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Copolymers Formation by Photopolymerization of (Meth)acrylates Containing Dissolved Polyheteroarylenes

Author(s): Dmitriy A. Sapozhnikov | Tat'yana V. Volkova | Antonina A. Sakharova | Rashid G. Gasanov | Vanda Yu. Voytekunas | Marc J. M. Abadie | Jean-Yves Sanchez | Yakov S. Vygodskii

Medical radiation countermeasures for nuclear and radiological emergencies: Current status and future perspectives

Author(s): Arora Rajesh | Chawla Raman | Marwah Rohit | Kumar Vinod | Goel Rajeev | Arora Preeti | Jaiswal Sarita | Sharma Rakesh
Experiments and Modelling Techniques for Heat and Mass Transfer in Light Water Reactors

Author(s): W. Ambrosini | M. Bucci | N. Forgione | A. Manfredini | F. Oriolo
NMR-Based Multi Parametric Quality Control of Fruit Juices: SGF Profiling

Author(s): Manfred Spraul | Birk Schütz | Peter Rinke | Susanne Koswig | Eberhard Humpfer | Hartmut Schäfer | Monika Mörtter | Fang Fang | Ute C. Marx | Anna Minoja
Evolution of spliceosomal introns following endosymbiotic gene transfer

Author(s): Ahmadinejad Nahal | Dagan Tal | Gruenheit Nicole | Martin William | Gabaldón Toni
Radiation induced bystander effect: mechanisms and potential clinical reflections

Author(s): Erkan TOPKAN | Melek Nur YAVUZ | Ali Aydın YAVUZ
Properties of warm nuclei in the quasi-continuum

Author(s): Guttormsen M. | Agvaanluvsan U. | Algin E. | Bürger A. | Larsen A.C. | Mitchell G.E. | Nyhus H.T. | Siem S. | Toft H.K. | Voinov A.
Two-Phase Flow Simulations for PTS Investigation by Means of Neptune_CFD Code

Author(s): Maria Cristina Galassi | Pierre Coste | Christophe Morel | Fabio Moretti
Unique genes in plants: specificities and conserved features throughout evolution

Author(s): Armisén David | Lecharny Alain | Aubourg Sébastien
Identification of two regulatory binding sites which confer myotube specific expression of the mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase ART1 gene

Author(s): Friedrich Maik | Böhlig Levin | Kirschner Ralf | Engeland Kurt | Hauschildt Sunna
A gene expression signature shared by human mature oocytes and embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Assou Said | Cerecedo Doris | Tondeur Sylvie | Pantesco Véronique | Hovatta Outi | Klein Bernard | Hamamah Samir | De Vos John
In vitro culture and somatic cell nuclear transfer affect imprinting of SNRPN gene in pre- and post-implantation stages of development in cattle

Author(s): Suzuki Joao | Therrien Jacinthe | Filion France | Lefebvre Rejean | Goff Alan | Smith Lawrence
The mitochondrial genomes of Ancylostoma caninum and Bunostomum phlebotomum – two hookworms of animal health and zoonotic importance

Author(s): Jex Aaron | Waeschenbach Andrea | Hu Min | van Wyk Jan | Beveridge Ian | Littlewood D Timothy | Gasser Robin
Trichostatin A treatment of cloned mouse embryos improves constitutive heterochromatin remodeling as well as developmental potential to term

Author(s): Maalouf Walid | Liu Zichuan | Brochard Vincent | Renard Jean-Paul | Debey Pascale | Beaujean Nathalie | Zink Daniele
Transcriptional reprogramming of gene expression in bovine somatic cell chromatin transfer embryos

Author(s): Rodriguez-Osorio Nelida | Wang Zhongde | Kasinathan Poothappillai | Page Grier | Robl James | Memili Erdogan
Retention of the virus-derived sequences in the nuclear genome of grapevine as a potential pathway to virus resistance

Author(s): Bertsch Christophe | Beuve Monique | Dolja Valerian | Wirth Marion | Pelsy Frédérique | Herrbach Etienne | Lemaire Olivier
Nucleologenesis and embryonic genome activation are defective in interspecies cloned embryos between bovine ooplasm and rhesus monkey somatic cells

Author(s): Song Bong-Seok | Lee Sang-Hee | Kim Sun-Uk | Kim Ji-Su | Park Jung | Kim Cheol-Hee | Chang Kyu-Tae | Han Yong-Mahn | Lee Kyung-Kwang | Lee Dong-Seok | Koo Deog-Bon
Do potatoes and tomatoes have a single evolutionary history, and what proportion of the genome supports this history?

