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Binaries with compact components: theoretical and Observational challenges

Author(s): Pfahl , E. | Podsiadlowski , Ph. | Rappaport , S.
Rotating Stars in Relativity

Author(s): Nikolaos Stergioulas
Gravitational Waves from Gravitational Collapse

Author(s): Chris L. Fryer | Kimberly C.B. New
Black hole-neutron star mergers

Author(s): William H. Lee
A Possible Conection Between Magnetars and Gamma-Ray Bursts

Author(s): M. P. Allen | J. E. Horvath | J. A. Pacheco de Freitas
Relativistic Fluid Dynamics: Physics for Many Different Scales

Author(s): Andersson Nils | Comer Gregory L.
Axisymmetric rotator models as pulsars: abject failure

Author(s): F. C. Michel | I. A. Smith
Radio quiet pulsar candidates among unidentified gamma-ray sources

Author(s): A. Carramiu00F1ana | J. Guichard | V. Chavushyan | K. T. S. Brazier | O. Reimer | G. Kanbach | S. Zharikov
Compact star cooling by means of heat waves

Author(s): Nelson Falcu00F3n
Chemical abundances of the secondary stars in the black Hole binary a0620-00 and the neutron star binary cen x-4

Author(s): Casares , J. | González Hernández, J. I. | Israelian , G. | Rebolo , R.
Physics of Neutron Star Crusts

Author(s): Chamel Nicolas | Haensel Pawel
The nuclear physics of neutron stars

Author(s): J. Piekarewicz
Isolated Neutron Stars

Author(s): Popov S.
Cooling of Neutron Stars

Author(s): Grigorian H.
The Twin Peak QPOs in Neutron Star and Black Hole Sources: What is explained, and What is not

Author(s): M. A. Abramowicz | Wlodec Kluzniak | Michal Bursa | Jiru00ED Horu00E1k | Paola Rebusco | Gabriel Tu00F6ru00F6k
QPOs and Resonance in Accretion Disks

Author(s): W. Kluzniak | M. A. Abramowicz | M. Bursa | G. Tu00F6ru00F6k
Nuclear astrophysics studies with 4T BaF2 calorimeters

Author(s): F. Käppeler | M. Heil | R. Plag
Neutrino Processes in Neutron Stars

Author(s): Kolomeitsev E.E. | Voskresensky D.N.

Author(s): A. Reisenegger
Charged polytropic compact stars

Author(s): Ray Subharthi | Malheiro Manuel | Lemos José P. S. | Zanchin Vilson T.
Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters

Author(s): Benacquista Matthew J.
The Evolution of Compact Binary Star Systems

Author(s): Postnov Konstantin A. | Yungelson, Lev R.
UV Observations of Neutron Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae

Author(s): Dinerstein , H. L. | Sterling , N. C.
Lessons from the Sun

Author(s): Robitaille P.-M.
Constraining properties of neutron stars with heavy-ion reactions

Author(s): Bao-An Li | Lie-Wen Chen | Che Ming Ko | A.W. Steiner
S-process in low-mass extremely metal-poor stars

Author(s): Cruz M.A. | Serenelli A. | Weiss A.
Chemical composition of stars in kinematical substructures of the galactic disk

Author(s): Mishenina T.V. | Soubiran C. | Korotin S.A. | Gorbaneva T.I. | Yu Basak N.
Asymmetric Neutrino Reaction in Magnetized Proto-Neutron Stars in Fully Relativistic Approach

Author(s): Maruyama Tomoyuki | Kajino Toshitaka | Yasutake Nobutoshi | Cheoun Myung-Ki | Ryu Chung-Yeol
Gravitational Wave Detection by Interferometry (Ground and Space)

Author(s): Matthew Pitkin | Stuart Reid | Sheila Rowan | James Hough
Young supernova remnants and the knee in the cosmic ray spectrum

Author(s): A. Erlykin | T. Wibig | A. W. Wolfendale
The Pulsar Luminosity Function

Author(s): O. H. Guseinov | E. Yazgan | S. O. Tagieva
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