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On the dispersion of two coexisting nongyrotropic ion species

Author(s): A. L. Brinca | U. Motschmann | F. J. Romeiras
Cluster survey of the mid-altitude cusp – Part 2: Large-scale morphology

Author(s): F. Pitout | C. P. Escoubet | B. Klecker | I. Dandouras
Relative drift between black aurora and the ionospheric plasma

Author(s): E. M. Blixt | M. J. Kosch | J. Semeter
A new tool for the performance analysis of massively parallel computer systems

Author(s): Anton Stefanek | Richard Hayden | Jeremy Bradley
Second-order sliding mode control of time delay systems

Author(s): Fišer Jaromír | Zítek Pavel
Expression of a novel carbonic anhydrase, CA XIII, in normal and neoplastic colorectal mucosa

Author(s): Kummola Laura | Hämäläinen Jonna | Kivelä Jyrki | Kivelä Antti | Saarnio Juha | Karttunen Tuomo | Parkkila Seppo

Author(s): Jason Ashmore | Roger Bishop | Donald C. Craig | Marcia L. Scudder
Review - Synthesis and superconducting properties of CaC6

Author(s): Nicolas Emery, Claire Herold, Jean-François Mareche and Philippe Lagrange
Oral squamous papilloma and condyloma acuminatum as manifestations of buccal-genital infection by human papillomavirus

Author(s): dos Reis Helena Lucia | Rabelo Priscila | de Santana Maria Rubia | Ferreira Dennis | Filho Antonio
Electrodeposition of quaternary alloys in the presence of magnetic field

Author(s): Ebadi Mehdi | Basirun Wan | Alias Yatimah | Mahmoudian Mohammadreza
Integrating Biosystem Models Using Waveform Relaxation

Author(s): Linzhong Li | Robert M. Seymour | Stephen Baigent
Fgf2 is expressed in human and murine embryonic choroid plexus and affects choroid plexus epithelial cell behaviour

Author(s): Greenwood Sarah | Swetloff Adam | Wade Angela | Terasaki Tetsuya | Ferretti Patrizia
Improving survey methods in sero-epidemiological studies of injecting drug users: a case example of two cross sectional surveys in Serbia and Montenegro

Author(s): Judd Ali | Rhodes Tim | Johnston Lisa | Platt Lucy | Andjelkovic Violeta | Simić Danijela | Mugosa Boban | Simić Milena | Žerjav Sonja | Parry Ruth | Parry John
Size-partitioning of an urban aerosol to identify particle determinants involved in the proinflammatory response induced in airway epithelial cells

Author(s): Ramgolam Kiran | Favez Olivier | Cachier Hélène | Gaudichet Annie | Marano Francelyne | Martinon Laurent | Baeza-Squiban Armelle
Using psychological theory to understand the clinical management of type 2 diabetes in Primary Care: a comparison across two European countries

Author(s): Hrisos Susan | Eccles Martin | Francis Jill | Bosch Marije | Dijkstra Rob | Johnston Marie | Grol Richard | Kaner Eileen | Steen Ian
Effects of Power Lines on Area Use and Behaviour of Semi-Domestic Reindeer in Enclosures

Author(s): K. Flydal | L. Korslund | E. Reimers | F. Johansen | J. E. Colman
Cluster observations in the magnetosheath – Part 1: Anisotropies of the wave vector distribution of the turbulence at electron scales

Author(s): A. Mangeney | C. Lacombe | M. Maksimovic | A. A. Samsonov | N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin | C. C. Harvey | J.-M. Bosqued | P. Trávníček
Oxygen ion escape from Venus in a global hybrid simulation: role of the ionospheric O+ ions

Author(s): R. Jarvinen | E. Kallio | P. Janhunen | S. Barabash | T. L. Zhang | V. Pohjola | I. Sillanpää
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jian Cao | Xin Wang
The effect of electrospun fibre alignment on the behaviour of rat periodontal ligament cells

Author(s): S Shang | F Yang | X Cheng | XF Walboomers | JA Jansen
Radon concentration in soil gas and radon exhalation rate at the Ravne Fault in NW Slovenia

Author(s): J. Vaupotič | A. Gregorič | I. Kobal | P. Žvab | K. Kozak | J. Mazur | E. Kochowska | D. Grządziel
Rheological investigation and simulation of a debris-flow event in the Fella watershed

Author(s): M. A. Boniello | C. Calligaris | R. Lapasin | L. Zini
Desgaste lubricado de recubrimientos NiCrBSi refundidos parcialmente con láser

Author(s): Vijande, R. | Cuetos, J. M. | Cortizo, J. L. | Rodríguez, E. | Noriega, Á.
Crecimiento anormal del grano austenítico en el acero microaleado 38MnSiV55 y determinación de las fuerzas impulsoras y de anclaje

Author(s): Medina, S. F. | Chapa, M. | Gómez, M. | Quispe, A. | López, V. | Fernández, B.
Extrarenal Wilms′ tumour--a case report and review of literature.

