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A Long-Awaited Structure Is Rev-ealed

Author(s): Marie-Louise Hammarskjold | David Rekosh
Power potential and the energy in the Spiš region

Author(s): Juhanová Silvia | Major Michal
HIV-1 Rev oligomerization is not obligatory in the presence of an extra basic domain

Author(s): Furnes Clemens | Arnesen Thomas | Askjaer Peter | Kjems Jørgen | Szilvay Anne
Crosstalk between the actin cytoskeleton and Ran-mediated nuclear transport

Author(s): Minakhina Svetlana | Myers Ron | Druzhinina Marina | Steward Ruth
A nucleolar localizing Rev binding element inhibits HIV replication

Author(s): Michienzi Alessandro | De Angelis Fernanda | Bozzoni Irene | Rossi John
The nucleolus: functional organization and assembly

Author(s): Daniele Hernandez-Verdun
A nuclear export signal within the structural Gag protein is required for prototype foamy virus replication

Author(s): Renault Noémie | Tobaly-Tapiero Joelle | Paris Joris | Giron Marie-Lou | Coiffic Audrey | Roingeard Philippe | Saïb Ali
Prediction of nuclear proteins using SVM and HMM models

Author(s): Kumar Manish | Raghava Gajendra
Translocation Biosensors – Cellular System Integrators to Dissect CRM1-Dependent Nuclear Export by Chemicogenomics

Author(s): Verena Fetz | Shirley K. Knauer | Carolin Bier | Jens Peter von Kries | Roland H. Stauber
Interferon Response and Viral Evasion by Members of the Family Rhabdoviridae

Author(s): Elizabeth J. Faul | Douglas S. Lyles | Matthias J. Schnell
Z-DNA, a new in situ marker for transcription

Author(s): A Cerná | A Cuadrado | N Jouve | SM Díaz de la Espina | C De la Torre
THOC5/FMIP, an mRNA export TREX complex protein, is essential for hematopoietic primitive cell survival in vivo

Author(s): Mancini Annalisa | Niemann-Seyde Susanne | Pankow Rüdiger | El Bounkari Omar | Klebba-Färber Sabine | Koch Alexandra | Jaworska Ewa | Spooncer Elaine | Gruber Achim | Whetton Anthony | Tamura Teruko
The Dual Role of Zonula Occludens (ZO) Proteins

Author(s): H. Bauer | J. Zweimueller-Mayer | P. Steinbacher | A. Lametschwandtner | H. C. Bauer
A novel link between Sus1 and the cytoplasmic mRNA decay machinery suggests a broad role in mRNA metabolism

Author(s): Cuenca-Bono Bernardo | García-Molinero Varinia | Pascual-García Pau | García-Oliver Encar | Llopis Ana | Rodríguez-Navarro Susana
The Puf family of RNA-binding proteins in plants: phylogeny, structural modeling, activity and subcellular localization

Author(s): Tam Patrick | Barrette-Ng Isabelle | Simon Dawn | Tam Michael | Ang Amanda | Muench Douglas
Nuclear export regulation of COP1 by 14-3-3σ in response to DNA damage

Author(s): Su Chun-Hui | Zhao Ruiying | Velazquez-Torres Guermarie | Chen Jian | Gully Christopher | Yeung Sai-Ching | Lee Mong-Hong
Comparative genomics of proteins involved in RNA nucleocytoplasmic export

Author(s): Serpeloni Mariana | Vidal Newton | Goldenberg Samuel | Ávila Andréa | Hoffmann Federico
Gene processing control loops suggested by sequencing, splicing, and RNA folding

Author(s): Jeffries Clark | Perkins Diana | Guan Xiaojun
REAP: A two minute cell fractionation method

Author(s): Suzuki Keiko | Bose Pinaki | Leong-Quong Rebecca | Fujita Donald | Riabowol Karl
Mechanism underlying carbon tetrachloride-inhibited protein synthesis in liver

Author(s): Xiao-Wen Li, Rong Zhu, Bo Li, Mei Zhou, Qing-Jian Sheng, Ye-Peng Yang, Nan-Yin Han, Zai-Quan Li
Intermolecular masking of the HIV-1 Rev NLS by the cellular protein HIC: Novel insights into the regulation of Rev nuclear import

Author(s): Gu Lili | Tsuji Takahiro | Jarboui Mohamed | Yeo Geok | Sheehy Noreen | Hall William | Gautier Virginie
Expression pattern of a nuclear encoded mitochondrial arginine-ornithine translocator gene from Arabidopsis

Author(s): Catoni Elisabetta | Desimone Marcelo | Hilpert Melanie | Wipf Daniel | Kunze Reinhard | Schneider Anja | Flügge Ulf-Ingo | Schumacher Karin | Frommer Wolf
Human T lymphotropic virus type-1 p30II alters cellular gene expression to selectively enhance signaling pathways that activate T lymphocytes

Author(s): Michael Bindhu | Nair Amrithraj | Hiraragi Hajime | Shen Lei | Feuer Gerold | Boris-Lawrie Kathleen | Lairmore Michael
Nuclear localization is required for Dishevelled function in Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Author(s): Itoh Keiji | Brott Barbara | Bae Gyu-Un | Ratcliffe Marianne | Sokol Sergei
Critical role of hnRNP A1 in HTLV-1 replication in human transformed T lymphocytes

Author(s): Kress Elsa | Baydoun Hicham | Bex Françoise | Gazzolo Louis | Duc Dodon Madeleine
Identification of a novel Rev-interacting cellular protein