Author(s): Rodriguez Flor | Wu Feinan | Ané Cécile | Tanksley Steve | Spooner David
Comparative proteomic analysis of malformed umbilical cords from somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived piglets: implications for early postnatal death

Author(s): Park Jong-Yi | Kim Jae-Hwan | Choi Yun-Jung | Hwang Kyu-Chan | Cho Seong-Keun | Park Ho-Hyun | Paik Seung-Sam | Kim Teoan | Park ChanKyu | Lee Hoon | Seo Han | Park Soo-Bong | Hwang Seongsoo | Kim Jin-Hoi
Peripheral non-viral MIDGE vector-driven delivery of β-endorphin in inflammatory pain

Author(s): Machelska Halina | Schroff Matthias | Oswald Detlef | Binder Waltraud | Sitte Nicolle | Mousa Shaaban | Rittner Heike | Brack Alexander | Labuz Dominika | Busch Melanie | Wittig Burghardt | Schäfer Michael | Stein Christoph
Analysis of cat oocyte activation methods for the generation of feline disease models by nuclear transfer

Author(s): Wang Chunmin | Swanson William | Herrick Jason | Lee Kiho | Machaty Zoltan
Comparison of in vitro fertilization and nuclear transfer techniques in the production of buffalo pre-implantation embryos

Author(s): E.C. Atabay | E.P. Atabay | D.H. Duran | R.V. de Vera | F.V. Mamuad | L.C. Cruz
Heat-induced and spontaneous expression of Hsp70.1Luciferase transgene copies localized on Xp22 in female bovine cells

Author(s): Lelièvre Jean-Marc | Le Bourhis Daniel | Breton Amandine | Hayes Hélène | Servely Jean-Luc | Vignon Xavier
Donor-host mitochondrial compatibility improves efficiency of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer

Author(s): Yan Zhong-hai | Zhou Yi-ye | Fu Jing | Jiao Fei | Zhao Lei-wen | Guan Peng-fei | Huang Shu-zhen | Zeng Yi-tao | Zeng Fanyi
A molecular phylogenetic reappraisal of the Hysteriaceae, Mytilinidiaceae and Gloniaceae (Pleosporomycetidae, Dothideomycetes) with keys to world species

Author(s): E.W.A. Boehm | G.K. Mugambi | A.N. Miller | S.M. Huhndorf | S. Marincowitz | J.W. Spatafora | C.L. Schoch
Minor actinide fission induced by multi-nucleon transfer reaction in inverse kinematics

Author(s): Derkx X. | Rejmund F. | Caamaño M. | Schmidt K.-H. | Audouin L. | Bacri C.-O. | Barreau G. | Benlliure J. | Casarejos E. | Fernández-Domínguez B. | Gaudefroy L. | Golabek C. | Jurado B. | Lemasson A. | Navin A. | Rejmund M. | Roger T. | Shrivastava A. | Schmitt C. | Taieb J.
Inhibition of experimental lung metastasis by systemic lentiviral delivery of kallistatin

Author(s): Shiau Ai-Li | Teo Min-Li | Chen Shin-Yao | Wang Chrong-Reen | Hsieh Jeng-Long | Chang Meng-Ya | Chang Chih-Jui | Chao Julie | Chao Lee | Wu Chao-Liang | Lee Che-Hsin
Optimization of somatic cell injection in the perspective of nuclear transfer in goldfish

Author(s): Bail Pierre-Yves | Depince Alexandra | Chenais Nathalie | Mahe Sophie | Maisse Gerard | Labbe Catherine
A phylogenetic mosaic plastid proteome and unusual plastid-targeting signals in the green-colored dinoflagellate Lepidodinium chlorophorum

Author(s): Minge Marianne | Shalchian-Tabrizi Kamran | Tørresen Ole | Takishita Kiyotaka | Probert Ian | Inagaki Yuji | Klaveness Dag | Jakobsen Kjetill
Natural Gas Sweetening Using Structured Packing

Author(s): Rosa Hilda Chavez | Javier de J. Guadarrama
Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization during the Thermolysis of Alkoxyamines: A New Approach to Detect the Occurrence of H-Transfer Reactions

Author(s): Maria Edeleva | Sylvain R. A. Marque | Denis Bertin | Didier Gigmes | Yohann Guillaneuf | Elena Bagryanskaya
Studies concerning mass and heat transfer on B7 structured packing

Author(s): Croitoru Cornelia | Pop Floarea | Titescu Gheorghe | Stefanescu Ioan | Peculea Marius | Trancota Dan
Radiocesium metabolism in reindeer

Author(s): Bernt-E. V. Jones | Olof Eriksson | Magnus Nordkvist
The unfolding effects of transfer functions and processing of the pulse height distributions

Author(s): Avdić Senada | Marinković Predrag | Pehlivanović Bećo
Reproductive Technology in Farm Animals: New Facets and Findings: A Review

