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Author(s): Ana Ramos Pereira
Coordinated Dynamics Control of a Free-Floating Dual-arm Space Robot

Author(s): Hongcai Zhao | Congqing Wang | Zhen Guo

Author(s): Amjan Shaik, | Dr.C.R.K.Reddy | Dr.A.Damodaran
Semi-automatic extraction of lineaments from remote sensing data and the derivation of groundwater flow-paths

Author(s): U. Mallast | R. Gloaguen | S. Geyer | T. Rödiger | C. Siebert
The Cartesian Path Planning of Free- Floating Space Robot using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Wenfu Xu | Cheng Li | Bin Liang | Yu Liu | Yangsheng Xu
Automatic Construction of Hypotheses for Linear Objects in Digital and Laser Scanning Images

Author(s): Daniel R. dos Santos | Quintino Dalmolin | Hans-Peter Bähr
SIFT based algorithm for point feature tracking

Author(s): Adrian BURLACU | Cosmin COPOT | Corneliu LAZAR

Author(s): Dr. Vipin Saxena, | Santosh Kumar
Beyond the Object

Author(s): Cristina COCULESCU
Car rollover collision with pit corner

Author(s): J. Viba | G. Liberts | V. Gonca
Orientation of Airborne Laser Scanning Point Clouds with Multi-View, Multi-Scale Image Blocks

Author(s): Petri Rönnholm | Hannu Hyyppä | Juha Hyyppä | Henrik Haggrén
Sampling for stereology in lungs

Author(s): J. R. Nyengaard | H. J. G. Gundersen
Sensors for 3D Imaging: Metric Evaluation and Calibration of a CCD/CMOS Time-of-Flight Camera

Author(s): Filiberto Chiabrando | Roberto Chiabrando | Dario Piatti | Fulvio Rinaudo
Object-oriented Ferromanganese Furnace Model

Author(s): Stein O. Wasbø | Bjarne A. Foss | Ragnar Tronstad
Employing the Hand as an Interface Device

Author(s): Afshin Sepehri | Yaser Yacoob | Larry S. Davis
An Assignment Scheme to Control Multiple Pan/Tilt Cameras for 3D Video

Author(s): Sofiane Yous | Norimichi Ukita | Masatsugu Kidode
Contour Tracking of Targets with Large Aspect Change

Author(s): Behzad Jamasbi | Seyed Ahmad Motamedi | Alireza Behrad
Integrating New Technologies and Existing Tools to Promote Programming Learning

Author(s): Álvaro Santos | Anabela Gomes | António José Mendes
El binomio adaptación-estrés y el bienestar animal como ejes en la educación veterinaria - The binomial stress-adaptation and animal welfare as axes in veterinary education

Author(s): Córdova-Izquierdo, Alejandro | Ruiz Lang, Claudio Gustavo | Xolalpa Campos, Víctor | Cortés Suárez, Saúl | Méndez Mendoza, Maximino | Huerta Crispin, Rubén | Córdova Jiménez, Mary S | Córdova Jiménez, Cristian A. | Guerra Liera, Juan Eulogio | Juárez Mosqueda, Ma. de Lourdes
The prediction of the bankruptcy risk

Author(s): Gheorghe DUMITRESCU
La production laitière périurbaine au sud du Sénégal. Saisonnalité de l'offre et performances économiques

Author(s): Dieye, PN. | Duteurtre, G. | Sissokho, MM. | Sall, M. | Dia, D.
Precision and accuracy of the subjective haptic vertical in the roll plane

Author(s): Schuler Jeanine | Bockisch Christopher | Straumann Dominik | Tarnutzer Alexander
A formulação do objeto a a partir da teorização lacaniana acerca da angústia

Author(s): Daniela null | Ângela Maria Resende Vorcaro
Control of prehension for the transradial prosthesis: Natural-like image recognition system

Author(s): Klisić Đorđe | Kostić Miloš | Došen Strahinja | Popović Dejan B.
Effect of encoding strategies on contextual memory in elders / Efeito de estratégias de codificação sobre a memória contextual em idosos

