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Walk-weighted subsequence kernels for protein-protein interaction extraction

Author(s): Kim Seonho | Yoon Juntae | Yang Jihoon | Park Seog
Tourism Development: A Geographical Perspective

Author(s): Khairil Wahidin Awang | Wan Melissa Wan Hassan | Mohd Salehuddin Mohd Zahari
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Guan-Ming Su | Ivan V. Bajic | Homer H. Chen | Huifang Sun
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fei Yu | Chin-Chen Chang | Jian Shu | Guiping Liao | Guangxue Yue
Optical properties of a heated aerosol in an urban atmosphere: a case study

Author(s): J. Backman | A. Virkkula | T. Petäjä | M. Aurela | A. Frey | R. Hillamo
Extending differential optical absorption spectroscopy for limb measurements in the UV

Author(s): J. Puķīte | S. Kühl | T. Deutschmann | U. Platt | T. Wagner
The path dependency theory: analytical framework to study institutional integration. The case of France

Author(s): Hélène Trouvé | Yves Couturier | Francis Etheridge | Olivier Saint-Jean | Dominique Somme
Justicia global: dos enfoques

Author(s): Pogge, Thomas | Álvarez, David
Escape from the Alternative

Author(s): Marin Dinu
Large-Scale Fading and Time Dispersion Parameters of UWB Channel in Underground Mines

Author(s): Abdellah Chehri | Paul Fortier | Pierre Martin Tardif
Dependency Rate and Savings: The African Evidence with Panel Data

Author(s): Nicholas Apergis | Christina Christou
O “heróico cinema português” : 1930-1950

Author(s): Carla Patrícia Silva Ribeiro
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