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Chemical analysis of ancient relicts in the Milky Way disk

Author(s): Stonkutė E. | Ženovienė R. | Tautvaišienė G. | Nordström B.
Mitochondrial Protection and Anti-aging Activity of Astragalus Polysaccharides and Their Potential Mechanism

Author(s): Xing-Tai Li | Ya-Kui Zhang | Hai-Xue Kuang | Feng-Xin Jin | De-Wen Liu | Ming-Bo Gao | Ze Liu | Xiao-Juan Xin
Phloxine B as a Probe for Entrapment in Microcrystalline Cellulose

Author(s): Paulo Duarte | Diana P. Ferreira | Isabel Ferreira Machado | Luís Filipe Vieira Ferreira | Hernan B. Rodríguez | Enrique San Román
Spillover Phenomena and Its Striking Impacts in Electrocatalysis for Hydrogen and Oxygen Electrode Reactions

Author(s): Georgios D. Papakonstantinou | Jelena M. Jaksic | Diamantoula Labou | Angeliki Siokou | Milan M. Jaksic
Oxygen Kinetics and Heart Rate Response during Early Recovery from Exercise in Patients with Heart Failure

Author(s): Charalampos D. Kriatselis | Sotirios Nedios | Sebastian Kelle | Sebastian Helbig | Martin Gottwik | Christian von Bary
(n,α) reactions cross section research at IPPE

Author(s): Khryachkov V.A. | Bondarenko I.P. | Kuzminov B.D. | Semenova N.N. | Sergachev A.I. | Ivanova T.A. | Giorginis G.
Neuropathic diabetic foot ulcers – evidence-to-practice

Author(s): Ndip A | Ebah L | Mbako A
A study on pulmonary manifestations in patients with malaria from northwestern India (Bikaner)

Author(s): K.C. Nayak, Mohini, S. Kumar, R.S. Tanwar, V. Kulkarni, A. Gupta, P. Sharma, P. Sirohi & P. Ratan
Contrasting biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the Atlantic and Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones

Author(s): E. Ryabenko | A. Kock | H. W. Bange | M. A. Altabet | D. W. R. Wallace
Pteropods from the Caribbean Sea: variations in calcification as an indicator of past ocean carbonate saturation

Author(s): D. Wall-Palmer | M. B. Hart | C. W. Smart | R. S. J. Sparks | A. Le Friant | G. Boudon | C. Deplus | J. C. Komorowski
Water-table height and microtopography control biogeochemical cycling in an Arctic coastal tundra ecosystem

Author(s): D. A. Lipson | D. Zona | T. K. Raab | F. Bozzolo | M. Mauritz | W. C. Oechel
Organic matter dynamics and stable isotopes for tracing sources of suspended sediment

Author(s): Y. Schindler Wildhaber | R. Liechti | C. Alewell
Snowpack concentrations and estimated fluxes of volatile organic compounds in a boreal forest

Author(s): H. Aaltonen | J. Pumpanen | H. Hakola | T. Vesala | S. Rasmus | J. Bäck
The contribution of respiration in tree-stems to the Dole Effect

Author(s): A. Angert | J. Muhr | R. Negron Juarez | W. Alegria Muñoz | G. Kraemer | J. Ramirez Santillan | J. Q. Chambers | S. E. Trumbore

Determination of Trophic Status of Afsar (Manisa-Turkey) Dam Lake

Author(s): Muavviz Ayvaz | Ersin Tenekecioglu | Edis Koru
Linkage of diagenesis to depositional environments and stratigraphy in the northern part of the Baltic basin

Author(s): A. Kleesment | K. Kirsimäe | T. Martma | A. Shogenova | K. Urtson | K. Shogenov

Neuroprotective Effects of Pre-Treament with l-Carnitine and Acetyl-l-Carnitine on Ischemic Injury In Vivo and In Vitro

Author(s): Rui Zhang | Hong Zhang | Zhongxia Zhang | Tao Wang | Jingya Niu | Dongsheng Cui | Shunjiang Xu
Encapsulated islets transplantation: Past, present and future

Author(s): Naoaki Sakata | Shoichiro Sumi | Gumpei Yoshimatsu | Masafumi Goto | Shinichi Egawa | Michiaki Unno
Host-microbial interactions and regulation of intestinal epithelial barrier function: From physiology to pathology