Author(s): Rosane Papaleo Freire | Joana Bisol Balardin | Fábio Caldana | Cristiane Moro dos Santos | Luciana Cunha Krebs | Valdemarina Bidone de Azevedo e Souza | Nadja Schröder | Elke Bromberg
Dynamic Reducts in Object Oriented Information System using Rough Set Theory

Author(s): N. Ravi Shankar | T. Srikanth | B. Ravi Kumar
Dynamic Balance Control of Multi-arm Free-Floating Space Robots

Author(s): Panfeng Huang | Yangsheng Xu | Bin Liang
Control a 2-Axis Servomechanism by Gesture Recognition using a Generic WebCam

Author(s): J.M.R.S. Tavares | R. Ferreira | F. Freitas
Assessment of Stand Structural Elements on the Basis of Spectral Reflectance Values of an IKONOS Satellite Image

Author(s): Ante Seletković | Renata Pernar | Mario Ančić | Jelena Sučić
Quantification of the magnification and distortion effects of a pediatric flexible video-bronchoscope

Author(s): Masters IB | Eastburn MM | Francis PW | Wootton R | Zimmerman PV | Ware RS | Chang AB
Interkulturalität im DaF-Unterricht

Author(s): Marina Foschi Albert

Author(s): Ayman Habib | Mwafag Ghanma | Edson Mitishita
Dissociating object familiarity from linguistic properties in mirror word reading

Author(s): Proverbio Alice | Wiedemann Friederike | Adorni Roberta | Rossi Valentina | Del Zotto Marzia | Zani Alberto
Magnetic Field Distribution and Signal Decay in Functional MRI in Very High Fields (up to 9.4 T) Using Monte Carlo Diffusion Modeling

Author(s): Bernd Michael Mueller-Bierl | Kamil Uludag | Philippe L. Pereira | Fritz Schick

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Synchrony between orientation-selective neurons is modulated during adaptation-induced plasticity in cat visual cortex

Author(s): Ghisovan Narcis | Nemri Abdellatif | Shumikhina Svetlana | Molotchnikoff Stephane
Image Histogram Segmentation by MultiLevel Thresholding using Hill Climbing Algorithm

Author(s): Sayantan Nath | Dr. Sonali Agarwal | Qasima Abbas Kazmi
Application of Program Slicing for Aspect Mining and Extraction A Discussion

Author(s): Amogh Katti | Vyankatesh Bingi | Vishwanath Chavan
A Case Study in Key Measuring Software

Author(s): Naeem Nematollahi | Richard Khoury
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
Complex Object Shapes Recognition. Automatic Aid Photointerpretation in a Satellite Image

Author(s): Sara Lebid | Mohammed Benyahia | Macho Anani | Kada Mouedden | Youcef Amar
Video Object Tracking and Analysis for Computer Assisted Surgery

Author(s): Nobert Thomas Pallath | Tessamma Thomas
Face Tracker for Head Position Detection

Author(s): Swati P. Kale | Deepak Dandekar
Quality EContent Design using Reusability approach

Author(s): Senthil Kumar.J | Dr S.K.Srivatsa
An Improved Computational Approach for Salient Region Detection

Author(s): Qiaorong Zhang | Haibo Liu | Jing Shen | Guochang Gu | Huimin Xiao
Derivation of groundwater flow-paths based on semi-automatic extraction of lineaments from remote sensing data

Author(s): U. Mallast | R. Gloaguen | S. Geyer | T. Rödiger | C. Siebert
A full featured component object oriented based architecture testing tool

Author(s): Sarita Singh Bhadauria | Abhay Kothari | Lalji Prasad

Author(s): G. Rajendran, | Dr. M. Arthanari | M. Sivakumar
The Use of Design Patterns in a Location-Based GPS Application

Author(s): David Gillibrand | Khawar Hameed
Physical Activity Improves Mental Rotation Performance

Author(s): Petra Jansen | Stefanie Pietsch
An Heuristic Approach To Object Oriented Paradigm

Author(s): Deepali Gupta | Rakesh Kumar
Template Match Object Detection for Inertial Navigation Systems

Author(s): Wiedo Hu | Ahmed Mohamed Gharuib | Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez
Object Based Middleware for Grid Computing

Author(s): S. Muruganantham | P. K. Srivastha | Khanaa
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