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Functional identification of catalytic metal ion binding sites within RNA.

Author(s): Hougland James L | Kravchuk Alexander V | Herschlag Daniel | Piccirilli Joseph A
Prediction of protein-protein interaction types using association rule based classification

Author(s): Park Sung | Reyes José | Gilbert David | Kim Ji | Kim Sangsoo
'Bois noir' phytoplasma induces significant reprogramming of the leaf transcriptome in the field grown grapevine

Author(s): Hren Matjaž | Nikolić Petra | Rotter Ana | Blejec Andrej | Terrier Nancy | Ravnikar Maja | Dermastia Marina | Gruden Kristina
Interactions between flagellar and type III secretion proteins in Chlamydia pneumoniae

Author(s): Stone Chris | Bulir David | Gilchrist Jodi | Toor Raman | Mahony James
Application of a pig ligated intestinal loop model for early Lawsonia intracellularis infection

Author(s): Boutrup Torsten | Schauser Kirsten | Agerholm Jørgen | Jensen Tim
Multi-genome identification and characterization of chlamydiae-specific type III secretion substrates: the Inc proteins

Author(s): Dehoux Pierre | Flores Rhonda | Dauga Catherine | Zhong Guangming | Subtil Agathe
Revealing parasite influence in metabolic pathways in Apicomplexa infected patients

Author(s): Xu Tao | Ping Jie | Yu Yao | Yu Fudong | Yu Yongtao | Hao Pei | Li Xuan
Phylogenomics of the Reproductive Parasite Wolbachia pipientis wMel: A Streamlined Genome Overrun by Mobile Genetic Elements

Author(s): Wu Martin | Sun Ling V | Vamathevan Jessica | Riegler Markus | Deboy Robert | Brownlie Jeremy C | McGraw Elizabeth A | Martin William | Esser Christian | Ahmadinejad Nahal | Wiegand Christian | Madupu Ramana | Beanan Maureen J | Brinkac Lauren M | Daugherty Sean C | Durkin A. Scott | Kolonay James F | Nelson William C | Mohamoud Yasmin | Lee Perris | Berry Kristi | Young M. Brook | Utterback Teresa | Weidman Janice | Nierman William C | Paulsen Ian T | Nelson Karen E | Tettelin Hervé | O'Neill Scott L | Eisen Jonathan A
NOXclass: prediction of protein-protein interaction types

Author(s): Zhu Hongbo | Domingues Francisco | Sommer lngolf | Lengauer Thomas
Purifying selection in mitochondria, free-living and obligate intracellular proteobacteria

Author(s): Mamirova Leila | Popadin Konstantin | Gelfand Mikhail
Nitrogen fixation in eukaryotes – New models for symbiosis

Author(s): Kneip Christoph | Lockhart Peter | Voß Christine | Maier Uwe-G
Genome-wide screen for temperature-regulated genes of the obligate intracellular bacterium, Rickettsia typhi

Author(s): Dreher-Lesnick Sheila | Ceraul Shane | Rahman M Sayeedur | Azad Abdu
Stage-specific gene expression during urediniospore germination in Puccinia striiformis f. sp tritici

Author(s): Zhang Yonghong | Qu Zhipeng | Zheng Wenming | Liu Bo | Wang Xiaojie | Xue Xiaodan | Xu Liangsheng | Huang Lili | Han Qingmei | Zhao Jie | Kang Zhensheng
Accommodation of profound sequence differences at the interfaces of eubacterial RNA polymerase multi-protein assembly

Author(s): Nambudiry Rekha | Lakshmipuram Seshadri Swapna | Narayanaswamy Srinivasan*
Metabolic pathway analysis and molecular docking analysis for identification of putative drug targets in Toxoplasma gondii: novel approach

Author(s): Budhayash Gautam1 | Gurmit Singh | Gulshan Wadhwa | Rohit Farmer | Satendra Singh | Atul Kumar Singh | Prashant Ankur Jain | Pramod Kumar Yadav
Transcriptomic analysis of the interaction between Helianthus annuus and its obligate parasite Plasmopara halstedii shows single nucleotide polymorphisms in CRN sequences

Author(s): As-sadi Falah | Carrere Sébastien | Gascuel Quentin | Hourlier Thibaut | Rengel David | Le Paslier Marie-Christine | Bordat Amandine | Boniface Marie-Claude | Brunel Dominique | Gouzy Jérôme | Godiard Laurence | Vincourt Patrick
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