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Streamlining taxonomic publication: a working example with Scratchpads and ZooKeys

Author(s): Vladimir Blagoderov | Irina Brake | Teodor Georgiev | Lyubomir Penev | David Roberts | Simon Ryrcroft | Ben Scott | Donat Agosti | Terry Catapano | Vincent Smith
ZooKeys, unlocking Earth’s incredible biodiversity and building a sustainable bridge into the public domain: From “print-based” to “web-based” taxonomy, systematics, and natural history. ZooKeys Editorial Opening Paper

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | Terry Erwin | F. Christian Thompson | Hans-Dieter Sues | Michael Engel | Donat Agosti | Richard Pyle | Michael Ivie | Thorsten Assmann | Thomas Henry | Jeremy Miller | Natalia Ananjeva | Achille Casale | Wilson Lourenço | Sergei Golovatch | Hans-Peter Fagerholm | Stefano Taiti | Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga | Erik van Nieukerken
An annotated list of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada

Author(s): Greg Pohl | Gary Anweiler | Christian Schmidt | Norbert Kondla
A New Anatomically Based Nomenclature for the Roots and Root Canals—Part 1: Maxillary Molars

Author(s): Jojo Kottoor | Denzil Valerian Albuquerque | Natanasabapathy Velmurugan
Outcomes of the 2011 Botanical Nomenclature Section at the XVIII International Botanical Congress

Author(s): James Miller | Vicki Funk | Warren Wagner | Fred R. Barrie | Peter C. Hoch | Patrick Herendeen
The Ephemeridae and Venation Nomenclature

Author(s): Vernon L. Kellogg
Family-Group Names In Coleoptera (Insecta)

Author(s): Patrice Bouchard | Yves Bousquet | Anthony Davies | Miguel Alonso-Zarazaga | John Lawrence | Christopher Lyal | Alfred Newton | Chris Reid | Michael Schmitt | Adam Slipinski | Andrew Smith
Characterization of porcine β-casein G allele (CSN2G)

Author(s): Mihai Şuteu | Augustin Vlaic | Robert Renaville
Atrial flutter: from ECG to electroanatomical 3D mapping

Author(s): Claudio Pedrinazzi | Ornella Durin | Giosuè Mascioli | Antonio Curnis | Riccardo Raddino | Giuseppe Inama | Livio Dei Cas
Lupus Headaches in 55 Childhood-Onsets SLE

Author(s): Mohammad Hassan Moradinejad
Interface between IPR and Human Rights: A Study with Reference to International Law

Author(s): Doctor Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat LL.M,. Ph,D
A New Anatomically Based Nomenclature for the Roots and Root Canals—Part 2: Mandibular Molars

Author(s): Denzil Valerian Albuquerque | Jojo Kottoor | Natanasabapathy Velmurugan
Inhibitory Action of Antidepressants on Mouse Betaine/GABA Transporter (BGT1) Heterologously Expressed in Cell Cultures

Author(s): Gerile | Chiharu Sogawa | Kazumi Ohyama | Takashi Masuko | Tadashi Kusama | Katsuya Morita | Norio Sogawa | Shigeo Kitayama
Notes on the subtribe Chloraeinae (Orchidaceae)

Author(s): Dariusz L. Szlachetko | Piotr Tukałło
Review of the Historical Evolution of Anatomical Terms

Author(s): Algieri, Rubén D. | Pró, Eduardo A. | Forlizzi, Valeria | Ferrante, María Soledad
Phylogeny and nomenclature of the genus Talaromyces and taxa accommodated in Penicillium subgenus Biverticillium

Author(s): R.A. Samson | N. Yilmaz | J. Houbraken | H. Spierenburg | K.A. Seifert | S.W. Peterson | J. Varga | J.C. Frisvad
How to describe a new fungal species

Author(s): K.A. Seifert | A.Y. Rossman
IMC9 Edinburgh Nomenclature Sessions

Author(s): L.L. Norvell | D.L. Hawksworth | R.H. Petersen | S.A. Redhead
The Amsterdam Declaration on Fungal Nomenclature

Author(s): D.L. Hawksworth | P.W. Crous | S.A. Redhead | D.R. Reynolds | R.A. Samson | K.A. Seifert | J.W. Taylor | M.J. Wingfield
New taxa in Aspergillus section Usti

Author(s): R.A. Samson | J. Varga | M. Meijer | J.C. Frisvad
Czy zamienne stosowanie klasyfikacji zaawansowania nowotworów endometrium według Międzynarodowej Federacji Ginekologów i Położników z 1988 roku i z 2009 roku może prowadzić do istotnych pomyłek klinicznych?

Author(s): Leszek Gottwald | Małgorzata Moszyńska-Zielińska | Grzegorz Surkont | Jerzy Korczyński | Wiesław Tyliński | Jarosław Szwalski | Michał Spych
Breve historia de la traducción del «Libro rojo» de 2005 de la IUPAC

Author(s): Miguel Ángel Ciriano | Pascual Ramón Polo
The Taxonomic History and Original Literatures Arrangements of Living Cephalotaxus (Cephalotaxaceae)

Author(s): Xuedong Lang | Jianrong Su | Zhijun Zhang | Shugang Lu
A new era of cancer treatment: carbon nanotubes as drug delivery tools

Author(s): Madani SY | Naderi N | Dissanayake O | Tan A | Seifalian AM
Electronic revolution in plant taxonomy

Author(s): Moylan Elizabeth
Nomenclature of Cambrian lithostratigraphy of the Skryje-Týřovice Basin

Author(s): Fatka O | Micka V | Szabad M | Vokáč V | Vorel T
Necessity Of Anatomical Knowledge In Thoracic Surgery.

