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Suicide by intravenous injection of rocuronium-bromide: Case report

Author(s): Nikolić Slobodan | Atanasijević Tatjana | Nešić Zorica | Spasić Anđelka
Fluoxetine Overdose-Induced Seizure

Author(s): Suchard, Jeffrey R
Survival after an Intentional Ingestion of Crushed Abrus Seeds

Author(s): Reedman, Lisa | Shih, Richard D | Hung, Oliver
Fatal Metformin Overdose Presenting with Progressive Hyperglycemia

Author(s): Suchard, Jeffrey R | Grotsky, Thomas A
Quinapril Overdose-Induced Renal Failure

Author(s): Suchard, Jeffrey R | Bearie, Brian J
Subconjonctival hemorrhage secondary to use of diclofenac and paracetamol for suicidal attempt

Author(s): Esra Yıldızhan | Ali kutlucan | Adem Güngör | Cağrı Kılıç | Hayati Kandiş
Number of addictive substances used related to increased risk of unnatural death: A combined medico-legal and case-record study

Author(s): Brådvik Louise | Berglund Mats | Frank Arne | Lindgren Anna | Löwenhielm Peter
Propafenone overdose: two case reports

Author(s): Seçgin SÖYÜNCÜ | Fırat BEKTAŞ | Özlem YİĞİT
Lethal toxicity of propafenone in a case of suicidal attempt

Author(s): Mehmet ÜSTÜNDAĞ | Murat ORAK | Cahfer GÜLOĞLU | Ayhan ÖZHASENEKLER | Hasan Mansur DURGUN
Warfarin Overdose in a Breast-feeding Woman

Author(s): Schindler, Danielle | Graham, Thomas P
Current and Emerging Detoxification Therapies for Critical Care

Author(s): Brett A. Howell | Anuj Chauhan
Lipid rescue for bupivacaine toxicity during cardiovascular procedures

Author(s): Christopher J. Gallagher | Jonathan M. Tan | Crista-Gaye Foster
Common Toxic Syndromes in Psychiatric Practice

Author(s): Vesile Altınyazar
Correlations between atazanavir Ctrough and hyperbilirubinemia: a case report

Author(s): Uglietti Alessia | Novati Stefano | Gulminetti Roberto | Maserati Renato
Intravenous lipid emulsion in clinical toxicology

Author(s): Rothschild Leelach | Bern Sarah | Oswald Sarah | Weinberg Guy
Persistence of low drug treatment coverage for injection drug users in large US metropolitan areas

Author(s): Tempalski Barbara | Cleland Charles | Pouget Enrique | Chatterjee Sudip | Friedman Samuel
Chicken model of steroid-induced bone marrow adipogenesis using proteome analysis: a preliminary study

Author(s): Li Sing | Lin Ching | Kuo Tzong | Lin Yun | Chen Chia | Lin Way | Chan Wing
The effect of acetaminophen nanoparticles on liver toxicity in a rat model

Author(s): Esmaeil Biazar | S Mahdi Rezayat | Naser Montazeri | et al
Tiagabine: efficacy and safety in partial seizures – current status

Author(s): Jürgen Bauer | Déirdre Cooper-Mahkorn
Evaluation of Suicide Attempts in Southeast of Turkey, Around the Sanliurfa Region

Author(s): Özgür Söğüt | Mustafa Burak Sayhan | Mehmet Tahir Gökdemir | Halil Kaya | Behçet Al | Murat Orak | Mehmet Üstündağ
Transchromosomic cell model of Down syndrome shows aberrant migration, adhesion and proteome response to extracellular matrix

Author(s): Delom Frédéric | Burt Emma | Hoischen Alex | Veltman Joris | Groet Jürgen | Cotter Finbarr | Nizetic Dean
Pediatrics Reye’s Syndrome: A Review

Author(s): P. Saradhai1, V. Rajesh Babu2, P. Nivethithai2 , Syeda Rana Nikhat2
Nephrotoxins: the main culprit of nephrotoxic injury

