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Methodological issues in using prescription and other databases in pharmacoepidemiology

Author(s): Henrik Toft Sørensen | Søren Paaske Johnsen | Bente Nørgård
Costs of early detection systems for epidemic malaria in highland areas of Kenya and Uganda

Author(s): Mueller Dirk | Abeku Tarekegn | Okia Michael | Rapuoda Beth | Cox Jonathan
Tobacco farming in rural Vietnam: questionable economic gain but evident health risks

Author(s): Van Minh Hoang | Giang Kim | Bich Nguyen | Huong Nguyen
E-Learning Readiness in Organisations – Case Healthcare

Author(s): Jeanne Schreurs | Anouk Gelan | George Nicola Sammour
Virtual water highway: water use efficiency in global food trade

Author(s): H. Yang | L. Wang | K. C. Abbaspour | A. J. B. Zehnder
The value of water for the landscape and the rural environment

Author(s): Vittori Gallerani | Davide Viaggi
The value of water for the landscape and the rural environment

Author(s): Vittori Gallerani | Davide Viaggi
Breeding of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus L.) in Fenced Controlled Condition of Šeprešhat

Author(s): Marijan Grubešić | Branko Urošević | Zlatan Mihaljević | Kristijan Tomljanović
On the Ambiguity of Commercial Open Source

Author(s): Ioan Despi | Lucian Luca
Economic effectiveness of activities of vegetable growers’ associations in Serbia

Author(s): Claudiu CICEA | Jonel SUBIÆ | Sanjin IVANOVIÆ
Development of an automatic multiple launcher for expendable probes

Author(s): G. Zappalà | F. Reseghetti | G. M. R. Manzella
Design of an automatic multiple launcher for expendable probes

Author(s): G. Zappalà | F. Reseghetti | G. M. R. Manzella
Exploitative Microfinance Interest Rates

Author(s): Subrata Kumar Mitra

Author(s): Murat Yercan | Sait Engindeniz
A new fuzzy MCDA framework for make-or-buy decisions: A case study of aerospace industry

Author(s): Mohsen Cheshmberah | Ahmad Makui | Seyed Mohammad Seyedhoseini | Ali Najmi
A cost effectiveness study of integrated care in health services delivery: a diabetes program in Australia

Author(s): McRae Ian | Butler James | Sibthorpe Beverly | Ruscoe Warwick | Snow Jill | Rubiano Dhigna | Gardner Karen
Community-based DOTS and family member DOTS for TB control in Nepal: costs and cost-effectiveness

Author(s): Mirzoev Tolib | Baral Sushil | Karki Deepak | Green Andrew | Newell James

Author(s): Magdalena Gronowska | Satish Joshi | Heather L. MacLean
Evidence that pairing with genetically similar mates is maladaptive in a monogamous bird

Author(s): Mulard Hervé | Danchin Etienne | Talbot Sandra | Ramey Andrew | Hatch Scott | White Joël | Helfenstein Fabrice | Wagner Richard
SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) 5: Using research evidence to frame options to address a problem

Author(s): Lavis John | Wilson Michael | Oxman Andrew | Grimshaw Jeremy | Lewin Simon | Fretheim Atle
An advanced machining simulation environment employing workpiece structural analysis

Author(s): S. Ratchev | S. Liu | W. Huang | A.A. Becker
Medical student engagement and leadership within a new learning community

Author(s): Bicket Mark | Misra Satish | Wright Scott | Shochet Robert
Support and Assessment for Fall Emergency Referrals (SAFER 1) trial protocol. Computerised on-scene decision support for emergency ambulance staff to assess and plan care for older people who have fallen: evaluation of costs and benefits using a pragmatic cluster randomised trial

Author(s): Snooks Helen | Cheung Wai-Yee | Close Jacqueline | Dale Jeremy | Gaze Sarah | Humphreys Ioan | Lyons Ronan | Mason Suzanne | Merali Yasmin | Peconi Julie | Phillips Ceri | Phillips Judith | Roberts Stephen | Russell Ian | Sánchez Antonio | Wani Mushtaq | Wells Bridget | Whitfield Richard

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Ben M. Chen | Wen Chen | Yongjun Chen
Design and Implementation of a Virtual Laboratory for Machine Dynamics

Author(s): EL-Sayed S. Aziz | Sven K. Esche | Constantin Chassapis

Author(s): BONACIM, Carlos Alberto Grespan | CUNHA, Júlio Araújo Carneiro da | GONÇALVES, Eduardo Henrique
High cell density cultivation and recombinant protein production with Escherichia coli in a rocking-motion-type bioreactor

