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Meaning and Practice of Palliative Care for Hospitalized Older Adults with Life Limiting Illnesses

Author(s): Bethel Ann Powers | Sally A. Norton | Madeline H. Schmitt | Timothy E. Quill | Maureen Metzger
Covered nitinol stents for the treatment of esophageal strictures and leaks

Author(s): Davide Bona, Letizia Laface, Luigi Bonavina, Emmanuele Abate, Moshe Schaffer, Ippazio Ugenti, Stefano Siboni, Rosaria Carrinola
The attitudes of Indian palliative-care nurses and physicians to pain control and palliative sedation

Author(s): Gielen Joris | Gupta Harmala | Rajvanshi Ambika | Bhatnagar Sushma | Mishra Seema | Chaturvedi Arvind | Branden Stef | Broeckaert Bert
Palliative Care Among Chumash People

Author(s): James D. Adams | Cecilia Garcia
Oral-Parenteral Conversion Factor for Morphine in Palliative Cancer Care: A Prospective Randomized Crossover Pilot Study

Author(s): Jan Starlander | Christina Melin-Johansson | Håkan Jonsson | Bertil Axelsson
Transition from curative to palliative care in cancer

Author(s): Kaur Jaspreet | Mohanti Bidhu
Hope in action—facing cardiac death: A qualitative study of patients with life-threatening disease

Author(s): Margrethe Aase Schaufel | Jan Erik Nordrehaug | Kirsti Malterud
Adaptation of the EPEC-EM™ Curriculum in a Residency with Asynchronous Learning

Author(s): Gisondi, Michael A | Lu, Dave W | Yen, May | Norris, Rachel | Courtney, D Mark | Tanabe, Paula
Comorbidity negatively influences prognosis in patients with extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Author(s): Mario Fernández-Ruiz, Juan-Manuel Guerra-Vales, Francisco Colina-Ruizdelgado
Extending the team component of the Latimer ethical decision-making model for palliative care

Author(s): Purkis ME | Borycki E | Kuziemsky C | Black F | Cloutier-Fisher D | Fox LA | Mackenzie P | Syme A | Tschanz C
Greek Nurses Attitudes towards Death

Author(s): Malliarou Maria | Sarafis Pavlos | Sotiriadou Kiriaki | Serafeim Tatiana | Karathanasi Kostantinia | Moustaka Eleni | Theodosopoulou Eleni
Treatment of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer.

Author(s): Neville F. Hacker | Michael Friedlander
Inoperable esophageal cancer and outcome of palliative care

Author(s): Sima Besharat, Ali Jabbari, Shahryar Semnani, Abbasali Keshtkar, Jeran Marjani
Multidisciplinary management of gastric and gastroesophageal cancers

Author(s): Markus Moehler, Orestis Lyros, Ines Gockel, Peter R Galle, Hauke Lang
Four aspects of self-image close to death at home

Author(s): Ida Carlander | Britt-Marie Ternestedt | Eva Sahlberg-Blom | Ingrid Hellström | Jonas Sandberg
Chronic pain and invasive therapy

Author(s): A. Rocco | P. Di Marco | M. Luzi | A. Canneti | C. Reale
Awareness of palliative care among diploma nursing students

Author(s): Karkada Suja | Nayak Baby | Malathi
Anticoagulant and anti-thrombotic treatments in the management of hematological malignancies in a home care program

Author(s): Tendas Andrea | Cupelli Luca | Scaramucci Laura | Palombi Massimiliano | Trawinska Malgorzata | Giovannini Marco | Brunetti Gregorio | Cartoni Claudio | Bondanini Francesco | de Fabritiis Paolo | Niscola Pasquale
Role of surgery in breast metastasis from carcinoma of the cervix

Author(s): Yadav Parveen | Manjunath NML | Deo SVS | Shukla N | Durgapal Prashant | Muduly Dillip
End of life care in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the qualitative literature

