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Is There A Relationship Between the Functional Reach Test and Flexibility?

Author(s): Masanobu Uchiyama | Shinichi Demura | Sohee Shin
The Clinical Significance of Digital Examination-Indicated Cerclage in Women with a Dilated Cervix at 14 0/7 - 29 6/7 Weeks

Author(s): Hyun Sun Ko, Yun Seong Jo, Ki Cheol Kil, Ha Kyun Chang, Yong-Gyu Park, In Yang Park, Guisera Lee, Sajin Kim, Jong Chul Shin
The Study of Mediating Effects of Self-Focused Attention and Social Self-Efficacy on Links between Social Anxiety and Judgment Biases

Author(s): Mohammad Khayyer | Soghra Ostovar | Morteza Latifian | Mohammad Reza Taghavi | Siamak Samani
Twins abused by their father

Author(s): Celal | Fatma | Resmiye | Cengiz | Derya | Yutaka
Quality of life and psychological outcome of donors after living donor liver transplantation

Author(s): Shu-Guang Jin | Bo Xiang | Lu-Nan Yan | Zhe-Yu Chen | Jia-Ying Yang | Ming-Qing Xu | Wen-Tao Wang
Assessment of anhedonia in psychological trauma: psychometric and neuroimaging perspectives

Author(s): Paul A. Frewen | David J. A. Dozois | Ruth A. Lanius
Quality indicators in intensive care medicine: why? Use or burden for the intensivist

Author(s): Braun, Jan-Peter | Mende, Hendrik | Bause, Hanswerner | Bloos, Frank | Geldner, Götz | Kastrup, Marc | Kuhlen, Ralf | Markewitz, Andreas | Martin, Jörg | Quintel, Michael | Steinmeier-Bauer, Klaus | Waydhas, Christian | Spies, Claudia | NeQuI (quality network in intensive care medicine)
Sprawozdanie z "Euroecho 8". Ateny, 1-4.12.2004 r.

Author(s): Michał Ciesielczyk | Łukasz Chrzanowski
Informative value of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Author(s): Brettschneider, Christian | Lühmann, Dagmar | Raspe, Heiner
Does high-dose metformin cause lactic acidosis in type 2 diabetic patients after CABG surgery? A double blind randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Afshin Gholipour | Mohammad Reza Habibi | Hadi Darvishi Khezri | Mohsen Aarabi | Mohammad Khademloo | Zahra Jalali | Rahman Ghafari
Effect of Eccentric Isotonic Quadriceps Muscle Exercises on Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: An Exploratory Pilot Study

Author(s): Charu Eapen | Chetan D. Nayak | Chundanveetil Pazhyaottyil Zulfeequer
Post-cataract outcomes in patients with noninfectious posterior uveitis treated with the fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant

Author(s): Sheppard Jr JD | Nguyen QD | Usner DW | Comstock TL; Fluocinolone Acetonide Uveitis Study Group
Prescribing restrictions – a necessary strategy among some European countries to enhance future prescribing efficiency?

Author(s): Brian Godman | Rickard Malmström | Marion Bennie | Solveig Sakshaug | Thomas Burkhardt | Stephen Campbell | Kristina Garuoliene | Ulrich Schwabe | Luka Vončina | Lars L Gustafsson
Investigating patient expectations and treatment outcome in a chronic low back pain population

Author(s): Sanderson KB | Roditi D | George SZ | Atchison JW | Banou E | Robinson ME
Clinical outcome of acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (APSGN) in Iranian children

Author(s): N Ataei | A Tajeddini | M Honarmand | A Madani | ST Esfahani | A Nikkhah | P Mohseni | M Soltani
The Effect of Kangaroo Care on Physiologic Responses to Pain of an Intramuscular Injection in Neonates

Author(s): Firoozeh Sajedi; Zahra Kashaninia; Mehdi Rahgozar; Fariba Asadi Noghabi
Clinical Short Term Outcome of Guillain-Barré Syndrome in Children