Author(s): Glazyrina Julia | Materne Eva-Maria | Dreher Thomas | Storm Dirk | Junne Stefan | Adams Thorsten | Greller Gerhard | Neubauer Peter
Development of admixture mapping panels for African Americans from commercial high-density SNP arrays

Author(s): Chen Guanjie | Shriner Daniel | Zhou Jie | Doumatey Ayo | Huang Hanxia | Gerry Norman | Herbert Alan | Christman Michael | Chen Yuanxiu | Dunston Georgia | Faruque Mezbah | Rotimi Charles | Adeyemo Adebowale
On Farm Assessment of High Fibre Dietary Sources for Grower and Finisher Ostriches

Author(s): P.C. Glatz | Y.J. Ru | M.Y. Hastings | D. Black | B. Rayner
Clinical Microbiology in Pharmacy Education: A Practice-based Approach

Author(s): Olla Wasfi | Mary Power | Roderick A. Slavcev
Using Tracing Method for Calculation and Allocation of Reactive Power Cost

Author(s): Seyed Mohammad Hossein Nabavi | Somayeh Hajforoosh | Sajad Hajforosh | Nazanin Alsadat Hosseinipoor
The Economics of Autism in Egypt

Author(s): Roger Lee Mendoza
Assessing access barriers to tuberculosis care with the Tool to Estimate Patients' Costs: pilot results from two districts in Kenya

Author(s): Mauch Verena | Woods Naomi | Kirubi Beatrice | Kipruto Hillary | Sitienei Joseph | Klinkenberg Eveline
Costs of receipt and donation of ejaculates in a simultaneous hermaphrodite

Author(s): Hoffer Jeroen | Ellers Jacintha | Koene Joris
iGTP: A software package for large-scale gene tree parsimony analysis

Author(s): Chaudhary Ruchi | Bansal Mukul | Wehe André | Fernández-Baca David | Eulenstein Oliver
Sharing best practices through online communities of practice: a case study

Author(s): Thomas Annamma | Fried Grace | Johnson Peter | Stilwell Barbara
The use of economic evaluation in CAM: an introductory framework

Author(s): Ford Emily | Solomon Daniela | Adams Jon | Graves Nicholas
Probabilistic approach to earthquake prediction.

Author(s): R. Console | D. Pantosti | G. D'Addezio
Internal and external green-blue agricultural water footprints of nations, and related water and land savings through trade

Author(s): M. Fader | D. Gerten | M. Thammer | J. Heinke | H. Lotze-Campen | W. Lucht | W. Cramer
Food Relocalization for Environmental Sustainability in Cumbria

Author(s): Les Levidow | Katerina Psarikidou
A public health response to the methamphetamine epidemic: the implementation of contingency management to treat methamphetamine dependence

Author(s): Shoptaw Steven | Klausner Jeffrey | Reback Cathy | Tierney Stephen | Stansell John | Hare C Bradley | Gibson Steven | Siever Michael | King William | Kao Uyen | Dang Jeffrey
Totally extraperitoneal repair of inguinal hernia: A case for bilateral repair

Author(s): Chowbey Pradeep | Pithawala Murtaza | Khullar Rajesh | Sharma Anil | Soni Vandana | Baijal Manish
Smoking, cessation and expenditure in low income Chinese: cross sectional survey

Author(s): Hesketh Therese | Lu Li | Jun Ye | Mei Wang

Author(s): José Luiz Pereira de Rezende | Antônio Donizette de Oliveira | Luiz Moreira Coelho Júnior
The Situation of the Sugar Beet Production in Hungary Before the EU Accession

Author(s): Zsuzsanna Slezák | Nikoletta Fáró | György Széles
Human Resource Training Evaluation

Author(s): Vilmantė Kumpikaitė
Engineering, agronomical and economical evaluation of the non-tillage farming in Venezuela

Author(s): Américo José HOSSNE GARCÍA | J. PÁEZ | V. GARCÍA | M. ESTRADA M.
Cost-effectiveness of a workplace intervention for sick-listed employees with common mental disorders: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): van Oostrom Sandra | Anema Johannes | Terluin Berend | de Vet Henrica | Knol Dirk | van Mechelen Willem
The Malawi National Tuberculosis Programme: an equity analysis

Author(s): Simwaka Bertha | Bello George | Banda Hastings | Chimzizi Rhehab | Squire Bertel | Theobald Sally
E-Commerce Barriers in South China: The Broader Perspective

Author(s): Laurie D. Jones | David Tucker | Henry Chan
Neighbourhood perceptions of physical activity: a qualitative study

Author(s): Burgoyne Louise | Woods Catherine | Coleman Rosarie | Perry Ivan
Experiences of using mobile technologies and virtual fieldtrips in Physical Geography: implications for hydrology education

Author(s): D. G. Kingston | W. J. Eastwood | P. I. Jones | R. Johnson | S. Marshall | D. M. Hannah
Decisões de Investimento em Ativos de Longo Prazo nas Empresas Brasileiras: Qual a Aderência ao Modelo Teórico?

