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Floral biology and reproductive mechanisms of Mussambê (Cleome spinosa Jacq) aiming at the plant breeding

Author(s): Douglas de Almeida Pereira | Ana Carla Brito | Cláudio Lúcio Fernandes Amaral
Floral biology and reproductive mechanisms of the Ocimum canum Sims (Lamiaceae)

Author(s): Anderson Barbosa Silva | Marcela Fonseca Souza | Alisson Harley Brito da Silva | Obertal da Silva Almeida | Anderson Brito da Silva | Cláudio Lúcio Fernandes Amaral
Breeding system of the Iberian endemic shrub Colutea hispanica (Leguminosae)

Author(s): Rabasa, Sonia G. | Gutiérrez, David | Escudero, Adrián
An Improved Approach for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in a Pseudo-Testcross: Revisiting a Poplar Mapping Study

Author(s): Song Wu | Jie Yang | Youjun Huang | Yao Li | Tongming Yin | Stan D. Wullschleger | Gerald A. Tuskan | Rongling Wu
The contribution of recombination to heterozygosity differs among plant evolutionary lineages and life-forms

Author(s): Jaramillo-Correa Juan | Verdú Miguel | González-Martínez Santiago
Evaluation of different CMS lines for out crossing potential in rice

Author(s): M. Umadevi, P.Veerabadhiran, S.Manonmani and P.Shanmugasundaram
Characterisation of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris) varieties using microsatellite markers

Author(s): Smulders Marinus | Esselink G | Everaert Isabelle | De Riek Jan | Vosman Ben
Open Pollinated Offspring for Producing Potatoes from True Seed

Author(s): Golmirzaie, AM. | Buendia, S. | Espinoza, J. | Ortiz, R.
Assessment of Genetic Relationships Between Two Species of Jute Plants Using Phenotypic and RAPD Markers

Author(s): L.A. Ogunkanmi | W.O. Okunowo | O.O. Oyelakin | B.O. Oboh | O.O. Adesina | K.O. Adekoya | O.T. Ogundipe
Identification of usable maintainers and restorers for new CMS lines of rice (O. sativa L.)

Author(s): Shivakumar, N.*, C. Devaraja, H.C. Lohithaswa, D.K. Sidde Gowda and R.S. Kulkarni
Effects of population outcrossing on rotifer fitness

Author(s): Tortajada Ana | Carmona María | Serra Manuel
A sweetpotato gene index established by de novo assembly of pyrosequencing and Sanger sequences and mining for gene-based microsatellite markers

Author(s): Schafleitner Roland | Tincopa Luz | Palomino Omar | Rossel Genoveva | Robles Ronald | Alagon Rocio | Rivera Carlos | Quispe Cynthia | Rojas Luis | Pacheco Jaime | Solis Julio | Cerna Diogenes | Young Kim Ji | Hou Jack | Simon Reinhard
Analysis of mating system in two Pinus cembra L. populations of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Author(s): Dmitri V. Politov | Yaroslav V. Pirko | Nadezhda N. Pirko | Elena A. Mudrik | Ivan I. Korshikov
High levels of nucleotide diversity and fast decline of linkage disequilibrium in rye (Secale cereale L.) genes involved in frost response

Author(s): Li Yongle | Haseneyer Grit | Schön Chris-Carolin | Ankerst Donna | Korzun Viktor | Wilde Peer | Bauer Eva
Isoenzymatic variability of cassava accessions from different regions in Brazil

Author(s): Cabral Betânia Lúcia Rocha | Souza Joelson Araújo de | Ando Akihiko | Veasey Elizabeth Ann | Cardoso Eloisa Maria Ramos
Intrapopulation fixation index dynamics in finite populations with variable outcrossing rates

Author(s): Coelho Alexandre Siqueira Guedes | Vencovsky Roland
Interspecific hybridization and inbreeding effect in seed from a Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla clonal orchard in Brazil

Author(s): Campinhos Eduardo N. | Peters-Robinson Ingrid | Bertolucci Fernando L. | Alfenas Acelino C.
The use of self-incompatibility in the production of hybrid eucalyptus seed by `Aracruz Celulose' in Brazil

Author(s): Junghans Tatiana Góes | Peters-Robinson Ingrid | Bertolucci Fernando L. | Alfenas Acelino Couto
Mating system in a natural population of Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) Schum., by microsatellite markers

Author(s): Alves Rafael M. | Artero Angela S. | Sebbenn Alexandre M. | Figueira Antonio
A hierarchical statistical model for estimating population properties of quantitative genes

Author(s): Wu Samuel | Ma Chang-Xing | Wu Rongling | Casella George
Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Arabidopsis Identifies Previously Known Flowering Time and Pathogen Resistance Genes.

Author(s): Aranzana | Kim | Zhao | Bakker | Horton | Jakob | Lister | Molitor | Shindo | Tang | Toomajian | Traw | Zheng | Bergelson | Dean | Marjoram | Nordborg
Systematics and plastid genome evolution of the cryptically photosynthetic parasitic plant genus Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae)

Author(s): McNeal Joel | Arumugunathan Kathiravetpilla | Kuehl Jennifer | Boore Jeffrey | dePamphilis Claude
Diversidade genética e sistema de reprodução em uma população base de Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. procedente de Katherine River, Austrália. Genetic diversity and mating system in a base population of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. from Katherine River, Australia.

Author(s): Patrícia Ferreira ALVES | Janete Motta da SILVA | Deise Reis de PAULA | Hélio Sandoval Junqueira MENDES | Cristina Lacerda Soares Petrarolha SILVA | Miguel Luiz Menezes FREITAS | Alexandre Magno SEBBENN | Mario Luiz Teixeira de MORAES
Pollination biology of Anisodus tanguticus (Solanaceae)

Author(s): Yuanwen Duan | Tingfeng Zhang | Jianquan Liu
Floral advertisement and rewards in bumblebee-pollinated Aconitum kusnezoffii (Ranunculaceae)

Author(s): Wanjin Liao | Zhengmei Wang | Lina Xie | Wen Xiao | Yue Sun
The fertility study of Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua (J.J.Sm.) A.D. Hawkes

Genetic evaluation of seeds of highly endangered Pinus uliginosa Neumann from Węgliniec reserve for ex-situ conservation program

Author(s): Andrzej Lewandowski | Jarosław Burczyk | Witold Wachowiak | Adam Boratyński | Wiesław Prus-Głowacki
Centrosema pubescens Benth. (Fabaceae) reproductive biology

Author(s): Hélida Bruno Nogueira Borges
Investigations on Chemical Mutagen Sensitivity in Onion (Allium cepa L.)

Author(s): N. Joshi | A. Ravindran | V. Mahajan
Determination of the mating system of Tucumã palm using microsatellite markers

Author(s): Santiago Linorio Ferreyra Ramos | Maria Teresa Gomes Lopes | Ricardo Lopes | Raimundo Nonato Vieira da Cunha | Jeferson Luis Vasconcelos de Macêdo | Luis Antônio Serrão Contim | Charles Roland Clement | Doriane Picanço Rodrigues | Laura Graciliana Bernardes
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