Author(s): Mahmoud Reza Ashrafi |  Setareh Sagheb | Mahmood Mohammadi |  Anoushiravan Vakili |  Abolfazl Nasirian1 |  Gholam Reza Zamani
Inpatients Hospital Care for Older People

Author(s): R Fadayevatan | SG Parker | T Warnes
CALAK nueva alternativa para corrección de miopía severa

Author(s): Margarita Rodríguez | Jesús Vidaurri-Leal | Jonathan Tálamo | Sandra Gómez-Ozz | Pedro García | John Gossey
Extended scope physiotherapy roles for orthopedic outpatients: an update systematic review of the literature

Author(s): Stanhope J | Grimmer-Somers K | Milanese S | Kumar S | Morris J
A study on pulmonary manifestations in patients with malaria from northwestern India (Bikaner)

Author(s): K.C. Nayak, Mohini, S. Kumar, R.S. Tanwar, V. Kulkarni, A. Gupta, P. Sharma, P. Sirohi & P. Ratan
Awareness on Breast Cancer Among the Women of Reproductive Age

Author(s): Shahanaz Chowdhury | Shaila Sultana

Author(s): Gazzola Patrizia | Meo Colombo Carlotta
Comparison of moderate and advanced glaucoma patients in Ghana

Author(s): Francis AW | Gyasi ME | Deng L | Gong H
Effect of Intradialytic Aerobic Exercise on Serum Electrolytes Levels in Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Atieh Makhlough | Ehteramosadat Ilali | Raheleh Mohseni | Soheila Shahmohammadi
Evaluation Regarding the Efficacy and Safety of a Probiotic Mixture in Healthy Volunteers with Evacuation Disorders

Author(s): Guillermo Tellez | Diana Lizbeth Gomez-Galicia | Jorge Reyes-Esparza | Billy Hargis | Adriana Sandoval-Ocampo | Lourdes Rodríguez-Fragoso | Carlos A. Arjona-Canul | Martha Corbalá-Nava
Decreased bone mineral density in young male veterans on Pioglitazone

Author(s): Runhua Shi | Jared Davis | Subhashini Yaturu
Methylmalonic acid as an indicator of vitamin B12 deficiency in patients on metformin

Author(s): Michael Goldman | Neil Cohen | Phillip Sohn | Norbert Shtaynberg | Manjinder Singh
Decreased bone mineral density in young male veterans on Pioglitazone

Author(s): Runhua Shi | Jared Davis | Subhashini Yaturu
Methylmalonic acid as an indicator of vitamin B12 deficiency in patients on metformin

Author(s): Michael Goldman | Neil Cohen | Phillip Sohn | Norbert Shtaynberg | Manjinder Singh
The remaining challenges of pneumococcal disease in adults

Author(s): E. Ludwig | P. Bonanni | G. Rohde | A. Sayiner | A. Torres
Effectiveness of a Faculty Development Program in Fostering Interprofessional Education Competencies

Author(s): Debbie Kwan | Keegan Barker | Denyse Richardson | Susan Wagner | Zubin Austin
Framework for assessing quality of care for inflammatory bowel disease in Sweden

Author(s): Martin Rejler | Jörgen Tholstrup | Mattias Elg | Anna Spångéus | Boel Andersson Gäre

Author(s): Katalin Barna

Author(s): ABDUL RAZZAQ WARRAICH | Zaheer Iqbal | RAFFAD | Mohammad Saeed Khokhar, | CHAUDHRY MUHAMMAD SIDDIQ,


Lenke and King classification systems for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: interobserver agreement and postoperative results

Author(s): Hosseinpour-Feizi H | Soleimanpour J | Ganjpour Sales J | Arzroumchilar A
A Time for Hard Decisions

Author(s): UP School of Economics
Randomized controlled trial for an effect of catechin-enriched green tea consumption on adiponectin and cardiovascular disease risk factors

Author(s): Toshimasa Sone | Shinichi Kuriyama | Naoki Nakaya | Atsushi Hozawa | Taichi Shimazu | Kozue Nomura | Shouzo Rikimaru | Ichiro Tsuji
Outcome of pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD patients with severely impaired health status

