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Author(s): Gheorghe Ciubotari | Ion Bara | Odetta Grama
Comparative Genomics of Aeschynomene Symbionts: Insights into the Ecological Lifestyle of Nod-Independent Photosynthetic Bradyrhizobia

Author(s): Damien Mornico | Lucie Miché | Gilles Béna | Nico Nouwen | André Verméglio | David Vallenet | Alexander A.T. Smith | Eric Giraud | Claudine Médigue | Lionel Moulin
The marrow cell continuum: stochastic determinism.

Author(s): P Quesenberry | M Abedi | M Dooner | G Colvin | F Martin Sanchez-Guijo | J Aliotta | J Pimentel | G Dooner | D Greer | D Demers | P Keaney | A Peterson | L Luo | B Foster
Cestode Antigens Induce a Tolerogenic-Like Phenotype and Inhibit LPS Inflammatory Responses in Human Dendritic Cells

Author(s): César A. Terrazas, Fausto Sánchez-Muñoz, Ana M. Mejía-Domínguez, Luis M. Amezcua-Guerra, Luis I. Terrazas, Rafael Bojalil, Lorena Gómez-García
Synchronous Lung Cancers: When Same Histological Types Feature Different Molecular Profiles and Response Phenotypes

Author(s): Giulia M Stella, Francesca Cemmi, Simona Inghilleri, Michele Zorzetto, Maurizio Luisetti, Ernesto Pozzi
Association Between Candidate Genes of Innate Immunity, Gallinacin Genes and Resistance to Mareks Disease in Chicken

Author(s): H.A. Yacoub | A. Galal | M.M. Fathi | S.A. El Fiky | H.A.I. Ramadan
ENU Mutagenesis Screen to Establish Motor Phenotypes in Wild-Type Mice and Modifiers of a Pre-Existing Motor Phenotype in Tau Mutant Mice

Author(s): Xin Liu | Michael Dobbie | Rob Tunningley | Belinda Whittle | Yafei Zhang | Lars M. Ittner | Jürgen Götz
Activation of Type I Interferon Pathway in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Association with Distinct Clinical Phenotypes

Author(s): Theophanis P. Karageorgas | Dimitrios D. Tseronis | Clio P. Mavragani
Ontologies for the Description of Mouse Phenotypes

Author(s): G. V. Gkoutos | E. C. J. Green | A.-M. Mallon | A. Blake | S. Greenaway | J. M. Hancock | D. Davidson

Author(s): Lucian Negura | Anca Huma | Vlad Artenie | Eugen Carasievici

Author(s): Lucian Negura | Anca Huma | Vlad Artenie | Eugen Carasievici
Presenting Clinical and Laboratory Data of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Author(s): Pahloosye A | Hashemi A MD | Mirmohammadi SJ | Atefi A
Optimization of heteroduplex analysis for the detection of BRCA mutations and SNPs

Author(s): Lucian Negura | Dragos Peptanariu | Anca Negura | Eugen Carasievici | Coneac Andrei | Ungureanu Eugen | Lucian Negura
Optimization of heteroduplex analysis for the detection of BRCA mutations and SNPs

Author(s): Lucian Negura | Dragos Peptanariu | Anca Negura | Eugen Carasievici | Coneac Andrei | Ungureanu Eugen | Lucian Negura
Regulation of Aerobic Glycolysis by microRNAs in Cancer

Author(s): Pankaj K. Singh | Kamiya Mehla | Michael A. Hollingsworth | Keith R. Johnson
Diagnostic particularities in Wilson’s disease as related to age, sex and clinical presentation

Author(s): Valentin Militaru | Nicolae Miu | Tudor L. Pop | Lucia Burac | Ana Ştefănescu | Sorin Crişan | Ştefan Vesa | Liliana Rădulescu | R. Duncea
Differential Expression of IRS-1 and IRS-2 in UterineLeiomyosarcomas with Distinct Oncogenic Phenotypes: Lack ofCorrelation with Downstream Signaling Events

Author(s): Alfonso Colombatti | Pietro Russo | Marta Cervi | Laura Bogetto | Bruna Wassermann | Fabrizio Mainiero | Paola Spessotto

Author(s): Elena Petraru | Gabriela Coman | Octavita Ailiesei
Monozygotic twins: genes are not the destiny?