Author(s): V. Sejian | T.V. Meenambigai | M. Chandirasegaran | S.M.K. Naqvi
Genetic structure of Leptopilina boulardi populations from different climatic zones of Iran

Author(s): Seyahooei Majeed | van Alphen Jacques | Kraaijeveld Ken
Horizontal acquisition of multiple mitochondrial genes from a parasitic plant followed by gene conversion with host mitochondrial genes

Author(s): Mower Jeffrey | Stefanović Saša | Hao Weilong | Gummow Julie | Jain Kanika | Ahmed Dana | Palmer Jeffrey
Recent transfer of an iron-regulated gene from the plastid to the nuclear genome in an oceanic diatom adapted to chronic iron limitation

Author(s): Lommer Markus | Roy Alexandra-Sophie | Schilhabel Markus | Schreiber Stefan | Rosenstiel Philip | LaRoche Julie
The necessity of having „Knowledge on knowledge“ in tourism

Author(s): Stefanović Vidoje | Jovičić Dobrica
Low Molecular Weight pDMAEMA-block-pHEMA Block-Copolymers Synthesized via RAFT-Polymerization: Potential Non-Viral Gene Delivery Agents?

Author(s): Olga Samsonova | Christian Pfeiffer | Markus Hellmund | Olivia M. Merkel | Thomas Kissel
Qualification of a truly distributed fiber optic technique for strain and temperature measurements in concrete structures

Author(s): Henault J.M. | Salin J. | Moreau G. | Delepine-Lesoille S. | Bertand J. | Taillade F. | Quiertant M. | Benzarti K.
A STAT3-decoy oligonucleotide induces cell death in a human colorectal carcinoma cell line by blocking nuclear transfer of STAT3 and STAT3-bound NF-κB

Author(s): Souissi Inès | Najjar Imen | Ah-Koon Laurent | Schischmanoff Pierre | Lesage Denis | Le Coquil Stéphanie | Roger Claudine | Dusanter-Fourt Isabelle | Varin-Blank Nadine | Cao An | Metelev Valeri | Baran-Marszak Fanny | Fagard Remi
Altering α-dystroglycan receptor affinity of LCMV pseudotyped lentivirus yields unique cell and tissue tropism

Author(s): Dylla Douglas | Xie Litao | Michele Daniel | Kunz Stefan | McCray Paul
Sperm Nuclear Transfer and Transgenic Production in the Fish Medaka

Author(s): Tongming Liu, Ling Liu, Qiwei Wei, Yunhan Hong
Nuclear Transfer of Embryonic Cell Nuclei to Non-enucleated Eggs in Zebrafish, Danio rerio

Author(s): Manabu Hattori, Hisashi Hashimoto, Ekaterina Bubenshchikova, Yuko Wakamatsu
Fish Stem Cell Cultures

Author(s): Ni Hong, Zhendong Li, Yunhan Hong
Comparative transcriptomics of human multipotent stem cells during adipogenesis and osteoblastogenesis

Author(s): Scheideler Marcel | Elabd Christian | Zaragosi Laure-Emmanuelle | Chiellini Chiara | Hackl Hubert | Sanchez-Cabo Fatima | Yadav Sunaina | Duszka Kalina | Friedl Gerald | Papak Christine | Prokesch Andreas | Windhager Reinhard | Ailhaud Gerard | Dani Christian | Amri Ez-Zoubir | Trajanoski Zlatko
Creating Porcine Biomedical Models Through Recombineering

Author(s): Margarita M. Rogatcheva | Laurie A. Rund | Kelly S. Swanson | Brandy M. Marron | Jonathan E. Beever | Christopher M. Counter | Lawrence B. Schook
An organism arises from every nucleus.

Author(s): Nurullah Keklikoglu
Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Freshwater Araphid Pennate Diatom Alga Synedra acus from Lake Baikal

Author(s): Yuri P. Galachyants | Alexey A. Morozov | Andrey V. Mardanov | Alexey V. Beletsky | Nikolay V. Ravin | Darya P. Petrova | Yelena V. Likhoshway
Gamma-ray irradiation and post-irradiation at room and elevated temperature response of pMOS dosimeters with thick gate oxides

Author(s): Pejović Momčilo M. | Pejović Svetlana M. | Dolićanin Edin Ć. | Lazarević Đorđe
Effect of Protein Malnutrition on Efferent Projections of Amygdala to the Hippocampus

Author(s): Gholamreza Hassanzadeh | Mitra Barzroodi pour | Mohammad Bayat | Miriam Javadi

The Use of Nuclear Transfer Procedure for Evaluation of Abattoir Derived Bovine Oocyte

Author(s): Mohamed Sayed Mohamed Nour | M. Nagano | S. Katagiri | Y. Takahashi
Identification, Characterization, and Expression Analysis of the TaNF-YB3 Gene from Triticum aestivum

