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Identification in milk of a serum amyloid A peptide chemoattractant for B lymphoblasts

Author(s): de Jesus Rodriguez Berardo | Chevaleyre Claire | Henry Gwénaële | Mollé Daniel | Virlogeux-Payant Isabelle | Berri Mustapha | Boulay François | Léonil Joëlle | Meurens François | Salmon Henri
Structural Control Systems Implemented in Civil Engineering

Author(s): Cristian Pastia | Septimiu-George Luca | Florentina Chira | Victor-Octavian Roşca
A transcriptome analysis identifies molecular effectors of unconjugated bilirubin in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells

Author(s): Calligaris Raffaella | Bellarosa Cristina | Foti Rossana | Roncaglia Paola | Giraudi Pablo | Krmac Helena | Tiribelli Claudio | Gustincich Stefano
Design and Realisation of Over-voltage Protection in Push-pull Inverters

Author(s): Milomir Šoja | Slobodan Lubura | Dejan Jokić | Milan Đ. Radmanović

Author(s): Fernando Benedicto Mainier | Rosenir Rita de Cassia Moreira da Silva
Radon in Caves.

Author(s): Cigna Arrigo A.
Coal fly ash-containing sprayed mortar for passive fire protection of steel sections

Author(s): Vilches, L. F. | Leiva, C. | Olivares, J. | Vale, J. | Fernández, C.
Soil gas mapping in the vicinity of Nikola Tesla thermo power plant disposal field

Author(s): Nikolić Jugoslav L. | Veselinović Nenad Č. | Tollefsen Tore B. | Čeliković Igor T. | Kisić Dragica M. | Čuknić Olivera R. | Žunić Zora S.
Compliance with RSV prophylaxis: Global physicians’ perspectives

Author(s): Kari S Anderson | Victoria M Mullally | Linda M Fredrick | Andrew L Campbell
A Simple Fiber Bragg Grating-Based Sensor Network Architecture with Self-Protecting and Monitoring Functions

Author(s): Chien-Hung Yeh | Chi-Wai Chow | Ping-Chun Wu | Fan-Gang Tseng
Nutritional and Immunological Importance of Colostrum for the new born

Author(s): Prajakta Kuralkar and S.V. Kuralkar
Fiber Optic Sensors For Detection of Toxic and Biological Threats

Author(s): Mahmoud El-Sherif | Lalitkumar Bansal | Jianming Yuan
Evaluation of antiasthmatic activity of Curculigo orchioides gaertn. rhizomes

Author(s): Pandit Pranali | Singh Anita | Bafna A | Kadam P | Patil M
Radiation-induced skin injury in the animal model of scleroderma: implications for post-radiotherapy fibrosis

Author(s): Kumar Sanath | Kolozsvary Andrew | Kohl Robert | Lu Mei | Brown Stephen | Kim Jae

Author(s): Dušica Stojanović | Dragana Nikić | Radunka Mitrović | Živka Kostić | Slobodan Stanković

Author(s): AMEER AHMAD
Antibody-mediated immunity to the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen Coxiella burnetii is Fc receptor- and complement-independent

Author(s): Shannon Jeffrey | Cockrell Diane | Takahashi Kazue | Stahl Gregory | Heinzen Robert
Case Study of Variable Orifice Damper for Seismic Protection of Structures

Author(s): Septimiu-George Luca | Cristian Pastia
Prophylactic and therapeutic activity of fully human monoclonal antibodies directed against Influenza A M2 protein

Author(s): Beerli Roger | Bauer Monika | Schmitz Nicole | Buser Regula | Gwerder Myriam | Muntwiler Simone | Renner Wolfgang | Saudan Philippe | Bachmann Martin
Current Status of Environmental Protection Measures in China

Author(s): Chao Liu | Shenggao Cheng | Kefeng Zeng
Enhanced Security Strategies for MPLS Signaling

Author(s): Francesco Palmieri | Ugo Fiore
Evaluation of Outer Membrane Proteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a Protective Agent in Mice Model

Author(s): Mohammad Kazem Sharifi-Yyazdi | Farhad Esmaily | Farhad Vaezzadeh | Hossien Dargahi
Development of Washed Cell Fowl Cholera Vaccine in Bangladesh

Author(s): M.S.I. Akand | K.A. Choudhury | S.M.L. Kabir | S.K. Sarkar | K.M.R. Amin
Comparative Efficacy of the Conventional and Experimentally Developed Duck Plague Vaccine

Author(s): M.T. Hossain | M.A. Islam | M.M. Amin | M.A. Islam
Resistance to Challenge of Breeders and Their Progeny with and Without Competitive Exclusion Treatment to Salmonella Vaccination Programs in Broiler Breeders

Author(s): J.S. Bailey | A. Rolon | C.L. Hofacre | P.S. Holt | J. L. Wilson | D .E. Cosby | L. J. Richardson | N. A. Cox
Intestinal Humoral Immune Response and Resistance to Salmonella Challenge of Progeny from Breeders Vaccinated with Killed Antigen

Author(s): J. S. Bailey | A. Rolon | C. L. Hofacre | P. S. Holt | J. L. Wilson | D. E. Cosby | L. J. Richardson | N. A. Cox
Application of Magneto-Rheological Damper for Car Suspension Control

Author(s): M.M. Rashid | M.A. Hussain | N. Abd. Rahim
Sustainable rural development and cross-border cooperation

Author(s): Stojanović Žaklina | Manić Emilija
Apparitions in western Serbia

Author(s): Sinani Danijel
Development of Designed Site-Directed Pseudopeptide-Peptido-Mimetic Immunogens as Novel Minimal Subunit-Vaccine Candidates for Malaria

