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C# Solutions for a Face Detection and Recognition System

Author(s): Catalin-Daniel Caleanu | Corina Botoca
Automated Defect Inspection Systems by Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Mira Park | Jesse S. Jin | Sherlock L. Au | Suhuai Luo | Yue Cui
Automatic Defect Detection and Counting In Radiographic Weldment Images

Author(s): Mythili Thiruganam | Dr.S.Margret Anouncia | Sachin Kantipudi
Hybrid Face Detection in Color Images

Author(s): Mehrnaz Niazi | Shahram Jafari
Digital Images Inpainting using Modified Convolution Based Method

Author(s): Mohiy M. Hadhoud | Kamel. A. Moustafa | Sameh. Z. Shenoda
Segmentation And Object Recognition Using Edge Detection Techniques

Author(s): Y.Ramadevi | T.Sridevi | B.Poornima | B.Kalyani

Author(s): Rajiv Kumar Nath | Dr. Swapan Kumar Deb
Synergy between Object Recognition and Image Segmentation

Author(s): Y.Ramadevi, | B.Kalyani | T.Sridevi
Background Subtraction and Target Classification for Gait Recognition

Author(s): Kantipudi MVV Prasad | Dr.V.Sailaja | A. Jagan
Video Based Moving Object Tracking by Particle Filter

Author(s): Md. Zahidul Islam | Chi-Min Oh | Chil-Woo Lee
Research on the Image Segmentation Necessity for Regions-Based Image Processing

Author(s): Mingxin Zhang | Zhaowei Shang | Junyi Shen
An Efficient Structural Mouse Gesture Approach for Recognizing Hindi Digits

Author(s): N.F. Shilbayeh | G. Raho | M. Alkhateeb
Control of prehension for the transradial prosthesis: Natural-like image recognition system

Author(s): Klisić Đorđe | Kostić Miloš | Došen Strahinja | Popović Dejan B.
Object Handling Using Artificial Tactile Affordance System

Author(s): Naoto Hoshikawa, Masahiro Ohka and Hanafiah Bin Yussof
Modeling and Implementation of Omnidirectional Soccer Robot with Wide Vision Scope Applied in Robocup-MSL

Author(s): S. Hamidreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei | S. A. Monadjemi | Mohsen Taheri
Efeitos do extrato de Ginkgo biloba (EGb 761) sobre a atividade motora e a memória em ratos nadadores

Author(s): José Geraldo Pereira Cruz | Aline Correa da Silva | Daniela Delwing de Lima | Débora Delwing Dal Magro | Diogo F. Muller | Júlia Niehues da Cruz
Effect of encoding strategies on contextual memory in elders / Efeito de estratégias de codificação sobre a memória contextual em idosos

Author(s): Rosane Papaleo Freire | Joana Bisol Balardin | Fábio Caldana | Cristiane Moro dos Santos | Luciana Cunha Krebs | Valdemarina Bidone de Azevedo e Souza | Nadja Schröder | Elke Bromberg
Textual Entailment Using Lexical And Syntactic Similarity

Author(s): Partha Pakray | Sivaji Bandyopadhyay | Alexander Gelbukh
Land Use Cover Mapping of Water Melon and Cereals in Southern Italy

Author(s): Costanza Fiorentino | Domenico Ventrella | Luisa Giglio | Enza Di Giacomo | Raffaele Lopez
Curvature recognition and force generation in phagocytosis

Author(s): Clarke Margaret | Engel Ulrike | Giorgione Jennifer | Müller-Taubenberger Annette | Prassler Jana | Veltman Douwe | Gerisch Günther
A Survey of Grid Based Clustering Algorithms

Author(s): MR ILANGO | Dr V MOHAN
Object Detection In Image Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Ankit Sharma, | Nirbhowjap Singh
Object Detection In Image Using Predator-Prey Optimization

Author(s): Ankit Sharma | Nirbhowjap Singh

Author(s): lhachloufi Mostafa, | El Oirrak Ahmed, | Aboutajdine Driss, | KADDIOUI MOHAMED NAJIB
Feed Forward Neural Network Based Eye Localization and Recognition Using Hough Transform

Author(s): Shylaja S S, K N Balasubramanya Murthy, S Natarajan Nischith, Muthuraj R, Ajay S
Rule Based Selection of 2D Urban Area Map Objects