Author(s): van Ranst D | Otten H | Meijer JW | van 't Hul AJ
Recent Trends in the Management of Pulmonary Hypertension

Author(s): Manuru Mukhyaprana Prabhu | Hasan Sreenivas Murthy Kiran | Subish Palaian | Sudha Vidyasagar
Psychological health and expectations of patients seeking cosmetic rhinoplasty

Author(s): Azizeh Afkham-Ebrahimi | Mansour Salehi | MirFarhad Ghalebandi | Alireza Kafian-Tafty
Outcome prediction of different groups of patients using a modified scoring system

Author(s): Abbas Rabbani | Majid Moini | Morteza Taghavi | Hossein Baradaran
Randomized clinical trial of sedation with oral midazolam for voiding cystourethrography in Children

Author(s): Hadi Sorkhi | Mohammad Kazem Bakhshandeh Bali | Haji Ghorbann Nooreddini
Effectiveness of the home-based alcohol prevention program "In control: No alcohol!": study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Mares Suzanne | van der Vorst Haske | Lichtwarck-Aschoff Anna | Schulten Ingrid | Verdurmen Jacqueline | Otten Roy | Engels Rutger
Neighborhood built environment and physical activity of Japanese older adults: results from the Aichi Gerontological Evaluation Study (AGES)

Author(s): Hanibuchi Tomoya | Kawachi Ichiro | Nakaya Tomoki | Hirai Hiroshi | Kondo Katsunori
A biofeedback cycling training to improve locomotion: a case series study based on gait pattern classification of 153 chronic stroke patients

Author(s): Ferrante Simona | Ambrosini Emilia | Ravelli Paola | Guanziroli Eleonora | Molteni Franco | Ferrigno Giancarlo | Pedrocchi Alessandra
Cognition, behaviour and academic skills after cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children surviving severe malaria: a randomised trial

Author(s): Bangirana Paul | Allebeck Peter | Boivin Michael | John Chandy | Page Connie | Ehnvall Anna | Musisi Seggane
Pre-validation methods for developing a patient reported outcome instrument

Author(s): Prior Maria | Hamzah Jemaima | Francis Jillian | Ramsay Craig | Castillo Mayret | Campbell Susan | Azuara-Blanco Augusto | Burr Jennifer
Group medical visits in the follow-up of women with a BRCA mutation: design of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Visser Annemiek | Prins Judith | Hoogerbrugge Nicoline | van Laarhoven Hanneke
Bone Health Should Be an Important Concern in the Care of Patients Affected by 21 Hydroxylase Deficiency

Author(s): Bachelot Anne | Chakhtoura Zeina | Samara-Boustani Dinane | Dulon Jérome | Touraine Philippe | Polak Michel
Long-term follow-up and treatment of congenital alveolar proteinosis

Author(s): Griese Matthias | Ripper Jan | Sibbersen Anke | Lohse Pia | Lohse Peter | Brasch Frank | Schams Andrea | Pamir Asli | Schaub Bianca | Muensterer Oliver | Schön Carola | Glöckner-Pagel Judith | Nicolai Thomas | Reiter Karl | Hector Andreas
An evaluation of the completeness of safety reporting in reports of complementary and alternative medicine trials

Author(s): Turner Lucy-Ann | Singh Kavita | Garritty Chantelle | Tsertsvadze Alexander | Manheimer Eric | Wieland L Susan | Galipeau James | Moher David
Severe anaemia is associated with a higher risk for preeclampsia and poor perinatal outcomes in Kassala hospital, eastern Sudan

Author(s): Ali AbdelAziem | Rayis Duria | Abdallah Tajeldin | Elbashir Mustafa | Adam Ishag
Computerized clinical decision support systems for drug prescribing and management: A decision-maker-researcher partnership systematic review

Author(s): Hemens Brian | Holbrook Anne | Tonkin Marita | Mackay Jean | Weise-Kelly Lorraine | Navarro Tamara | Wilczynski Nancy | Brian Haynes R
A randomised trial and economic evaluation of the effect of response mode on response rate, response bias, and item non-response in a survey of doctors

