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A wayfinding aid to increase navigator independence

Author(s): Wilfred Waters | Stephan Winter
FPGA-Based Real-Time Embedded System for RISS/GPS Integrated Navigation

Author(s): Walid Farid Abdelfatah | Jacques Georgy | Umar Iqbal | Aboelmagd Noureldin
Attitude Determination Using a MEMS-Based Flight Information Measurement Unit

Author(s): Der-Ming Ma | Jaw-Kuen Shiau | I.-Chiang Wang | Yu-Heng Lin
OntoFire: an ontology-based geo-portal for wildfires

Author(s): K. Kalabokidis | N. Athanasis | M. Vaitis
Ruptured Aneurysm of the Accessory Middle Cerebral Artery Associated with Moyamoya Disease – A Case Report

Author(s): Cheng-Chi Lee | Zhuo-Hao Liu | Shih-Ming Jung | Tao-Chieh Yang
The Flying Laboratory for the Observation of ADS-B Signals

Author(s): Raymond Francis | Ronald Vincent | Jean-Marc Noël | Pascal Tremblay | Daniel Desjardins | Alex Cushley | Matthew Wallace
The Street Network Evolution of Crowdsourced Maps: OpenStreetMap in Germany 2007–2011

Author(s): Pascal Neis | Dennis Zielstra | Alexander Zipf
Flexible Navigation Strategies by Predicting Human Motion Tendency

Author(s): Zhiwei Liang | Songhao Zhu | Cheng Yanyun
Another point of view on proportional navigation

Author(s): E. Duflos | P. Penel | P. Vanbeeghe | P. Borne
Rule Generation from Textual Data by using Graph based Approach

Author(s): D.S Rajput | R.S. Thakur | G.S. Thakur
Multimedia Data Navigation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Rakesh Poonia | Dharm Singh | Alok Kumar
Finding Shortest Path for Developed Cognitive Map Using Medial Axis

Author(s): Hazim A. Farhan | Hussein H. Owaied | Suhaib I. Al-Ghazi
Compression-Based Tools for Navigation with an Image Database

Author(s): Antonella Di Lillo | Ajay Daptardar | Kevin Thomas | James A. Storer | Giovanni Motta
Preliminary development plan of the ALR, the laser rangefinder for the ASTER deep space mission to the 2001 SN263 asteroid

Author(s): Antonio Gil Vicente de Brum | Annibal Hetem Jr. | Israel da Silveira Rêgo | Cayo Prado Fernandes Francisco | Andre Fenili | Fernando Madeira | Flavio Caldas da Cruz | Marcelo Assafin

Author(s): P. Srikanth
Three-Dimensional Optimal Sliding-Mode Guidance for Homing Missiles Against Maneuvering Target

Author(s): S.S. Moosapour | G. Alizadeh | S. Khanmohammadi | S.H. Moosapour
Interpretation of Mangrove Ecosystem Dynamic in Bintuni Bay Nature Reserve Using Geographic Information System

Fuzzy Clustering: An Approachfor Mining Usage Profilesfrom Web

Author(s): Ms.Archana N. Boob | Prof. D. M. Dakhane
Textual metadiscourse in commercial websites

Author(s): Rafael Alejo González
Web Users Session Analysis Using DBSCAN and Two Phase Utility Mining Algorithms

Author(s): G. Sunil Kumar | C.V.K Sirisha | Kanaka Durga.R | A.Devi
Gait Analysis Using Floor Markers and Inertial Sensors

Author(s): Tri Nhut Do | Young Soo Suh
Clinical Validation of Computer-Assisted Navigation in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Author(s): Eric Beaumont | Pierre Beaumont | Daniel Odermat | Isabelle Fontaine | Herbert Jansen | François Prince
Applications of GIS and Very High-Resolution RS Data for Urban Land Use Change Studies in Mongolia

Author(s): D. Amarsaikhan | V. Battsengel | E. Egshiglen | R. Gantuya | D. Enkhjargal
Evaluation of Matrix Square Root Operations for UKF within a UAV GPS/INS Sensor Fusion Application

Author(s): Matthew Rhudy | Yu Gu | Jason Gross | Marcello R. Napolitano
People Detection Based on Spatial Mapping of Friendliness and Floor Boundary Points for a Mobile Navigation Robot

Author(s): Tsuyoshi Tasaki | Fumio Ozaki | Nobuto Matsuhira | Tetsuya Ogata | Hiroshi G. Okuno
Measurement of turbulent water vapor fluxes using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle system

Author(s): R. M. Thomas | K. Lehmann | H. Nguyen | D. L. Jackson | D. Wolfe | V. Ramanathan
Improving Planetary Rover Attitude Estimation via MEMS Sensor Characterization