Author(s): José Manuel Lozano | Liliana P. Lesmes | Luisa F. Carreño | Gina M. Gallego | Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
A Novel Protection Architecture Scheme for EPON

Author(s): Xiao-Lin Zhou | Fa-Xin Yu | Yu-Chun Wen | Zhe-Ming Lu
The Eye Diagram Analysis of Restoration Scheme in FTTH-PON

Author(s): M.S. Ab-Rahman | L. Al-Hakim Azizan | S.A.C. Aziz | K. Jumari
Passive smoking in babies: The BIBE study (Brief Intervention in babies. Effectiveness)

Author(s): Ortega Guadalupe | Castellà Cristina | Martín-Cantera Carlos | Ballvé Jose | Díaz Estela | Saez Marc | Lozano Juan | Rofes Lourdes | Morera Concepció | Barceló Antònia | Cabezas Carmen | Pascual Jose | Pérez-Ortuño Raúl | Saltó Esteve | Valverde Araceli | Jané Mireia
Integrated approach to delineation of drinking water protection zones

Author(s): Mihael Brenčič | Joerg Prestor | Boris Kompare | Helena Matoz | Stojan Kranjc
An evaluation of the emerging interventions against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)-associated acute lower respiratory infections in children

Author(s): Nair Harish | Verma Vasundhara | Theodoratou Evropi | Zgaga Lina | Huda Tanvir | Simões Eric | Wright Peter | Rudan Igor | Campbell Harry
Quality of colostral passive immunity and pattern of serum protein fluctuation in newborn calves

Author(s): Pauletti Patricia | Machado Neto Raul | Packer Irineu Umberto | D'Arce Raul Dantas | Bessi Rosana
Effect of salbutamol on pulmonary responsiveness in chronic pulmonary allergic inflammation in guinea pigs

Author(s): Kasahara D.I. | Perini A. | Lopes F.D.T.Q.S. | Arantes-Costa F.M. | Martins M.A. | Nunes M.P.T.
Passive immunoprophylaxis and therapy with humanized monoclonal antibody specific for influenza A H5 hemagglutinin in mice

Author(s): Hanson Brendon | Boon Adrianus | Lim Angeline | Webb Ashley | Ooi Eng | Webby Richard
A survey of Chinese herbal ingredients with liver protection activities

Author(s): Wang Rubin | Kong John | Wang Dali | Lien Linda | Lien Eric
Australian chiropractic sports medicine: half way there or living on a prayer?

Author(s): Pollard Henry | Hoskins Wayne | McHardy Andrew | Bonello Rod | Garbutt Peter | Swain Mike | Dragasevic George | Pribicevic Mario | Vitiello Andrew
Regional assessment of groundwater vulnerability in the Snake river plain aquifer basin, USA

Author(s): Igor S. Zektser | Sergey P. Pozdniakov | Michael Szpakiewicz | Liliya M. Rogachevskaya

Author(s): Theofanis Simou | Athanasios Papaioannou
Measurement of Ultra-Short Solitary Electromagnetic Pulses

Author(s): Eva Gescheidtova | Miloslav Steinbauer | Pavel Fiala
Measurement of Ultra-Short Solitary Electromagnetic Pulses

Author(s): Eva Gescheidtova | Miloslav Steinbauer | Pavel Fiala
Ancient woodland plant species in a landscape park in central Poland

Author(s): Józef Mitka | Janina Jakubowska-Gabara

Author(s): Mirko Šestina
Direct Determination of Radionuclides in the Body Optimisation of Measurements Parameters and Results Analysis

Author(s): Jean Louis Genicot | Telma Fonseca | Gary Kramer | André Wambersie
Statistical Examination of Frost Characterization: A Case of Global Warming Impact in Jordan

Author(s): Moshrik R Hamdi | Mahmoud Abu Alaban | Mohammed Jaber
Polyclonal antibody cocktails generated using DNA vaccine technology protect in murine models of orthopoxvirus disease

Author(s): Golden Joseph | Zaitseva Marina | Kapnick Senta | Fisher Robert | Mikolajczyk Malgorzata | Ballantyne John | Golding Hana | Hooper Jay
Sensitive Data Protection Based on Intrusion Tolerance in Cloud Computing

Author(s): Jingyu Wang | xuefeng Zheng | Dengliang Luo
Colostral Immunoglobulins and Neonatal Immunity in Bovine

Author(s): A. K. Singh | S. Pandita | M. M. Vaidya | G. Chandra | R. Kushwaha
To assess whether indoor residual spraying can provide additional protection against clinical malaria over current best practice of long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets in The Gambia: study protocol for a two-armed cluster-randomised trial

Author(s): Pinder Margaret | Jawara Musa | Jarju Lamin | Kandeh Ballah | Jeffries David | Lluberas Manuel | Mueller Jenny | Parker David | Bojang Kalifa | Conway David | Lindsay Steve
Grid based Approach for Data Confidentiality

Author(s): Sreelatha Malempati | Shashi Mogalla
Influence of Ni and Cr Content on Corrosion Resistance of Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys for Fixed Dental Prostheses in 0.05% NaF Aqueous Solution

Author(s): Nilo A. S. Sampaio | José W. J. Silva | Heloisa A. Acciari | Roberto Z. Nakazato | Eduardo N. Codaro | Hamilton de Felipe
Protection for an Immediate Split Structure of Tree-Based EPON Architecture-Ideal Condition Analysis

Author(s): Mohammad S. Ab-Rahman | Siti A.C. Aziz | Kasmiran Jumari
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