Author(s): Aniruddha Chatterjee* | Ian M Morison
Detection of Chromosome X;18 Breakpoints and Translocation of the Xq22.3;18q23 Regions Resulting in Variable Fertility Phenotypes

Author(s): Attila Szvetko | Nicole Martin | Chris Joy | Andrea Hayward | Bob Watson | Andrew Cary | Stephen Withers

Familial Sarcoidosis: About Two Brothers and Prevalence Value in a Middle Eastern City

Author(s): Georges Khalil | Grace Obeid | Elie Mansour | Georges Nawfal
Searching for Tourette’s syndrome gene. Part 1. Heterogeneity of clinical phenotypes

Author(s): Anna Kowalska | Alina T. Midro | Piotr Janik | Anna Gogol | Wojciech Służewski | Andrzej Rajewski
The identification of Nocardia in BAL specimens of bronchoscopic patients by using classical and molecular methods

Author(s): Heidarzadeh S | Pourmand MR | Ghasemi A | Zarrinfar H | Saber S | Soori T | Mirhendi SH | Hosseini M | Khalifehgholi M | Mardani N | Eshraghi SS

Author(s): Cristina Bota | Rodica Viorica Roman | Octavita Ailiesei | Simona Dunca | Erica Nimitan

Author(s): Roman Safner | Tomislav Treer | Ivica Aničić | Andrea Kolak
Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita: current diagnosis and therapy

Author(s): Christine R. Mehren | Robert Gniadecki
Differentiation of Different Species of Origanum and Thymus using Proteins and Isoenzymes Profile

Author(s): S.K. Ibrahim | L. Ibrahim | A. Ismail | A. Basal | M. Kayal | H. Ghanem | S. Rammel
Reproductive Phenotypes of Mouse Models Illuminate Human Infertility

Author(s): Adelfalk C | Ahmed EA | Scherthan H
Generational Association Studies of Dopaminergic Genes in Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS) Subjects: Selecting Appropriate Phenotypes for Reward Dependence Behaviors

Author(s): Kenneth Blum | Amanda L. C. Chen | Marlene Oscar-Berman | Thomas J. H. Chen | Joel Lubar | Nancy White | Judith Lubar | Abdalla Bowirrat | Eric Braverman | John Schoolfield | Roger L. Waite | Bernard W. Downs | Margaret Madigan | David E. Comings | Caroline Davis | Mallory M. Kerner | Jennifer Knopf | Tomas Palomo | John J. Giordano | Siobhan A. Morse | Frank Fornari | Debmalya Barh | John Femino | John A. Bailey
Microbiological Evaluation of Water Quality from Urban Watersheds for Domestic Water Supply Improvement

Author(s): A. Mark Ibekwe | Shelton E. Murinda | Alexandria K. Graves
Analysis of genetic distance between Peruvian Alpaca (Vicugna Pacos) showing two distinct fleece phenotypes, Suri and Huacaya, by means of microsatellite markers

Author(s): Vincenzo La Manna | Antonietta La Terza | Silvia Ghezzi | Siva Saravanaperumal | Norberto Apaza | Teodosio Huanca | Riccardo Bozzi | Carlo Renieri
Phenotypes, Genotypes and Allele Frequencies of B-lactoglobulin in Egyptian Cattle and Buffalo

Author(s): Eman Moawed Gouda | Mona Khamees Galal | Mohsen Ahmed Wasfy | Samy Ahmed Abdelaziz
W poszukiwaniu genów schizofrenii

Author(s): Joanna Hauser | Monika Dmitrzak-Węglarz
Phenotypic characterization of patient dengue virus isolates in BALB/c mice differentiates dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever from dengue shock syndrome

Author(s): Tuiskunen Anne | Wahlström Maria | Bergström Jakob | Buchy Philippe | Leparc-Goffart Isabelle | Lundkvist Åke
Endothelial-like cells in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: crosstalk with myofibroblast-like cells

Author(s): Sakao Seiichiro | Hao Hiroyuki | Tanabe Nobuhiro | Kasahara Yasunori | Kurosu Katsushi | Tatsumi Koichiro
Extracting quantitative genetic interaction phenotypes from matrix combinatorial RNAi

Author(s): Axelsson Elin | Sandmann Thomas | Horn Thomas | Boutros Michael | Huber Wolfgang | Fischer Bernd
Two new Rett syndrome families and review of the literature: expanding the knowledge of MECP2 frameshift mutations

Author(s): Ravn Kirstine | Roende Gitte | Duno Morten | Fuglsang Kathrine | Eiklid Kristin | Tümer Zeynep | Nielsen Jytte | Skjeldal Ola
Cug2 is essential for normal mitotic control and CNS development in zebrafish

Author(s): Kim Hyun-Taek | So Ju-Hoon | Jung Seung-Hyun | Ahn Dae-Gwon | Koh Wansoo | Kim Nam-Soon | Kim Soo-Hyun | Lee Soojin | Kim Cheol-Hee
Enthesitis related arthritis- 2 distinct clinical phenotypes?

