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Understanding head injury: A prelude?

Author(s): Shashi Vadhanan | Harjinder S Bhatoe
Propofol in neurotrauma

Author(s): TVSP Murthy
Kinin Receptor Antagonists as Potential Neuroprotective Agents in Central Nervous System Injury

Author(s): Emma Thornton | Jenna M Ziebell | Anna V Leonard | Robert Vink
Role of Erythropoeitin in Prevention of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Author(s): M.D. Lobna Abdelaal Kassem | M.D. Nadia Aziz Yassin
Endogenous anticonvulsants: Neuropeptide Y and delta sleep inducing peptide

Author(s): Stanojlović Olivera | Hrnčić Dragan | Radosavljević Tatjana
Effects of Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors on Apoptotic Neuroretinal Cells

Author(s): Anja-Kristina Brust | Holger K. Ulbrich | Gail M. Seigel | Norbert Pfeiffer | Franz H. Grus
Excitotoxicity and the putative involvement of excitative amino acids in neurodegenerative diseases

Author(s): Andre Nieoullon | Laurence Had-Aissouni | Lydia Kerkerian-le Goff
Role of Ocimum sanctum in the experimental model of Alzheimer′s disease in rats

Author(s): Raghavendra M | Maiti Rituparna | Kumar Shafalika | Acharya S
Transforming growth factor-β1 impairs neuropathic pain through pleiotropic effects

Author(s): Echeverry Stefania | Shi Xiang | Haw Alexandra | Liu Hong | Zhang Zhong-wei | Zhang Ji
Neuroprotective Properties of Chitosan and Its Derivatives

Author(s): Ratih Pangestuti | Se-Kwon Kim
Stem Cell-Based Neuroprotective and Neurorestorative Strategies

Author(s): Chia-Wei Hung | Ying-Jay Liou | Shao-Wei Lu | Ling-Ming Tseng | Chung-Lan Kao | Shih-Jen Chen | Shih-Hwa Chiou | Charn-Jung Chang
Nutraceutical Antioxidants as Novel Neuroprotective Agents

Author(s): Natalie A. Kelsey | Heather M. Wilkins | Daniel A. Linseman
Phenothiazine-mediated rescue of cognition in tau transgenic mice requires neuroprotection and reduced soluble tau burden

Author(s): O'Leary John | Li Qingyou | Marinec Paul | Blair Laura | Congdon Erin | Johnson Amelia | Jinwal Umesh | Koren John | Jones Jeffrey | Kraft Clara | Peters Melinda | Abisambra Jose | Duff Karen | Weeber Edwin | Gestwicki Jason | Dickey Chad
The role of estrogens in Parkinson’s disease

Author(s): Violetta Dziedziejko | Monika Białecka | Anna Machoy-Mokrzyńska | Gabriela Kłodowska-Duda | Dariusz Chlubek
Does wine prevent dementia?

Author(s): Roger M Pinder
Protein S blocks the extrinsic apoptotic cascade in tissue plasminogen activator/N-methyl D-aspartate-treated neurons via Tyro3-Akt-FKHRL1 signaling pathway

Author(s): Guo Huang | Barrett Theresa | Zhong Zhihui | Fernández José | Griffin John | Freeman Robert | Zlokovic Berislav
Neurodegeneration: An early event of diabetic retinopathy

Author(s): Marta Villarroel | Andreea Ciudin | Cristina Hernández | Rafael Simó
The mesenchymal stem cells in multiple sclerosis (MSCIMS) trial protocol and baseline cohort characteristics: an open-label pre-test: post-test study with blinded outcome assessments

Author(s): Connick Peter | Kolappan Madhan | Patani Rickie | Scott Michael | Crawley Charles | He Xiao-Ling | Richardson Karen | Barber Kelly | Webber Daniel | Wheeler-Kingshott Claudia | Tozer Daniel | Samson Rebecca | Thomas David | Du Ming-Qing | Luan Shi | Michell Andrew | Altmann Daniel | Thompson Alan | Miller David | Compston Alastair | Chandran Siddharthan
Neuroprotection in glaucoma.