Author(s): Xiuchun DONG | Zhiyuan CHENG | Shuhan CHENG | Feng XU | Yanrong AN | Xizuo BIAN | Ting CHEN
A Concise Review on Epigenetic Regulation: Insight into Molecular Mechanisms

Author(s): Shahram Golbabapour | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Maryam Hajrezaei
Determination of the melon chloroplast and mitochondrial genome sequences reveals that the largest reported mitochondrial genome in plants contains a significant amount of DNA having a nuclear origin

Author(s): Rodríguez-Moreno Luis | González Víctor | Benjak Andrej | Martí M Carmen | Puigdomènech Pere | Aranda Miguel | Garcia-Mas Jordi
Determination of K222 concentration in [18F]FDG radiopharmaceutical

Author(s): M. Akhlaghi | A.R. Jalilian | M. Mirzaii | N. Shadanpoor | M. Kamali Dehghan
Depth Dose Calculation of Holmium-166 for Different Shape Source by VARSKIN3 Code

Author(s): Ali Asghar Mowlavi | Azam Afzalifar | Naser Afzalifar | Ehsan Kashani
Synthesis of novel glycopolymer brushes via a combination of RAFT-mediated polymerisation and ATRP

Author(s): Reda Fleet | Eric T.A. van den Dungen | Bert Klumperman
New prospects in synthesis and study of neutron rich heavy nuclei

Author(s): Zagrebaev V.I. | Karpov A.V. | Mishustin I.N. | Greiner W.
Reactions induced by 11Be beam at Rex-Isolde

Author(s): Di Pietro A. | Amorini F. | Figuera P. | Fisichella M. | Lattuada M. | Musumarra A. | Papa M. | Pellegriti M.G. | Randisi G. | Rizzo F. | Santonocito D. | Scalia G. | Scuderi V. | Strano E. | Torresi D. | Acosta L. | Martel I. | Perez-Bernal F. | Borge M.J.G. | Maira Vidal A. | Tengblad O. | Fraile L.M. | Jeppesen H. | Voulot D. | Wenander F. | Gomez-Camacho J. | Milin M. | Raabe R. | Zadro M.
Quasi-elastic reactions: an interplay of reaction dynamics and nuclear structure

Author(s): Szilner S. | Mijatović T. | Corradi L. | Pollarolo G. | Haas F. | Courtin S. | Farnea E. | Fioretto E. | Gadea A. | Goasduff A. | Jelavić-Malenica D. | Lunardi S. | Mărginean N. | Montagnoli G. | Montanari D. | Recchia F. | Sahin E. | Scarlassara F. | Soić N. | Stefanini A.M. | Ur C.A. | Valiente-Dobón J.J.
Radiocesium metabolism in reindeer

Author(s): Bernt-E. V. Jones | Olof Eriksson | Magnus Nordkvist
Clean Energy for Tomorrow: Towards Zero Emission and Carbon Free Future: A Review

Author(s): Wan Ramli Wan Daud | Ghasem Najafpour | Mostafa Rahimnejad
Physical Parameters Related to Quantify Quality of Effectiveness of Charged Particles at Lower Doses

Author(s): Abubaker Ali Yousif | Ismail Bin Bahari | Muhamad Samudi Yasir
Eukaryote-to-eukaryote gene transfer gives rise to genome mosaicism in euglenids

Author(s): Maruyama Shinichiro | Suzaki Toshinobu | Weber Andreas | Archibald John | Nozaki Hisayoshi
Thermosensitive Nanocables Prepared by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

Author(s): Wei Qingshan | Zhou Wenbo | Ji Jian | Shen Jiacong
Multigenic phylogeny and analysis of tree incongruences in Triticeae (Poaceae)

Author(s): Escobar Juan | Scornavacca Céline | Cenci Alberto | Guilhaumon Claire | Santoni Sylvain | Douzery Emmanuel | Ranwez Vincent | Glémin Sylvain | David Jacques
Numerical Research of Heat Transfer of Supercritical COR2R in Channels

Author(s): Lina Zhang | Minshan Liu | Qiwu Dong | Songwei Zhao
Theoretical and experimental studies on 2-(2-methyl-5-nitro-1-imidazolyl)ethanol

Author(s): Sirukarumbur Panduranga Vijaya Chamundeeswari | Emmanuel Rajan James Jebaseelan Samuel | Namadevan Sundaraganesan
Production of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Reprogramming of Blood Cells

Author(s): Sadia Zia | Muhammad Zubair Yousaf | Masroor Ellahi Babar
Radiation-sensitive field effect transistor response to gamma-ray irradiation

Author(s): Pejović Milić M. | Pejović Momčilo M. | Jakšić Aleksandar B.
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