Author(s): Fisher Corinne | Ioannou John | Sen Debajit
A Greek multicenter study comparing the clinical and immunologic phenotypes between adult and juvenile- onset lupus

Author(s): Nalbanti P | Stefanidou S | Alfantaki S | Siamopoulou A | Trachana M | Galanopoulou V | Pratsidou-Gerts P | Farmaki E | Papachristou F | Garyphallos A | Kanakoudi-Tsakalidou F
Cyclophilin A enhances cell proliferation and tumor growth of liver fluke-associated cholangiocarcinoma

Author(s): Obchoei Sumalee | Weakley Sarah | Wongkham Sopit | Wongkham Chaisiri | Sawanyawisuth Kanlayanee | Yao Qizhi | Chen Changyi
Metabolomic phenotyping of a cloned pig model

Author(s): Clausen Morten | Christensen Kirstine | Hedemann Mette | Liu Ying | Purup Stig | Schmidt Mette | Callesen Henrik | Stagsted Jan | Bertram Hanne
Comparison of genomic and proteomic data in recurrent airway obstruction affected horses using ingenuity pathway analysis®

Author(s): Racine Julien | Gerber Vinzenz | Miskovic Feutz Marybeth | Riley C Paige | Adamec Jiri | Swinburne June | Couetil Laurent
Genome-wide association analysis of thirty one production, health, reproduction and body conformation traits in contemporary U.S. Holstein cows

Author(s): Cole John | Wiggans George | Ma Li | Sonstegard Tad | Lawlor Thomas | Crooker Brian | Van Tassell Curtis | Yang Jing | Wang Shengwen | Matukumalli Lakshmi | Da Yang
A molecular and antigenic survey of H5N1 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus isolates from smallholder duck farms in Central Java, Indonesia during 2007-2008

Author(s): Wibawa Hendra | Henning Joerg | Wong Frank | Selleck Paul | Junaidi Akhmad | Bingham John | Daniels Peter | Meers Joanne
Lentiviral gene transfer into the dorsal root ganglion of adult rats

Author(s): Yu Hongwei | Fischer Greg | Jia Guangfu | Reiser Jakob | Park Frank | Hogan Quinn
Classification of dendritic cell phenotypes from gene expression data

Author(s): Tuana Giacomo | Volpato Viola | Ricciardi-Castagnoli Paola | Zolezzi Francesca | Stella Fabio | Foti Maria
HYPEST study: profile of hypertensive patients in Estonia

Author(s): Org Elin | Veldre Gudrun | Viigimaa Margus | Juhanson Peeter | Putku Margus | Rosenberg Mai | Tomberg Kärt | Uuetoa Tiina | Laan Maris
The clinical assessment study of the foot (CASF): study protocol for a prospective observational study of foot pain and foot osteoarthritis in the general population

Author(s): Roddy Edward | Myers Helen | Thomas Martin | Marshall Michelle | D'Cruz Deborah | Menz Hylton | Belcher John | Muller Sara | Peat George
Mice lacking caspase-2 are protected from behavioral changes, but not pathology, in the YAC128 model of Huntington disease

Author(s): Carroll Jeffrey | Southwell Amber | Graham Rona | Lerch Jason | Ehrnhoefer Dagmar | Cao Li-Ping | Zhang Wei-Ning | Deng Yu | Bissada Nagat | Henkelman R | Hayden Michael
Identification and characterization of a set of conserved and new regulators of cytoskeletal organization, cell morphology and migration

Author(s): Bai Siau | Herrera-Abreu Maria | Rohn Jennifer | Racine Victor | Tajadura Virginia | Suryavanshi Narendra | Bechtel Stephanie | Wiemann Stefan | Baum Buzz | Ridley Anne
Optimality and evolution of transcriptionally regulated gene expression

Author(s): Poelwijk Frank | Heyning Philip | de Vos Marjon | Kiviet Daniel | Tans Sander
Genetic polymorphisms linked to susceptibility to malaria

Author(s): Driss Adel | Hibbert Jacqueline | Wilson Nana | Iqbal Shareen | Adamkiewicz Thomas | Stiles Jonathan
LIN28B, LIN28A, KISS1, and KISS1R in idiopathic central precocious puberty

Author(s): Tommiska Johanna | Sørensen Kaspar | Aksglaede Lise | Koivu Rosanna | Puhakka Lea | Juul Anders | Raivio Taneli
Gene expression study using real-time PCR identifies an NTR gene as a major marker of resistance to benznidazole in Trypanosoma cruzi

Author(s): Mejía-Jaramillo Ana | Fernández Geysson | Palacio Lina | Triana-Chávez Omar
A global view of porcine transcriptome in three tissues from a full-sib pair with extreme phenotypes in growth and fat deposition by paired-end RNA sequencing

