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Environmental and Safety Concerns for Nuclear Power Generation in Ghana

Author(s): Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | Edward H. K. Akaho | Benjamin J. B. Nyarko | Isaac Ennison | Henry C. Odoi | Rex G. Abrefah | Robert B. M. Sogbadji | Sylvester A. Birikorang | Innocent J. K. Aboh | Kwaku A. Danso | Ekua Mensimah | Kwame Gyamfi
Implementation of the partial dismantling of research reactor IRT-Sofia prior to its refurbishment

Author(s): Apostolov Tihomir G. | Anastasova Elka I. | Anastassov Valentin D.
Nuclear Fuels: Present and Future

Author(s): Donald R. Olander
Nature’s call again: are we ready?

Author(s): M M Aarif Syed
Fuzzy set theoretic approach to fault tree analysis

Author(s): Sanjay Kumar Tyagi | D. Pandey | Reena Tyagi
Methods and Model Development for Coupled RELAP5/PARCS Analysis of the Atucha-II Nuclear Power Plant

Author(s): Andrew M. Ward | Benjamin S. Collins | Marcelo Madariaga | Yunlin Xu | Thomas J. Downar
A Study on Fuel Options for Power Generation in Thailand

Author(s): Weerin Wangjiraniran | Bundhit Euaarporn
Haplotype association analyses in resources of mixed structure using Monte Carlo testing

Author(s): Abo Ryan | Wong Jathine | Thomas Alun | Camp Nicola
State-of-the-art of historical earthquake research in Fennoscandia and the Baltic Republics

Author(s): P. Mäntyniemi | E. S. Husebye | T. R. M. Kebeasy | A. A. Nikonov | V. Nikulin | A. Pacesa
Ground-based remote sensing profiling and numerical weather prediction model to manage nuclear power plants meteorological surveillance in Switzerland

Author(s): B. Calpini | D. Ruffieux | J.-M. Bettems | C. Hug | P. Huguenin | H.-P. Isaak | P. Kaufmann | O. Maier | P. Steiner
Stromal cell derived factor-1 enhances bone marrow mononuclear cell migration in mice with acute liver failure

Author(s): Shi-Zhu Jin, Xiang-Wei Meng, Ming-Zi Han, Xun Sun, Li-Ying Sun, Bing-Rong Liu
Aging management program of the reactor building concrete at Point Lepreau Generating Station

Author(s): Aldea C.-M. | Shenton B. | DeMerchant M.M. | Gendron T.
Qualification of a truly distributed fiber optic technique for strain and temperature measurements in concrete structures

Author(s): Henault J.M. | Salin J. | Moreau G. | Delepine-Lesoille S. | Bertand J. | Taillade F. | Quiertant M. | Benzarti K.
Structural model of the pre-Tertiary basement in the Krško basin

Author(s): Andrej Gosar | Marko Komac | Marijan Poljak
Interactions among oscillatory pathways in NF-kappa B signaling

Author(s): Wang Yunjiao | Paszek Pawel | Horton Caroline | Kell Douglas | White Michael | Broomhead David | Muldoon Mark
Development of Empirical formula Prediction on Critical Impact Energy for Perforation Phenomena on Concrete Structures

Author(s): Qadir Bux alias Imran Latif | Ismail Abdul Rahman | Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi
Unusual Ovarian Stromal Tumor with Radiation Changes Mimicking Carcinoma

Author(s): Olga L. Bohn, Chengquan Zhao, Mirka W. Jones
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Nuclear Power Plant Operator Reliability Research Based on Fuzzy Math

Author(s): Fang Xiang | Zhou Yangping | Li Fu
Natural Circulation in the ATUCHA-I PHWR Nuclear Power Plant

Author(s): O. Mazzantini | J. C. Ferreri | F. D'Auria | C. P. Camusso
Effect of Coolant Inventories and Parallel Loop Interconnections on the Natural Circulation in Various Heat Transport Systems of a Nuclear Power Plant during Station Blackout

Author(s): Avinash J. Gaikwad | P. K. Vijayan | Sharad Bhartya | Kannan Iyer | Rajesh Kumar | A. D. Contractor | H. G. Lele | S. F. Vhora | A. K. Maurya | A. K. Ghosh | H. S. Kushwaha
ULOF Accident Analysis for 300 MWt Pb-Bi Coolled MOX Fuelled SPINNOR Reactor

Author(s): Ade Gafar Abdullah | Zaki Su’ud | Rizal Kurniadi | Neny Kurniasih
EMAT Evaluation of Thin Conductive Sheets

Author(s): Ivo Cap | Klara Capova
Description of dipole strength in heavy nuclei in conformity with their quadrupole degrees of freedom

Author(s): Grosse E. | Junghans A.R. | Massarczyk R. | Schwengner R. | Schramm G.
Persistent Issues in "The New World Order"

Author(s): Randolf S. David
Super powerful steam super heaters and steam turbines for hybrid nuclear power plants