Author(s): Gysels Marjolein | Pell Christopher | Straus Lianne | Pool Robert
The death of a patient: a model for reflection in GP training

Author(s): Verhoeven Anita | Schuling Jan | Maeckelberghe Els
"Card sorting": a tool for research in ethics on treatment decision-making at the end of life in Alzheimer patients with a life threatening complication

Author(s): Pazart Lionel | Vidal Chrystelle | Chalon Didier | Gauthier Sophie | Schepens Florent | Cretin Elodie | Beal Jean-Louis | Pfitzenmeyer Pierre | Aubry Régis
Palliative inpatients in general hospitals: a one day observational study in Belgium

Author(s): Desmedt Marianne | de la Kethulle Yolande | Deveugele Myriam | Keirse Emmanuel | Paulus Dominique | Menten Johan | Simoens Steven | vanden Berghe Paul | Beguin Claire
Asistencia al enfermo terminal en la atención primaria de salud

Author(s): Alfredo Espinosa Roca | Angel Julio Romero Cabrera | Maribel Misas Menéndez | Orestes Fresneda Quintana
Synovial Sarcoma of the Palatine Tonsil:Report of Two Cases and Review of theLiterature

Author(s): Bijan Khademi | Hajar Bahranifard | Mohammad Mohammadianpanah | Mohammad Javad Ashraf | Negar Azarpira | Mehdi Dehghani
Symptom Burden, Survival and Palliative Care in Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Author(s): Nicholas J. Gough | Clare Smith | Joy R. Ross | Julia Riley | Ian Judson
Reflections on Palliative Care from the Jewish and Islamic Tradition

Author(s): Michael Schultz | Kassim Baddarni | Gil Bar-Sela
Demencia en el ámbito de los cuidados paliativos del Hospicio de Seychelles

Author(s): Armando Carlos Roca Socarrás | Kleydis Blanco Torres
Over-, under- and misuse of pain treatment in Germany

Author(s): Dietl, Markus | Korczak, Dieter
Radiotherapy in the treament of gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Author(s): Christin A. Knowlton | Luther W. Brady | Rebecca C. Heintzelman
HIV infection and hepatitis B seroprevalence among antenatal clinic attendees in Niger, West Africa

Author(s): Mamadou S | Ide M | Maazou ARA | Aoula B | Labo S | Bozari M
The use of preexposure treatments for HIV prophylaxis

Author(s): Majid A | Redfield RR | Gilliam BL
Palliative Care and Death Anxiety

Author(s): Figen Inci | Fatma Oz
The role of S-1 in the treatment of gastric cancer

Author(s): Blum MA | Suzuki A | Taketa T | Ajani J

Author(s): Alicia Greyce Turatti Pessolato | Mariana Junqueira Franco | Mara Villas Boas de Carvalho

Author(s): Alicia Greyce Turatti Pessolato | Mariana Junqueira Franco | Mara Villas Boas de Carvalho
Stepped Skills: A team approach towards communication about sexuality and intimacy in cancer and palliative care

Author(s): Hilde de Vocht | Amanda Hordern | Joy Notter | Harry van de Wiel
Osteopenia and osteoporosis in people living with HIV: multiprofessional approach

Author(s): Lima AL | Oliveira PR | Plapler PG | Marcolino FM | Meirelles ES | Sugawara A | Gobbi RG | Godoy-Santos AL | Camanho GL
Welcome to Nursing Reports

Author(s): Marilyn Kirshbaum, Editor-in-Chief
Talking about dying and death: a focus group study to explore a local community perspective

Author(s): Marilyn N. Y. Kirshbaum | Ian carey | Brigid Purcell | Seamus Nash
Elderly and Prostate Cancer Screening

Author(s): Konstantinos N Stamatiou
Framework and indicator testing protocol for developing and piloting quality indicators for the UK quality and outcomes framework

Author(s): Campbell Stephen | Kontopantelis Evangelos | Hannon Kerin | Burke Martyn | Barber Annette | Lester Helen
Using movies to teach professionalism to medical students