Author(s): Linda Chia-Hui Yu | Jin-Town Wang | Shu-Chen Wei | Yen-Hsuan Ni
Quantitative in-vivo imaging of tumor microenvironments

Author(s): Sohyun Han | Hoesu Jung | Youngkyu Song | Gyunggoo Cho | HyungJoon Cho
Chemistry, Temperature, and Faunal Distributions at Diffuse-Flow Hydrothermal Vents: Comparison of Two Geologically Distinct Ridge Systems

Author(s): George W. Luther III | Amy Gartman | Mustafa Yücel | Andrew S. Madison | Tommy S. Moore | Heather A. Nees | Donald B. Nuzzio | Arunima Sen | Richard A. Lutz | Timothy M. Shank | Charles R. Fisher
β3-Adrenoceptor Antagonist SR59230A Attenuates the Imbalance of Systemic and Myocardial Oxygen Transport Induced by Dopamine in Newborn Lambs

Author(s): Richdeep S. Gill | Po-Yin Cheung | Xiaoyang Yu | Mohammed Al Aklabi | Jeevan Nagendran | Luis G. Quinonez | Ying Qian Li | John Miller | David B. Ross | Ivan M. Rebeyka | Jia Li
Boride Ceramics: Densification, Microstructure Tailoring and Properties Improvement

Author(s): ZHANG Guo-Jun, ZOU Ji, NI De-Wei, LIU Hai-Tao, KAN Yan-Mei
Investigations on the Thermal Weight Loss and the Photoluminescence Mechanism of AAO Template

Author(s): HAN Yu-Yan, CAO Liang, XU Fa-Qiang, QIAN Kun, HUANG Wei-Xin
Study of clinical efficacy of inhaled tobramycin as an add on treatment in COPD patients

Author(s): Singh Barundeep | Kaur Chrisinder | Kaur Rubneet | Kaur Harsharanjit
Comparative Study of SMBR and Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Processes in the Treatment of Strength Wastewaters

Author(s): M Gholami | A Sabzali | E Dehghani Fard | R Mirzaei | D Motalebi
Modelling circulation in an ice-covered lake

Author(s): Timo Huttula | Merja Pulkkanen | Boris Arkhipov | Matti Leppäranta | Viacheslav Solbakov | Kunio Shirasawa | Kalevi Salonen
Civic Pollution and Its Effect on Water Quality of River Toi at District Kohat, NWFP

Author(s): Zubair Anwar | Khalid Usman Khattak | Mazhar Islam | Rizwan Ullah Khan | Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak
The Influence of Marine Pollution on Distribution and Abundance of Polychaetes

Author(s): A. El-Gendy | S. Al-Farraj | S. Al-Kahtani | M. El-Hedeny
Climate change impact on thermal and oxygen regime of shallow lakes

Author(s): Sergey Golosov | Arkady Terzhevik | Ilia Zverev | Georgiy Kirillin | Cristof Engelhardt
The Control of Human Immunosystem by Using Paeony Root Drug

Author(s): Hideo Tsuboi | Muhaimin Rifa’i | Khaled Hossain | Izumi Nakashima | Haruhiko Suzuki
Zinc oxide nanoparticles selectively induce apoptosis in human cancer cells through reactive oxygen species

Author(s): Javed Akhtar M | Ahamed M | Kumar S | Khan MM | Ahmad J | Alrokayan SA
Estudio del régimen de pérdidas dieléctricas constantes en conductores iónicos con estructura de tipo pirocloro

Author(s): Díaz-Guillén, M. R. | Fuentes, A. F. | Díaz-Guillén, J. A. | León, C.
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Depth Profiling for Evaluation of La2Zr2O7 Buffer Layer Capacity

Author(s): Vyshnavi Narayanan | Klaartje de Buysser | Els Bruneel | Isabel van Driessche
Nanoclustering in Silicon Induced by Oxygen Ions Implanted

Author(s): D. Manno | A. Serra | E. Filippo | M. Rossi | G. Quarta | L. Maruccio | L. Calcagnile
CFD Applications in Energy and Environment Sectors: Volume 1

Author(s): Maher A.R. Sadiq Al-Baghdadi and Hashim R. Abdol Hamid
Composition bromatologic-chemical and in vitro dry matter digestibility of sugarcane hydrolyzed with whitewash Composição químico-bromatológica e digestibilidade in vitro da matéria seca de cana-de-açúcar hidrolisada com cal virgem

