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Solitary Pancreatic Metastasis from Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Case Report from India with a Review of Literature

Author(s): Pankaj Bhalla | Guruprasad Shetty | Chandralekha S Tampi | Prasad K Wagle
Procalcitonin-based therapeutic strategy to reduce antibiotic use in patients after cardiac surgery: A randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Maravić-Stojković Vera | Laušević-Vuk Ljiljana | Jović Miomir | Ranković Aleksandra | Borzanović Milorad | Marinković Jelena
Differential kinetics of plasma procalcitonin levels in cerebral malaria in urban Senegalese patients according to disease outcome

Author(s): Babacar Mbengue | Bacary Diatta | Birahim Niang | Ngor Diagne | Mamadou Ndiaye | Laurence Marrama | Ronald Perraut | Alioune Dieye
Radiotherapy in the treament of gastrointestinal stromal tumors

Author(s): Christin A. Knowlton | Luther W. Brady | Rebecca C. Heintzelman
Dose administration aids: Pharmacists’ role in improving patient care

Author(s): Haywood A | Llewelyn V | Robertson S | Mylrea M | Glass B

Author(s): Ioana Grigoraş
Perspectives of Patients and Nurses on Caring Behaviors of Nurses

Author(s): Mohammad Esmaiel Hajinezhad | Parviz Azodi | Forough Rafii | Nader Ramezanian | Marjan Tarighat
Infection prevention during anaesthesia ventilation by the use of breathing system filters (BSF): Joint recommendation by German Society of Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) and German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (DGAI)

Author(s): Kramer, Axel | Kranabetter, Rainer | Rathgeber, Jörg | Züchner, Klaus | Assadian, Ojan | Daeschlein, Georg | Hübner, Nils-Olaf | Dietlein, Edeltrut | Exner, Martin | Gründling, Matthias | Lehmann, Christian | Wendt, Michael | Graf, Bernhard Martin | Holst, Dietmar | Jatzwauk, Lutz | Puhlmann, Birgit | Welte, Thomas | Wilkes, Antony R.
Management of leg and pressure ulcer in hospitalized patients: direct costs are lower than expected

Author(s): Assadian, Ojan | Oswald, Joseph S. | Leisten, Rainer | Hinz, Peter | Daeschlein, Georg | Kramer, Axel
Refurbishment works in a hospital during normal operation

Author(s): Ross, Birgit | Hansen, Dorothea | Lieske, Tim | Krude, Joschka | Saner, Fuat | Marggraf, Günter | Paul, Andreas | Jakob, Heinz G. | Popp, Walter
Uniform documentation of measures in cases of MRSA – an important step towards improving the quality of treatment

Author(s): Strübing, Vicki | Dittberner, Thomas | Metelmann, Claudia | Hübner, Nils-Olaf
Evaluating adherence to ocular hypotensives using the Travatan dosing aid

Author(s): O'Dell L | Hennessy AL | Robin AL
Diagnosing early onset dementia and then what? A frustrating system of aftercare resources

Author(s): Chemali Z | Schamber S | Tarbi EC | Acar D | Avila-Urizar M
Giant congenital cellular blue nevus of the scalp: neonatal presentation and approach

Author(s): Debyser M | De Schepper S | D’haese J | De Ketelaere V | Cornette L
Successful management of aortic thrombi resulting in spinal cord infarction in a patient with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and acute cholecystitis

Author(s): Izumi M | Teraoka S | Yamashita K | Matsumoto K | Muronoi T | Izawa Y | Yonekawa C | Ano M | Suzukawa M
EGFR as a therapeutic target in glioblastoma

Author(s): David M Siebert | Sophia F Shakur | Peter Pytel | Lukas Rimas
The nursing students' viewpoints on influential clinical instructor in Jahrom University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): Sedigheh Najafipour | Sohrab Najafipour | Rahim Raoofi | Mohammad Hashem Abdi | Leili Mosalanejad
Periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia: case report

Author(s): Francine Sumie Morikava | Ligia Yumi Onuki | Cassiano Lima Chaiben | Maria Helena Martins Tommasi | Iran Vieira | Antonio Adilson Soares de Lima
Cardiac electrical system involvement in Alström syndrome: uncommon causes of dilated cardiomyopathies

Author(s): Richard J. Czosek | Paula Goldenberg | Erin M. Miller | Robert Spicer | Jeffrey A. Towbin | Stephanie M. Ware
Personal health care of internal medicine residents