Author(s): Arribalzaga, Eduardo B.
Wild dogma II: The role and implications of wild dogma for wild dog management in Australia

Author(s): Benjamin L. ALLEN, Richard M. ENGEMAN, Lee R. ALLEN
Analysis Of Names Of Organic Chemical Compounds By Using Parser Combinators And The Generative Lexicon Theory

Author(s): Marcio de Souza Dias | Rita Maria Silva Julia | Eduardo Costa Pereira
Preliminary Reports on the Accuracy of Coronary CT-Angiography Using 64-slice Multi-slice Spiral CT (MSCT) in Iran

Author(s): "A. Arjmand Shabestari | M. Mozaffari | M. Tehrai | H. Baharjoo | I. Nazeri | I. Firouzi | S. Abdi | M. Hashemian | A. Zarrabi | M. Danesh Pajouh | M. Roshani | M. Kouhi | S.Z. Emami | H. Tavalla | M. Azadi "
Order from Chaos: A Preliminary Protocol for Determining the EROI of Fuels

Author(s): David J. Murphy | Charles A.S. Hall | Michael Dale | Cutler Cleveland
Minidiccionario crítico de dudas

Author(s): Fernando A. Navarro
Applying PUB to the real world: rapid data assessment

Author(s): C. Jackisch | E. Zehe | A. K. Singh
Amnion formation in the mouse embryo: the single amniochorionic fold model

Author(s): Pereira Paulo | Dobreva Mariya | Graham Liz | Huylebroeck Danny | Lawson Kirstie | Zwijsen AN
Rangifer and human interests

Author(s): David G. Anderson
Fast, linked, and open – the future of taxonomic publishing for plants: launching the journal PhytoKeys

Author(s): Lyubomir Penev | W. John Kress | Sandra Knapp | De-Zhu Li | Susanne Renner
Migrations amid Generations of Wireless networks

Author(s): Harpreet kaur | Harsimarjeet Khurana
Fish otoliths from the Paleocene of Denmark

Author(s): Schwarzhans, Werner
Familial Hypercholesterolemia: The Lipids or the Genes?

Author(s): Fahed Akl | Nemer Georges
Algal MIPs, high diversity and conserved motifs

Author(s): Anderberg Hanna | Danielson Jonas | Johanson Urban
Identifier mapping performance for integrating transcriptomics and proteomics experimental results

Author(s): Day Roger | McDade Kevin | Chandran Uma | Lisovich Alex | Conrads Thomas | Hood Brian | Kolli VS | Kirchner David | Litzi Traci | Maxwell G
A formalized description of the standard human variant nomenclature in Extended Backus-Naur Form

Author(s): Laros Jeroen | Blavier André | den Dunnen Johan | Taschner Peter
A comprehensive characterization of the caspase gene family in insects from the order Lepidoptera

Author(s): Courtiade Juliette | Pauchet Yannick | Vogel Heiko | Heckel David

Author(s): Pardal-Refoyo JL | Ursúa-Sarmiento I
A revision of Cyanonectria and Geejayessia gen. nov., and related species with Fusarium-like anamorphs

Author(s): H.-J. Schroers | T. Gräfenhan | H.I. Nirenberg | K.A. Seifert
Acremonium phylogenetic overview and revision of Gliomastix, Sarocladium, and Trichothecium

Author(s): R.C. Summerbell | C. Gueidan | H-J. Schroers | G.S. de Hoog | M. Starink | Y. Arocha Rosete | J. Guarro | J.A. Scott
Assessment of Diversity in the Genus Ficus L. (Moraceae) of Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh, India

Author(s): Anoop Kumar | Omesh Bajpai | Ashish K. Mishra | Nayan Sahu | Soumit K. Behera | L. B. Chaudhary

Nomenclature for factors of the HLA system

Author(s): Margareth Afonso Torres | Maria Elisa Hue Moraes
A novel educational tool for teaching ocular ultrasound

Author(s): Mustafa MS | Montgomery J | Atta HR
Uppermost Ordovician (upper Katian-Hirnantian) graptolites of north-central Nevada, U.S.A.

Author(s): Štorch P | Mitchell C E | Finney S C | Melchin M J
Chromosomal and C-heterochromatin Characterization of Arvicanthis niloticus (Rodentia: Murinae) in Egypt

Author(s): Adel A.B. Shahin | Abdel Tawab M. Ata | Mahmoud I. Shoulkamy
El hombre como animal: el antropocentrismo en la zoología

Author(s): Viejo Montesinos, José Luis
Vernacular Names and Toba Knowledge of the Plant World

Author(s): Martínez, Gustavo J. | Cúneo, Paola
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