Author(s): Jagdish Lal Raheja | Umesh Kumar
Control a 2-Axis Servomechanism by Gesture Recognition using a Generic WebCam

Author(s): J.M.R.S. Tavares | R. Ferreira | F. Freitas
A New Method Based on MDA to Enhance the Face Recognition Performance

Author(s): Aref Shams Baboli, Seyyedeh Maryam Hosseyni nia, Ali Akbar Shams Baboli & Gholamali Rezai rad
Behavior Analysis in a learning Environment to Identify the Suitable Learning Style

Author(s): Abdelaziz . K. Hamada | Magdy .Z. Rashad | Mohamed.G. Darwesh
Blind Men and the Elephant

Author(s): Mervi Hasu
Recombinant Skeleton Using Junction Points in Skeleton Based Images

Author(s): Mrs. Komala Lakshmi | Dr.M.Punithavalli
Assessment of Stand Structural Elements on the Basis of Spectral Reflectance Values of an IKONOS Satellite Image

Author(s): Ante Seletković | Renata Pernar | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
Access Control Via Biometric Authentication System

Author(s): Okumbor Anthony N. | S. C. Chiemeke
Spontaneous Object Recognition in the Göttingen Minipig

Author(s): Anette Moustgaard | Nanna Marie Lind | Ralf Hemmingsen | Axel Kornerup Hansen
Object-Place Recognition Learning Triggers Rapid Induction of Plasticity-Related Immediate Early Genes and Synaptic Proteins in the Rat Dentate Gyrus

Author(s): Jonathan Soulé | Zsuzsa Penke | Tambudzai Kanhema | Maria Nordheim Alme | Serge Laroche | Clive R. Bramham
A Review of various kNearest Neighbor Query Processing Techniques

Author(s): S. Dhanabal | Dr. S. Chandramathi
Robust Sign Language Recognition System Using ToF Depth Camera

Author(s): Morteza Zahedi | Ali Reza Manasht
Compression-Based Tools for Navigation with an Image Database

Author(s): Antonella Di Lillo | Ajay Daptardar | Kevin Thomas | James A. Storer | Giovanni Motta
Evaluation of Face Recognition Methods

Author(s): Sushma Jaiswal
Pattern Clustering with Similarity Measures

Author(s): Akula Ratna Babu | Miriyala Markandeyulu | Bussa V R R Nagarjuna
Devanagari Character Recognition in the Wild

Author(s): O. V. Ramana Murthy | Sujoy Roy | Vipin Narang | M. Hanmandlu
A Case Study in Key Measuring Software

Author(s): Naeem Nematollahi | Richard Khoury
Different Profiles of Verbal and Nonverbal Auditory Impairment in Cortical and Subcortical Lesions

Author(s): Reza Nilipour | Golbarg Tarighat Saber | Behrad Noudoost
Improving Morphology Operation for 2D Hole Filling Algorithm

Author(s): Mokhtar M. Hasan | Pramod K. Mishra
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
Face Tracker for Head Position Detection

Author(s): Swati P. Kale | Deepak Dandekar
Efficient Face Detection using Adaboost

Author(s): K.T.Talele | Sunil Kadam | Atul Tikare
Survey of Nearest Neighbor Condensing Techniques

Author(s): MILOUD-AOUIDATE Amal | BABA-ALI Ahmed Riadh
Robust Stereo-Vision Based 3D Object Reconstruction for the Assistive Robot FRIEND

A Domain-Independent Window Approach to Multiclass Object Detection Using Genetic Programming

Author(s): Zhang Mengjie | Ciesielski Victor B | Andreae Peter
A Vision Chip for Color Segmentation and Pattern Matching

Author(s): Etienne-Cummings Ralph | Pouliquen Philippe | Lewis M Anthony
Object Association and Identification in Heterogeneous Sensors Environment

Author(s): Cho ShungHan | Hong Sangjin | Moon Nammee | Park Peom | Oh Seong-Jun
Landmine Detection and Discrimination Using High-Pressure Waterjets

Author(s): Beetner Daryl G | Stanley R Joe | Agarwal Sanjeev | Somasundaram Deepak R | Nema Kopal | Mantha Bhargav
An Algorithm for Motion Parameter Direct Estimate

Author(s): Caldelli Roberto | Bartolini Franco | Romagnoli Vittorio
A Robust Color Object Analysis Approach to Efficient Image Retrieval