Author(s): Venkataraman Palabindala | Paul Foster | Swetha Kanduri | Avanthi Doppalapudi | Amaleswari Pamarthy | Karthik Kovvuru
Intervenção na adesão ao tratamento de doenças crônicas tendo como modelo um paciente adolescente HIV positivo Adherence to chronic disease treatment using an HIV positive adolescent as a model: a case study

Author(s): Larissa Matsumoto | Júlia Andrade de Oliveira | Camila Aparecida Moma | Telma Kenshima | Marília Martins Corrêa | Gustavo Tenório Cunha
The doctor-patient relation in the context of health seen as a product A relação médico-paciente no contexto da saúde como produto

Author(s): Sérgio Bergmann Borges Vieira | Gabriel Bergmann Borges Vieira | Renan Lopes
Approach focused on people Abordagem centrada nas pessoas

Author(s): Roa Ruben | Ana Carolina Diniz Oliveira | Leonardo Cançado Monteiro Savassi | Lecticia Cabral de Souza | Ruth Borges Dias
Users' satisfaction with Porto Alegre's Primary Care Network Satisfação dos usuários da rede de Atenção Primária de Porto Alegre

Author(s): Aline do Amaral Zils | Rodrigo Caprio Leite de Castro | Mônica Maria Celestina de Oliveira | Erno Harzheim | Bruce Bartholow Duncan
Self-perceived health of adults users of Primary Health Care Services in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Autopercepção da saúde entre usuários da Atenção Primária em Porto Alegre, RS

Author(s): Milena Rodrigues Agostinho | Mônica Celestina Oliveira | Maria Eugênia Bresolin Pinto | Giuliano Uhlein Balardin | Erno Harzheim
Em memória de Cecil Helman In Memory of Cecil Helman En memoria de Cecil Helman

Author(s): Francisco Jorge Arsego Quadros de Oliveira
Cross-market cost-effectiveness analysis of erlotinib as first-line maintenance treatment for patients with stable non-small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Vergnenègre A | Ray JA | Chouaid C | Grossi F | Bischoff HG | Heigener DF | Walzer S
QALY - Measure of Cost-Benefit Analysis of Health Interventions

Author(s): Aleksandar Višnjić | Vladica Veličković | Nataša Šelmić Milosavljević
Estrogen formulations and beauty care practices in Japanese women

Author(s): Takeda T | Wong TF | Kitamura M | Yaegashi N
Health care costs in US patients with and without a diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Author(s): Le TK | Montejano LB | Cao Z | Zhao Y | Ang D

Author(s): P R Sodani, Kalpa Sharma

Author(s): P R Sodani, Kalpa Sharma
Dealing with daily emotions—supportive activities for the elderly in a municipal care setting

Author(s): Margaretha Norell | Kristina Ziegert | Annica Kihlgren
Miniaturized Protein Microarray with Internal Calibration as Point-of-Care Device for Diagnosis of Neonatal Sepsis

Author(s): Patricia Buchegger | Ursula Sauer | Hedvig Toth-Székély | Claudia Preininger
Survey of lower gastrointestinal bleeding in children

Author(s): M Rafeey | AJ Khosroshahy
Immunological evaluation of children with recurrent ear, nose, and throat (ENT) infections

Author(s): A Karimi | A Isaiyan | A Aghamohammadi | M Moin | F Zandiyeh | A Taj Dini | S Abdollahzade | A Hosein Tahayi | A Arvin Sazgar
Prehospital Emergency Service for Internal Medicine Problems in Pediatrics; Causes, Time Indices and Outcomes

Author(s): Farzad Panahi |  Hassan Ali Mohebbi | Mehdi Azizabadi Farahani |  Hamid Reza Khoddami Vishteh |  Shervin Assari
Clinical Presentation of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) in Hospitalized Children

Author(s): Gholamreza Soleimani | Marzieh Akbarpour
The effects of counseling on smoking cessation in patients suffering from COPD

Author(s): Shaban M | Nejati S | Mehran A | Saidi J
Data Mining for Knowledge Discovery from Imaging Reports

Author(s): Mahtab Karami | Reza Safdari | Soheila Refahi
Ethical Communication in Radiology

Author(s): Laleh Mirzaei | Mortaza Ashrafi
The Effectiveness of Nutritional Screening in Hospital and Primary Care Settings: a Systematic Review

Author(s): A Rashidian | V Mazarello Paes | S Murray | J Browne | R Southon | C Sharpin
The use of preexposure treatments for HIV prophylaxis

Author(s): Majid A | Redfield RR | Gilliam BL
Medical Treatment of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Author(s): Anja Rinke | Patrick Michl | Thomas Gress
Tetanus seropositive prevalence and perceived protection from emergency admissions

