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A Collaborative Training Platform for Peer-Based Co-Construction of Knowledge and Co-Tutoring

Author(s): Laurent Moccozet | Wanda Opprecht | Michel Léonard

Author(s): Azam RASTGOO | Yousef NAMVAR

Author(s): Paige Ware | Robert O'Dowd
Developing essential professional skills: a framework for teaching and learning about feedback

Author(s): Henderson Penny | Ferguson-Smith Anne | Johnson Martin
Instructional Uses of Web-Based Survey Software

Author(s): Concetta A. DePaolo | Arthur Lloyd Sherwood
Performance Based Assessments: Theory and Practice

Author(s): Feral OGAN BEKİROĞLU
Self-management for obesity and cardio-metabolic fitness: Description and evaluation of the lifestyle modification program of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Pettman Tahna | Misan Gary | Owen Katherine | Warren Kate | Coates Alison | Buckley Jonathan | Howe Peter
A cluster randomized controlled trial aimed at implementation of local quality improvement collaboratives to improve prescribing and test ordering performance of general practitioners: Study Protocol

Author(s): Trietsch Jasper | van der Weijden Trudy | Verstappen Wim | Janknegt Rob | Muijrers Paul | Winkens Ron | van Steenkiste Ben | Grol Richard | Metsemakers Job
From the Editor

Author(s): Neven Vrcek
Comparison of Bayesian and classical methods in the analysis of cluster randomized controlled trials with a binary outcome: The Community Hypertension Assessment Trial (CHAT)

Author(s): Ma Jinhui | Thabane Lehana | Kaczorowski Janusz | Chambers Larry | Dolovich Lisa | Karwalajtys Tina | Levitt Cheryl
Promoting Student Ownership of Learning Through High-Impact Formative Assessment Practices

Author(s): Susan M. Brookhart | Connie M. Moss | Beverly A. Long

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
General practitioners and tutors' experiences with peer group academic detailing: a qualitative study

Author(s): Frich Jan | Høye Sigurd | Lindbæk Morten | Straand Jørund

Author(s): Simone Frattasi | Nicola Marchetti | Muhammad Imadur Rahman | Ernestina Cianca
An Effective Calculation of Reputation in P2P Networks

Author(s): RVVSV Prasad | Vegi Srinivas | V. Valli Kumari | KVSVN Raju
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
From Editor vol 11, No.3

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Student self-esteem and academic achievement

Author(s): Milošević Nikoleta M. | Ševkušić Slavica
Collaborative working within UK NHS secondary care and across sectors for COPD and the impact of peer review: qualitative findings from the UK National COPD Resources and Outcomes Project

Author(s): Carol Rivas | Stephen Abbott | Stephanie J.C. Taylor | Aileen Clarke | C. Michael Roberts | Robert Stone | Chris Griffiths
From The Editor

Author(s): Cüneyt Evren
Multiple Benefits Derived from a Peer Teacher Program in Two Undergraduate Microbiology Lab Courses

Author(s): Frances C. Sailer | Roger W. Melvold | Charles C. Hosford
From Editor

Author(s): Ugur DEmiray
Effects of a teaching evaluation system: a case study

Author(s): Shi-Hao Wen | Jing-Song Xu | Jan D. Carline | Fei Zhong | Yi-Jun Zhong | Sheng-Juan Shen
Comparing Online Learning with Blended Learning in a Teacher Training Program

Author(s): Susan Kirwin | Julie Swan | Nicholas Breakwell
Development of a longitudinal integrated clerkship at an academic medical center

Author(s): Ann Poncelet | Seth Bokser | Brook Calton | Karen E. Hauer | Heidi Kirsch | Tracey Jones | Cindy J. Lai | Lindsay Mazotti | William Shore | Arianne Teherani | Lowell Tong | Maria Wamsley | Patricia Robertson
From the Editor Vol: 6 number 2

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
A randomized trial of mail vs. telephone invitation to a community-based cardiovascular health awareness program for older family practice patients [ISRCTN61739603]

Author(s): Karwalajtys Tina | Kaczorowski Janusz | Chambers Larry | Levitt Cheryl | Dolovich Lisa | McDonough Bea | Patterson Christopher | Williams James
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Improving the use of research evidence in guideline development: 1. Guidelines for guidelines

Author(s): Schünemann Holger | Fretheim Atle | Oxman Andrew
Peer assessment of outpatient consultation letters – feasibility and satisfaction

Author(s): Keely Erin | Myers Kathryn | Dojeiji Suzan | Campbell Craig
Frof Guest Editors

Author(s): Mark J. W. LEE | Hakan G. SENEL
Globally Decoupled Reputations for Large Distributed Networks

Author(s): Gayatri Swamynathan | Ben Y. Zhao | Kevin C. Almeroth | Haitao Zheng
Patients' satisfaction and opinions of their experiences during admission in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan – a cross sectional study

Author(s): Imam Sardar | Syed Khezar | Ali Syed | Ali Syed | Fatima Kiran | Gill Marium | Hassan Muhammad | Hashmi Saad | Siddiqi Maham | Khan Hadi | Jameel Omar
Feedback Expectancy and EFL Learners’ Achievement in English

Author(s): Seyyed Mohammad ALAVI | Shiva KAIVANPANAH
Undergraduate technical skills training guided by student tutors – Analysis of tutors' attitudes, tutees' acceptance and learning progress in an innovative teaching model

Author(s): Weyrich Peter | Schrauth Markus | Kraus Bernd | Habermehl Daniel | Netzhammer Nicolai | Zipfel Stephan | Jünger Jana | Riessen Reimer | Nikendei Christoph
Change in antihypertensive drug prescribing after guideline implementation: a controlled before and after study

Author(s): Sipilä Raija | Helin-Salmivaara Arja | Korhonen Maarit | Ketola Eeva
Integrating a Trust Framework with a Distributed Certificate Validation Scheme for MANETs

Author(s): Marias Giannis F | Papapanagiotou Konstantinos | Tsetsos Vassileios | Sekkas Odysseas | Georgiadis Panagiotis
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Richard Chbeir | Youakim Badr
Peer-to-peer Corrective Feedback in a Group Interaction

Author(s): Sulia Masturina Che Razali | Nurul Amilin Razawi | Chittra Muthusamy | Siti Norliana Ghazali | Angelina Subrayan @ Michael
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Sudhanshu Gaur | Geoffrey Ye Li | Li-Chun Wang | Neelesh B. Mehta
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Fan Zhai | Homer Chen | Thomas Stockhammer | Touradj Ebrahimi
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Khan Mohammad Iftekharuddin | Mohammed Nazrul Islam | Mohammad Ataul Karim | Mohammad Abdus Salam
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Subir Das | Jing Deng | Mario Gerla | Nada Gomie | Jason H. Li | Jiang (Linda) Xie
Self-correction among Iranian EFL Learners: An Investigation into their Preferences for Corrective Feedback

Author(s): Reza Pishghadam | Mohammad Reza Hashemi | Paria Norouz Kermanshahi
What is Evidence? (editorial)

Author(s): Denise Koufogiannakis
Collaborative working within UK NHS secondary care and across sectors for COPD and the impact of peer review: qualitative findings from the UK National COPD Resources and Outcomes Project

Author(s): Carol Rivas | Stephen Abbott | Stephanie J.C. Taylor | Aileen Clarke | C. Michael Roberts | Robert Stone | Chris Griffiths
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