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Multiple variations of the nerves arising from the lumbar plexus

Author(s): Uzmansel D | Aktekin M | Kara A
A case report on multiple anomalies of upper extremity

Author(s): Rajanigandha V | Mangala P | Latha P | Savinaya S | Vasudha S | Prakash S
Variation in the course of the left phrenic nerve: a case report

Author(s): Rao TR | Kumar B | Shetty P | Rao SR
A rare case of formation of double ansa cervicalis

Author(s): Rao TR | Shetty P | Rao SR
A mysterious clival canal and its importance

Author(s): Nayak SR | Saralaya V | Prabhu LV | Pai MM
Absence of interthalamic adhesion in a female cadaver: a case report

Author(s): Cimen M | Erdil FH | Kalkan K | Tetiker H | Karacan A

Author(s): Hugo Selma Sánchez
BrainSnail: A dynamic information display system for the Sciences

Author(s): Martin Telefont | Asai Asaithambi
A neuroanatomical approach to exploring organizational performance

Author(s): Gillingwater, D. | Gillingwater, T. H.
Nerves of the heart: a comprehensive review with a clinical point of view

Author(s): Mauro MPS | Patronelli F | Spinelli E | Cordero A | Covello D | Gorostiaca JA
Neurophysiologic basis of Front-Mu points

Author(s): Cabioglu MT | Kaya Y | Surucu HS
Lipomas of corpus callosum

Author(s): Taglialatela G | Galasso R | Taglialatela G | Conforti R | Volpe A | Galasso L
The Red Nucleus: Past, Present, and Future

Author(s): Gruber P | Gould DJ
Neuroanatomical and Neurochemical Basis of Impulsivity

Author(s): Kemal Yazici | Aylin Ertekin Yazici
Surgical anatomy of petrous part of the internal carotid artery

Author(s): Keshelava G | Mikadze I | Abzianidze G | Kikalishvili L | Kakabadze Z
Three dimensional (3D) reconstruction of the rat ventricles

Author(s): Ozdemir MB | Akdogan I | Adiguzel E | Yonguc N
Sciatic nerve entrapment in the popliteal fossa: a case report

Author(s): Paval J | Vollala VR | Nayak S
Teaching anatomy in a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum

Author(s): Nayak S | Ramnarayan K | Somayaji N | Bairy KL
Multiple anomalies of the brachial plexus: a case report

Author(s): Kocabiyik N | Yalcin B | Kilic C | Ozan H
An unusual flexor of the little finger and ulnar nerve entrapment: a case report

Author(s): Nayak SR | Pai MM | Krishnamurthy A | Kumar MSJ | Vadgaonkar R | Prabhu LV
Atlas assimilation: a case report

Author(s): Ranade AV | Rai R | Prabhu LV | Kumaran M | Pai MM
The effect of spatial learning on the number of astrocytes in rat dentate gyrus

Author(s): Jahanshahi M | Sadeghi Y | Hosseini A | Naghdi N
Morphometry of corpus callosum: an anatomical study

Author(s): Anagnostopoulou S | Mourgela S | Katritsis D
Anomalous phrenic nerve – A case report

Author(s): Madyastha S | Bhat SM
Unusual isolated ossification of falx cerebri: a case report

Author(s): Rao SR | Rao TR | Ovchinnikov N | McRae A | Rao AVC
Intracranial hemorrhage of a newborn due to a congenital defect on the roof of the cavernous sinus

Author(s): Canturk N | Tosun H | Yagli OE | Ozveren MF | Tekdemir I
Congenital defects of posterior arch of the atlas: a case report

Author(s): Ozdolap S | Sarikaya S | Balbaloglu O | Kalayci M
Unilateral degeneration in hippocampus of female rat

Author(s): Bhatnagar M | Shukla SD
A novel degenerative process of the thalamus, red nucleus and connecting pathways

Author(s): McQueen AS | Butteriss D | McHanwell S | Bates D | Birchall D
Split median nerve with variation in its common digital branch – a case report

Author(s): Sundaram SM | Kumar MSJ | Sethupathi BB | Nayak SR | Krishnamurthy A
The axon reflex

Author(s): Yaprak M
Neurological PET and the Nuclear Medicine Technologist .