Author(s): Javier Hidalgo | Pantelis Poulakis | Johan Köhler | Jaime Del-Cerro | Antonio Barrientos
Localization of Non-Linearly Modeled Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Out-of-Sequence Measurements

Author(s): Eva Besada-Portas | Jose A. Lopez-Orozco | Pablo Lanillos | Jesus M. de la Cruz
Application of Fuzzy Relations in Convalescing Link Structure

Author(s): Raj Gaurang Tiwari | Mohd. Husain | Raees Ahmad Khan
Sensor Integration in a Low Cost Land Mobile Mapping System

Author(s): Sergio Madeira | José A. Gonçalves | Luísa Bastos
T-SCORM: An Extension of the SCORM Standard to Support the Project of Educational Contents for t-Learning

Author(s): Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira Burlamaqui | Diogo Henrique Duarte Bezerra | Francisco Miguel da Silva | Francisco Milton Mendes Neto
T-SCORM: An Extension of the SCORM Standard to Support the Project of Educational Contents for t-Learning

Author(s): Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira Burlamaqui | Diogo Henrique Duarte Bezerra | Francisco Miguel da Silva | Francisco Milton Mendes Neto
Introduction: Research and Developments in Probability Education

Author(s): Manfred Borovcnik | Ramesh Kapadia
Relocatable, Automated Cost-Benefit Analysis for Marine Sensor Network Design

Author(s): Claire D’Este | Paulo de Souza | Chris Sharman | Simon Allen
Monocular Camera/IMU/GNSS Integration for Ground Vehicle Navigation in Challenging GNSS Environments

Author(s): Tianxing Chu | Ningyan Guo | Staffan Backén | Dennis Akos
Process optimized minimally invasive total hip replacement

Author(s): Philipp Gebel | Markus Oszwald | Bernd Ishaque | Gaffar Ahmed | Recha Blessing | Fritz Thorey | Andreas Ottersbach
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
Ranking Popular Items By Naive Bayes Algorithm

Author(s): Shiramshetty Gouthami | Golamari.Jose Mary | Pulluri Srinivas Rao
Web Usage Mining for Semantic WebPersonalization

Author(s): Pradnya jain | Rahul samant
Navegação autônoma de um agente inteligente: um estudo comparativo usando Lógica Fuzzy e Algoritmo de Busca A

Author(s): Eude Pinheiro | Camila da Costa Kubo | Marcos da Silva Rangel | Thiago de Almeida Arcari | Cleber Gustavo Dias
Differentiation of MDMA or 5-MeO-DIPT induced cognitive defcits in rat following adolescent exposure

Author(s): David M. Compton | Melissa C. Selinger | Eric Westman | Peter Otero
Analysis of Stemming Algorithm for Text Clustering

Author(s): N.Sandhya | Y.Srilalitha | V.Sowmya | Dr.K.Anuradha | Dr.A.Govardhan
From Luzon Strait to Dongsha Plateau: Stages in the Life of an Internal Wave

Author(s): David M. Farmer | Matthew H. Alford | Ren-Chieh Lien | Yiing Jiang Yang | Ming-Huei Chang | Qiang Li
Thematic Analysis And Visualization Of Textual Corpus

Author(s): Anja Habacha Chabi | Ferihane Kboubi | Mohamed Ben Ahmed,
GIS Education and Research at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics

Author(s): Roberto Giachetta | István László | István Elek | István Fekete | Dávid Ákos Gera
Neighbor Based Text Document Clustering

Author(s): Y. Sri Lalitha | N. Sandhya | K. Anuradha | A. Govardhan
Use of Earth’s Magnetic Field for Mitigating Gyroscope Errors Regardless of Magnetic Perturbation

Author(s): Muhammad Haris Afzal | Valérie Renaudin | Gérard Lachapelle
Sustainable Maintenance of Navigation Channel: The Case of Port Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) Port

Author(s): O. O. Sulaiman | A.H. Saharuddin | A.S.A. Kader
Design and Implementation of a Biomimetic Turtle Hydrofoil for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Author(s): Davinia Font | Marcel Tresanchez | Cedric Siegentahler | Tomàs Pallejà | Mercè Teixidó | Cedric Pradalier | Jordi Palacin
Autonomous Target Interception Using Hybrid Sensor Networks

Author(s): Wenzhe Zhang | Yihuai Wang | Ying Li | Minglu Li
Improved Vision-based Robot Navigation Using a SDM and Sliding Window Search

Author(s): Mateus Mendes | A. Paulo Coimbra | Manuel M. Crisostomo
Book Reviews

Author(s): Redactie KITLV
Autonomous Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on Information Filters and Active Sensing

Author(s): Bo He | Hongjin Zhang | Chao Li | Shujing Zhang | Yan Liang | Tianhong Yan
Broadcasted Location-Aware Data Cache for Vehicular Application

Author(s): Sato Kenya | Koita Takahiro | Fukuda Akira
A human motion model based on maps for navigation systems

Author(s): Kaiser Susanna | Khider Mohammed | Robertson Patrick
Landmarks or panoramas: what do navigating ants attend to for guidance?