Author(s): Scott Anthony | Jeon Sung-Hee | Joyce Catherine | Humphreys John | Kalb Guyonne | Witt Julia | Leahy Anne
Hands4U: A multifaceted strategy to implement guideline-based recommendations to prevent hand eczema in health care workers: design of a randomised controlled trial and (cost) effectiveness evaluation

Author(s): van der Meer Esther | Boot Cécile | Jungbauer Frank | van der Klink Jac | Rustemeyer Thomas | Coenraads Pieter | van der Gulden Joost | Anema Johannes
Effect of lifestyle intervention for people with diabetes or prediabetes in real-world primary care: propensity score analysis

Author(s): Linmans Joris | Spigt Mark | Deneer Linda | Lucas Annelies | de Bakker Marlies | Gidding Luc | Linssen Rik | Knottnerus J André
Effect of selenium supplementation on CD4 T-cell recovery, viral suppression, morbidity and quality of life of HIV-infected patients in Rwanda: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Kamwesiga Julius | Mutabazi Vincent | Kayumba Josephine | Tayari Jean-Claude | Smyth Richard | Fay Heather | Umurerwa Alice | Baziruwiha Marcel | Ntizimira Christian | Murebwayire Antoinette | Haguma Jean | Nyiransabimana Julienne | Habarurema Donatille | Mukarukundo Veneranda | Nzabandora Jean | Nzamwita Pascal | Mukazayire Ernestine | Mills Edward | Seely Dugald | McCready Douglas | Warren Don
Acute medical unit comprehensive geriatric assessment intervention study (AMIGOS)

Author(s): Edmans Judi | Conroy Simon | Harwood Rowan | Lewis Sarah | Elliott Rachel | Logan Philippa | Bradshaw Lucy | Franklin Matthew | Gladman John
Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of Swedish snus for smoking reduction and cessation

Author(s): Joksić Gordana | Spasojević-Tišma Vera | Antić Ruza | Nilsson Robert | Rutqvist Lars
Assessing the impact of a food supplement on the nutritional status and body composition of HIV-infected Zambian women on ARVs

Author(s): Zulu Rodah | Byrne Nuala | Munthali Grace | Chipeta James | Handema Ray | Musonda Mofu | Hills Andrew
An investigation of the apparent breast cancer epidemic in France: screening and incidence trends in birth cohorts

Author(s): Junod Bernard | Zahl Per-Henrik | Kaplan Robert | Olsen Jørn | Greenland Sander
The effect of a periodontal intervention on cardiovascular risk markers in Indigenous Australians with periodontal disease: the PerioCardio study

Author(s): Skilton Michael | Maple-Brown Louise | Kapellas Kostas | Celermajer David | Bartold Mark | Brown Alex | O'Dea Kerin | Slade Gary | Jamieson Lisa
Incidence and outcome of first syncope in primary care: A retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Vanbrabant Peter | Gillet Jean | Buntinx Frank | Bartholomeeusen Stefaan | Aertgeerts Bert
Protocol for a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial of lithium carbonate in patients with amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (LiCALS) [Eudract number: 2008-006891-31]

Author(s): Al-Chalabi Ammar | Shaw Pamela | Young Carolyn | Morrison Karen | Murphy Caroline | Thornhill Marie | Kelly Joanna | Steen I Nicholas | Leigh P Nigel
A multi-centre, randomised controlled trial of cognitive therapy to prevent harmful compliance with command hallucinations

Author(s): Birchwood Max | Peters Emmanuelle | Tarrier Nicholas | Dunn Graham | Lewis Shon | Wykes Til | Davies Linda | Lester Helen | Michail Maria
Time to focus on outcome assessment tools for childhood vasculitis

