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Path Planning for Robot Navigation using View Sequences

Author(s): Mateus Mendes | A. Paulo Coimbra | Manuel M. Crisostomo
A Path Planning Method Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for a Shape-shifting Robot

Author(s): Mengxin Li | Xinghua Xia | Ying Zhang | Tonglin Liu
The Cartesian Path Planning of Free- Floating Space Robot using Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Wenfu Xu | Cheng Li | Bin Liang | Yu Liu | Yangsheng Xu
Distributed Formation Planning and Navigation Framework for Wheeled Mobile Robots

Author(s): R.M. Kuppan Chetty | M. Singaperumal | T. Nagarajan
Queueing theory-based path delay analysis of wireless sensor networks

Author(s): QIU, T. | XIA, F. | FENG, L. | WU, G. | JIN, B.
Path Planning for Mobile Robots Based on Hybrid Architecture Platform

Author(s): Ting Zhou | Xiaoping Fan | Shengyue Yang | Zhihua Qu
Terrain Mapping and Classification in Outdoor Environments Using Neural Networks

Author(s): Alberto Yukinobu Hata | Denis Fernando Wolf | Gustavo Pessin | Fernando Osório
Navigation of PIC based Mobile Robot using Path Planning Algorithm

Author(s): Sangmeshwar S. Kendre | Pallavi V. Mulmule | Abhijeet Shinde
SWOT Analysis of e-Initiative in Uttarakhand

Author(s): Kunwar Singh Vaisla | Manoj Kumar Bisht
Propagation of HF radio waves over northerly paths: measurements,simulation and systems aspects

Author(s): E. M. Warrington | A. J. Stocker | N. Y. Zaalov | D. R. Siddle | I. A. Nasyrov
Distributed Research Project Scheduling Based on Multi-Agent Methods

Author(s): Constanta Nicoleta Bodea | Ileana Ruxandra Badea | Augustin Purnus

Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion

Author(s): Danica Janglova
Research on Semi-automatic Bomb Fetching for an EOD Robot

Author(s): Zeng Jian-Jun | Yang Ru-Qing | Zhang Wei-Jun | Weng Xin-Hua | Qian Jun
Dynamic Analysis and Path Control of a Snake like Robot

Author(s): Navid Negahbani | Mostafa Ghayour
An Efficient Strategy of Penalty Kick and Goal Keep Based on Evolutionary Walking Gait for Biped Soccer Robot

Author(s): Yang Jingdong | Hong Bingrong | Piao Songhao | Huang Qingcheng
Parking Guidance System Utilizing Wireless Sensor Network and Ultrasonic Sensor

Author(s): M.Y.I. Idris | E.M. Tamil | N.M. Noor | Z. Razak | K.W. Fong
Design, Development and Performance Optimization of a New Artificial Intelligent Controlled Multiple-beam Optical Scanning Module

Author(s): S.P. Koh | I.B. Aris | V.K. Ramachandaramurthy | S.M. Bashi | M.H. Marhaban
The Use of Project Management Software in Construction Industry

Author(s): Amiruddin Ismail | Khalim A. Rashid | Wisam J. Hilo
Development of a Shared Ride Constrained Path Finding System

Author(s): M. Teimouri | M.R. Delavar | M.R. Malek
Cross-Country Path Finding using Hybrid approach of BBO and ACO

Author(s): Harish Kundra | Puja | Dr. V.K.Panchal
Digital compass as heading sensor for hexapod robot

Author(s): Anđelković Saša | Veličković Ivan | Rašić Milan | Đorđević Goran S.
Pet imaging of dose distribution in proton-beam cancer therapy

Author(s): Beebe-Wang Joanne | Dilmanian Avraham F. | Peggs Stephen G. | Schlyer David J. | Vaska Paul
Cyclic Approach to Web Based Project Management

Author(s): Srinivasan Nagaraj | M Ramachandra | J Ratna Kumar
Modeling and Implementation of Omnidirectional Soccer Robot with Wide Vision Scope Applied in Robocup-MSL

Author(s): S. Hamidreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei | S. A. Monadjemi | Mohsen Taheri
Design of an Action Selection Mechanism for Cooperative Soccer Robots Based on Fuzzy Decision Making Algorithm

Author(s): S. Hamidreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Mohammadreza Mohades Kasaei | S. Alireza Mohades Kasaei | Mohsen Taheri
Seismic Prediction While Drilling (SPWD): Looking Ahead of the Drill Bit by Application of Phased Array Technology

Author(s): Katrin Jaksch | Rüdiger Giese, | Matthias Kopf | Andreas Jurczyk | Stefan Mikulla | Stefan Weisheit | Marco Groh | Kay Krüger
Effective Mechatronic Models and Methods for Implementation an Autonomous Soccer Robot

Author(s): S.M.R. Mohades Kasaei | S.H.R. Mohades Kasaei
Complex Motion Planning for Humanoid Robot: A Review

Author(s): Zhong Qiu Bo | Hong Bing Rong | Piao Song Hao | Pan Qi Shu
Evaluation of semiautonomous navigation assistance system for power wheelchairs with blindfolded nondisabled individuals

