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Trigeminal neuralgia due to missile injury- A rare presentation

Author(s): AA Wani | AU Ramzan | A Kirmani | AR Bhatt | Tariq Ali
Post-herpetic neuralgia

Author(s): Sundharam J
Management of post-herpetic neuralgia using amitryptaline and sodium valproate

Author(s): Mittal Asit | Kuldeep C | Mukul | Bansal N
Two Cases of Neuroparalytic Keratitis Following Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): Agarwal Lalit | Mohan Madan | Malik S.R.K
Current Approaches In Postherpetic Neuralgia Treatment

Author(s): Zeynep TOSUN | Fatih UĞUR | Adem BOYACI
Clinical Insights in Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): S. K. Gupta, Ajay Gupta, Annil Mahajan, Rajinder Gupta, Vishal R. Tandon, Neeru Gupta
Multiple Sclerosis: Oral Manifestations and Dental Implications

Author(s): G.A. Scardina | F. Carini | G. Fuca | V. Valenza | P. Messina
Neurosurgical treatment of pain

Author(s): Slavik Eugen
Post herpetic neuralgia (PHN)

Author(s): Abraham Anil
Vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia as a cause of trigeminal neuralgia: the role of microvascular decompression. Case report

Author(s): Kraemer Jorge Luiz | Pereira Filho Arthur de Azambuja | David Gustavo de | Faria Mario de Barros
Perioperative and long-term operative outcomes after surgery for trigeminal neuralgia: microvascular decompression vs percutaneous balloon ablation

Author(s): Jellish W Scott | Benedict William | Owen Kevin | Anderson Douglas | Fluder Elaine | Shea John
Persistent trigeminal artery: A rare cause of trigeminal neuralgia - MR imaging

Author(s): Chidambaranathan N | Sayeed Zaheer | Sunder K | Meera K
Reactivation of trigeminal neuralgia following distraction osteogenesis in an 8-year-old child: Report of a unique case

Author(s): Ramanathan M | Parameshwaran Anantanarayanan | Jayakumar N | Raghaviah A
Pre-herpetic neuralgia masquerading as migraine

Author(s): Dhar Sandipan | Kanwar Amrinder
Preherpetic neuralgia masquerading as angina

Author(s): Sarraf Sudha | Singh Sanjay | Pandey S
Laser therapy in post herpetic neuralgia

Author(s): Mittal R | Jassal J | Bahl R
Neurophysiological investigations in Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): Fitsioris Xenofon | Theofanidis Dimitrios | Dimarelou Zoi | Tsiptsios Iakovos

Unexpected cause for trigeminal neuralgia.

Author(s): Neubauer S. | Wurgaft R. | Gutiérrez J. | Musa C.
Trigeminal neuralgia in an HIV patient

Author(s): Hashmi Mohammad | Guha Gautam | Saha Bibhuti
Trigeminal neuralgia

Author(s): S.K.Ramachandran Nair.
Baclofen in trigeminal neuralgia--a clinical trial.

Author(s): Parmar B | Shah K | Gandhi I
Trigeminal Neuropathy in Sjogren′s Syndrome

Author(s): Pinheiro L | Paul R | Roy A.K
Herpes zoster in mesothelioma. A case report.

Author(s): Dwivedi S | D′Souza C
Potential pharmacological and toxicological basis of the essential oil from Mentha spp.

Author(s): Iza Teixeira Alves Peixoto | Vivian Fernandes Furletti | Paula Cristina Anibal | Marta Cristina Teixeira Duarte | José Francisco Höfling
Subacute involvement of the medulla oblongata and occipital neuralgia revealing an intracranial dural arteriovenous fistula of the craniocervical junction

Author(s): Peltier Johann | Baroncini Marc | Thines Laurent | Lacour Arnaud | Leclerc Xavier | Lejeune Jean-Paul


Author(s): Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah
Percutaneous Trigeminal Ganglion Compression for the Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia: Report of Two Cases

