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Application of cytology and molecular biology in diagnosing premalignant or malignant oral lesions

Author(s): Mehrotra Ravi | Gupta Anurag | Singh Mamta | Ibrahim Rahela
Evaluation of the Serum Levels of Retinol in Patients Affected by Leukoplakia and Oral Lichen Planus: A Statistical Analysis

Author(s): G.A. Scardina | A. Ruggieri | F. Carini | A. Cacioppo | V. Valenza | P. Messina
The prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in alcohol misusers in Chennai, south India

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Candida and calcofluor white: Study in precancer and cancer

Author(s): Kumar Rashmi | Ganvir S | Hazarey V
Effect of Dietary and Topical Celecoxib on Expression of bcl-2, bax, c-erb-B2 and Ki67 in Carcinogen-Induced Tongue Carcinoma in Rat

Author(s): M. Sohrabi | F.A. Kalati | S. Vatansever | M.M. Abbasi | L. Roshangar | A.A. Khaki | I.M. Tuglu | I. Aydemir | Y. Dustar | Y. Javadzadeh | J. Soleimani Rad
Estimation of serum malondialdehyde in oral cancer and precancer and its association with healthy individuals, gender, alcohol, and tobacco abuse

Author(s): Chole Revant | Patil Ranjitkumar | Basak Anjan | Palandurkar Kamlesh | Bhowate Rahul
Dental and oral health status in drug abusers in Chennai, India: A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Rooban T | Rao Anita | Joshua Elizabeth | Ranganathan K
Perspectives of San Juan healthcare practitioners on the detection deficit in oral premalignant and early cancers in Puerto Rico: a qualitative research study

Author(s): Morse Douglas | Vélez Vega Carmen | Psoter Walter | Vélez Himilce | Buxó Carmen | Baek Linda | Elias Augusto | Ayendez Melba

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