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The Application of Library Outreach Strategies in Archival Settings

Author(s): Creighton Barrett | Braden Cannon | Liam O'Hare

Author(s): E. Torres | G. Santos
The Library is Undead: Information Seeking During the Zombie Apocalypse

Author(s): Margeaux Johnson | Amy G. Buhler | Chris Hillman
Access to Adequate Healthcare for Hmong Women: A Patient Navigation Program to Increase Pap Test Screening

Author(s): Penny Lo | Dao Moua Fang | May Ying Ly | Susan Stewart | Serge Lee | Moon S. Chen, Jr
Evaluation of Emergency Medicine Community Educational Program

Author(s): Garcia, Estevan Adan | Likourezos, Antonios | Ramsay, Carl | Hoffman, Sherry | Niles, Christopher | Pearl-Davis, Michelle
Missed Opportunities For Immunization In Children And Pregnant Women

Author(s): Benjamin A I | Vadhera K K | Zachariah P
Epidemiological changes in oesophageal cancer at National Hospital, Bloemfontein: 1995, 2000 and 2005

Author(s): Tian van der Merwe | Ruan van der Walt | Jován Esterhuizen | Stephani Botha | Louis Goedhals | Gina Joubert
Practice and Effectiveness of Outpatient Psycho-Oncological Counseling for Cancer Patients

Author(s): Ute Goerling, Deniz Tagmat, Elvira Muffler, Nancy Schramm, Klaus-Dieter Wernecke, Peter M. Schlag
Technical aspects of laser treatment for acute retinopathy of prematurity under topical anesthesia

Author(s): Jalali Subhadra | Azad Rajvardhan | Trehan Hemant | Dogra Mangat | Gopal Lingam | Narendran Venkatapathy
Study protocol: The Adherence and Intensification of Medications (AIM) study - a cluster randomized controlled effectiveness study

Author(s): Heisler Michele | Hofer Timothy | Klamerus Mandi | Schmittdiel Julie | Selby Joe | Hogan Mary | Bosworth Hayden | Tremblay Adam | Kerr Eve
Societal output and use of research performed by health research groups

Author(s): Mostert Sebastian | Ellenbroek Stéfan | Meijer Ingeborg | van Ark Gerrit | Klasen Eduard
Get screened: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial to increase mammography and colorectal cancer screening in a large, safety net practice

Author(s): Fiscella Kevin | Yosha Amanat | Hendren Samantha | Humiston Sharon | Winters Paul | Ford Pat | Loader Starlene | Specht Raymond | Pope Shirley | Adris Amna | Marcus Steven
Efficacy of MedMyst: an Internet Teaching Tool for Middle School Microbiology

Author(s): Leslie Miller | Janette Moreno | Vicky Estrera | David Lane
Early discharge care with ongoing follow-up support may reduce hospital readmissions in COPD

Author(s): Maria Lawlor | Sinead Kealy | Michelle Agnew | Bettina Korn | Jennifer Quinn | et al
CCS Activities Being Performed by the U.S. DOE

Author(s): Brian Dressel | Dawn Deel | Traci Rodosta | Sean Plasynski | John Litynski | Larry Myer
Tribalism, Islamism, Leadership and the Assabiyyas

Author(s): Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi
Internet-based Self-Assessment after the Tsunami: lessons learned

Author(s): Vetter Stefan | Rossegger Astrid | Elbert Thomas | Gerth Juliane | Urbaniok Frank | Laubacher Arja | Rossler Wulf | Endrass Jérôme
Strengthening health human resources and improving clinical outcomes through an integrated guideline and educational outreach in resource-poor settings: a cluster-randomized trial

Author(s): Schull Michael | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Burciul Barry | Zwarenstein Merrick | Sodhi Sumeet | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Mondiwa Martha | Bateman Eric
Does school attendance reduce the risk of youth homelessness in Tanzania?

Author(s): Henley Robert | McAlpine Kate | Mueller Mario | Vetter Stefan
Virtual Knowledge Production within a Physician Educational Outreach Program

Author(s): Mowafa Said Househ | Andre W. Kushniruk | Malcolm Maclure | Bruce Carleton | Denise Cloutier-Fisher
Reengineering the clinical research enterprise to involve more community clinicians

Author(s): Ryan Gery | Berrebi Claude | Beckett Megan | Taylor Stephanie | Quiter Elaine | Cho Michelle | Pincus Harold | Kahn Katherine
Pathways to child and adolescent psychiatric clinics: a multilevel study of the significance of ethnicity and neighbourhood social characteristics on source of referral