Author(s): Carlos Henrique Silveira Rabelo | Adauton Vilela de Rezende | Denismar Alves Nogueira | Flávio Henrique Silveira Rabelo | Rafael Ferreira Elias | Danni César Nogueira Achcar de Faria Júnior
Airway pressure distribution during xenon anesthesia: The insufflation phase at constant flow (volume controlled mode)

Author(s): Ira M. Katz | Andrew R. Martin | Chia-Hsiang Feng | Caroline Majoral | Georges Caillibotte | Thomas Marx | Jean-Etienne Bazin | Christian Daviet
Comparative growth in cages of three strains of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): common, chitralada and mixed race

Author(s): Ida Vanderlei Tenório | Maria do Carmo Figueredo Soares | José Patrocínio Lopes
Identification and quantification of organic aerosol from cooking and other sources in Barcelona using aerosol mass spectrometer data

Author(s): C. Mohr | P. F. DeCarlo | M. F. Heringa | R. Chirico | J. G. Slowik | R. Richter | C. Reche | A. Alastuey | X. Querol | R. Seco | J. Peñuelas | J. L. Jiménez | M. Crippa | R. Zimmermann | U. Baltensperger | A. S. H. Prévôt
Temporal distribution of the mesozooplankton in the Muriá creek, Pará, Brazil

Author(s): Natália da Rocha Leite | Luci Cajueiro Carneiro Pereira | Rauquírio Marinho da Costa
Role of Genetic Changes in the Progression of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author(s): S. A. Sheweita | H. Baghdadi | A. R. Allam
Short and long-term temporal variation of the zooplankton in a tropical estuary (Amazon region, Brazil)

Author(s): Kelli Garboza da Costa | Luci Cajueiro Carneiro Pereira | Rauquírio Marinho da Costa
Separation of oily sludge and glycerol from biodiesel processing waste by coagulation

Author(s): Qiao-guang Xie1, | Wirach Taweepreda 2, | Charongpun Musikavong1* | Chaisri Suksaroj 1*
Interaction of haptoglobin with hemoglobin octamers based on the mutation αAsn78Cys or βGly83Cys

Author(s): Corinne Vasseur | Shoucheng Du | Elisa Domingues-Hamdi | Véronique Baudin-Creuza | Chien Ho | Regina Kettering | Michael C. Marden | Thomas Brillet | Joanne I. Yeh | Nancy T. Ho | Tong-Jian Shen
Surface Characterization of Titanium Implants Treated in Hydrofluoric Acid

Author(s): Eugeniya B. Yakushina | Ruslan Z. Valiev | Seif O. Cholakh | Manfred Meumann | Danila M. Korotin | Stefan Bartkowski | Ernst Z. Kurmaev
3-Arylisothiazoloquinols As Potent Ligands for the Benzodiazepine Site of GABAA Receptors

Author(s): Mogens Nielsen | Olov Sterner | Tommy Liljefors | Jakob Nilsson | Elsebet Østergaard Nielsen
Ultrasonic Corrosion-Anodization: Electrochemical Cell Design and Process Range Testing

Author(s): Charalambos C. Doumanidis | Kyriaki Polychronopoulou | Kyriakos Roushia
Conductivity Degradation Study of PEDOT: PSS Films under Heat Treatment in Helium and Atmospheric Air

Author(s): Konstantinos Emmanouil | Stelios A. Choulis | Nikolaos Paliatsas | Evangelos Vitoratos | Sotirios Sakkopoulos
Studies on Degradation of Diquat Pesticide in Aqueous Solutions Using Electrochemical Method

Author(s): Khaled Hartani | Abed Al Hakem Basheer | Mazen Hamada | Nasser Abu Ghalwa | Hazem M. Abu-Shawish
Chair-rising and 3-min walk: A simple screening test for functional mobility

Author(s): Tae-Hyun Lee | Tatsuki Naka | Kim Jin-Hwan | Tae-Woong Oh | Izumi Tabata
Sequential Remediation Processes for a Low Level Pesticide Wastewater

Author(s): Abdel E. Ghaly | Mariam T. Al hattab
Temperature Effects on Vitamin C Content in Citrus Fruits

Author(s): P.C. Njoku | A.A. Ayuk | C.V. Okoye
Studies on Degradation of Diquat Pesticide in Aqueous Solutions Using Electrochemical Method