Author(s): Jyi-Feng Chen | Shih-Tseng Lee | Tai-Ngar Lui | Chieh-Tsai Wu
Acupuncture in acute herpes zoster pain therapy (ACUZoster) – design and protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Fleckenstein Johannes | Kramer Sybille | Hoffrogge Philipp | Thoma Sarah | Lang Philip | Lehmeyer Lukas | Schober Gabriel | Pfab Florian | Ring Johannes | Weisenseel Peter | Schotten Klaus | Mansmann Ulrich | Irnich Dominik

A comparative study on in vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities of aqueous extract of Desmodium gangeticum (Leguminosae) root

Author(s): Kurian Gino | Rajamani Thejeshvi | Ramanarayanan Pavithra | Paddikkala Jose
Trigeminal injury causes kappa opioid-dependent allodynic, glial and immune cell responses in mice

Author(s): Aita Megumi | Byers Margaret | Chavkin Charles | Xu Mei
A health economic model for evaluating a vaccine for the prevention of herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia in the UK

Author(s): Moore Lee | Remy Vanessa | Martin Monique | Beillat Maud | McGuire Alistair
Injection Therapies in Temporomandibular Region

Author(s): Demirhan Dıraçoğlu
Eagle′ syndrome. Anatomy of the styloid process.

Author(s): Thot B | Revel S | Mohandas R | Rao A | Kumar A
The impact of herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia on quality-of-life

Author(s): Johnson Robert | Bouhassira Didier | Kassianos George | Leplège Alain | Schmader Kenneth | Weinke Thomas
Cortical disinhibition occurs in chronic neuropathic, but not in chronic nociceptive pain

Author(s): Schwenkreis Peter | Scherens Andrea | Rönnau Anne-Kathrin | Höffken Oliver | Tegenthoff Martin | Maier Christoph
Epidemiology and economic burden of herpes zoster and post-herpetic neuralgia in Italy: A retrospective, population-based study

Author(s): Gialloreti Leonardo | Merito Monica | Pezzotti Patrizio | Naldi Luigi | Gatti Antonio | Beillat Maud | Serradell Laurence | di Marzo Rafaelle | Volpi Antonio
Predictors of pain intensity and persistence in a prospective Italian cohort of patients with herpes zoster: relevance of smoking, trauma and antiviral therapy

Author(s): Parruti Giustino | Tontodonati Monica | Rebuzzi Cristina | Polilli Ennio | Sozio Federica | Consorte Augusta | Agostinone Adriana | Di Masi Francesco | Congedo Gabriele | D'Antonio Domenico | Granchelli Carla | D'Amario Claudio | Carunchio Carlo | Pippa Lucio | Manzoli Lamberto | Volpi Antonio
Clinical characteristics and prognostic value of preherpetic neuralgia

Author(s): Cvjetković Dejan M. | Jovanović Jovana R. | Hrnjaković-Cvjetković Ivana | Aleksić-Đorđević Mirjana B.
Corticosteroid therapy of zoster-associated pain

Author(s): Cvjetković Dejan M. | Jovanović Jovana R. | Hrnjaković-Cvjetković Ivana | Đorđević-Aleksić Mirjana | Radojčić Aleksandra | Bogdanović Mirjana
Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease-like syndrome induced by gabapentin toxicity

Author(s): Vicky Chau | Sadhana Prasad | Dwight Stewart | George Heckman
Idopathic tigeminal neuralgia: Radiophrequency rhizotomy of ganglion Gasseri

Author(s): Slavik Eugen | Ivanović S. | Spaić M. | Đurović B.
Neuralgies of the lower cranial nerves: Microsurgical posterior fossa exploration

Author(s): Antić Branislav | Perić Predrag | Ivanović S. | Spaić M.
DREZ surgery for the treatment of the postherpetic intercostal neuralgia

Author(s): Spaić M. | Ivanović S. | Slavik Eugen | Antić Branislav
Disease of lower cranial nerves caused by vascular compression

Author(s): Antić B.D. | Perić P. | Stefanović S.Lj.
Cost-effectiveness analysis for trigeminal neuralgia: Cyberknife vs microvascular decompression

