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The mental health system in Brazil: Policies and future challenges

Author(s): Mateus Mario | Mari Jair | Delgado Pedro | Almeida-Filho Naomar | Barrett Thomas | Gerolin Jeronimo | Goihman Samuel | Razzouk Denise | Rodriguez Jorge | Weber Renata | Andreoli Sergio | Saxena Shekhar
Integration of management systems on the chosen example

Author(s): M. Spilka | A. Kania | R. Nowosielski
Maquila Workers’ Health: Basic Issues, What is Known, and a Pilot Study in Nicaragua

Author(s): Lylliam Perpetuo López | Luis Blanco R. | Aurora Aragón B. | Timo Partanen
Resumption of driving following acquired brain injury amongst Bruneians.

Author(s): Hazel Sharmila ABRAHAM | Siti Nur Ashikin PENGIRAN TENGAH
Analysis of Main Social Indicators Developments Regarding Labour Market in 2007-2009 in Romania

Author(s): Florin Marian BUHOCIU | Raducan OPREA | Valentin Marian ANTOHI
Nutritional care of Danish medical inpatients: Effect on dietary intake and the occupational groups' perspectives of intervention

Author(s): Lassen Karin | Kruse Filip | Bjerrum Merete | Jensen Lillian | Hermansen Kjeld
Occupational Therapy in Romania – the history of a new beginning

Author(s): Hanneke van BRUGGEN | Gabriela RAVEICA
Child safety in parks\' playgrounds (a case study in Tehran’s sub-district parks)

Author(s): H. S.Naeini | H.R. Jafari | E. Salehi | A.H. Mirlouhi Falavarjani
Planificación y desarrollo de un mapa de habilidades TIC en Orientación Planning and Development of an ICT-skills Map in Guidance

Author(s): Luis Martín Sobrado Fernández | María Cristina Ceinos Sanz | Elena Fernández Rey
Occupational Wages and Globalization

Author(s): William R. DiPietro

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