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A dosimetric comparison of four treatment planning methods for high grade glioma

Author(s): Zach Leor | Stall Bronwyn | Ning Holly | Ondos John | Arora Barbara | Uma Shankavaram | Miller Robert | Citrin Deborah | Camphausen Kevin
Information management to enable personalized medicine: stakeholder roles in building clinical decision support

Author(s): Downing Gregory | Boyle Scott | Brinner Kristin | Osheroff Jerome
Development, design, and conceptual issues of project zero exposure: A program to protect young children from tobacco smoke exposure

Author(s): Rosen Laura | Guttman Nurit | Hovell Melbourne | Noach Michal | Winickoff Jonathan | Tchernokovski Shosh | Rosenblum Joseph | Rubenstein Uri | Seidmann Vered | Vardavas Constantine | Klepeis Neil | Zucker David
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