Author(s): Soni M. *1, Patidar K. 1, Jain S. 2, Jain D. 3
Effect of levosimendan in experimental verapamil- induced myocardial depression

Author(s): Kurola Jouni | Leppikangas Heli | Magga Jarkko | Lindgren Leena | Kiviniemi Vesa | Rutanen Juha | Ruokonen Esko

Author(s): Tatiana Legón Pérez | Giset Jiménez López | Ismary Alfonso Orta | Ivette Díaz Mato | Ashley Chao Cardeso
Poisoning and drug overdose

Author(s): moghadamnia Ak.
Toxic reaction related to high dose lidocaine secondary to intravenous regional anesthesia

Author(s): Orhan Tokgöz | S.Gökhan Beyaz | Zülfü Arıkanoğlu
Therapeutic misadventure with paracetamol in children

Author(s): Shivbalan So | Sathiyasekeran Malathi | Thomas Kuruvilla
Tinnitus as a Measure of Salicylate Toxicity in the Overdose Setting

Author(s): Samlan, Scott R | Jordan, Matthew T | Chan, Shu B | Wahl, Michael S | Rubin, Rachel L
Chest Swelling and Fever in an Intravenous Drug User

Author(s): Grijalva, Ray A | Ritter, Michael | Langdorf, Mark I.
A review of local anesthetic cardiotoxicity and treatment with lipid emulsion

Author(s): Emma Bourne | Christine Wright | Colin Royse
Multiple Organ Transplantation after Suicide by Acetaminophen and Gunshot Wound

Author(s): Sutter, Mark E | Daily, Michael F | Owen, Kelly P | Daubert, G Patrick | Albertson, Timothy E
Baclofen Intoxication

Author(s): Fikret BILDIK | Ayfer KELES | Ahmet DEMIRCAN | Gulbin AYGENCEL | Murat OZSARAC | Gul PAMUKCU
A fatal case after overdose of calcium channel blocker and literature review

Author(s): Ahmet BAYDIN | Türker YARDAN | Ahmet DİLEK | Mehmet Selim NURAL | Arif Onur EDEN | Hayriye GÖNÜLLÜ
Current Aspects in Lipophilic Drug Toxicity

Author(s): Afşin Emre Kayıpmaz | Betül Gülalp | Sibel Benli
Psychosocial and contextual correlates of opioid overdose risk among drug users in St. Petersburg, Russia

Author(s): Grau Lauretta | Green Traci | Torban Mikhail | Blinnikova Ksenia | Krupitsky Evgeny | Ilyuk Ruslan | Kozlov Andrei | Heimer Robert
Etiological characterization of acute poisonings in the emergency department

Author(s): Khlifi Malek | Zun Leslie | Johnson Giffe | Harbison Raymond
Can we prevent drug related deaths by training opioid users to recognise and manage overdoses?

Author(s): Gaston Romina | Best David | Manning Victoria | Day Ed
Reports of evidence planting by police among a community-based sample of injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand

Author(s): Fairbairn Nadia | Kaplan Karyn | Hayashi Kanna | Suwannawong Paisan | Lai Calvin | Wood Evan | Kerr Thomas
Pediatric thioridazine poisoning as a result of pharmacy compounding error

Author(s): Zenichiro Kato | Yuka Yamagishi | Takahide Teramoto | Naomi Kondo
Effect of filtration on morphine and particle content of injections prepared from slow-release oral morphine tablets

Author(s): McLean Stuart | Bruno Raimondo | Brandon Susan | de Graaff Barbara
Incarceration experiences among a community-recruited sample of injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand

Author(s): Hayashi Kanna | Milloy M-J | Fairbairn Nadia | Kaplan Karyn | Suwannawong Paisan | Lai Calvin | Wood Evan | Kerr Thomas
Successful Treatment of Cisplatin Overdose with Plasma Exchange