Author(s): Kramer-Hämmerle Susanne | Ceccherini-Silberstein Francesca | Bickel Christian | Wolff Horst | Vincendeau Michelle | Werner Thomas | Erfle Volker | Brack-Werner Ruth
Presence of a functional but dispensable Nuclear Export Signal in the HTLV-2 Tax protein

Author(s): Chevalier Sébastien | Meertens Laurent | Calattini Sara | Gessain Antoine | Kiemer Lars | Mahieux Renaud
The cyclin D1 proto-oncogene is sequestered in the cytoplasm of mammalian cancer cell lines

Author(s): Alao John | Gamble Simon | Stavropoulou Alexandra | Pomeranz Karen | Lam Eric | Coombes R Charles | Vigushin David
MitoRes: a resource of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes and their products in Metazoa

Author(s): Catalano Domenico | Licciulli Flavio | Turi Antonio | Grillo Giorgio | Saccone Cecilia | D'Elia Domenica
Histone deacetylase inhibitor, Trichostatin A induces ubiquitin-dependent cyclin D1 degradation in MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Author(s): Alao John | Stavropoulou Alexandra | Lam Eric | Charles Coombes R | Vigushin David
Nuclear Factor 90, a cellular dsRNA binding protein inhibits the HIV Rev-export function

Author(s): Urcuqui-Inchima Silvio | Castaño Maria | Hernandez-Verdun Danièle | St-Laurent Georges | Kumar Ajit
PRMT6 diminishes HIV-1 Rev binding to and export of viral RNA

Author(s): Invernizzi Cédric | Xie Baode | Richard Stéphane | Wainberg Mark
Characterization of gene expression on genomic segment 7 of infectious salmon anaemia virus

Author(s): Kibenge Frederick | Xu Hongtao | Kibenge Molly | Qian Biao | Joseph Tomy
Human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 p30 alters cell cycle G2 regulation of T lymphocytes to enhance cell survival

Author(s): Datta Antara | Silverman Lee | Phipps Andrew | Hiraragi Hajime | Ratner Lee | Lairmore Michael
Basal shuttle of NF-κB/IκBα in resting T lymphocytes regulates HIV-1 LTR dependent expression

Author(s): Coiras Mayte | López-Huertas María | Rullas Joaquín | Mittelbrunn Maria | Alcamí José
Higher polymerase activity of a human influenza virus enhances activation of the hemagglutinin-induced Raf/MEK/ERK signal cascade

Author(s): Marjuki Henju | Yen Hui-Ling | Franks John | Webster Robert | Pleschka Stephan | Hoffmann Erich
Human NCU-G1 can function as a transcription factor and as a nuclear receptor co-activator

Author(s): Steffensen Knut | Bouzga Mariam | Skjeldal Frode | Kasi Cecilie | Karahasan Almira | Matre Vilborg | Bakke Oddmund | Guérin Sylvain | Eskild Winnie
The evolution of core proteins involved in microRNA biogenesis

Author(s): Murphy Dennis | Dancis Barry | Brown James
Arabidopsis mRNA polyadenylation machinery: comprehensive analysis of protein-protein interactions and gene expression profiling

Author(s): Hunt Arthur | Xu Ruqiang | Addepalli Balasubrahmanyam | Rao Suryadevara | Forbes Kevin | Meeks Lisa | Xing Denghui | Mo Min | Zhao Hongwei | Bandyopadhyay Amrita | Dampanaboina Lavanya | Marion Amanda | Von Lanken Carol | Li Qingshun
Nuclear Actin and Lamins in Viral Infections

Author(s): Jakub Cibulka | Martin Fraiberk | Jitka Forstova
The nucleolus: functional organization and assembly

Author(s): Daniele Hernandez-Verdun
Mapping of ESE-1 subdomains required to initiate mammary epithelial cell transformation via a cytoplasmic mechanism

Author(s): Prescott Jason | Poczobutt Joanna | Tentler John | Walker Darius | Gutierrez-Hartmann Arthur
Improving the packaging and transportation of Tl-201 and Ga-67 radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and therapy centers

Author(s): Abbas Bahrami | Mohsen Kiyomarsi | Fatemeh Bolourinovin | Behnaz Piroozfar | Abbas Rahimi
Characterization of the HIV-1 RNA associated proteome identifies Matrin 3 as a nuclear cofactor of Rev function

Author(s): Kula Anna | Guerra Jessica | Knezevich Anna | Kleva Danijela | Myers Michael | Marcello Alessandro
Hepcidin expression in human airway epithelial cells is regulated by interferon-γ

Author(s): Frazier Marie | Mamo Lisa | Ghio Andrew | Turi Jennifer
Hepatic expression of multidrug resistance protein 2 in biliary atresia

Author(s): Terui Keita | Saito Takeshi | Hishiki Tomoro | Sato Yoshiharu | Mitsunaga Tetsuya | Yoshida Hideo
The HIV-1 Rev/RRE system is required for HIV-1 5' UTR cis elements to augment encapsidation of heterologous RNA into HIV-1 viral particles

Author(s): Cockrell Adam | van Praag Henriette | Santistevan Nicholas | Ma Hong | Kafri Tal
Nuclear and cytoplasmic LIMK1 enhances human breast cancer progression

Author(s): McConnell Brice | Koto Karen | Gutierrez-Hartmann Arthur
Detection of Fused Genes in Eukaryotic Genomes using Gene deFuser: Analysis of the Tetrahymena thermophila genome

Author(s): Salim Hannah | Koire Amanda | Stover Nicholas | Cavalcanti Andre
Global Risk of Nuclear Terrorism

Author(s): Emily Diez | Caroline Zaw-Mon | Terrance Clark
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