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Observation of peers in learning to write: Practice and research

Author(s): Rijlaarsdam, Gert | Braaksma, Martine | Couzijn, Michel | Janssen, Tanja | Raedts, Mariet | Van Steendam, Elke | Toorenaar, Anne | Van den Bergh, Huub

Author(s): Eleni Zetou | Nikos Vernadakis | George Tzetzis | Efthimis Kioumourtzoglou
Generalized Selection-Based Auditory Matching and the Emergence of the Listener Component of Naming

Author(s): JeanneMarie Speckman-Collins | Hye-Suk Lee Park | R. Douglas Greer
Motor-Manipulatory Behaviours and Learning: an Observational Study

Author(s): Eleonora Bilotta | Lorella Gabriele | Rocco Servidio | Assunta Tavernise
Examination of Eco-Behavioral Assessments Designed for Understanding Complex Behaviors and Environments

Author(s): Kristie L. Pretti-Frontczak | Sarah M. McGough | Laura Vilardo | Melody Tankersley
The Baby Project

Author(s): Darby L. Harden | Tasha B. Verdeyen

Satisfaction with web-based training in an integrated healthcare delivery network: do age, education, computer skills and attitudes matter?

Author(s): Atreja Ashish | Mehta Neil | Jain Anil | Harris CM | Ishwaran Hemant | Avital Michel | Fishleder Andrew
Physics teaching and visual deficiency: learning activities about the concept of acceleration of gravity

Author(s): Eder Pires de Camargo | Dirceu da Silva | Jomar de Barros Filho
Distance learning course for scientific articles witting. Curso a distancia para la redacción de artículos científicos.

Author(s): Míriam Gutiérrez Escobar | Raúl López Fernández. | Loreta Sánchez Ortiz. | Rachel Yanes Seijo | Rosa María Rodríguez Arencibia | Ana María Molina Gómez
Safety of percutaneous aortic valve insertion. A systematic review

Author(s): Van Brabandt Hans | Neyt Mattias
Predictive factors of adherence to frequency and duration components in home exercise programs for neck and low back pain: an observational study

Author(s): Medina-Mirapeix Francesc | Escolar-Reina Pilar | Gascón-Cánovas Juan | Montilla-Herrador Joaquina | Jimeno-Serrano Francisco | Collins Sean
Distance learning course for scientific articles writting. Curso a distancia para la redacción de artículos científicos.

Author(s): Míriam Gutiérrez Escobar | Raúl López Fernández. | Loreta Sánchez Ortiz. | Rachel Yanes Seijo | Rosa María Rodríguez Arencibia | Ana María Molina Gómez
Pedagogical strategies used in clinical medical education: an observational study

Author(s): Nilsson Maria | Pennbrant Sandra | Pilhammar Ewa | Wenestam Claes-Göran
The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Experience Offers Opportunities Similar to the Undergraduate Research Experience

Author(s): Kelly A. Schalk | J. Randy McGinnis | Jeffrey R. Harring | Amy Hendrickson | Ann C. Smith

Author(s): M. Castañer | C. Torrents | M. Dinušová | M. T. Anguera
Setting up an earthquake forecast experiment in Italy

Author(s): Danijel Schorlemmer | Annemarie Christophersen | Andrea Rovida | Francesco Mele | Massimiliano Stucchi | Warner Marzocchi
Technology Support for Whole Class Engagement

Author(s): Karen Swan | Annette Kratcoski | Mark van 't Hooft | Deborah Campbell | Debra Miller
Self-imitation and Environmental Scaffolding for Robot Teaching

Author(s): Joe Saunders | Chrystopher L. Nehaniv | Kerstin Dautenhahn | Aris Alissandrakis
Postoperative cognitive deficit after cardiopulmonary bypass with preserved cerebral oxygenation: a prospective observational pilot study

Author(s): Fudickar Axel | Peters Sönke | Stapelfeldt Claudia | Serocki Götz | Leiendecker Jörn | Meybohm Patrick | Steinfath Markus | Bein Berthold
Practice and professional development plans (PPDPs): results of a feasibility study

Author(s): Elwyn Glyn | Carlisle Sandra | Hocking Paul | Smail Simon
Electronic learning can facilitate student performance in undergraduate surgical education: a prospective observational study

Author(s): Healy David | Fleming Fergal | Gilhooley David | Felle Patrick | Wood Alfred | Gorey Thomas | McDermott Enda | Fitzpatrick John | O'Higgins Niall | Hill Arnold
Post-head injury syndrome in patients with “favorable” outcome: Some observations

Author(s): V Shibu Pillai | Shobini L Rao | JP Vrunda | KVR Sastry
Clinical and psychoeducational profile of children with specific learning disability and co-occurring attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Author(s): Karande Sunil | Satam Nitin | Kulkarni Madhuri | Sholapurwala Rukhshana | Chitre Anita | Shah Nilesh
What observational learning in writing courses entails: A multiple case study.

Author(s): Braaksma, M.A.H. | Rijlaarsdam, G. | Van den Bergh, H. | Van Hout-Wolters, B.H.A.M.
The Reflection-Response in Enhancing Argumentation Ability.

Author(s): Crasnich, S. | Lumbelli, L.
Effect of a School-Based Intervention Based on Social Cognitive Theory on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Middle School Students in Tehran

Author(s): Farinaz Abbasian | Nasrin Omidvar | Dolly Bondarianzadeh | Bahram Rashidkhani | Elham Shakibazadeh | Baran Hashemi
Staying essential

Author(s): Helen Chatterjee
A Study of Lower-order and Higher-order Questions at Secondary Level

Author(s): Wilayat Bibi khan | Hafiz Mohammad Inamullah
The study of demonstration in motor learning: state of the art, challenges, and perspectives. DOI: 10.5007/1980-0037.2011v13n5p392

Author(s): Go Tani | Alessandro Teodoro Bruzi | Flavio Henrique Bastos | Suzete Chiviacowsky
An assessment of schoolyard renovation strategies to encourage children's physical activity

Author(s): Anthamatten Peter | Brink Lois | Lampe Sarah | Greenwood Emily | Kingston Beverly | Nigg Claudio
Gesture as a Cognitive Support to SolveMathematical Problems

Author(s): Mauro Francaviglia | Rocco Servidio

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