Author(s): Cowell, Simon F. PhD CNMT.
The dimensions of the sacral spinal canal in thecaloscopy: a morphometric MRI study

Author(s): Mourgela S | Sakellaropoulos A | Anagnostopoulou S | Warnke JP
A brachial plexus variation characterized by the absence of the superior trunk

Author(s): Villamere J | Goodwin S | Hincke M | Jalali A
The communications between the ulnar and median nerves in upper limb

Author(s): Unver Dogan N | Uysal II | Seker M
Computational neuroanatomy: ontology-based representation of neural components and connectivity

Author(s): Rubin Daniel | Talos Ion-Florin | Halle Michael | Musen Mark | Kikinis Ron
Major depression and explicit memory Memoria explícita en el trastorno depresivo mayor

Author(s): Adriana Lucía Ruiz Rizzo | Francisco Lopera Restrepo
Neural processing of traumatic events in subjects suffering PTSD: a case study of two surgical patients with severe accident trauma

Author(s): Flatten, Guido | Perlitz, Volker | Pestinger, Martina | Arin, Tuncay | Kohl, Barbara | Kastrau, Frank | Schnitker, Ralph | Vohn, René | Weber, Jochen | Ohnhaus, Michael | Petzold, Ernst R. | Erli, Hans J.
Microsurgical anatomy of foramen caecum posterius (Vicq d’Azyr foramen): importance for vascular neurology and neurosurgery

Author(s): Aguiar PH | Tahara A | Franca DB | de Santana Junior PA | Becerra ADCR | Pierbon M
Basilar bifurcation: a comparison of prenatal and postnatal cases

Author(s): Vasovic L | Jovanovic I | Ugrenovic S | Stojanov D | Radovanovic Z
Bilateral variation of iliacus muscle and splitting of femoral nerve

Author(s): Rao TR | Vanishree | Kanyan PS | Rao S
Neuroembryology and functional anatomy of craniofacial clefts

Author(s): Ewings Ember | Carstens Michael
Decision Making and the Brain: Neurologists’ View

Author(s): Zvezdan Pirtošek | Dejan Georgiev | Milica Gregorič-Kramberger
Comparative neuroanatomy suggests repeated reduction of neuroarchitectural complexity in Annelida

Author(s): Heuer Carsten | Müller Carsten | Todt Christiane | Loesel Rudi
Attitudes of US medical trainees towards neurology education: "Neurophobia" - a global issue

Author(s): Zinchuk Andrey | Flanagan Eoin | Tubridy Niall | Miller Wendy | McCullough Louise
Interest in neurology during medical clerkship in three Nigerian medical schools

Author(s): Sanya Emmanuel | Ayodele Olugbenga | Olanrewaju Timothy
Pattern of neural responses to verbal fluency shows diagnostic specificity for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Author(s): Costafreda Sergi | Fu Cynthia | Picchioni Marco | Toulopoulou Timothea | McDonald Colm | Kravariti Eugenia | Walshe Muriel | Prata Diana | Murray Robin | McGuire Philip
The effect of low protein diet on thalamic projections of hippocampus in rat

Author(s): Bayat M | Hasanzadeh GR | Barzroodipour M | Javadi M
Functional neuroanatomy of the rhinophore of Aplysia punctata

Author(s): Wertz Adrian | Rössler Wolfgang | Obermayer Malu | Bickmeyer Ulf
The Virtual Insect Brain protocol: creating and comparing standardized neuroanatomy

Author(s): Jenett Arnim | Schindelin Johannes | Heisenberg Martin
Developmental constraint of insect audition

Author(s): Lakes-Harlan Reinhard | Strauß Johannes
Morphological and clinical features of small cava septi pellucidi: a post mortem study

Author(s): Filipovic BR | Jovic NJ | Filipovic BF | Ilankovic AN | Ilankovich NN

Author(s): Shuang Y Ma | Frank M Longo | Matias Röyttä | Yrjö Collan
An MRI study of sex- and age-related differences in the dimensions of the corpus callosum and brain

Author(s): Mourgela S | Anagnostopoulou S | Sakellaropoulos A | Gouliamos A
Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) prevents formaldehyde-induced neuronal damage inhippocampus of rats

Author(s): Ozdem Turkoglu A | Sarsilmaz M | Kus I | Songur A | Ozyurt H | Akpolat N | Ogeturk M
Exploration and visualization of gene expression with neuroanatomy in the adult mouse brain

Author(s): Lau Christopher | Ng Lydia | Thompson Carol | Pathak Sayan | Kuan Leonard | Jones Allan | Hawrylycz Mike
Morphological and Quantitative Study of Neurons in the Gracile Nucleus of the Camel Brain Stem

Author(s): Sami I. Zaqout | Raith A. Al-Saffar | Saleh M. Al-Hussain
Morphological and Quantitative Study of Neurons in the Gracile Nucleus of the Camel Brain Stem

Author(s): Sami I. Zaqout | Raith A. Al-Saffar | Saleh M. Al-Hussain
W poszukiwaniu genów schizofrenii

Author(s): Joanna Hauser | Monika Dmitrzak-Węglarz
From chemical neuroanatomy to an understanding of the olfactory system

Author(s): L. Oboti | P. Peretto | S. De Marchis | A. Fasolo

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