Author(s): Demirkaya Erkan | Luqmani Raashid | Ayaz Nuray | Karaoglu Abdulbaki | Ozen Seza
Meropenem vs standard of care for treatment of late onset sepsis in children of less than 90 days of age: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Lutsar Irja | Trafojer Ursula | Heath Paul | Metsvaht Tuuli | Standing Joseph | Esposito Susanna | de Cabre Vincent | Oeser Clarissa | Aboulker Jean-Pierre
Extent and patterns of community collaboration in local health departments: An exploratory survey

Author(s): Studnicki James | Platonova Elena | Eiechelberger Chris | Fisher John
Effectiveness of proactive telephone counselling for smoking cessation in parents: Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Schuck Kathrin | Otten Roy | Kleinjan Marloes | Bricker Jonathan | Engels Rutger
Multi-professional clinical medication reviews in care homes for the elderly: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial with cost effectiveness analysis

Author(s): Desborough James | Houghton Julie | Wood John | Wright David | Holland Richard | Sach Tracey | Ashwell Sue | Shaw Val
Combined STN/SNr-DBS for the treatment of refractory gait disturbances in Parkinson's disease: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Weiss Daniel | Wächter Tobias | Meisner Christoph | Fritz Melanie | Gharabaghi Alireza | Plewnia Christian | Breit Sorin | Krüger Rejko
Design of the RINSE Trial: The Rapid Infusion of cold Normal Saline by paramedics during CPR

Author(s): Deasy Conor | Bernard Stephen | Cameron Peter | Jacobs Ian | Smith Karen | Hein Cindy | Grantham Hugh | Finn Judith
Prolonged-release melatonin versus placebo for benzodiazepine discontinuation in patients with schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial - the SMART trial protocol

Author(s): Baandrup Lone | Fagerlund Birgitte | Jennum Poul | Lublin Henrik | Hansen Jane | Winkel Per | Gluud Christian | Oranje Bob | Glenthoj Birte
Perceptions of the Muslim religious leaders and their attitudes on herbal medicine in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Harun-Or-Rashid Md | Yoshida Yoshitoku | Rashid Md Aminur | Nahar Salmun | Sakamoto Junichi
Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of 'BeweegKuur', a combined lifestyle intervention in the Netherlands: Rationale, design and methods of a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Berendsen Brenda | Hendriks Marike | Verhagen Evert | Schaper Nicolaas | Kremers Stef | Savelberg Hans
Trauma admissions to the Intensive care unit at a reference hospital in Northwestern Tanzania

Author(s): Chalya Phillipo | Gilyoma Japhet | Dass Ramesh | Mchembe Mabula | Matasha Michael | Mabula Joseph | Mbelenge Nkinda | Mahalu William
Assessment of effectiveness measures in patients with schizophrenia initiated on risperidone long-acting therapy: the SOURCE study results

Author(s): Macfadden Wayne | DeSouza Cherilyn | Crivera Concetta | Kozma Chris | Dirani Riad | Mao Lian | Rodriguez Stephen
Mental illness related disparities in diabetes prevalence, quality of care and outcomes: a population-based longitudinal study

Author(s): Mai Qun | Holman C D'Arcy | Sanfilippo Frank | Emery Jonathan | Preen David
Effects of a physical education intervention on cognitive function in young children: randomized controlled pilot study

Author(s): Fisher Abigail | Boyle James | Paton James | Tomporowski Phillip | Watson Christine | McColl John | Reilly John
Evaluating the effectiveness of a tailored multifaceted performance feedback intervention to improve the quality of care: protocol for a cluster randomized trial in intensive care

Author(s): van der Veer Sabine | de Vos Maartje | Jager Kitty | van der Voort Peter | Peek Niels | Westert Gert | Graafmans Wilco | de Keizer Nicolette
Deriving health state utilities for the numerical pain rating scale

Author(s): Dixon Simon | Poole Chris | Odeyemi Isaac | Retsa Peny | Chambers Colette | Currie Craig
A controlled study of team-based learning for undergraduate clinical neurology education

Author(s): Tan Nigel | Kandiah Nagaendran | Chan Yiong | Umapathi Thirugnanam | Lee Sze | Tan Kevin
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