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MHC-DAB allele polymorphism in Japanese flounders Paralichthys olivaceus

Author(s): XU Tian-Jun | CHEN Song-Lin | TIAN Yong-Sheng
Evolutionary Divergence of Duplicate Copies of the Growth Hormone Gene in Suckers (Actinopterygii: Catostomidae)

Author(s): Henry L. Bart Jr. | Paulette C. Reneau | Michael H. Doosey | Charles D. Bell
An Application of Supertree Methods to Mammalian Mitogenomic Sequences

Author(s): Véronique Campbell | François-Joseph Lapointe
Geographic polymorphism of P element in populations of Drosophila sturtevanti

Author(s): Almeida Luciane M. de | Langeani Francisco | Carareto Claudia M.A.
Accurate and robust phylogeny estimation based on profile distances: a study of the Chlorophyceae (Chlorophyta)

Author(s): Müller Tobias | Rahmann Sven | Dandekar Thomas | Wolf Matthias
Phylogenetic evidence for the distinction of Saaremaa and Dobrava hantaviruses

Author(s): Sironen Tarja | Vaheri Antti | Plyusnin Alexander
Mammoth and Elephant Phylogenetic Relationships: Mammut Americanum, the Missing Outgroup

Author(s): Ludovic Orlando | Catherine Hänni | Christophe J. Douady
Bio++: a set of C++ libraries for sequence analysis, phylogenetics, molecular evolution and population genetics

Author(s): Dutheil Julien | Gaillard Sylvain | Bazin Eric | Glémin Sylvain | Ranwez Vincent | Galtier Nicolas | Belkhir Khalid
Parsimony analysis of endemicity of enchodontoid fishes from the Cenomanian

Author(s): Silva Hilda Maria Andrade da | Gallo Valéria
Accumulation of GC donor splice signals in mammals

Author(s): Churbanov Alexander | Winters-Hilt Stephen | Koonin Eugene | Rogozin Igor
Phylogenetic analysis and temporal diversification of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) based on nuclear genes and morphology

Author(s): Reidenbach Kyanne | Cook Shelley | Bertone Matthew | Harbach Ralph | Wiegmann Brian | Besansky Nora
Analysis from theory of the orem self care according to fawcett criteria

Author(s): Lidiany Galdino Felix, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega, Wilma Dias de Fontes, Maria Júlia Guimarães de Oliveira Soares
A factor analytic investigation of the Tripartite model of affect in a clinical sample of young Australians

Author(s): Buckby Joe | Cotton Sue | Cosgrave Elizabeth | Killackey Eoin | Yung Alison
Bayesian, Maximum Parsimony and UPGMA Models for Inferring the Phylogenies of Antelopes Using Mitochondrial Markers

Author(s): Haseeb A. Khan | Ibrahim A. Arif | Ali H. Bahkali | Ahmad H. Al Farhan | Ali A. Al Homaidan
Phylogenetic analysis of chloroplast matK gene from Zingiberaceae for plant DNA barcoding

Author(s): Dhivya Selvaraj | Rajeev Kumar Sarma | Ramalingam Sathishkumar
Evolutionary and structural analyses of alpha-papillomavirus capsid proteins yields novel insights into L2 structure and interaction with L1

Author(s): Lowe John | Panda Debasis | Rose Suzanne | Jensen Ty | Hughes Willie | Tso For | Angeletti Peter
Eumalacostracan phylogeny and total evidence: limitations of the usual suspects

Author(s): Jenner Ronald | Dhubhghaill Ciara | Ferla Matteo | Wills Matthew
Remarkable convergent evolution in specialized parasitic Thecostraca (Crustacea)

Author(s): Pérez-Losada Marcos | Høeg Jens | Crandall Keith
Phylogenetic relationships in Solanaceae and related species based on cpDNA sequence from plastid trnE-trnT region

Author(s): Danila Montewka Melotto-Passarin | Irving Joseph Berger | Keini Dressano | Valentina de Fátima De Martin | Giancarlo Conde Xavier Oliveira | Ralph Bock | Helaine Carrer
Phylogeny of Annelida (Lophotrochozoa): total-evidence analysis of morphology and six genes

Author(s): Zrzavý Jan | Říha Pavel | Piálek Lubomír | Janouškovec Jan
Application and evaluation of the MLVA typing assay for the Brucella abortus strains isolated in Korea

Author(s): Her Moon | Kang Sung-Il | Cho Dong-Hee | Cho Yun-Sang | Hwang In-Yeong | Heo Young-Ran | Jung Suk-Chan | Yoo Han-Sang
Thelodont phylogeny revisited, with inclusion of key scale-based taxa

Author(s): Wilson, Mark V. H. | Märss, Tiiu
In silico analysis of Simple Sequence Repeats from chloroplast genomes of Solanaceae species

Author(s): Evandro Vagner Tambarussi | Danila Montewka Melotto-Passarin | Simone Guidetti Gonzalez | Joice Bissoloti Brigati | Frederico Almeida de Jesus | André Luiz Barbosa | Keini Dressano | Helaine Carrer
On the identification of composite beam dynamics based upon experimental data