Author(s): Rosanna Tarricone | Giovanni Aguzzi | Francesco Musi | Laura Fariselli | Andrea Casasco
Percutaneous Trigeminal Nerve Radiofrequency Rhizotomy Guided by Computerized Tomography with Three-dimensional Image Reconstruction

Author(s): Jen-Tsung Yang | Martin Lin | Ming-Hsueh Lee | Hsu-Huei Weng | Han-Hung Liao
Neuropathic Pain: Mechanisms and Treatments

Author(s): Long-Sun Ro | Kuo-Hsuan Chang
Gabapentin and pregabalin in chronic neuropathic pain: cost efficacy evaluation

Author(s): P. Marchettini | E. Mauri | C. Marangoni
Analgesic therapy in postherpetic neuralgia: a quantitative systematic review.

Author(s): Hempenstall Kathleen | Nurmikko Turo J | Johnson Robert W | A'Hern Roger P | Rice Andrew S C
Treatment of atypical trigeminal neuralgia with microvascular decompression

Author(s): Hai Jian | Li Shi-Ting | Pan Qing-Gang
Investigation of Cytotoxic Activity for Achillea talagonica and A.Tenuifolia

Author(s): S. Saeidnia | A.R. Gohari | M.R. Gohari | F. Moradi | F. Lodfi Maldar | A. Haji Akhondi
Studies to enhance dissolution properties of carbamazepine

Author(s): Prajapati S | Gohel M | Patel L
Natural history of herpes zoster in the era of AIDS

Author(s): Dandavate Varsha | Hira Subhash | Oberai Chetan
Role of laser therapy in post herpetic neuralgia

Author(s): Mann S | Dewan S | Kaur Amarjit | Kumar Prem | Dhawan Anil Kumar
Comparison of evoked vs. spontaneous tics in a patient with trigeminal neuralgia (tic doloureux)

Author(s): Borsook David | Moulton Eric | Pendse Gautam | Morris Susie | Cole Sadie | Aiello-Lammens Matthew | Scrivani Steven | Becerra Lino
Repeat gamma knife radiosurgery for recurrent or refractory trigeminal neuralgia

Author(s): Wang Liang | Zhao Zhen-wei | Qin Huai-zhou | Li Wen-tao | Zhang Hua | Zong Jian-hai | Deng Jian-Ping | Gao Guo-dong
Gamma knife radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors: Therapeutic advantages of minimalism in the skull base

Author(s): Sharma Manish | Gupta A | Kale S | Agrawal D | Mahapatra A | Sharma B
Conceptual adequacy of the neuropathic pain symptom inventory in six countries

Author(s): Crawford Bruce | Bouhassira Didier | Wong Audrey | Dukes Ellen
Feasibility of Multiple Repeat Gamma Knife Radiosurgeries for Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Guy C. Jones | Ameer L. Elaimy | John J. Demakas | Hansi Jiang | Wayne T. Lamoreaux | Robert K. Fairbanks | Alexander R. Mackay | Barton S. Cooke | Christopher M. Lee
In vitro antioxidant studies of Sitopaladi Churna, a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation

Author(s): Inder Kumar Makhija | H. N. Aswatha Ram | C. S. Shreedhara | Vijay Kumar S | Raviraj Devkar
CT-Guided Trigeminal Neuralgia in MS

Author(s): Jalal Jalal Shokouhi | Abdolhamid Hosseinnia | Reza Bakhshandehpour | Shahryar Pashae
Laser evoked potential: Analysis of the methodology in post herpetic neuralgia

Author(s): William Raffaeli | Domenico De Grandis | Andrea Truini | Alessandro Caminiti | Amelia Zaccaro
Laser evoked potential: Analysis of the methodology in post herpetic neuralgia

Author(s): William Raffaeli | Domenico De Grandis | Andrea Truini | Alessandro Caminiti | Amelia Zaccaro
Design and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Carbamazepine

Author(s): K. Ramanjaneyulu1*, Pamula Reddy B, V.Ravikiran, K R Mohan babu, L Srinivas, K. Yamini saraswathi, S.srujana, Prathima patil
Rehabilitation of the trigeminal nerve