Author(s): Klemenc-Ketis Zalika | Kersnik Janko
The effect on survival of continuing chemotherapy to near death

Author(s): Saito Akiko | Landrum Mary | Neville Bridget | Ayanian John | Earle Craig

Author(s): Tan Chai Eng | Mohd Radzniwan Rashid | Khairani Omar | Ednin Hamzah
Pain Control In Cancer Patients By Opiate Use

Author(s): Mohagheghi M A | Nahvi Jou A | Sedighi Z
The study of nurses’ knowledge and attitudes regarding cancer pain management

Author(s): Mamishi N | Behroozishad F | Mohagheghi MA | Eftekhar Z | Shahabi Z
Treating nausea and vomiting in palliative care: a review

Author(s): Glare P | Miller J | Nikolova T | Tickoo R
Measuring and modelling occupancy time in NHS continuing healthcare

Author(s): Chahed Salma | Demir Eren | Chaussalet Thierry | Millard Peter | Toffa Samuel
Fatal invasive cervical cancer secondary to untreated cervical dysplasia: a case report

Author(s): Braun Stephan | Reimer Daniel | Strobl Isolde | Wieland Ulrike | Wiesbauer Petra | Müller-Holzner Elisabeth | Fessler Siegfried | Scherer Arthur | Marth Christian | Zeimet Alain
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii IgG antibody in HIV-infected patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital

Author(s): Osunkalu VO | Akanmu AS | Ofomah NJ | Onyiaorah IV | Adediran AA | Akinde RO | Onwuezobe IA
Effect of the Program «Caring for caretakers»: Findings of a multicenter study

Author(s): Lucy Barrera | Gloria Mabel Carrillo | Lorena Chaparro | Natividad Pinto | Alberto Rodríguez | Beatriz Sánchez
Quality of life among patients receiving palliative care in South Africa and Uganda: a multi-centred study

Author(s): Selman Lucy | Higginson Irene | Agupio Godfrey | Dinat Natalya | Downing Julia | Gwyther Liz | Mashao Thandi | Mmoledi Keletso | Moll Tony | Sebuyira Lydia | Ikin Barbara | Harding Richard
Predicting mortality of residents at admission to nursing home: A longitudinal cohort study

Author(s): Hjaltadóttir Ingibjörg | Hallberg Ingalill | Ekwall Anna | Nyberg Per
Implementing patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in palliative care - users' cry for help

Author(s): Bausewein Claudia | Simon Steffen | Benalia Hamid | Downing Julia | Mwangi-Powell Faith | Daveson Barbara | Harding Richard | Higginson Irene
Study Protocol: Phase III single-blinded fast-track pragmatic randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention for breathlessness in advanced disease

Author(s): Farquhar Morag | Prevost A Toby | McCrone Paul | Higginson Irene | Gray Jennifer | Brafman-Kennedy Barbara | Booth Sara
Congenitally corrected transposition

Author(s): Wallis Gonzalo | Debich-Spicer Diane | Anderson Robert
Safety and caregiver satisfaction with gastrostomy in patients with Ataxia Telangiectasia

Author(s): Lefton-Greif Maureen | Crawford Thomas | McGrath-Morrow Sharon | Carson Kathryn | Lederman Howard
Design of a randomized controlled study of a multi-professional and multidimensional intervention targeting frail elderly people

Author(s): Wilhelmson Katarina | Duner Anna | Eklund Kajsa | Gosman-Hedström Gunilla | Blomberg Staffan | Hasson Henna | Gustafsson Helena | Landahl Sten | Dahlin-Ivanoff Synneve
Palliative care making a difference in rural Uganda, Kenya and Malawi: three rapid evaluation field studies

Author(s): Grant Liz | Brown Judith | Leng Mhoira | Bettega Nadia | Murray Scott
Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit: Is it an adequate public health response to addressing the issue of caregiver burden in end-of-life care?