Author(s): L.A. Dobrzański | R. Honysz | S. Fassois
A simulation study comparing supertree and combined analysis methods using SMIDGen

Author(s): Swenson M Shel | Barbançon François | Warnow Tandy | Linder C Randal
Reconstructing the ups and downs of primate brain evolution: implications for adaptive hypotheses and Homo floresiensis

Author(s): Montgomery Stephen | Capellini Isabella | Barton Robert | Mundy Nicholas

Author(s): G. Huerta | D. Martínez-Carrera | J. E. Sánchez | H. Leal-Lara | R. Vilgalys
A phylogenetic estimate for golden moles (Mammalia, Afrotheria, Chrysochloridae)

Author(s): Asher Robert | Maree Sarita | Bronner Gary | Bennett Nigel | Bloomer Paulette | Czechowski Paul | Meyer Matthias | Hofreiter Michael
Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism and Phylogenetic Relationships of Proto Malays in Peninsular Malaysia

Author(s): L.S. Lim | K.C. Ang | M.C. Mahani | A.W. Shahrom | B.M. Md-Zain
Analysis of long branch extraction and long branch shortening

Author(s): O’Connor Timothy | Sundberg Kenneth | Carroll Hyrum | Clement Mark | Snell Quinn
The evolution of euhermaphroditism in caridean shrimps: a molecular perspective of sexual systems and systematics

Author(s): Fiedler G Curt | Rhyne Andrew | Segawa Ryoko | Aotsuka Tadashi | Schizas Nikolaos
Pan-genome sequence analysis using Panseq: an online tool for the rapid analysis of core and accessory genomic regions

Author(s): Laing Chad | Buchanan Cody | Taboada Eduardo | Zhang Yongxiang | Kropinski Andrew | Villegas Andre | Thomas James | Gannon Victor
Phylogenetic Position of Tarsius bancanus Based on Partial Cytochrome b DNA Sequences

Author(s): B.M. Md-Zain | S.J. Lee | M. Lakim | A. Ampeng | M.C. Mahani
Analysis on the reconstruction accuracy of the Fitch method for inferring ancestral states

Author(s): Yang Jialiang | Li Jun | Dong Liuhuan | Grünewald Stefan
PICS-Ord: unlimited coding of ambiguous regions by pairwise identity and cost scores ordination

Author(s): Lücking Robert | Hodkinson Brendan | Stamatakis Alexandros | Cartwright Reed
iGTP: A software package for large-scale gene tree parsimony analysis

Author(s): Chaudhary Ruchi | Bansal Mukul | Wehe André | Fernández-Baca David | Eulenstein Oliver
Molecular epidemiology of Plasmodium species prevalent in Yemen based on 18 s rRNA

Author(s): Al-Mekhlafi Abdulsalam | Mahdy Mohammed | A Azazy Ahmed | Fong Mun
Relaciones biogeográficas de los sistemas montañosos de la Península Ibérica: el caso de los micromamíferos

Author(s): Vargas, J. M. | Olivero, J. | Márquez, A. L. | Guerrero, J. C. | Real, R.
The population structure of Trypanosoma cruzi: expanded analysis of 54 strains using eight polymorphic CA-repeat microsatellites

Author(s): Oliveira Riva P | Melo Anna Izabel R | Macedo Andréa M | Chiari Egler | Pena Sérgio DJ
Usefulness of microsatellite typing in population genetic studies of Trypanosoma cruzi

Author(s): Macedo Andrea M | Pimenta Juliana R | Aguiar Renato S de | Melo Anna Izabel R | Chiari Egler | Zingales Bianca | Pena Sérgio DJ | Oliveira Riva P
A search for markers of sugarcane evolution

Author(s): Bacci Jr. M. | Miranda V.F.O. | Martins V.G. | Figueira A.V.O. | Lemos M.V. | Pereira J.O. | Marino C.L.
Phylogeography and RAPD-PCR variation in Hoplias malabaricus (Bloch, 1794) (Pisces, Teleostei) in southeastern Brazil

Author(s): Dergam Jorge A. | Paiva Samuel R. | Schaeffer Carlos E. | Godinho Alexandre L. | Vieira Fabio
Phylogenetic analysis of 16S mitochondrial DNA data in sloths and anteaters

Author(s): Barros Maria Claudene | Sampaio Iracilda | Schneider Horacio
Molecular systematics of the Phyllachorales (ascomycota, fungi) based on 18S ribosomal DNA sequences

Author(s): Wanderlei-Silva Denise | Ramalho Neto Eduardo | Hanlin Richard
Genetic variability in MCF-7 sublines: evidence of rapid genomic and RNA expression profile modifications

Author(s): Nugoli Mélanie | Chuchana Paul | Vendrell Julie | Orsetti Béatrice | Ursule Lisa | Nguyen Catherine | Birnbaum Daniel | Douzery Emmanuel | Cohen Pascale | Theillet Charles
Inter-familial relationships of the shorebirds (Aves: Charadriiformes) based on nuclear DNA sequence data

Author(s): Ericson Per | Envall Ida | Irestedt Martin | Norman Janette
galaxieEST: addressing EST identity through automated phylogenetic analysis