Author(s): Yasuhiro Yamada | Yoshiaki Ikuta | Kisato Nosaka | Nobutomo Miyanari | Naoko Hayashi | Hiroaki Mitsuya | Hideo Baba
Use of analgesics in intentional drug overdose presentations to hospital before and after the withdrawal of distalgesic from the Irish market

Author(s): Corcoran Paul | Reulbach Udo | Keeley Helen | Perry Ivan | Hawton Keith | Arensman Ella
Overdose experiences among injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand

Author(s): Milloy M-J | Fairbairn Nadia | Hayashi Kanna | Suwannawong Paisan | Kaplan Karyn | Wood Evan | Kerr Thomas
Post-injection delirium/sedation syndrome in patients with schizophrenia treated with olanzapine long-acting injection, I: analysis of cases

Author(s): Detke Holland | McDonnell David | Brunner Elizabeth | Zhao Fangyi | Sorsaburu Sebastian | Stefaniak Victoria | Corya Sara
Post-injection delirium/sedation syndrome in patients with schizophrenia treated with olanzapine long-acting injection, II: investigations of mechanism

Author(s): McDonnell David | Detke Holland | Bergstrom Richard | Kothare Prajakti | Johnson Jason | Stickelmeyer Mary | Sanchez-Felix Manuel | Sorsaburu Sebastian | Mitchell Malcolm
The Prevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV Infections in Non-IV Drug Opioid Poisoned Patients in Tehran-Iran

Author(s): H. Talaie | S. H. Shadnia | A. Okazi | A. Pajouhmand | H. Hasanian | H. Arianpoor
The Protective Effects of Garlic Extract Against Acetaminophen-Induced Oxidative Stress and Glutathione Depletion

Author(s): M. Anoush | M.A. Eghbal | F. Fathiazad | H. Hamzeiy | N.S. Kouzehkonani
Alteration of Serum Levels of Interlukin 1 and Tumor Necrosis Factor in Depression Independentof Treatment or Overdose of Tricyclic Antidepressants

Author(s): Haleh Talaie | Abdolkarim Pajoumand | Reyhaneh Panahandeh | Behjat Barari | Maryam Baeeri | Mohammad Abdollahi
Effect of Garlic Extracts on Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Induced Fibroid in Wistar Rats

Author(s): G.O. Obochi | S.P. Malu | M. Obi-Abang | Y. Alozie | M.A. Iyam
Intérêt des analyses toxicologiques pour déterminer les causes de la mort : bilan de quatre années d’expertise judiciaire Interest of forensic toxicology for medicolegal cause-of-death determination : A compilation of four years of forensic cases

Author(s): Lacroix Anne-Laure | Bouvet Renaud | Lepage Sylvie | Baert Alain | Abondo Marlène | Feuillu Alain | Anger Jean-Pierre | Le Gueut Marie-Annick | Morel Isabelle
A suicide by insulin injection: Case report

Author(s): Nikolić Slobodan | Atanasijević Tatjana | Popović Vesna
Intérêt des analyses toxicologiques pour déterminer les causes de la mort : bilan de quatre années d’expertise judiciaire Interest of forensic toxicology for medicolegal cause-of-death determination : A compilation of four years of forensic cases

Author(s): Lacroix Anne-Laure | Bouvet Renaud | Lepage Sylvie | Baert Alain | Abondo Marlène | Feuillu Alain | Anger Jean-Pierre | Le Gueut Marie-Annick | Morel Isabelle
Milnacipran: a unique antidepressant?