Author(s): Khaled Hartani | Abed Al Hakem Basheer | Mazen Hamada | Nasser Abu Ghalwa | Hazem M. Abu-Shawish
Chair-rising and 3-min walk: A simple screening test for functional mobility

Author(s): Tae-Hyun Lee | Tatsuki Naka | Kim Jin-Hwan | Tae-Woong Oh | Izumi Tabata
Sequential Remediation Processes for a Low Level Pesticide Wastewater

Author(s): Abdel E. Ghaly | Mariam T. Al hattab
Ovine Hepatic Metabolism 1. The Effect of Portal Amino Acid Concentration on the Metabolism of Glucose and Urea

Author(s): Ali, A.M | H.E. Mohamed | J.G., van der Walt | H.C. Rossouw | H. Engelbrecht
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in three cases of necrotizing infection of the neck

Author(s): Torbjørn Nedrebø | Trond Bruun | Rune Skjåstad | Gunhild Holmaas | Steinar Skrede
Development of a sensitive long pathlength absorbance photometer to quantify peroxides in aerosol particles (Peroxide-LOPAP)

Author(s): P. Mertes | L. Pfaffenberger | J. Dommen | M. Kalberer | U. Baltensperger
Humidity-dependent phase state of SOA particles from biogenic and anthropogenic precursors

Author(s): E. Saukko | A. T. Lambe | P. Massoli | Koop, T. | J. P. Wright | D. R. Croasdale | D. A. Pedernera | T. B. Onasch | A. Laaksonen | P. Davidovits | D. R. Worsnop | A. Virtanen
Gas phase formation of extremely oxidized pinene reaction products in chamber and ambient air

Author(s): M. Ehn | E. Kleist | H. Junninen | T. Petäjä | G. Lönn | S. Schobesberger | M. Dal Maso | A. Trimborn | M. Kulmala | D. R. Worsnop | A. Wahner | J. Wildt | Th. F. Mentel
Production of oceanic nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing archaea

Author(s): C. R. Loescher | A. Kock | M. Koenneke | J. LaRoche | H. W. Bange | R. A. Schmitz

Author(s): Mehrzad Moghadasi | Elaheh Heidarnia | Mohadeseh Nematollahzadeh | Ahmad Torkfar | Hamid Arvin
Oxidative stress in rat liver during acute cadmium and ethanol intoxication

Author(s): Radosavljević Tatjana | Mladenović Dušan | Ninković Milica | Vučević Danijela | Boričić Ivan | Ješić-Vukićević Rada | Šljivančanin Tamara | Lopičić Srđan | Todorović Vera
Cell-Based Sensor System Using L6 Cells for Broad Band Continuous Pollutant Monitoring in Aquatic Environments

Author(s): Rebekka Kubisch | Ulrich Bohrn | Maximilian Fleischer | Evamaria Stütz
Titanium dioxide induces apoptotic cell death through reactive oxygen species-mediated Fas upregulation and Bax activation

Author(s): Yoo KC | Yoon CH | Kwon DW | Hyun KH | Woo SJ | Kim RK | Lim EJ | Suh YJ | Kim MJ | Yoon TH | Lee SJ
Microwave discharge as a remote source of neutral oxygen atoms

Author(s): Gregor Primc | Rok Zaplotnik | Alenka Vesel | Miran Mozetic
Redox-controlled memristive switching in the junctions employing Ti reactive electrodes

Author(s): Haitao Li | Yidong Xia | Hanni Xu | Lifei Liu | Xuefei Li | Zhenjie Tang | Xiangzhong Chen | Aidong Li | Jiang Yin | Zhiguo Liu
Structural transformation and charge transfer induced ferroelectricity and magnetism in annealed YMnO3

Author(s): Sheng-Hsu Liu | Jung-Chun-Andrew Huang | Xiaoding Qi | Wei-Jui Lin | Yu-Jhan Siao | Chun-Rong Lin | Jin-Ming Chen | Mau-Tsu Tang | Yu-Hua Lee | Jung-Chuan Lee
Optical and electrical properties of spray pyrolysis deposited nano-crystalline BiFeO3 films

Author(s): Annapu Reddy Venkateswarlu | G. D. Varma | R. Nath
Transforming from paramagnetism to room temperature ferromagnetism in CuO by ball milling

Author(s): Daqiang Gao | Zhaolong Yang | Jing Zhang | Guijin Yang | Zhonghua Zhu | Jing Qi | Mingsu Si | Desheng Xue

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