Author(s): Arkadiy Zaryankin | Mihail Lyskov | Andrey Rogalev | Sergey Arianov
Assessment of Impacts and Risks of Air Pollution Applying Two Strategies of Numerical Chemistry Transport Modelling

Author(s): Konstantinos Markakis | Ioannis Kioutsioukis | Hermann J. Jakobs | Michael Memmesheimer | Anastasia Poupkou | Victor Pescaru | Nikolai Miloshev | Kostadin Ganev | Dimitris Melas | Adolf Ebel | Manjola Banja | Theodoros Giannaros | Elmar Friese | Ion Sandu
Characteristics of Strange Hadron Production in Some High Energy Collisions and the Role of Power Laws

Author(s): Amar Chandra Das Ghosh | Subrata Bhattacharyya | Sunil Kumar Biswas | Goutam Sau
Characteristics of Strange Hadron Production in Some High Energy Collisions and the Role of Power Laws

Author(s): Amar Chandra Das Ghosh | Subrata Bhattacharyya | Sunil Kumar Biswas | Goutam Sau
Nuclear Danger: a New Era

Author(s): Katerina Tsalkou

Author(s): Dobrila Habeković | Roman Safner | Ivica Aničić | Tomislav Treer
Experimental study of destruction to porcine spleen in vivo by microwave ablation

Author(s): Fei Gao | Yang-Kui Gu | Jing-Xian Shen | Chang-Lun Li | Xiong-Ying Jiang | Jin-Hua Huang
Global risk of radioactive fallout after nuclear reactor accidents

Author(s): J. Lelieveld | D. Kunkel | M. G. Lawrence
Optimization of Bead Geometry in CO2 Laser Welding of Ti 6Al 4V Using Response Surface Methodology

Author(s): Ali Khorram | Majid Ghoreishi | Mohammad Reza Soleymani Yazdi | Mahmood Moradi
Novel Globular Magnetic Actuator Group Capable of Free Movement in a Complex Pipe

Author(s): Hiroyuki Yaguchi | Noriaki Sato | Arimitsu Shikoda | Kazumi Ishikawa
Efficiency Upgrade in PWRs

Author(s): Morteza Gharib | Abdolazim Yaghooti | Majid Oloomi Buygi
An Integrated Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model for Evaluating Wind Farm Performance

Author(s): He-Yau Kang | Meng-Chan Hung | W. L. Pearn | Amy H. I. Lee | Mei-Sung Kang
De novo malignant solitary fibrous tumor of the kidney

Author(s): Hsieh Tsan-Yu | ChangChien Yi-Che | Chen Wen-Hsiang | Chen Siu-Chung | Chang Liang-Che | Hwang Cheng-Cheng | Chein Hui-Ping | Chen Jim-Ray
Chronic eosinophilic leukemia with FIP1L1-PDGFRA transcripts after occupational and therapeutic exposure to radiation

Author(s): Gueorgui Balatzenko | Nikolay Stoyanov | Elena Bekrieva | Margarita Guenova
A Fast Simulation Method for Wave Transformation Processes In Coastal Zones

Author(s): I.E Herrera-Díaz | C. Couder-Castañeda | H. Ramírez León
Xenon-133 and caesium-137 releases into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant: determination of the source term, atmospheric dispersion, and deposition

Author(s): A. Stohl | P. Seibert | G. Wotawa | D. Arnold | J. F. Burkhart | S. Eckhardt | C. Tapia | A. Vargas | T. J. Yasunari
Ultra-intense laser, a new tool for PET radionuclide production

Author(s): O. Kokabee | S. Sarkar | F. Farahmand | M.R. Ay
"Platelet-based MPLE Algorithm for Denoising of SPECT Images: Phantom and Patient Study "

Author(s): Abbas Takavar | HR Ghiasi | Naghmeh Alibabaei | Nader Riyahi-Alam | Armaghan Fard-Esfahani | Mehdi Sohrabi | Ahmad Bitarafan Rajabi
Assessment of the influence of crystal material and size on the sensitivity of dual head small animal PET scanner

Author(s): Nafise Ghazanfari | Mohammad Reza Ay | Saeed Sarkar | George Loudos
Benefits of Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) on oxidant-antioxidant balance in diabetic patients; A randomized, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial

Author(s): M Hemmatabadi | M Abdollahi | S Bakhshayeshi | R Heshmat | M Baeeri | O Azimaraghi | B Larijani
Drug Delivery To Mitochondria: An Overview

Author(s): Rahul Nair*, T.Mohammed Badivaddin, M.Sevukarajan, S.Sakeena Parveen.
Laser Ion Acceleration: Status and Perspectives for Fusion

Author(s): Thirolf P.G. | Habs D. | Gross M. | Allinger K. | Bin J. | Henig A. | Kiefer D. | Ma W. | Schreiber J.
Human Error Hotspots in Nuclear Power Plants