Author(s): Fábio Frezatti | Diógenes de Souza Bido | Ana Paula Capuano da Cruz | Marcelo Francini Girão Barroso | Maria José de Camargo Machado
Biofuel production in Tanzania: Local communities’ perceptions

Author(s): R. S. Shemdoe | I. R. Mwanyoka
QALY - Measure of Cost-Benefit Analysis of Health Interventions

Author(s): Aleksandar Višnjić | Vladica Veličković | Nataša Šelmić Milosavljević
A General Input Distance Function Based on Opportunity Costs

Author(s): Juan Aparicio | Jesus T. Pastor
How should INGOs allocate resources?

Author(s): Scott Wisor
Viabilidade econômica da substituição da silagem de sorgo por cana-de-açúcar ou bagaço de cana amonizado com ureia no confinamento de bovinos Economic viability of substitution of sorghum silage by sugarcane or sugarcane bagasse ammoniated with urea for cattle in feedlot

Author(s): Ricardo Carvalho de Barros | Vicente Ribeiro Rocha Júnior | André Santos de Souza | Márcia de Oliveira Franco | Tadeu Silva de Oliveira | Gustavo de Almeida Mendes | Daniel Ananias de Assis Pires | Eleuza Clarete Junqueira de Sales | Luciana Albuquerque Caldeira
Process Integration and Opportunities for Heat Pumps in Industrial Processes

Author(s): Helen Becker | François Maréchal | Aurélie Vuillermoz
On Economic Evaluation of Health Care

Author(s): Slobodan Cvetanović
The economic benefits of reducing physical inactivity: an Australian example

Author(s): Cadilhac Dominique | Cumming Toby | Sheppard Lauren | Pearce Dora | Carter Rob | Magnus Anne
The growing caseload of chronic life-long conditions calls for a move towards full self-management in low-income countries

Author(s): van Olmen Josefien | Ku Grace | Bermejo Raoul | Kegels Guy | Hermann Katharina | Van Damme Wim
Original Sins of Insurance systems: The case of the Greek Occupational Risk Insurance Scheme, IKA-ETAM

Author(s): Antonis Targoutzidis | Theoni Koukoulaki | Dimitra Pinotsi | Christos Skiadas | Mariori Pappa

Author(s): Simona Elena DRAGOMIRESCU | Daniela Cristina SOLOMON
Rogun Dam—Path to Energy Independence or Security Threat?

Author(s): Bahtiyor R. Eshchanov | Mona Grinwis Plaat Stultjes | Sanaatbek K. Salaev | Ruzumboy A. Eshchanov
Empirical Analysis of Kyrgyz Trade Patterns

Author(s): Elvira KURMANALIEVA
Disseminating quality improvement: study protocol for a large cluster-randomized trial

Author(s): Quanbeck Andrew | Gustafson David | Ford James | Pulvermacher Alice | French Michael | McConnell K | McCarty Dennis
Community perceptions of malaria and vaccines in the South Coast and Busia regions of Kenya

Author(s): Ojakaa David | Ofware Peter | Machira Yvonne | Yamo Emmanuel | Collymore Yvette | Ba-Nguz Antoinette | Vansadia Preeti | Bingham Allison
Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence

Author(s): Costanza Mary | Luckmann Roger | White Mary | Rosal Milagros | Cranos Caroline | Reed George | Clark Robin | Sama Susan | Yood Robert
Efficacy and outcome of expanded newborn screening for metabolic diseases - Report of 10 years from South-West Germany *

Author(s): Lindner Martin | Gramer Gwendolyn | Haege Gisela | Fang-Hoffmann Junmin | Schwab Karl | Tacke Uta | Trefz Friedrich | Mengel Eugen | Wendel Udo | Leichsenring Michael | Burgard Peter | Hoffmann Georg
The societal benefits of reducing six behavioural risk factors: an economic modelling study from Australia

Author(s): Cadilhac Dominique | Magnus Anne | Sheppard Lauren | Cumming Toby | Pearce Dora | Carter Rob
Views on China’s Personal Derivatives

Author(s): Wen-jing WU | Yan WU
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