Author(s): Marcus A. Moore | Kimberly R. Barber | Todd Britt
A Security Suite for Wireless Body Area Networks

Author(s): Raghav V. Sampangi | Saurabh Dey | Shalini R. Urs | Srinivas Sampalli
Managing your eye unit's supplies

Author(s): RD Thulsiraj
Applying a Model of Patient's Right in the State Hospital, Sari, Iran

Author(s): Ghasem Abedi | Layla Azimehr | Farideh Rostami | Samira Mohammadi
Palliative Care and Death Anxiety

Author(s): Figen Inci | Fatma Oz
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
The effects of acupressure on severity of primary dysmenorrhea

Author(s): Gharloghi S | Torkzahrani S | Akbarzadeh AR | Heshmat R
Survey of Employees\' Safety Attitude in a Teaching Hospital Tehran 2010

Author(s): J. Tabibi | A.A. Nasiripour | M.R. Maleki | P. Raessi | M. Mahmmoudi | L. Azimi
Asurvey on depression and its related factors in Nurses who work in Namazi Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences-2008

Author(s): M. Dehghani | M. Zoladl | SH. Boland-Parvaz | Z. Keshtkaran | R. Mahmoudi | A. Jabbarnejad
 Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms among University Students in Oman

Author(s): Zakiya Al-Busaidi | Kamlesh Bhargava | Rahma Al-Kindi | Mohammad Al-Shafaee | Abdullah Al-Maniri | Aida Al-Ismaily | Hadia Al-Lawati
Applying NICE Guidelines for Atopic Eczema in Maltese Children

Author(s): Chris Sciberras | Chantal Fenech | Jonathan Mamo | Nicholas Mamo

Author(s): Gaurav Solanki
Clinicopathological spectrum and therapeutic outcomes in Burkitt’s lymphoma: A ten year experience in a tertiary care setting

Author(s): Farheen Mahar | Bushra Moiz | R. Sajid | Muhammad Owais Khan | S. N. Adil (1); M.Usman | Khurshid
Team-working and stress in health and social care

Author(s): Constantine Kahuro Ngigi
Patient-Provider Reciprocity as Complex Adaptive System

Author(s): Ankur Joshi | Nitin Nahar | Sameer Phadnnis | Rakesh Biswas
Assessment of Acute Pain in Nursing Practice in Latvia

Author(s): Iveta Strode | Sandra Seimane
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing
Evaluation of adherence to oral antiviral hepatitis B treatment using structured questionnaires

Author(s): Leesa Giang | Christian P Selinger | Alice Unah Lee
Use of nylon tie-rap in the prior hemostasis on ovariosalpingohisterectomy in cats Braçadeiras de náilon para hemostasia preventiva na ovariosalpingohisterectomia em gatas

Author(s): João Moreira Costa Neto | Emanoela Matheo Teixeira | Emanoel Martins Ferreira Filho | Júlia Morena de Miranda Leão Toríbio | Carlos Humberto Ribeiro de Almeida Filho | Vinícius Jesus Moraes | Mário Jorge Melhor Heine D'Assis
Spillover adherence effects of fixed-dose combination HIV therapy

Author(s): Kauf TL | Davis KL | Earnshaw SR | Davis EA
Pre-Operative Assessment and Education

Author(s): Amina Malik | Nasreen S. Lalani | Rozina Barkat Ali
Nurse Care of the patient carrier intraaortic balloon pump

Patient-centered professionalism

Author(s): Hutchings HA | Rapport F
Health costs from hospitalization with H1N1 infection during the 2009–2010 influenza pandemic compared with non-H1N1 respiratory infections

Author(s): Zarogoulidis P | Glaros D | Kontakiotis T | Froudarakis M | Kioumis I | Kouroumichakis I | Tsiotsios A | Kallianos A | Steiropoulos P | Porpodis K | Nena E | Papakosta D | Rapti A | Constantinidis TC | Kerenidi T | Panopoulou M | Trakada G | Courcoutsakis N | Fouka E | Zarogoulidis K | Maltezos E
Implementation of Clustering Algorithm for Vital Signals in WMRHM Framework

Author(s): Dipti D. Patil | Dnyaneshwar A.Rokade | Vijay M. Wadhai
Trends of tuberculosis in cohorts of positives HIV patients before and after the HAART era in health institutions of Medellin (1996-2005)

Author(s): Alexánder Arbeláez | María P. Arbeláez | Rubén D. Gómez A | Carlos A.Rojas | Sonia L. Arias | Bibiana Castro | Ángela M. Segura C | Gloria Velásquez

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