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On quasilinear elliptic equations in ℝN

Author(s): C. O. Alves | J. V. Concalves | L. A. Maia
N-Laplacian equations in ℝN with critical growth

Author(s): João Marcos B. do Ó
Multiple solutions for a problem with resonance involving the p-Laplacian

Author(s): C. O. Alves | P. C. Carrião | O. H. Miyagaki
Existence theorems for elliptic hemivariational inequalities involving the p-Laplacian

Author(s): Nikolaos C. Kourogenis | Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou
Perturbations near resonance for the p-Laplacian in ℝN

Author(s): To Fu Ma | Maurício Luciano Pelicer
Sign-changing and multiple solutions for the p-Laplacian

Author(s): Siegfried Carl | Kanishka Perera
On the A-Laplacian

Author(s): Noureddine Aïssaoui
Logistic equation with the p-Laplacian and constant yield harvesting

Author(s): Shobha Oruganti | Junping Shi | Ratnasingham Shivaji
Image Retrieval using Contourlet Transform

Author(s): Swapna Borde | Dr. Udhav Bhosle
An Analytic Approach of Edge Detection Gradient Operators

Author(s): Megha Seth | Dr. Sipi Dubey | Mrs. Shikha Pandey
Regularity and symmetry of positive solutions to nonlinear integral systems

Author(s): Wanghe Yao | Xiaoli Chen | Jianfu Yang
Consequences of Talenti's inequality becoming equality

Author(s): Behrouz Emamizadeh | Mohsen Zivari-Rezapour
On the solvability of discrete nonlinear Neumann problems involving the p(x)-Laplacian

Author(s): Guiro Aboudramane | Nyanquini Ismael | Ouaro Stanislas
Uniqueness of Periodic Solution for a Class of Liénard -Laplacian Equations

Author(s): Cao Fengjuan | Han Zhenlai | Zhao Ping | Sun Shurong
Existence of Periodic Solutions for -Laplacian Equations on Time Scales

Author(s): Cao Fengjuan | Han Zhenlai | Sun Shurong
Three Solutions for a Discrete Nonlinear Neumann Problem Involving the -Laplacian

Author(s): Candito Pasquale | D'Aguì Giuseppina
Sequential Parameter Estimation of Time-Varying Non-Gaussian Autoregressive Processes

Author(s): Djurić Petar M | Kotecha Jayesh H | Esteve Fabien | Perret Etienne
Multivalued -Lienard systems

Author(s): Filippakis Michael E | Papageorgiou Nikolaos S
Video Enhancement from Multiple Compressed Copies in Transform Domain

Author(s): Nguyen VietAnh | Chen Zhenzhong | Tan Yap-Peng
On the solvability of a boundary value problem on the real line

Author(s): Cupini Giovanni | Marcelli Cristina | Papalini Francesca
Multiple Solutions for a Class of -Laplacian Systems

Author(s): Fu Yongqiang | Zhang Xia
Infinitely Many Periodic Solutions for Variable Exponent Systems

Author(s): Guo Xiaoli | Lu Mingxin | Zhang Qihu
Dead Core Problems for Singular Equations with -Laplacian

Author(s): Agarwal Ravi P | O'Regan Donal | Staněk Svatoslav
Symmetry Theorems and Uniform Rectifiability

Author(s): Lewis John | Vogel Andrew L
The first eigenvalue of -Laplacian systems with nonlinear boundary conditions

Author(s): Kandilakis DA | Magiropoulos M | Zographopoulos NB
Eigenvalues of the -Laplacian and disconjugacy criteria

Author(s): De Napoli Pablo L | Pinasco Juan P
Hardy inequalities in strips on ruled surfaces

Author(s): Krejčiřík David
A Total Variation Regularization Based Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm for Digital Video

Author(s): Ng Michael K | Shen Huanfeng | Lam Edmund Y | Zhang Liangpei
Scalable Video Coding with Interlayer Signal Decorrelation Techniques

Author(s): Yang Wenxian | Rath Gagan | Guillemot Christine
Multiple positive solutions of singular discrete p-Laplacian problems via variational methods

Author(s): Agarwal Ravi P | Perera Kanishka | O'Regan Donal
Robust and Scalable Transmission of Arbitrary 3D Models over Wireless Networks

Author(s): Cheng Irene | Ying Lihang | Daniilidis Kostas | Basu Anup
Existence of Global Attractors in for -Laplacian Parabolic Equation in

Author(s): Chen Caisheng | Shi Lanfang | Wang Hui
Constant Sign and Nodal Solutions for Problems with the -Laplacian and a Nonsmooth Potential Using Variational Techniques

Author(s): Agarwal RaviP | Filippakis MichaelE | O'Regan Donal | Papageorgiou NikolaosS
Existence of Solutions for a Class of Elliptic Systems in Involving the -Laplacian

Author(s): Ogras S | Mashiyev RA | Avci M | Yucedag Z
Infinitely Many Solutions for Perturbed Hemivariational Inequalities

Author(s): D'Aguì Giuseppina | Molica Bisci Giovanni
On Second-Order Differential Equations with Nonhomogeneous -Laplacian

Author(s): Cecchi Mariella | Došlá Zuzana | Marini Mauro
Contourlet Filter Design Based on Chebyshev Best Uniform Approximation

Author(s): Yang Guoan | Fang Xiaofeng | Jing Mingli | Zhang Songjun | Hou Ming
On Some Quasimetrics and Their Applications

Author(s): Bachar Imed | Mâagli Habib
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