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Strike actions by nurses/midwives in a nursing service

Author(s): Elsie Mabange | Marie Muller
The role of nurses and midwives in polio eradication and measles control activities: a survey in Sudan and Zambia

Author(s): Nkowane Annette | Boualam Liliane | Haithami Salah | El Sayed El Tayeb | Mutambo Helen
Exploration of interprofessional collaboration between nurses and the other health care professionals in a provincial hospital

Author(s): Antigoni Fountouki | Theodoros Gatzelis | Dimitrios Pantas | Dimitrios Theofanidis
Intimate partner violence in urban Pakistan: prevalence, frequency, and risk factors

Author(s): Tazeen S Ali | Nargis Asad | Ingrid Mogren | et al
A methodology for assessing the professional development needs of nurses and midwives in Indonesia: paper 1 of 3

Author(s): Hennessy Deborah | Hicks Carolyn | Hilan Aflah | Kawonal Yoanna
Internationally recruited nurses in London: a survey of career paths and plans

Author(s): Buchan James | Jobanputra Renu | Gough Pippa | Hutt Ruth
Effect of Sims modified position over the rotation and foetus progress down on women on their first birth with epidural anaesthesia

Author(s): Rosa Ana Martín de Vega | Belén Feijóo Iglesias | Gema Magdaleno del Rey | Rosa María Rodríguez Ferrer | Ana María Ruiz Rey
More in hope than expectation: a systematic review of women's expectations and experience of pain relief in labour

Author(s): Lally Joanne | Murtagh Madeleine | Macphail Sheila | Thomson Richard
Design and process of the EMA Cohort Study: the value of antenatal education in childbirth and breastfeeding

Author(s): Paz-Pascual Carmen | Pinedo Isabel | Grandes Gonzalo | de Gamboa Gurutze | Hermosilla Itziar | de la Hera Amaia | Gordon Janire | Garcia Guadalupe | de Pedro Magdalena
A survey on knowledge of midwives and midwifery’s students about hepatitis B

Author(s): Pakgohar | M | Granmayeh | Babaie | Gh | Nazari
Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

Author(s): Taghizadeh | Z
Safety Culture in the Maternity Units: a census survey using the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire

Author(s): Raftopoulos Vasilios | Savva Nicos | Papadopoulou Maria
Awareness of HPV and cervical cancer prevention among Cameroonian healthcare workers

Author(s): McCarey Catherine | Pirek David | Tebeu Pierre | Boulvain Michel | Doh Anderson | Petignat Patrick
Premature rupture of membrane (PROM)

Author(s): Modarres | M. Moshrefy | M.
Job satisfaction of midwives

Author(s): Mirmolaei T | Dargahi H | Kazemnejad A | Mohajerrahbari M
Effect of education on the knowledge and applying folic acid supplement in women at reproductive ages

Author(s): Mirmohammadali M | Moddares M | Babaei Gh | Kamravamanesh M
Impact of education of partogramm on quality of midwifery’s care

Author(s): Modarres M | Moshrefy M | Mirmawlai T | Zyaee Bidhendi M
Mental Health Status among Midwives Working in Tehran's Public Hospitals

Author(s): Golyan Tehrani Sh |  Monjamed Z |  Mehran A |  Hasheminasab L
The impact of training on the application of palliative methods for labor pain reduction

Author(s): Geranmayeh M | Rezaeipour A | Haghani H | Akhoondzadeh E
Usage of communication skills by midwives and its relation to clients’ satisfaction

Author(s): Taghizadeh Z | Rezaiepour A | Mehran A | Alimoradi Z
The Effect of Nutrition Education on Nutritional Behaviors in Pregnant Women

Author(s): ST Mirmolaei | M Moshrefi | A Kazemnejad | F Farivar | H Morteza
Prenatal Care Utilization Rate and Patients Satisfaction

Author(s): Mirmolaei ST |  Khakbazan Z |  Kazemnejad A |  Azari M
Effects of Emergency Contraceptive Methods Education on the Knowledge and Attitudes of the Health Care Staff

Author(s): Rahimikian F | Moshrefi M |  Mirmohammadali M |  Mehran A |  Amelvalizadeh M
The survey of association between occupational factors and preterm childbirth

Author(s): zohre Khakbazan | mehrnaze Geranmayeh | gamileh Taghizadeh | hamid Haghani
Effect of Telephone Counseling during Post-Partum Period on Women’s Quality of Life

Author(s): Z Khakbazan | Sh Golyan Tehrani | R Payghambardoost | A Kazemnejad
Rebuilding human resources for health: a case study from Liberia

Author(s): Varpilah S Tornorlah | Safer Meredith | Frenkel Erica | Baba Duza | Massaquoi Moses | Barrow Genevieve
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