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Automatic Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds using Panoramic Reflectance Images

Author(s): Zhizhong Kang | Jonathan Li | Liqiang Zhang | Qile Zhao | Sisi Zlatanova

Author(s): Hernández, Aldo | Felipe Medina, Iván | Erazo, Leydy Aleen
Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory use and the risk of prostate cancer

Author(s): Daniels Nicholas | Chen Yea-Hung | Bent Stephen
Developing 3D Viewing Model from 2D Stereo Pair with its Occlusion Ratio

Author(s): Himanshu Johari, Vishal Kaushik & Pawan Kumar Upadhyay
Robust algorithm for point matching in uncalibrated stereo vision systems

Author(s): José Alexandre de França | Marcelo Ricardo Stemmer | Maria Bernadete Morais França
BOV – a web-based BLAST output visualization tool

Author(s): Gollapudi Rajesh | Revanna Kashi | Hemmerich Chris | Schaack Sarah | Dong Qunfeng
2-D DOA Estimation via Matrix Partition and Stacking Technique

Author(s): Nan-Jun Li | Jian-Feng Gu | Ping Wei
A Featured-Based Strategy for Stereovision Matching in Sensors with Fish-Eye Lenses for Forest Environments

Author(s): Pedro Javier Herrera | Gonzalo Pajares | Maria Guijarro | José J. Ruz | Jesús M. Cruz | Fernando Montes
M3G: Maximum Margin Microarray Gridding

Author(s): Bariamis Dimitris | Iakovidis Dimitris | Maroulis Dimitris
Wave Propagation in Lossy and Superconducting Circular Waveguides

Author(s): K. H. Yeap | C. Y. Tham | K. C. Yeong | H. J. Woo
Digital Computer Matching of Tooth Color

Author(s): Won-suk Oh | John Pogoncheff | William J. O’Brien
IHBM: Integrated Histogram Bin Matching For Similarity Measures of Color Image Retrieval

Author(s): V. Vijaya Kumar | N. Gnaneswara Rao | A.L.Narsimha Rao | V.Venkata Krishna
An intuitionistic approach to scoring DNA sequences against transcription factor binding site motifs

Author(s): Garcia-Alcalde Fernando | Blanco Armando | Shepherd Adrian
A genome alignment algorithm based on compression

Author(s): Cao Minh | Dix Trevor | Allison Lloyd
Fusion Approach for Fingerprint Matching for Improved System Accuracy

Author(s): Zia Saquib | Santosh Kumar Soni | Varunkrishnan T K | Anamika Singh | Sukhdeep Singh Arora
CSI-OMIM - Clinical Synopsis Search in OMIM

Author(s): Cohen Raphael | Gefen Avitan | Elhadad Michael | Birk Ohad
Determine Conjugate Points of an Aerial Photograph Stereopairs using Seperate Channel Mean Value Technique

Author(s): Andri Hernandi | D. Muhally Hakim | Irawan Seomarto | Agung Budiharto | Emalia
Intraspecific genetic diversity of Drechslera tritici-repentis as detected by random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis

Author(s): Santos Ana Maria Pujol Vieira dos | Matsumura Aida T. Santos | Van Der Sand Sueli Teresinha
Malaria Panel Assay versus PCR: detection of naturally infected Anopheles melas in a coastal village of Equatorial Guinea

Author(s): Moreno Marta | Cano Jorge | Nzambo Sisinio | Bobuakasi Leonardo | Buatiche Jesús | Ondo Melchor | Micha Francisco | Benito Agustín
A BAC end view of the Musa acuminata genome

Author(s): Cheung Foo | Town Christopher
PET/CT Staging Followed by Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Improves Treatment Outcome of Locally Advanced Pharyngeal Carcinoma: a matched-pair comparison

Author(s): Rothschild Sacha | Studer Gabriela | Seifert Burkhardt | Huguenin Pia | Glanzmann Christoph | Davis J Bernard | Lütolf Urs | Hany Thomas | Ciernik I Frank
Compression-based classification of biological sequences and structures via the Universal Similarity Metric: experimental assessment

Author(s): Ferragina Paolo | Giancarlo Raffaele | Greco Valentina | Manzini Giovanni | Valiente Gabriel
Correlates of patient satisfaction with physician visit: Differences between elderly and non-elderly survey respondents

Author(s): Kong Meg | Camacho Fabian | Feldman Steven | Anderson Roger | Balkrishnan Rajesh
A dynamic programming approach for the alignment of signal peaks in multiple gas chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments

Author(s): Robinson Mark | De Souza David | Keen Woon | Saunders Eleanor | McConville Malcolm | Speed Terence | Likić Vladimir
Evolution of complexity in RNA-like replicator systems

Author(s): Takeuchi Nobuto | Hogeweg Paulien
Merging microsatellite data: enhanced methodology and software to combine genotype data for linkage and association analysis

Author(s): Presson Angela | Sobel Eric | Pajukanta Paivi | Plaisier Christopher | Weeks Daniel | Åberg Karolina | Papp Jeanette
Neurotology findings in patients with diagnosis of vascular loop of cranial nerves VIII in magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Grocoske, Francisco Luiz Busato | Mendes, Rita de Cássia C. G. | Vosguerau, Ronaldo | Mocellin, Marcos | Oliveira, Maria Theresa Costa Ramos de | Koerner, Heloisa Nardi
C-Pack: A High-Performance Microprocessor Cache Compression Algorithm

An Innovative Way of Finding Best or Least Matching Pairs and Groups

Author(s): Farahman Farrokhi | Asgar Mahmoudi Hamidabad
Robust surface registration using N-points approximate congruent sets

Author(s): Yao Jian | Ruggeri Mauro | Taddei Pierluigi | Sequeira Vítor
A prenatal tertiary trisomy resulting from balanced maternal 8; 9 translocation

Author(s): Gülsüm Kayhan | Mehmet Ali Ergün | Aydan Asyalı Biri | Meral Yirmibeş Karaoğuz
Multiple Pattern Matching Algorithm using Pair-count

Author(s): Raju Bhukya | D V L N Somayajulu
Genome Sequence Analysis: A Survey

Author(s): Hassan Mathkour | Muneer Ahmad
Facial Features for Template Matching Based Face Recognition

Author(s): Chai T. Yuen | M. Rizon | Woo S. San | Tan C. Seong
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