Author(s): Nilsson R Henrik | Rajashekar Balaji | Larsson Karl-Henrik | Ursing Björn
Development of ESTs from chickpea roots and their use in diversity analysis of the Cicer genus

Author(s): Buhariwalla Hutokshi | B Jayashree | Eshwar K | Crouch Jonathan
Comprehensive comparative analysis of kinesins in photosynthetic eukaryotes

Author(s): Richardson Dale | Simmons Mark | Reddy Anireddy
Phylogenetic analyses of Vitis (Vitaceae) based on complete chloroplast genome sequences: effects of taxon sampling and phylogenetic methods on resolving relationships among rosids

Author(s): Jansen Robert | Kaittanis Charalambos | Saski Christopher | Lee Seung-Bum | Tomkins Jeffrey | Alverson Andrew | Daniell Henry
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Gossypium hirsutum: organization and phylogenetic relationships to other angiosperms

Author(s): Lee Seung-Bum | Kaittanis Charalambos | Jansen Robert | Hostetler Jessica | Tallon Luke | Town Christopher | Daniell Henry
Implications of molecular characters for the phylogeny of the Microbotryaceae (Basidiomycota: Urediniomycetes)

Author(s): Kemler Martin | Göker Markus | Oberwinkler Franz | Begerow Dominik
Detection of potentially valuable polymorphisms in four group I intron insertion sites at the 3'-end of the LSU rDNA genes in biocontrol isolates of Metarhizium anisopliae

Author(s): Márquez Marcela | Iturriaga Enrique | Quesada-Moraga Enrique | Santiago-Álvarez Cándido | Monte Enrique | Hermosa Rosa
ESTimating plant phylogeny: lessons from partitioning

Author(s): de la Torre Jose | Egan Mary | Katari Manpreet | Brenner Eric | Stevenson Dennis | Coruzzi Gloria | DeSalle Rob
A fungal phylogeny based on 42 complete genomes derived from supertree and combined gene analysis

Author(s): Fitzpatrick David | Logue Mary | Stajich Jason | Butler Geraldine
Detecting non-coding selective pressure in coding regions

Author(s): Chen Hui | Blanchette Mathieu
A mitogenomic approach to the taxonomy of pollocks: Theragra chalcogramma and T. finnmarchica represent one single species

Author(s): Ursvik Anita | Breines Ragna | Christiansen Jørgen | Fevolden Svein-Erik | Coucheron Dag | Johansen Steinar
Direct maximum parsimony phylogeny reconstruction from genotype data

Author(s): Sridhar Srinath | Lam Fumei | Blelloch Guy | Ravi R | Schwartz Russell
Phylogeny and divergence of the pinnipeds (Carnivora: Mammalia) assessed using a multigene dataset

Author(s): Higdon Jeff | Bininda-Emonds Olaf | Beck Robin | Ferguson Steven
A new effective method for estimating missing values in the sequence data prior to phylogenetic analysis

Author(s): Abdoulaye Baniré Diallo | François-Joseph Lapointe | Vladimir Makarenkov
An amphioxus orthologue of the estrogen receptor that does not bind estradiol: Insights into estrogen receptor evolution

Author(s): Paris Mathilde | Pettersson Katarina | Schubert Michael | Bertrand Stephanie | Pongratz Ingemar | Escriva Hector | Laudet Vincent
Spigelia genuflexa (Loganiaceae), a new geocarpic species from northeastern Bahia, Brazil

Author(s): Alex Popovkin | Katherine G. Mathews | José Carlos Mendes Santos | M. Carmen Molina | Lena Struwe
Squamata (Reptilia) from four sites in southern Amazonia, with a biogeographic analysis of Amazonian lizards

Author(s): Teresa Cristina Sauer Avila-Pires | Laurie Joseph Vitt | Shawn Scott Sartorius | Peter Andrew ZaniI

Author(s): Cristina Ionela FĂDUR | Daniela CIOTINĂ
Genetic Diversity and Genetic Structure in Natural Populations of Prunus davidiana Germplasm by SSR Markers

Author(s): Zhongping Cheng | Ksenija Gasic | Zhangli Wang | Xuzhong Chen
Phylogenetic relationships within the speciose family Characidae (Teleostei: Ostariophysi: Characiformes) based on multilocus analysis and extensive ingroup sampling

Author(s): Oliveira Claudio | Avelino Gleisy | Abe Kelly | Mariguela Tatiane | Benine Ricardo | Ortí Guillermo | Vari Richard | Corrêa e Castro Ricardo
Array CGH Phylogeny: How accurate are Comparative Genomic Hybridization-based trees?

Author(s): Gilbert Luz | Kasuga Takao | Glass N Louise | Taylor John
Variations on a theme: diversification of cuticular hydrocarbons in a clade of cactophilic Drosophila

Author(s): Oliveira Cássia | Manfrin Maura | Sene Fábio | Jackson Larry | Etges William
A supermatrix analysis of genomic, morphological, and paleontological data from crown Cetacea

Author(s): Geisler Jonathan | McGowen Michael | Yang Guang | Gatesy John

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