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Author(s): José G. Vargas-Hernández (MBA, PhD) | Mohammad Reza Noruzi (EMBA, PhD scholar)
TRPV1 Antagonists and Chronic Pain: Beyond Thermal Perception

Author(s): Michael R. Brandt | Chad E. Beyer | Stephen M. Stahl
Connectivism and Dimensions of Individual Experience

Author(s): Carmen Tschofen | Jenny Mackness
Learning Management System Migration: An Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives

Author(s): Tom G Ryan | Mary Toye | Kyle Charron | Gavin Park
Some methodological issues of Technology roadmapping experienced during consultancy

Author(s): Bela Pataki | Zsuzsanna Szalkai | Szilvia Biro-Szigeti
Interest rate derivatives in developing countries in Europe

Author(s): Slobodan Cerovic | Marina Pepic
The role of informal sources of information in the Polish consumer market

Author(s): Jacek Wójcik | Tymoteusz Doligalski
Development of retail market in Serbia

Author(s): Gordana Radosavljević | Ljiljana Maksimović | Katarina Borisavljević
Process of innovation in product lifecycle management business strategy

Author(s): Valentina Gecevska | Franc Cus | Radmil Polenakovic | Paolo Chabert
Innovation factors in Belgrade University library system

Author(s): Biljana Stosic | Adam Sofronijevic
Photovoltaic module V-I and P-V characterization through instrumentation control toolkit of MATLAB

Author(s): Genci Sharko | Nako Hobdari | Nike Shanku | Miranda Ekmekciu | Elton Dasho
Reduction of the thickness of the boundary film at rectification of hydrocarbonic mixes with application of dry distillation

Author(s): Zakirjan Salimov | Olim Abdurakhmonov | Shamshidinhuja Saydakhmedov, | Husan Bobokhonov
Etiology of Food Addiction

Author(s): Demet Gulec Oyekcin | Artuner Deveci
Control and Information Systems

Author(s): Jiri Zahradnik | Karol Rastocny | Juraj Spalek
An Integrated MCDM Method in Ranking BSC Perspectives and key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Author(s): Mohsen Alvandi | Safar Fazli | Leila Yazdani | Milad Aghaee
Entropy of Quantum Black Holes

Author(s): Romesh K. Kaul
Interface between IPR and Human Rights: A Study with Reference to International Law

Author(s): Doctor Nashat Mahmoud Abdalla Jaradat LL.M,. Ph,D
Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; An Appraisal of Two Decades Literature

Author(s): Morteza Ghobakhloo | Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri | Tang Sai Hong | Norzima Zulkifli
Changes Related to Age in Natural and Acquired Systemic Self-IgG Responses in Malaria

Author(s): Romuald Dassé | Didier Lefranc | Sylvain Dubucquoi | Patricia Dussart | Virginie Dutoit-Lefevre | Boualem Sendid | François Sombo Mambo | Patrick Vermersch | Lionel Prin
Network Perspectives on Infectious Disease Dynamics

Author(s): Lauren Ancel Meyers | Ben Kerr | Katia Koelle
Understanding Gravity: Some Extra-Dimensional Perspectives

Author(s): V. H. Satheeshkumar | P. K. Suresh
Evolutionary Perspectives on Myrmecophily in Ladybirds

Author(s): Amélie Vantaux | Olivier Roux | Alexandra Magro | Jérôme Orivel
Perspectives of Pulmonologists on the 2009-2010 H1N1 Vaccination Effort

Author(s): Sarah J. Clark | Anne E. Cowan | Pascale M. Wortley
Renewable Energy Systems: Development and Perspectives of a Hybrid Solar-Wind System

Author(s): J. B. V. Subrahmanyam | P. Alluvada | Bandana | K. Bhanupriya | C. Shashidhar
Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Author(s): Morteza Ghobakhloo | Tang Sai Hong | Mohammad Sadegh Sabouri | Norzima Zulkifli
Agency Perspectives on Ngo Governance

Author(s): Douglas K Peterson
The Roles of Foreign Language in Business Administration

Author(s): Thavorn Thitthongkam | John Walsh | Chanchai Banchapattanasakda
Democracy and the Philippine Left

Author(s): Olle Törnquist
Economic Analysis on the Tragedy of the Commons of River