Author(s): Vinod Sharma, PhD | Richard Simpson, PhD, ATP | Edmund LoPresti, PhD | Mark Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP
A Novel Implementation of G-Fuzzy Logic Controller Algorithm on Mobile Robot Motion Planning Problem

Author(s): Seyyed Mohammad Reza Farshchi | Seyyede Aliye NezhadHoseini | Fateme Mohammadi
The Effect of Path Loss on QoS at NPL

Author(s): Dinesh Sharma, | R.K.Singh
Preoperative Planning Using 3D Reconstructions and Virtual Endoscopy for Location of the Frontal Sinus

Author(s): Martins, Marcos Jullian Barreto | Aguiar, Carolina Veras | Nogueira Júnior, João Flávio | Abreu, João Paulo Saraiva | Feijão, Moisés Ximenes | Jataí, Isabelle Oliveira | Bastos, Arthur Chaves Gomes
Study on State Transition Method Applied to Motion Planning for a Humanoid Robot

Author(s): Xuyang Wang | Tiansheng Lu | Peiyan Zhang
A Virtual Simulation Environment for Lunar Rover: Framework and Key Technologies

Author(s): Yan-chun Yang | Jin-song Bao | Ye Jin | Yun-long Cheng
Study on State Transition Method Applied to Motion Planning for a Humanoid Robot

Author(s): Xuyang Wang | Tiansheng Lu | Peiyan Zhang
Path Planning of Free-Floating Robot in Cartesian Space Using Direct Kinematics

Author(s): Wenfu Xu | Bin Liang | Cheng Li | Yangsheng Xu | Wenyi Qiang
Real-Time Path Planning for Multi-DoF Manipulators in Dynamic Environment

Author(s): Samir Lahouar | Said Zeghloul | Lotfi Romdhane
Wavefront Propagation and Fuzzy Based Autonomous Navigation

Author(s): Adel Al-Jumaily | Cindy Leung
A Sensor Based Navigation Algorithm for a Mobile Robot using the DVFF Approach

Author(s): A. Oualid Djekoune | Karim Achour | Redouane Toumi
SLAM-based Cross-a-Door Solution Approach for a Robotic Wheelchair

Author(s): Fernando A. Auat Cheein | Celso De La Cruz | Teodiano F. Bastos | Ricardo Carelli
Learning Long-range Terrain Perception for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Author(s): Mingjun Wang | Jun Zhou | Jun Tu | Chengliang Liu
Path Planning of Mobile Elastic Robotic Arms by Indirect Approach of Optimal Control

Author(s): Moharam Habibnejad Korayem | Hamed Rahimi Nohooji | and Amin Nikoobin
Right Skewed Distribution of Activity Times in PERT

Author(s): N.Ravi Shankar, | S. Suresh Babu, | Y.L.P.Thorani, | D.Raghuram
Marine Vehicle Sensor Network Architecture and Protocol Designs for Ocean Observation

Author(s): Shaowei Zhang | Jiancheng Yu | Aiqun Zhang | Lei Yang | Yeqiang Shu

Author(s): Peter van der Waerden | Harry Timmermans
Carbon Lock-Out: Advancing Renewable Energy Policy in Europe

Author(s): Paul Lehmann | Felix Creutzig | Melf-Hinrich Ehlers | Nele Friedrichsen | Clemens Heuson | Lion Hirth | Robert Pietzcker
A Motion Planning System for Mobile Robots

Author(s): TUNCER, A. | YILDIRIM, M. | ERKAN, K.
Socio-Demographic Determinants of Response Strategies by Resource-Poor Farmers to Climate Change in South-Eastern Nigeria

Author(s): Asuquo I Afangideh | Phillip A. Akpan | Emmanuel P. Udofia | Donald A. Ukeh
New design of Robotics Remote lab

Author(s): Mohammad R. Kadhum | Seifedine Kadry
Simulation of a Shortest Path using Pixel Method in Robotics Path Planning

Author(s): T.C.Manjunath | Kottur N Vijaya kumar | Suhasini V.K.
An Evaluation of Infection Control in Dental Offices and Dental Clinics in Isfahan (2003)

Author(s): M Razavi | A Motaghi | M Sajadi | M Jahanbakhsh
Integrated care through disease-oriented critical paths:experience from Japan’s regional health planning initiatives

Author(s): Etsuji Okamoto | Masaki Miyamoto | Kazuhiro Hara | Jun Yoshida | Masaki Muto | Aizan Hirai | Haruyuki Tatsumi | Masaaki Mizuno | Hiroshi Nagata | Daisuke Yamakata | Hiroshi Tanaka
Single and multi–objective optimization of path placement for redundant robotic manipulators

Author(s): J.A. Pamanes–García | E. Cuan–Durón | S. Zeghloul
Contour Based Path Planning with B-Spline Trajectory Generation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) over Hostile Terrain

Author(s): Ee-May Kan | Meng-Hiot Lim | Swee-Ping Yeo | Jiun-Sien Ho | Zhenhai Shao
Spatial epidemiology and spatial ecology study of worldwide drug-resistant tuberculosis