Author(s): Siegfried Kasper | Gerald Pail
Anticholinergic syndrome following an unintentional overdose of scopolamine

Author(s): Carmela E Corallo | Ann Whitfield | Adeline Wu
Effect of oral morphine consumption during pregnancy on the tongue development in the Wistar rat embryos

Author(s): Mina Ramazani | Vahid Hakimi Gilani | Haleh Ameli | Hossein Bahadoran | Hedayat Sahraei
Drug suicide: a sex-equal cause of death in 16 European countries

Author(s): Värnik Airi | Sisask Merike | Värnik Peeter | Wu Jing | Kõlves Kairi | Arensman Ella | Maxwell Margareth | Reisch Thomas | Gusmão Ricardo | van Audenhove Chantal | Scheerder Gert | van der Feltz-Cornelis Christina | Coffey Claire | Kopp Maria | Szekely Andras | Roskar Saska | Hegerl Ulrich
Management of lercanidipine overdose with hyperinsulinaemic euglycaemia therapy: case report

Author(s): Hadjipavlou George | Hafeez Aqib | Messer Ben | Hughes Tom
Gender differences in health related quality of life of young heroin users

Author(s): Domingo-Salvany Antònia | Brugal M Teresa | Barrio Gregorio | González-Saiz Francisco | Bravo M José | de la Fuente Luís
The role of oxidative/nitrosative stress in pathogenesis of paracetamol-induced toxic hepatitis

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Vučević Danijela | Ješić-Vukićević Rada
Epidemiology of tramadol overdose in Imam Khomeini hospital, Kermanshah, Iran (2008)

Author(s): Habib Ahmadi | Jamal Hosseini | Mansour Rezaei
Analysis of patients with acute intoxication in a two year period

Author(s): Selahattin KIYAN | Murat ÖZSARAÇ | Murat ERSEL | Aslıhan YÜRÜKTÜMEN | Eylem KARAHALLI | Enver ÖZÇETE | Özgür ÇEVRİM
Acetaminophen-cysteine adducts during therapeutic dosing and following overdose

Author(s): Heard Kennon | Green Jody | James Laura | Judge Bryan | Zolot Liza | Rhyee Sean | Dart Richard
An analysis of bleeding complications related to warfarin in the emergency department

Author(s): Pınar ÜNVERİR | Tuba DAĞ | Hülya PEYNİRCİ | Emine DEMİR | Cana CANBAY | Ahmet KAYA | Sedat YANTURALI
Lithium Intoxication

Author(s): Sermin Kesebir | Mehmet Fatih Ustundag | Semine Ozdogan Kavzoglu
The Effects of FGF-9 on In Vitro Embryonic Development

Author(s): İlkim İlknur Tekinarslan | Erdoğan Unur | Harun Ülger | Nihat Ekinci | Tolga Ertekin | Mehtap Hacıalioğulları | Seda Arslan
Brain CT-Scan Findings in Unconscious Patients after Poisoning

Author(s): Morteza Sanei Taheri | Maryam Noori | Majid Shakiba | Amir Hossein Jalali

Author(s): Savaliya Pratik | Karigar Asif | Ramana MV | Patel Mitul | Kalathiya Mahesh
Acetaminophen induced nephrotoxicity in an adolescent girl

Author(s): Belde | Mehmet | Demet | Alper | Salih
Anti-thromboxane B2 antibodies protect against acetaminophen-induced liver injury in mice

Author(s): Ivan Ćavar | Tomislav Kelava | Danijel Pravdić | Filip Čulo
Effect of Vitamin C on Styrene Induced Respiratory Toxicity

Author(s): Massumeh Ahmadizadeh | Tayebeh Pol | Mohamad Boazar
The Experience of Lifetime Non-fatal Overdose of Drugs in Iranian Substance Abusers

Author(s): Hooman Narenjiha | Roya Nouri | Mehdi Akbarian | Mehdi Azizabadi Farahani | Mahmoud Mirzamani
Controlling Access to Suicide Means

Author(s): Marco Sarchiapone | Laura Mandelli | Miriam Iosue | Costanza Andrisano | Alec Roy
Toxicity of Peganum harmala: Review and a Case Report

Author(s): Massoud Mahmoudian | Hossein Jalipour | Pirooz Salehian Dardashti
Trend of Memory Recovery after Benzodiazepine Overdose