Author(s): Ivert Anna-Karin | Svensson Robert | Adler Hans | Levander Sten | Rydelius Per-Anders | Torstensson Levander Marie
The impact of tailored diabetes registry report cards on measures of disease control: a nested randomized trial

Author(s): Fischer Henry | Eisert Sheri | Durfee M Josh | Moore Susan | Steele Andrew | McCullen Kevin | Anderson Katherine | Penny Lara | Mackenzie Thomas
A grander challenge: the case of how Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) contributes to health outcomes in Africa

Author(s): Pariyo George | Serwadda David | Sewankambo Nelson | Groves Sara | Bollinger Robert | Peters David
Understanding barriers to medication adherence in the hypertensive population by evaluating responses to a telephone survey

Author(s): Nair KV | Belletti D | Doyle J | Allen R | McQueen R | Saseen J | Griend J | Patel J | McQueen A | Jan S

Author(s): J. Fierro
Qanuqtuurniq—finding the balance: an IPY television series using community engagement

Author(s): Catherine L. Carry | Kath Clarida | Denise Rideout | Dianne Kinnon | Rhonda M. Johnson
Editorial: Volume 2, Issue 2

Author(s): Kristy L. Archuleta | John E. Grable
Between pests and pesticides. Experience in teaching practice of secondary education

Author(s): Beatriz Bosch | Laura Peralta | Sandra Berrardo | Natalia Gentile | Delia Aiassa
Reaching First-Year Students During Orientation Week

Author(s): Nancy Collins | Eva Dodsworth

Author(s): Ogunsumi LUCIA OMOBOLANLE | Ewuola SAMUEL OLU.
Promoting smoking cessation in Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in the UK: pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of trained community outreach workers

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Standard versus prosocial online support groups for distressed breast cancer survivors: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Lepore Stephen | Buzaglo Joanne | Lieberman Morton | Golant Mitch | Davey Adam
Health care for immigrants in Europe: Is there still consensus among country experts about principles of good practice? A Delphi study

Author(s): Devillé Walter | Greacen Tim | Bogic Marija | Dauvrin Marie | Dias Sónia | Gaddini Andrea | Jensen Natasja | Karamanidou Christina | Kluge Ulrike | Mertaniemi Ritva | i Riera Rosa | Sárváry Attila | Soares Joaquim | Stankunas Mindaugas | Straßmayr Christa | Welbel Marta | Priebe Stefan
inVestIgating the pSychologIcal and ecONomic impAct of cataRact surgerY in Vietnam: The VISIONARY observational study protocol

Author(s): Essue Beverley | Hackett Maree | Mueller Andreas | Hanh Duc Nguyen | Phuc Huynh | Jan Stephen
The cost associated with administering risperidone long-acting injections in the Australian community

Author(s): Dalton Andrew | Lambert Tim | Schrover Rudolf | Hertel Judy | Smith Dell
Stages of change: A qualitative study on the implementation of a perinatal audit programme in South Africa

Author(s): Belizán María | Bergh Anne-Marie | Cilliers Carolé | Pattinson Robert | Voce Anna
Improved delivery of cardiovascular care (IDOCC) through outreach facilitation: study protocol and implementation details of a cluster randomized controlled trial in primary care

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Hogg William | Russell Grant | Wells George | Armstrong Catherine | Akbari Ayub | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica | Mayo-Bruinsma Liesha | Singh Jatinderpreet | Cornett Alex
Evaluating a streamlined clinical tool and educational outreach intervention for health care workers in Malawi: the PALM PLUS case study

Author(s): Sodhi Sumeet | Banda Hastings | Kathyola Damson | Burciul Barry | Thompson Sandy | Joshua Martias | Bateman Eric | Fairall Lara | Martiniuk Alexandra | Cornick Ruth | Faris Gill | Draper Beverley | Mondiwa Martha | Katengeza Egnat | Sanudi Lifah | Zwarenstein Merrick | Schull Michael
Protocol for the OUTREACH trial: a randomised trial comparing delivery of cancer systemic therapy in three different settings - patient's home, GP surgery and hospital day unit

Author(s): Corrie Pippa | Moody Margaret | Wood Victoria | Bavister Linda | Prevost Toby | Parker Richard | Sabes-Figuera Ramon | McCrone Paul | Balsdon Helen | McKinnon Karen | O'Sullivan Brendan | Tan Ray | Barclay Stephen
Comparison of primary care models in the prevention of cardiovascular disease - a cross sectional study

Author(s): Liddy Clare | Singh Jatinderpreet | Hogg William | Dahrouge Simone | Taljaard Monica
Assessment of the knowledge of graphical symbols labelled on malaria rapid diagnostic tests in four international settings