Author(s): Kaushik S | Pandav S | Ram J
Neuroprotection by flavonoids

Author(s): Dajas F. | Rivera-Megret F. | Blasina F. | Arredondo F. | Abin-Carriquiry J.A. | Costa G. | Echeverry C. | Lafon L. | Heizen H. | Ferreira M. | Morquio A.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis associated with pregnancy.

Author(s): Tyagi A | Sweeney B | Connolly S
In normal rat, intraventricularly administered insulin-like growth factor-1 is rapidly cleared from CSF with limited distribution into brain

Author(s): Nagaraja Tavarekere | Patel Padma | Gorski Martin | Gorevic Peter | Patlak Clifford | Fenstermacher Joseph
Interleukin-3 prevents neuronal death induced by amyloid peptide

Author(s): Zambrano Angara | Otth Carola | Mujica Lorena | Concha Ilona | Maccioni Ricardo
Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor stimulation reverses key deficits in distinct rodent models of Parkinson's disease

Author(s): Harkavyi Alexander | Abuirmeileh Amjad | Lever Rebecca | Kingsbury Ann | Biggs Christopher | Whitton Peter
Squamosamide derivative FLZ protects dopaminergic neurons against inflammation-mediated neurodegeneration through the inhibition of NADPH oxidase activity

Author(s): Zhang Dan | Hu Xiaoming | Wei Sung-Jen | Liu Jie | Gao Huiming | Qian Li | Wilson Belinda | Liu Gengtao | Hong Jau-Shyong

Author(s): Tara Shankar Basuri* | Ishwar Parmar | Kimpy Tandel | Namrata Shukla | Anwar Memon | Niyatee Savaikar
Oral administration of the KATP channel opener diazoxide ameliorates disease progression in a murine model of multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Virgili Noemí | Espinosa-Parrilla Juan | Mancera Pilar | Pastén-Zamorano Andrea | Gimeno-Bayon Javier | Rodríguez Manuel | Mahy Nicole | Pugliese Marco
Dopamine and α-synuclein dysfunction in Smad3 null mice

Author(s): Tapia-González Silvia | Giráldez-Pérez Rosa | Cuartero M Isabel | Casarejos M José | Mena M Ángeles | Wang Xiao-Fan | Sánchez-Capelo Amelia
The effect of ultrasound on thromboembolic model of brain stroke in rat

Author(s): Shabanzadeh A | Ghafarpour M | Shuaib A | Bodaghabadi M
Potential therapeutic effect of infliximab in anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Author(s): Mohammad Hosein Nowroozzadeh | Mohammad Sharifi
An Effective Neuroprotective Treatment in Ischemic Stroke and Cerebral Trauma with Low Doses of L-Arginine, Lamotrigine and Tianeptine

Author(s): Héctor Jara (MD) | Francisco García (MD) | Franky Torres (MD) | Fuad Lechin (MD,PhD)
Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors and Mithramycin A Impact a Similar Neuroprotective Pathway at a Crossroad between Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Author(s): Sama F. Sleiman | Jill Berlin | Manuela Basso | Saravanan S.Karuppagounder | Jürgen Rohr | Rajiv R. Ratan
MK801 attenuates secondary injury in a mouse experimental compression model of spinal cord trauma

Author(s): Esposito Emanuela | Paterniti Irene | Mazzon Emanuela | Genovese Tiziana | Galuppo Maria | Meli Rosaria | Bramanti Placido | Cuzzocrea Salvatore
Neuroprotective and anti-oxidant effects of caffeic acid isolated from Erigeron annuus leaf

Author(s): Jeong Chang-Ho | Jeong Hee Rok | Choi Gwi Nam | Kim Dae-Ok | Lee Uk | Heo Ho Jin
Preoperative assessment and preparation of patients with diseases affecting the central nervous system

Author(s): Milaković Branko | Dimitrijević Ivan | Malenković Vesna | Marković Dejan | Pantić-Palibrk Vesna | Gvozdenović Ljiljana

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