Author(s): Jorge E. Nunez Mc Leod | Selva S. Rivera
Ground-based remote sensing profiling and numerical weather prediction model to manage nuclear power plants meteorological surveillance in Switzerland

Author(s): B. Calpini | D. Ruffieux | J.-M. Bettems | C. Hug | P. Huguenin | H.-P. Isaak | P. Kaufmann | O. Maier | P. Steiner
Zeolite and bentonite as caesium binders in reindeer feed

Author(s): Birgitta Åhman | Sevald Forberg | Gustaf Åhman
Clean Energy for Tomorrow: Towards Zero Emission and Carbon Free Future: A Review

Author(s): Wan Ramli Wan Daud | Ghasem Najafpour | Mostafa Rahimnejad

Author(s): Robert Pašičko | Slavica Robić | Željko Tomšić
From the Guest Editor

Author(s): Milun Babić
A Carbon Footprint of an Office Building

Author(s): Miimu Airaksinen | Pellervo Matilainen
Aging and Life Management System of Reactor Pressure Vessel

Author(s): Ya-jin Liu | Jiang Guo | Kai-kai Gu
Neutronic Analysis of Generic Heavy Water Research Reactor Core Parameters to Use Standard Hydride Fuel

Author(s): Saman Tashakor | Farshid Javidkia | Mehdi Hashemi-Tilehnoee
Resource Needs for Nuclear Power Generation in Ghana

Author(s): Benjamin J. B. Nyarko | Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | Edward H. K. Akaho | Isaac Ennison | Margaret Ahiadeke | Yaw Serfor-Armah | Kwame Gyamfi
Operational Safety Experience of Ghana Research Reactor-1 and Its Impact on the Nuclear Power Program in Ghana

Author(s): Benjamin J. B. Nyarko | Edward H. K. Akaho | Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako | Rex G. Abrefah | Ekua Mensimah | Kwaku A. Danso
The psychological well-being of Norwegian adolescents exposed in utero to radiation from the Chernobyl accident

Author(s): Heiervang Kristin | Mednick Sarnoff | Sundet Kjetil | Rund Bjørn
Design process of the nanofluid injection mechanism in nuclear power plants

Author(s): Kang Myoung-suk | Jee Changhyun | Park Sangjun | Bang In Choel | Heo Gyunyoung
Network screening of Goto-Kakizaki rat liver microarray data during diabetic progression

Author(s): Zhou Huarong | Saito Shigeru | Piao Guanying | Liu Zhi-Ping | Wang Jiguang | Horimoto Katsuhisa | Chen Luonan

Author(s): Ion NILA | Viorica ILINOIU | Dan ABABEI | Bogdan DOBRESCU | Radu BOGATEANU
Seismic-Geodynamic Monitoring of Main Electric Power-Stations in East Europe and North Asia

Author(s): Yury Gatinsky | Dmitry Rundquist | Galina Vladova | Tatiana Prokhorova
Seasonal Variation of Water Quality and Phytoplankton Response Patterns in Daya Bay, China

Author(s): Cui-Ci Sun | You-Shao Wang | Mei-Lin Wu | Jun-De Dong | Yu-Tu Wang | Fu-Lin Sun | Yan-Ying Zhang
Numerical Research of Heat Transfer of Supercritical COR2R in Channels

Author(s): Lina Zhang | Minshan Liu | Qiwu Dong | Songwei Zhao
Time to Substitute Wood Bioenergy for Nuclear Power in Japan

Author(s): Nophea Sasaki | Toshiaki Owari | Francis E. Putz
Sensitivity analysis of reacting two-phase flow in nuclear heat-based gasification process

Author(s): Jakub Marcin Kupecki | Henryk Anglart | Krzysztof Badyda
Determination of uranium isotope concentrations in precipitation in the vicinity of lignite-fired power plants

Author(s): Papadopoulos Nick K. | Efstathopoulos Angelos V. | Karangelos Dimitrios J. | Petropoulos Nick P.
Uranium and radium in water samples around the Nikola Tesla B lignite-fired power plant - Obrenovac, Serbia

Author(s): Žunić Zora S. | Mietelski Jerzy W. | Radanović Sanja B. | Kierepko Renata | Ciotoli Giancarlo | Čeliković Igor T. | Ujić Predrag N. | Kisić Dragica M. | Bartyzel Miroslaw | Bogacz Joanna | Udovičić Vladimir I. | Simović Rodoljub D.
Annealing of radiation-induced defects in burn-in stressed power VDMOSFETs

Author(s): Đorić-Veljković Snežana M. | Manić Ivica Đ. | Davidović Vojkan S. | Danković Danijel M. | Golubović Snežana M. | Stojadinović Ninoslav D.
Influence of nuclear radiation and laser beams on optical fibers and components

Author(s): Pantelić Slađana N. | Borna Nadežda V. | Srećković Milesa Ž. | Kovačević Aleksander G. | Bugarinović Aleksandar R. | Kovačević Milojko S. | Lazarević Đorđe R.

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