Author(s): Liu Yunxia | Jiang Shiwen | Liu Yanxun | Wang Rui | Li Xiao | Yuan Zhongshang | Wang Lixia | Xue Fuzhong
Link Gain Matrix Estimation in Distributed Large-Scale Wireless Networks

Author(s): Lei Jing | Greenstein Larry | Yates Roy
Autonomous Robot Navigation in Human-Centered Environments Based on 3D Data Fusion

Author(s): Steinhaus Peter | Strand Marcus | Dillmann Rüdiger

Author(s): Prado-Molina, J. | Peralta-Higuera,A. | Palacio-Prieto, J.L. | Sandoval R.
The Role of CT-Based Radiotherapy Planning on Dosimetric Correction

Author(s): S.R Mahdavi | A.R Nikoofar | H.R Mirzaei | B Mofid
Estudio del Canal de Radio en las Bandas ISM, UNII I/II, y de las Interferencias en el Hospital de la Samaritana

Author(s): Fernando Andrés Sánchez G. | Roberto Bustamante | Juan Manuel Téllez M. | Miguel A. Rojas
Comparison of Radio Propagation Models for Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network

Author(s): Noman Shabbir | Muhammad T. Sadiq | Hasnain Kashif | Rizwan Ullah
Improvement of Torque-and-Drag Modeling in Long-Reach Wells

Author(s): Seyed Ahmad Mirhaj | Eirik Kaarstad | Bernt Sigve Aadnoy

A Data Gathering Algorithm Based on Mobile Agent and Emergent Event-Driven in Cluster-Based WSN

Author(s): Lingyun Yuan | Xingchao Wang | Jianhou Gan | Yanfang Zhao
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Zhihua Cui | Zhongzhi Shi
Maneuverability Strategy for Assistive Maneuverability Strategy for Assistive Vehicles Navigating within Confined Space

Author(s): Fernando Auat Cheein | Celso De la Cruz | Teodiano Freire Bastos-Filho
Life Extending Minimum-Time Path Planning for Hexapod Robot

Author(s): Xin Wu | Yaoyu Li | Chao Zhou | Qingfeng Gao | Wei Teng
Navigational Path Planning of MultiRobot using Honey Bee Mating Optimization Algorithm 'HBMO'

Author(s): Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo | Pratyusha Rakshit | Md Taslim Haidar | Sujata Swarnalipi | Bunil k. Balabantaray | Sharmilla Mohapatra
Assessment of potential habitat for Ursus thibetanus in the Qinling Mountains

Author(s): Zengxiang Qi | Weihua Xu | Xingyao Xiong | Zhiyun Ouyang | Hua Zheng | Dexin Gan
Genetic Algorithm for Combinatorial Path Planning: The Subtour Problem

Author(s): Giovanni Giardini | Tamás Kalmár-Nagy
Optimal Path Selection for Mobile Robot Navigation Using Genetic Algorithm

Author(s): D Tamilselvi | S Mercy Shalinie | M Hariharasudan
Path Planning for Mobile Robots using Iterative Artificial Potential Field Method

Author(s): Hossein Adeli | M H N Tabrizi | Alborz Mazloomian | Ehsan Hajipour | Mehran Jahed
The Health Systems Funding Platform: Is this where we thought we were going?

Author(s): Hill Peter | Vermeiren Peter | Miti Katabaro | Ooms Gorik | Van Damme Wim
A Framework to Recover Single Link Failure on Shortest Path in Shortest Path Tree

Author(s): Muhammad Aasim Qureshi | Mohd Fadzil Hassan | Sohail Safdar | Rehan Akbar
Shortest Path Tree with Embedded Backups-an Exhaustive Link Failure Recovery Algorithm

Author(s): Muhammad Aasim Qureshi | Mohd Fadzil Hassan | Rabia Sammi | Sohail Safdar | Rehan Akbar
Optimal Task Placement of a Serial Robot Manipulator for Manipulability and Mechanical Power Optimization

Author(s): Rogério Rodrigues dos Santos | Valder Steffen | Sezimária de Fátima Pereira Saramago
A Measure Theoretical Approach for Path Planning Problem of Nonlinear Control Systems

Author(s): Amin Jajarmi | Hamidreza Ramezanpour | Mohammad Dehghan Nayyeri | Ali Vahidian Kamyad
Comparing the efficiency of transport routes and corridors

Author(s): Anca-Andreea CÂRJAN | Liviu Gabriel GHIŢULEASA
Intelligent Ray Launching Algorithm for Indoor Scenarios

Author(s): Z. Lai | G. De La Roche | N. Bessis | P. Kuonen | G. Clapworthy | D. Zhou | J. Zhang
Reconfigurable Stewart Platform for Spiral Contours

Author(s): G. Satheesh Kumar | T. Nagarajan
Path Planning of Mobile Elastic Robotic Arms by Indirect Approach of Optimal Control

Author(s): Moharam Habibnejad Korayem | Hamed Rahimi Nohooji | and Amin Nikoobin
Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion

Author(s): Danica Janglova
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