Author(s): Iro, Heinrich | Bumm, Klaus | Waldfahrer, Frank
Communication gaps between physicians and patients with postherpetic neuralgia: results from a national study on practice patterns

Author(s): Glauser TA | Salinas GD | Nevins H | Williamson JC | Wallace MS | Abdolrasulnia M
Contemporary treatment neuropathic pain

Author(s): Cvijanović Milan | Simić Svetlana | Banić-Horvat Sofija | Jovin Zita | Slankamenac Petar | Ilin Miroslav
Chronic proctalgia and chronic pelvic pain syndromes: New etiologic insights and treatment options

Author(s): Giuseppe Chiarioni | Corrado Asteria | William E Whitehead
Parkinson’s disease: an inquiry into the etiology and treatment

Author(s): Peter J Jannetta | Donald M. Whiting | Lynn H Fletcher | Joseph K Hobbs | Jon Brillman | Matthew Quigley | Melanie Fukui | Robert Williams
Tolerability of NGX-4010, a capsaicin 8% patch for peripheral neuropathic pain

Author(s): Peppin JF | Majors K | Webster LR | Simpson DM | Tobias JK | Vanhove GF
Clinical Outcomes of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in the Treatment of Patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): Ameer L. Elaimy | Peter W. Hanson | Wayne T. Lamoreaux | Alexander R. Mackay | John J. Demakas | Robert K. Fairbanks | Barton S. Cooke | Sudheer R. Thumma | Christopher M. Lee
Сhanges of eeg correlation dimension by trigeminal neuralgia

Author(s): Vitaly P. Omelchenko | Irina O. Ermolaeva
Dolicomega da artéria vértebro-basilar como causa de perda auditiva neurossensorial assimétrica - relato de caso

Author(s): Melo, Antonio Antunes | Leão, Fernando Souza | Campos, Alexandre José Costa | Antunes, Maria do Rosário Távora de Arruda | Bunzen, Débora | Caldas Neto, Sílvio da Silva
Megadolicho basilar artery as a cause of asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss - case report

Author(s): Melo, Antonio Antunes | Leão, Fernando Souza | Campos, Alexandre José Costa | Antunes, Maria do Rosário Távora de Arruda | Bunzen, Débora | Caldas Neto, Sílvio da Silva
Laparoscopic Versus Open Appendectomy; Which Method to Choose? A Prospective Randomized Comparison

Author(s): Saeed Kargar | Mohammad Hussein Mirshamsi | Mohammad Zare | Saeed Arefanian | Elham Shadman Yazdi | Asiah Aref
Potential pharmacological and toxicological basis of the essential oil from Mentha spp.

In-vitro anti inflammatory activity of Salix caprea Linn. (goat willow) by HRBC membrane stabilization method.

Author(s): Ajaz Ahmed*1, Wajahat A. Shah1, Seema Akbar2, Dinesh Kumar**3, Vijender Kumar3, Mohammad Younis2
Drug Therapy for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Author(s): Melvin George
Acupuncture for the treatment of severe acute pain in Herpes Zoster: results of a nested, open-label, randomized trial in the VZV Pain Study

Author(s): Ursini Tamara | Tontodonati Monica | Manzoli Lamberto | Polilli Ennio | Rebuzzi Cristina | Congedo Gabriele | Di Profio Sonia | Toro Patrizia | Consorte Augusta | Placido Giuseppina | Laganà Stefano | D'Amario Claudio | Granchelli Carla | Parruti Giustino | Pippa Lucio
Herpes zoster in Germany: Quantifying the burden of disease

Author(s): Ultsch Bernhard | Siedler Anette | Rieck Thorsten | Reinhold Thomas | Krause Gérard | Wichmann Ole
A Nucleotide-based Drug Protects Against Glutamate- and MPP+- Induced Neurotoxicity

Author(s): Alejandro Gella | Tania Martiañez | Aloa Lamarca | Cristina Gutierrez
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