Author(s): Zhang Ruofei | Zhang Zhongfei (Mark)
Vision Systems with the Human in the Loop

Author(s): Bauckhage Christian | Hanheide Marc | Wrede Sebastian | Käster Thomas | Pfeiffer Michael | Sagerer Gerhard
Color Histograms Adapted to Query-Target Images for Object Recognition across Illumination Changes

Author(s): Muselet Damien | Macaire Ludovic | Postaire Jack-Gérard
Object Recognition System-on-Chip Using the Support Vector Machines

Author(s): Reyna-Rojas Roberto | Houzet Dominique | Dragomirescu Daniela | Carlier Florent | Ouadjaout Salim
Recognition of Planar Objects Using Multiresolution Analysis

Author(s): Güney Nazlı | Ertüzün Ayşın
Robust Real-Time Tracking for Visual Surveillance

Author(s): Thirde David | Borg Mark | Aguilera Josep | Wildenauer Horst | Ferryman James | Kampel Martin
Combination of Accumulated Motion and Color Segmentation for Human Activity Analysis

Author(s): Briassouli Alexia | Mezaris Vasileios | Kompatsiaris Ioannis
Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration

Author(s): Das Gupta Mithun | Rajaram Shyamsundar | Petrovic Nemanja | Huang ThomasS

Author(s): Toledo-Ramírez, G.K. | Kussul, E. | Baidyk, T.
Automated Image Analysis for the Detection of Benthic Crustaceans and Bacterial Mat Coverage Using the VENUS Undersea Cabled Network

Author(s): Jacopo Aguzzi | Corrado Costa | Katleen Robert | Marjolaine Matabos | Francesca Antonucci | S. Kim Juniper | Paolo Menesatti
Category-semantic memory deficit in Multiple Sclerosis

Author(s): Khatoonabadi ARS | Ghaffarpour M | Hadian MR | Kahlaoui K | Hasanzadeh A
An Improved Method of Geometric Hashing Pattern Recognition

Author(s): Ling Ma | Yumin Liu | Huiqin Jiang | Zhongyong Wang | Haofei Zhou
People Recognition for Entering and Leaving a Video Surveillance Area

Author(s): Da-Jinn Wang | Chao-Ho (Thou-Ho) Chen | Chien-Tsung Lee
Feature Extraction in Speechreading

Author(s): Jun He | Hua Zhang
An Improved Computational Approach for Salient Region Detection

Author(s): Qiaorong Zhang | Haibo Liu | Jing Shen | Guochang Gu | Huimin Xiao
Evaluation of Face Recognition Methods

Author(s): sushma jaiswal
Development of Behavioral Based System from Sports Video

Author(s): S.Muthu lakshmi | N. Akila Banu | Dr G.V.Uma
Efeitos do extrato de Ginkgo biloba (EGb 761) sobre a atividade motora e a memória em ratos nadadores

Dorsal stream involvement in recognition of objects with transient onset but not with ramped onset

Author(s): Laycock Robin | Cross Alana | Lourenco Tomas | Crewther Sheila
Artificial Skin Ridges Enhance Local Tactile Shape Discrimination

Author(s): Saba Salehi | John-John Cabibihan | Shuzhi Sam Ge
Recognition of Facial Gestures using Gabor Filter

Author(s): Subhashini Ramalingam | Ilango Paramasivam | Mangayarkarasi Ramiah
Semi-Automatic Objects Recognition in Urban Areas Based on Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Federico Prandi | Raffaella Brumana | Francesco Fassi

Author(s): Omar BENCHAREF | Mohamed FAKIR | Brahim MINAOUI | B.BOUIKHALEN
Template Match Object Detection for Inertial Navigation Systems

Author(s): Wiedo Hu | Ahmed Mohamed Gharuib | Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez
3D Object Recognition by Classification Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Mostafa Elhachloufi | Ahmed El Oirrak | Aboutajdine Driss | M. Najib Kaddioui Mohamed
Feature Selection in TopDown Visual Attention Model using WEKA

Author(s): Amudha.J | Soman.K.P | Kiran.Y
Object Exploration Using a Three-Axis Tactile Sensing Information

Author(s): S. C. Abdullah | Jiro Wada | Masahiro Ohka | Hanafiah Yussof
A Novel Morphological Method for Detection and Recognition of Vehicle License Plates

Author(s): S. H.M. Kasaei | S. M.M. Kasaei | S. A. Monadjemi

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