Author(s): Hermans Veerle | Monzote Lianet | Van den Sande Björn | Mukadi Pierre | Sopheak Thai | Gillet Philippe | Jacobs Jan
Evaluating the effectiveness of a tailored multifaceted performance feedback intervention to improve the quality of care: protocol for a cluster randomized trial in intensive care

Author(s): van der Veer Sabine | de Vos Maartje | Jager Kitty | van der Voort Peter | Peek Niels | Westert Gert | Graafmans Wilco | de Keizer Nicolette
Feasibility and willingness-to-pay for integrated community-based tuberculosis testing

Author(s): Goswami Neela | Hecker Emily | Holland David | Naggie Susanna | Cox Gary | Mosher Ann | Turner Debbie | Torres Yvonne | Vickery Carter | Ahearn Marshall | Blain Michela | Rasmussen Petra | Stout Jason
NOY: a neutrino observatory network project based on stand alone air shower detector arrays

Author(s): F. Montanet | D. Lebrun | J. Chauvin | E. Lagorio | P. Stassi

Author(s): Razzaghi E.M. | Rahimi Movaghar A |   Mohammad K | Hosseini M
El dibujo como primera escritura del niño

Author(s): María del Rosario Vargas León
Internal audience: A key to success

Author(s): Mirna Heruc
Staying essential

Author(s): Helen Chatterjee
Reaching out and reaching across: Collections and social inclusion

Author(s): Phaedra Livingstone | Jill Hartz
The educational values of the University of California Museum of Paleontology

Author(s): Susumu Tomiya | Brian A. Swartz | Mariska Batavia
APECS: Nurturing a New Generation of Polar Researchers

Author(s): Jenny Baeseman | Allen Pope
Task shifting and integration of HIV care into primary care in South Africa: The development and content of the streamlining tasks and roles to expand treatment and care for HIV (STRETCH) intervention

Author(s): Uebel Kerry | Fairall Lara | van Rensburg Dingie | Mollentze Willie | Bachmann Max | Lewin Simon | Zwarenstein Merrick | Colvin Christopher | Georgeu Daniella | Mayers Pat | Faris Gill | Lombard Carl | Bateman Eric
Bridging the gap between basic science and clinical practice: The role of organizations in addressing clinician barriers

Author(s): Beckett Megan | Quiter Elaine | Ryan Gery | Berrebi Claude | Taylor Stephanie | Cho Michelle | Pincus Harold | Kahn Katherine
A community based participatory approach to improving health in a Hispanic population

Author(s): Dulin Michael | Tapp Hazel | Smith Heather | Urquieta de Hernandez Brisa | Furuseth Owen
How to develop a program to increase influenza vaccine uptake among workers in health care settings?

Author(s): Looijmans-van den Akker Ingrid | Hulscher Marlies | Verheij Theo | Riphagen-Dalhuisen Josien | van Delden Johan | Hak Eelko
Feasibility and acceptability of point of care HIV testing in community outreach and GUM drop-in services in the North West of England: A programmatic evaluation

Author(s): MacPherson Peter | Chawla Anu | Jones Kathy | Coffey Emer | Spaine Vida | Harrison Ian | Jelliman Pauline | Phillips-Howard Penelope | Beynon Caryl | Taegtmeyer Miriam
Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial comparing three outreach efforts to improve screening mammography adherence

Author(s): Costanza Mary | Luckmann Roger | White Mary | Rosal Milagros | Cranos Caroline | Reed George | Clark Robin | Sama Susan | Yood Robert
Community-based intervention to promote breast cancer awareness and screening: The Korean experience

Author(s): Park Keeho | Hong Woi | Kye Su | Jung Euichul | Kim Myung-hyun | Park Hyeong
Experiences of outreach workers in promoting smoking cessation to Bangladeshi and Pakistani men: longitudinal qualitative evaluation

Author(s): Begh Rachna | Aveyard Paul | Upton Penney | Bhopal Raj | White Martin | Amos Amanda | Prescott Robin | Bedi Raman | Barton Pelham | Fletcher Monica | Gill Paramjit | Zaidi Qaim | Sheikh Aziz
Successful aging and the epidemiology of HIV

Author(s): Vance DE | McGuinness T | Musgrove K | Orel N | Fazeli PL
Understanding Personal Change in a Women’s Faith-Based Transitional Center

Author(s): Kent R. Kerley | Heith Copes | Alana J. Linn | Lauren Eason | Minh H. Nguyen | Ariana Mishay Stone
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