Author(s): Nastaran Eizadi-Mood, , , , , , | Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaei | Kamran Montazeri | Farzad Gheshlaghi | Ahmad Yaraghi | Behzad Nazemorraya | Shadi Kazemi
Adsorption of Some Drugs onto Surface of Iraqi Kaolin Clay

Author(s): S. A. Hassan | J. I. Ibrahim
A Survey About The Frequency, Mortality And Morbidity Of Nonbarbituratic Drug Poisoning

Author(s): B. Behnoosh | A. pajm | F. Taghaddosinejad M. Dalirrad
A qualitative study on opioid overdose in injection drug users in Tehran

Author(s): "A. Rahimi Movaghar | E. Mohammad Razzaghi "
Cardiovascular Effects of Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers

Author(s): Javad Maleki | Shahin Akhondzadeh
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy

Author(s): Mahmoud Motamedi
The Evaluation of Epiphyseal Plate Histological Changes in Osteopetrotic op/op Mice.

Author(s): Aligholi Sobhani | Ahmad Hosseini | Mojtaba Rezazadeh | Kikuji Yamashita | Hosein Nikzad | Iraj Ragardi Kashani
The teratogenic effects of Lorazepam on the organogenesis of the rat fetus

Author(s): Pasbakhsh P | Mehrannia K | Barbarestani M

Author(s): F. Cheraghali M. Taymori
Kid Goats are More Sensitive to Penicillin Overdose

Author(s): A.A. Nikvand | H. Najafzadeh
Therapeutic possibilities of coriaria myrtifolia L. in high dilutions

Author(s): Marcia Amoedo Cheng | Francisco José de Freitas

Author(s): Dhingra Mohit | Nain Parminder | Nain Jaspreet | Malik Manisha
Accidental intrathecal methotrexate overdose

Author(s): Emel Özyürek | Namık Özbek
Adsorption Studies of Enalapril Maleat in Solution on Selected Iraqi Clays

Author(s): Reem Adham Al-Bayati | Athraa S. Ahmed
Acute interstitial nephritis with acetaminophen and alcohol intoxication

Author(s): Fruchter Lauren | Alexopoulou Iakovina | Lau Keith
Mortality by causes in HIV-infected adults: comparison with the general population

Author(s): Aldaz Pablo | Moreno-Iribas Conchi | Egüés Nerea | Irisarri Fátima | Floristan Yugo | Sola-Boneta Julio | Martínez-Artola Víctor | Sagredo Mirian | Castilla Jesús
Thoracic aorta pseudoaneurysm with hemopericardium: unusual presentation of warfarin overdose

Author(s): Tien Ya-Chih | Chen Ying-Cheng | Liao Chiung-Ying | Chang Chia-Chu
Paracetamol in therapeutic dosages and acute liver injury: causality assessment in a prospective case series

Author(s): Sabaté Mònica | Ibáñez Luisa | Pérez Eulàlia | Vidal Xavier | Buti Maria | Xiol Xavier | Mas Antoni | Guarner Carlos | Forné Montserrat | Solà Ricard | Castellote José | Rigau Joaquim | Laporte Joan-Ramon
Rapid Detection and Identification of Overdose Drugs in Saliva by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Using Fused Gold Colloids

Author(s): Stuart Farquharson | Chetan Shende | Atanu Sengupta | Hermes Huang | Frank Inscore
Histology and morphometry of the digestive system of bagre tigrito (Pimelodus pictus) HISTOLOGÍA Y MORFOMETRÍA DEL SISTEMA DIGESTIVO DEL SILÚRIDO BAGRE TIGRITO (Pimelodus pictus)

Author(s): Olaya C. M. | Ovalle C. H. | Gómez Ramírez E. | Rodríguez Caicedo D. | Caldas Martínez M. L. | Hurtado Giraldo H.
Silymarin nanoparticle prevents paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity

Author(s): Das S | Roy P | Auddy RG | Mukherjee A
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