Author(s): Weikang Zhang | Weizhong Zeng | Xinhong Fu | Jimin Pan | Hong Guo
Improving patient–physician dialog: commentary on the results of the MS Choices survey

Author(s): Lugaresi A | Ziemssen T | Oreja-Guevara C | Thomas D | Verdun E
Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Japan

Author(s): Hiroki Nishikawa | Yukio Osaki | Ryuichi Kita | Toru Kimura
Policy, Perception and Health Care Utilization in Myanmar

Author(s): Soe Moe | Daw Khin Saw Naing

Author(s): José Manuel Hernández Mogollón | Ana María Campón Cerro | Helena Maria Baptista Alves
Multi-Level Governance of Low-Carbon Energy Systems in Thailand

Author(s): Janthana Kunchornrat | Aumnad Phdungsilp
Why and how to improve gifted students’ emotional intelligence?

Author(s): Jannet Patti | Marc Brackett | Carmen Ferrándiz | Mercedes Ferrando
Metal Oxide Nanostructures and Their Gas Sensing Properties: A Review

Author(s): Yu-Feng Sun | Shao-Bo Liu | Fan-Li Meng | Jin-Yun Liu | Zhen Jin | Ling-Tao Kong | Jin-Huai Liu
Durban Climate Conference: new perspectives on forests

Author(s): Perugini L | Vespertino D | Valentini R
Process Centric Development to Improve Quality of Service (QoS) in Building Distributed Applications

Author(s): K. Krishna Mohan | A. Srividya | A. K. Verma | Ravi Kumar Gedela
Analysis of Cattle Raising and Institutional Perspectives Regarding Collective Action in the El Ocote Biosphere Reserve, Chiapas, Mexico

Author(s): H. Gomez-Castro | F. Guevara-Hernandez | M.H. Hernandez-Lopez | J. Nahed-Toral | L. Rodriguez-Larramendi | R. Pinto-Ruiz
VennMaker for Historians: Sources, Social Networks and Software

Author(s): Marten Düring | Matthias Bixler | Michael Kronenwett | Martin Stark
Meio Sintético Quimicamente Definido para o Cultivo de Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis.

Author(s): L. F. Moura Costa | B. J. A. Paule | S. M. Freire | I. Nascimento | R. Schaer | L. F. Regis | V. L. C. Vale | D. P. Matos | R. C. Bahia | R. Carminati | R. Meyer
Development of Critical Perspectives on Romania's Evolution Public Debt in the Current Economic Crisis

Author(s): Vasile Nicolae POPEANGĂ | Virginia Elena VĂTUIU | Vasile POPEANGĂ
Managing Knowledge Assets in Project Environments

Author(s): Ionel NĂFTĂNĂILĂ
The Logic of Theodicy: A Comparative Analysis

Author(s): David Basinger | Randall Basinger
Ultrasonic diagnostics perspectives in patients with urolithiasis (review)

Author(s): Skvorzova N.V. | Chekhonatskaya M.L. | Rossolovsky A.N. | Kondratjeva О.A. | Sedova L.N. | Abramova A.P.
Within, Without: Dialogical Perspectives on Feminism and Islam

Author(s): Sara Ashencaen Crabtree | Fatima Husain
A Construção da Vida: Um Novo Paradigma para Entender a Carreira no Século XXI

Author(s): Maria Eduarda Duarte | Maria Célia Lassance | Mark L. Savickas | Laura Nota | Jerome Rossier | Jean-Pierre Dauwalder | Jean Guichard | Salvatore Soresi | Raoul Van Esbroeck | Annelies E. M. van Vianen
A General Probabilistic Forecasting Framework for Offshore Wind Power Fluctuations

Author(s): Pierre-Julien Trombe | Pierre Pinson | Henrik Madsen

Author(s): Sarva Mangala Praveena, Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Mohd Harun Abdullah and Kawi Bidin
Implementation of m-learning through MLE Moodle

Author(s): Amit R. Manakshe | Vijay S. Gulhane
Alternative perspectives of quality of prenatal care in Chihuahua, Mexico

Author(s): Lourdes Camarena O | Christine von Glascoe
Multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs): An overview

Author(s): Harshit R. Shah*, Pravir Kumar*,# Rashmi K. Ambasta *, $
Streptokinase :A novel clot buster

Author(s): Vaishnavi. B, Mohanasrinivasan.V and Subathra Devi.C*
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