Author(s): Waingankar V | Meisheri I | Patel M | Ramesh S | Naregal A | Muthal P
Transcriptome analysis of monocyte-HIV interactions

Author(s): Van den Bergh Rafael | Florence Eric | Vlieghe Erika | Boonefaes Tom | Grooten Johan | Houthuys Erica | Tran Huyen | Gali Youssef | De Baetselier Patrick | Vanham Guido | Raes Geert
The Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program: A community-based translational study

Author(s): Colagiuri Stephen | Vita Philip | Cardona-Morrell Magnolia | Singh Maria | Farrell Louise | Milat Andrew | Haas Marion | Bauman Adrian
The Visualization of Three Dimensional Brain Tumors` Growth on Distributed Parallel Computer Systems

Author(s): Norma Alias | Mohd IKhwan Safa bin Masseri | Md. Rajibul Islam | Siti Nurhidayah Khalid
Migration Algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization For a Scheduling Problem

Author(s): S. Hernane | Y. Hernane | M. Benyettou
Penetration of urea formaldehyde adhesives in wood tissue, Part II: Radial penetration of UF adhesives into silver fir

Author(s): Gavrilović-Grmuša Ivana | Miljković Jovan | Điporović-Momčilović Milanka | Radošević Gordana

Author(s): Daniela POPESCU | Adriana SCRIOŞTEANU
Effects of Study Design and Allocation on participant behaviour - ESDA: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Kypri Kypros | McCambridge Jim | Wilson Amanda | Attia John | Sheeran Paschal | Bowe Steve | Vater Tina
The transfer from survey (map-like) to route representations into Virtual Reality Mazes: effect of age and cerebral lesion

Author(s): Carelli Laura | Rusconi Maria | Scarabelli Chiara | Stampatori Chiara | Mattioli Flavia | Riva Giuseppe
Trial Protocol: Communicating DNA-based risk assessments for Crohn's disease: a randomised controlled trial assessing impact upon stopping smoking

Author(s): Whitwell Sophia | Mathew Christopher | Lewis Cathryn | Forbes Alastair | Watts Sally | Sanderson Jeremy | Hollands Gareth | Prevost A Toby | Armstrong David | Kinmonth Ann | Sutton Stephen | Marteau Theresa
Genetic constraints for thermal coadaptation in Drosophila subobscura

Author(s): Dolgova Olga | Rego Carla | Calabria Gemma | Balanyà Joan | Pascual Marta | Rezende Enrico | Santos Mauro
The SHED-IT community trial study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of weight loss programs for overweight and obese men

Author(s): Morgan Philip | Collins Clare | Plotnikoff Ronald | McElduff Patrick | Burrows Tracy | Warren Janet | Young Myles | Berry Nina | Saunders Kristen | Aguiar Elroy | Callister Robin
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus adhesion to human umbilical vein endothelial cells demonstrates wall shear stress dependent behaviour

Author(s): Viegas Kayla | Dol Sharul | Salek M Mehdi | Shepherd Robert | Martinuzzi Robert | Rinker Kristina
Aplicação de técnicas eletroquímicas no estudo da dissolução oxidativa da covelita (CuS) por Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

Author(s): Teixeira Christiane Medina | Ramires Ivan | Garcia Júnior Oswaldo | Guastaldi Antonio Carlos
The ProActive trial protocol – a randomised controlled trial of the efficacy of a family-based, domiciliary intervention programme to increase physical activity among individuals at high risk of diabetes [ISRCTN61323766]

Author(s): Williams Kate | Prevost A Toby | Griffin Simon | Hardeman Wendy | Hollingworth William | Spiegelhalter David | Sutton Stephen | Ekelund Ulf | Wareham Nicholas | Kinmonth Ann Louise
4-D single particle tracking of synthetic and proteinaceous microspheres reveals preferential movement of nuclear particles along chromatin – poor tracks

Author(s): Bacher Christian | Reichenzeller Michaela | Athale Chaitanya | Herrmann Harald | Eils Roland
Transcriptome analysis in primary neural stem cells using a tag cDNA amplification method

Author(s): Sievertzon Maria | Wirta Valtteri | Mercer Alex | Meletis Konstantinos | Erlandsson Rikard | Wikström Lilian | Frisén Jonas | Lundeberg Joakim
Multi-Channel Retailing

Author(s): Hanna Schramm-Klein, Dr. | Dirk Morschett, Dr.,
Implementation science: a role for parallel dual processing models of reasoning?

