hagyousif | Voon J. Chong | Hiroki Yokota | Stanley Y. P. Chien
An Improved Design of a Fully Automated Multiple Output Micropotentiometer

Author(s): Hala Mohamed Abdel Mageed | Ahmed Faheem Zobaa | Mohamed Helmy Abdel Raouf | Abla Hosni Abd El-Rahman | Mohamed Mamdouh Abdel Aziz
SIMO Transadmittance Mode Active-C Universal Filter

Author(s): Neeta Pandey | Sajal K. Paul
The Damage of ZnO Arrester Block Due To Multiple Impulse Currents

Author(s): Tarcicius Haryono | K. Tunggul Sirait | Tumiran | Hamzah Berahim
Application of Direct Current and Temperature Stresses of Low-Voltage ZnO Based Varistor Ceramics

Author(s): M. G.M. Sabri | B. Z. Azmi | Zahid Rizwan | M. K. Halimah | M. Hashim | H. A.A. Sidek
Design of Multi-Valued Quaternary Based Analog-to-Digital Converter

Author(s): A. H.M.Z. Alam | Wahab A. Lawal | Sheroz Khan | Muhammad M. Rashid
Low-Cost Encoding Device for Optical Code Division Multiple Access System

Author(s): Mohammad S. Ab-Rahman | Boonchuan Ng | Norshilawati M. Ibrahim | Sahbudin Shaari
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