Author(s): Wystrach Antoine | Beugnon Guy | Cheng Ken
Minimally invasive computer-navigated total hip arthroplasty, following the concept of femur first and combined anteversion: design of a blinded randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Renkawitz Tobias | Haimerl Martin | Dohmen Lars | Gneiting Sabine | Wegner Melanie | Ehret Nicole | Buchele Claudia | Schubert Mario | Lechler Philipp | Woerner Michael | Sendtner Ernst | Schuster Tibor | Ulm Kurt | Springorum Robert | Grifka Joachim
Multicore Software-Defined Radio Architecture for GNSS Receiver Signal Processing

Author(s): Hurskainen Heikki | Raasakka Jussi | Ahonen Tapani | Nurmi Jari
The RICORDO approach to semantic interoperability for biomedical data and models: strategy, standards and solutions

Author(s): de Bono Bernard | Hoehndorf Robert | Wimalaratne Sarala | Gkoutos George | Grenon Pierre
Exploiting Speech for Automatic TV Delinearization: From Streams to Cross-Media Semantic Navigation

Author(s): Gravier Guillaume | Guinaudeau Camille | Lecorvé Gwénolé | Sébillot Pascale
Radar SLAM using visual features

Author(s): Callmer Jonas | Törnqvist David | Gustafsson Fredrik | Svensson Henrik | Carlbom Pelle
Mobile Robot Visual Navigation Using Multiple Features

Author(s): Pears Nick | Liang Bojian | Chen Zezhi
Fuzzy-Rule-Based Object Identification Methodology for NAVI System

Author(s): Nagarajan R | Sainarayanan G | Yaacob Sazali | Porle Rosalyn R
Feedforward Delay Estimators in Adverse Multipath Propagation for Galileo and Modernized GPS Signals

Author(s): Lohan Elena Simona | Lakhzouri Abdelmonaem | Renfors Markku
A Time-Domain Fingerprint for BOC Signals

Author(s): Muth B | Oonincx P | Tiberius C
Autonomous Robot Navigation in Human-Centered Environments Based on 3D Data Fusion

Author(s): Steinhaus Peter | Strand Marcus | Dillmann Rüdiger
Using High-Level RTOS Models for HW/SW Embedded Architecture Exploration: Case Study on Mobile Robotic Vision

Author(s): Verdier François | Miramond Benoît | Maillard Mickaël | Huck Emmanuel | Lefebvre Thomas
Comparison Of LDM and LMS for an Application of a Speech

Author(s): V.A.Mane | K.P.Paradeshi | S.A.Harage | M.S.Ingavale
Research on Web Navigations

Author(s): Qian Zhongsheng
Direct Manipulation of Web Browsing History

Author(s): Gholam H. Khaksari
Direction Oriented Pathfinding In Video Games

Author(s): Xiao Cui | Hao Shi
Laser Disc Decompression In Emam Khomeini Hospital 1996-1999

Author(s): Ghaffar Poor. M | Ghanaati H | Miry. M | Saber Tehrani M. M
Spacecraft Formation Orbit Estimation Using WLPS-Based Localization

Author(s): Shu Ting Goh | Ossama Abdelkhalik | Seyed A. (Reza) Zekavat
Electronic Reporting in Radiology

Author(s): M. Fatehi
Fluoroscopic versus Conventional Computed Tomography-Guided Biopsy

Author(s): H. Ghanaati | K. Firouznia | M. Motevalli | L. Mirdamadi | A.H. Jalali
Security Guidelines for the Development of Accessible Web Applications through the implementation of intelligent systems

Author(s): Edward Rolando Núñez Valdez | Oscar Sanjuán Martínez | Gloria García Fernández | Luis Joyanes Aguilar | Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle
Research on the time synchronization technology based on the GEO Positioning System

Author(s): Jing wenfang | Lu xiaochun | Wang Jin | Wang Danni
Knieendoprothetik - Update

Author(s): Dorn U | Neumann D
GPS Navigation and Tracking Device

Author(s): Yahya Salameh Khraisat | Mohammad Al-Khateeb | Yahya Abu-Alreesh | Anas Ayyash | Osama Lahlouh
PDR with a Foot-Mounted IMU and Ramp Detection

Author(s): Antonio R. Jiménez | Fernando Seco | Francisco Zampella | José C. Prieto | Jorge Guevara
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