Author(s): Sladek Ruth | Phillips Paddy | Bond Malcolm
Sensory defects in Necdin deficient mice result from a loss of sensory neurons correlated within an increase of developmental programmed cell death

Author(s): Andrieu David | Meziane Hamid | Marly Fabienne | Angelats Corinne | Fernandez Pierre-Alain | Muscatelli Françoise
Non-linear elastic behaviour of carbon fibres of different structural and mechanical characteristic


Author(s): Sérgio Ferreira | José Tarcísio Lima | Sebastião Carlos da Silva Rosado | Paulo Fernando Trugilho
Regionalisation of the mouse visceral endoderm as the blastocyst transforms into the egg cylinder

Author(s): Perea-Gomez Aitana | Meilhac Sigolène | Piotrowska-Nitsche Karolina | Gray Dionne | Collignon Jérôme | Zernicka-Goetz Magdalena
PCR-based karyotyping of Anopheles gambiae inversion 2Rj identifies the BAMAKO chromosomal form

Author(s): Coulibaly Mamadou | Pombi Marco | Caputo Beniamino | Nwakanma Davis | Jawara Musa | Konate Lassana | Dia Ibrahima | Fofana Abdrahamane | Kern Marcia | Simard Frédéric | Conway David | Petrarca Vincenzo | Torre Alessandra | Traoré Sékou | Besansky Nora
Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security

Author(s): Reviewed by Yavuz AKBULUT
Distinct migratory and non-migratory ecotypes of an endemic New Zealand eleotrid (Gobiomorphus cotidianus) – implications for incipient speciation in island freshwater fish species

Author(s): Michel Christian | Hicks Brendan | Stölting Kai | Clarke Andrew | Stevens Mark | Tana Ray | Meyer Axel | van den Heuvel Michael
Protocol for SAMS (Support and Advice for Medication Study): A randomised controlled trial of an intervention to support patients with type 2 diabetes with adherence to medication

Author(s): Farmer Andrew | Prevost A Toby | Hardeman Wendy | Craven Anthea | Sutton Stephen | Griffin Simon | Kinmonth Ann-Louise
The HIM (Health for Izhevsk Men) trial protocol

Author(s): Tomkins Susannah | Allen Elizabeth | Savenko Olga | McCambridge Jim | Saburova Lyudmila | Kiryanov Nikolay | Oralov Alexey | Gil Artyom | Leon David | McKee Martin | Elbourne Diana
Heterologous microarray experiments allow the identification of the early events associated with potato tuber cold sweetening

Author(s): Bagnaresi Paolo | Moschella Anna | Beretta Ottavio | Vitulli Federico | Ranalli Paolo | Perata Pierdomenico
The Waveguide Behaviour of the Ballistic Carriers in Confined Qantum States

Author(s): F. Urban | D.W.E. Allsopp | R. Redhammer
Multiradio Resource Management: Parallel Transmission for Higher Throughput?

Author(s): Alessandro Bazzi | Gianni Pasolini | Oreste Andrisano
Engineering stable topography in dense bio-mimetic 3D collagen scaffolds

Author(s): T Alekseeva | E Hadjipanayi | EA Abou Neel | RA Brown
Creep and Viscoelastic Behaviour of Human Dentin

Author(s): T.Jafarzadeh | M.Erfan | DC.Watts
Cognition, behaviour and academic skills after cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children surviving severe malaria: a randomised trial

Author(s): Bangirana Paul | Allebeck Peter | Boivin Michael | John Chandy | Page Connie | Ehnvall Anna | Musisi Seggane
Dynamic Rheological Properties of Chickpea and Wheat Flour Doughs

Author(s): Idriss Mohammed | Abdelrahman R. Ahmed | B. Senge
A New Laboratory Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System for Behavioural Tracking of Marine Organisms

Author(s): Jacopo Aguzzi | Valerio Sbragaglia | David Sarriá | José Antonio García | Corrado Costa | Joaquín del Río | Antoni Mànuel | Paolo Menesatti | Francesc Sardà
Magnetic behavior of solid solutions REMe0.50Mn0.50O3 (RE = Y, La, Pr, Nd, Eu, Gd, Er ; Me = Ni,Co)

Author(s): Peña, O. | Barahona, P. | Gil, V. | Tartaj, J. | Moure, C.
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Deepak Garg
A mathematical model of quorum sensing regulated EPS production in biofilm communities

Author(s): Frederick Mallory | Kuttler Christina | Hense Burkhard | Eberl Hermann
Post-discharge management following hip fracture - get you back to B4: A parallel group, randomized controlled trial study protocol

Author(s): Cook Wendy | Khan Karim | Bech Michelle | Brasher Penelope | Brown Roy | Bryan Stirling | Donaldson Meghan | Guy Pierre | Hanson Heather | Leia Cheryl | Macri Erin | Sims-Gould Joanie | McKay Heather | Ashe Maureen
Integrating Biosystem Models Using Waveform Relaxation

Author(s): Li Linzhong | Seymour RobertM | Baigent Stephen
CHAMP: Cognitive behaviour therapy for health anxiety in medical patients, a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Tyrer Peter | Cooper Sylvia | Tyrer Helen | Salkovskis Paul | Crawford Mike | Green John | Smith Georgina | Reid Steven | Dupont Simon | Murphy David | Byford Sarah | Wang Duolao | Barrett Barbara
European youth care sites serve different populations of adolescents with cannabis use disorder. Baseline and referral data from the INCANT trial

Author(s): Phan Olivier | Henderson Craig | Angelidis Tatiana | Weil Patricia | van Toorn Manja | Rigter Renske | Soria Cecilia | Rigter Henk
Marketing Research Merely Reflects The Needs And Wants of Consumers

Author(s): Theodossiou George | Kourti Chrisa
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