Author(s): Williams Allison | Eby Jeanette | Crooks Valorie | Stajduhar Kelli | Giesbrecht Melissa | Vuksan Mirjana | Cohen S Robin | Brazil Kevin | Allan Diane
Identifying bereaved subjects at risk of complicated grief: Predictive value of questionnaire items in a cohort study

Author(s): Guldin Mai-Britt | O'Connor Maja | Sokolowski Ineta | Jensen Anders | Vedsted Peter
Effects of online palliative care training on knowledge, attitude and satisfaction of primary care physicians

Author(s): Pelayo Marta | Cebrián Diego | Areosa Almudena | Agra Yolanda | Izquierdo Juan | Buendía Félix
Expert opinion on detecting and treating depression in palliative care: A Delphi study

Author(s): Rayner Lauren | Price Annabel | Hotopf Matthew | Higginson Irene
Implementing a quality improvement programme in palliative care in care homes: a qualitative study

Author(s): Hall Sue | Goddard Cassie | Stewart Frances | Higginson Irene
Intervention for depression among palliative care patients and their families: A study protocol for evaluation of a training program for professional care staff

Author(s): Hallford David | McCabe Marita | Mellor David | Davison Tanya | Goldhammer Denisa | George Kuruvilla | Storer Shane
Analysis of the construct of dignity and content validity of the patient dignity inventory

Author(s): Albers Gwenda | Pasman H Roeline | Rurup Mette | de Vet Henrica | Onwuteaka-Philipsen Bregje
Primary care providers' perspective on prescribing opioids to older adults with chronic non-cancer pain: A qualitative study

Author(s): Spitz Aerin | Moore Alison | Papaleontiou Maria | Granieri Evelyn | Turner Barbara | Reid M
HIV-related risk perception among female sex workers in Nigeria

Author(s): Ankomah A | Omoregie G | Akinyemi Z | Anyanti J | Ladipo O | Adebayo S
Pancreatic cancer survival in central and northern Denmark from 1998 through 2009: a population-based cohort study

Author(s): Cronin-Fenton DP | Erichsen R | Mortensen FV | Dikinis S | Nørgaard M | Jacobsen JB
Feasibility of Conducting a Music Therapy Study With Hospice Patients with Dementia & Agitation

Author(s): Barbara Reuer | Julie Guy | Ann Sturley | Matt Soskins | Charles R. Lewis
Music and Arts in Health Promotion and Death Education: The St Christopher’s Schools Project

Author(s): Giorgos Tsiris | Marion Tasker | Virginia Lawson | Gerry Prince | Tamsin Dives | Mick Sands | Andrew Ridley
Subjective Definitions of Problems and Symptoms in Palliative Care

Author(s): Stephanie Stiel | Christina Hollberg | Martina Pestinger | Christoph Ostgathe | Friedemann Nauck | Gabriele Lindena | Frank Elsner | Lukas Radbruch | The Members of the HOPE Steering Group
Methotrexate Revisited—in Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer

Author(s): R.P.S. Banipal | M.K. Mahajan
Comparison of the impact of radiotherapy and radiochemotherapy on the quality of life of 1-year survivors with cervical cancer

Author(s): Krikeli M | Ekonomopoulou MT | Tzitzikas I | Goutzioulis A | Mystakidou K | Pistevou-Gompaki K
Participation of women in HIV clinical trials: the IPEC-FIOCRUZ experience

Author(s): Lake JE | Friedman RK | Cunha CB | Cardoso SW | Veloso VG | Currier JS | Grinsztejn B
The role of endoscopic treatment in palliative care of hilar malignant strictures

Author(s): Kapsoritakis A. | Potamianos S. | Costamagna G.
Palliation of inoperable malignant colonic obstruction.Comparison and cost effectiveness analysis between stent placement and stoma creation

Author(s): D. Xinopoulos, D. Dimitroulopoulos, T. Theodosopoulos, K. Tsamakidis, I. Paraskevas,P. Vassilopoulos, E. Paraskevas

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