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Chaos and Unpredictability in the Vibration of an Elasto-Plastic Beam

Author(s): Savi Marcelo A. | Pacheco Pedro M. C. L.
Finite element analysis of FRP-strengthened RC beams

Author(s): Teeraphot Supaviriyakit | Phuwanat Pornpongsaroj | Amorn Pimanmas
Heat treatment of a hot-work die steel

Author(s): S.Z. Qamar | A.K. Sheikh | A.F.M. Arif | T. Pervez | R.A. Siddiqui
Effect of Imperfections and Damping on the Type of Nonlinearity of Circular Plates and Shallow Spherical Shells

Author(s): Cyril Touzé | Cédric Camier | Gaël Favraud | Olivier Thomas
Industrial heating system creating given temperature distribution

Author(s): Iatcheva Ilona | Lilianova Ilonka | Tahrilov Hristophor | Stancheva Rumena
Nonlinear dielectric response in ferroelectric thin films

Author(s): Lente, M. H. | Bacichetti, A. L. | Mendes, R. G. | Eiras, J. A.
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