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Breeding of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.) in Fenced Controlled Condition of Šeprešhat

Author(s): Marijan Grubešić | Branko Urošević | Zlatan Mihaljević | Kristijan Tomljanović
Vibration-Based Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Pump of Tractor Steering System by Using Energy Technique

Author(s): Kaveh Mollazade | Hojat Ahmadi | Mahmoud Omid | Reza Alimardani
Investigation of respirable particulate matter pollutants on air-breathing zone workers in the Beam Rolling Mills Factory (Iran National Steel Industrial Group), Ahvaz, Iran

Author(s): Rafiei Masoud | Gadgil Alaka | Ghole Vikram | Jaafarzadeh Neemat | Gore Sharad | Aberomand Mohammad | Shabab Mitra
Fault classification for rolling element bearing in electric machines

Author(s): Wadhwani Sulochana | Gupta S | Kumar Vinod
Use of Dielectric Spectroscopy to Estimate the Condition of Cellulose-Based Insulation

Author(s): L.V. Badicu | P.V. Notingher | L.M. Dumitran | G. Tanasescu | D. Popa
Systematic review of the oxy-hemodynamic effects of bath in hospitalized critical adults

Author(s): Dalmo Valério Machado de Lima | Rubia Aparecida Lacerda
Wireless Sensor Network for Wearable Physiological Monitoring

Author(s): P. S. Pandian | K. P. Safeer | Pragati Gupta | D. T. Shakunthala | B. S. Sundersheshu | V. C. Padaki
Mass-conserving tracer transport modelling on a reduced latitude-longitude grid

Author(s): D. Belikov | S. Maksyutov | T. Miyasaka | T. Saeki | R. Zhuravlev | B. Kiryushov
The Eye Diagram Analysis of Restoration Scheme in FTTH-PON

Author(s): M.S. Ab-Rahman | L. Al-Hakim Azizan | S.A.C. Aziz | K. Jumari
Mass-conserving tracer transport modelling on a reduced latitude-longitude grid with NIES-TM

Author(s): D. Belikov | S. Maksyutov | T. Miyasaka | T. Saeki | R. Zhuravlev | B. Kiryushov
Influencia de los parámetros de proceso, en el comportamiento del parámetro vibración absoluta en turbinas de vapor.

Author(s): F. de la Torre Silva | J. C. Arce Miranda | R. Cintado Hidalgo | E. Nieves Quintana | D. Sierra Luque
Gastroesophageal reflux-associated chronic cough in an adolescent and the diagnostic implications: a case report

Author(s): Jinnai Makiko | Niimi Akio | Takemura Masaya | Matsumoto Hisako | Konda Yoshitaka | Mishima Michiaki

Author(s): Lav Bavčević | Tomislav Vodopija | Mario Lovrinov
Evaluation of the Performance of Infrared Thermography for On-Line Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines

Author(s): Vincent Leemans | Marie-France Destain | Bovic Kilundu | Pierre Dehombreux
Low-Cost Oil Quality Sensor Based on Changes in Complex Permittivity

Author(s): Angel Torres Pérez | Mark Hadfield
Design parameter based method of partial discharge detection and location in power transformers

Author(s): Kumar Santosh Annadurai | Gupta Prakash Ram | Venkatasami Athikkan | Udayakumar Kodhandaraman
Offering a Proper Framework to InvestigateWater Quality of the Atrak River

Author(s): Noori R. | Jafari F. | Forman Asgharzadeh D. | Akbarzadeh A.
Insulation State On-line Monitoring and Running Management of Large Generator

Author(s): Qiudong Sun | Zhengxin Zhou | Weiqin Guo
A Comparative Study of Related Technologies of Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

Author(s): Indraneel Mukhopadhyay | Mohuya Chakraborty | Satyajit Chakrabarti

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