Author(s): Chen Congying | Ai Huashui | Ren Jun | Li Wanbo | Li Pinghua | Qiao Ruimin | Ouyang Jing | Yang Ming | Ma Junwu | Huang Lusheng
Genetic variants in LPL, OASL and TOMM40/APOE-C1-C2-C4 genes are associated with multiple cardiovascular-related traits

Author(s): Middelberg Rita | Ferreira Manuel | Henders Anjali | Heath Andrew | Madden Pamela | Montgomery Grant | Martin Nicholas | Whitfield John
Transcriptional responses of Burkholderia cenocepacia to polymyxin B in isogenic strains with diverse polymyxin B resistance phenotypes

Author(s): Loutet Slade | Di Lorenzo Flaviana | Clarke Chelsea | Molinaro Antonio | Valvano Miguel
iCTNet: A Cytoscape plugin to produce and analyze integrative complex traits networks

Author(s): Wang Lili | Khankhanian Pouya | Baranzini Sergio | Mousavi Parvin
Thrombotic gene polymorphisms and postoperative outcome after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Author(s): Emiroglu Ozan | Durdu Serkan | Egin Yonca | Akar Ahmet | Alakoc Yesim | Zaim Cagin | Ozyurda Umit | Akar Nejat
Transcriptional analysis of cell growth and morphogenesis in the unicellular green alga Micrasterias (Streptophyta), with emphasis on the role of expansin

Author(s): Vannerum Katrijn | Huysman Marie | De Rycke Riet | Vuylsteke Marnik | Leliaert Frederik | Pollier Jacob | Lütz-Meindl Ursula | Gillard Jeroen | De Veylder Lieven | Goossens Alain | Inzé Dirk | Vyverman Wim
Profibrotic potential of Prominin-1+ epithelial progenitor cells in pulmonary fibrosis

Author(s): Blyszczuk Przemyslaw | Germano Davide | Stein Sokrates | Moch Holger | Matter Christian | Beck-Schimmer Beatrice | Lüscher Thomas | Eriksson Urs | Kania Gabriela
Observational study of lipid profile and LDL particle size in patients with metabolic syndrome

Author(s): Sancho-Rodríguez Natalia | Avilés-Plaza Francisco | Granero-Fernández Esteban | Hernández-Martínez Antonio | Albaladejo-Otón María | Martínez-Mernández Pedro | Parra-Pallarés Soledad
A network model for biofilm development in Escherichia coli K-12

Author(s): Shalá Andrew | Restrepo Silvia | González Barrios Andrés
Evaluation of two sets of immunohistochemical and Western blot confirmatory methods in the detection of typical and atypical BSE cases

Author(s): Porcario Chiara | Hall S Mark | Martucci Francesca | Corona Cristiano | Iulini Barbara | Perazzini Alice | Acutis Pierluigi | Hamir Amir | Loiacono Christina | Greenlee Justin | Richt Jürgen | Caramelli Maria | Casalone Cristina
A genetic predisposition score for muscular endophenotypes predicts the increase in aerobic power after training: the CAREGENE study

Author(s): Thomaes Tom | Thomis Martine | Onkelinx Steven | Fagard Robert | Matthijs Gert | Buys Roselien | Schepers Dirk | Cornelissen Véronique | Vanhees Luc
A CoD-based stationary control policy for intervening in large gene regulatory networks

Author(s): Ghaffari Noushin | Ivanov Ivan | Qian Xiaoning | Dougherty Edward
Characterization of large genomic deletions in the FBN1 gene using multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification

Author(s): Furtado Larissa | Wooderchak-Donahue Whitney | Rope Alan | Yetman Angela | Lewis Tracey | Plant Parker | Bayrak-Toydemir Pinar
β-Lapachone induces heart morphogenetic and functional defects by promoting the death of erythrocytes and the endocardium in zebrafish embryos

Author(s): Wu Yi-Ting | Lin Che Yi | Tsai Ming-Yuan | Chen Yi-Hua | Lu Yu-Fen | Huang Chang-Jen | Cheng Chao-Min | Hwang Sheng-Ping
Population-based evaluation of a suggested anatomic and clinical classification of congenital heart defects based on the International Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Code

Author(s): Houyel Lucile | Khoshnood Babak | Anderson Robert | Lelong Nathalie | Thieulin Anne-Claire | Goffinet François | Bonnet Damien
Metabolically healthy and unhealthy obesity phenotypes in the general population: the FIN-D2D Survey

Author(s): Pajunen Pia | Kotronen Anna | Korpi-Hyövälti Eeva | Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi Sirkka | Oksa Heikki | Niskanen Leo | Saaristo Timo | Saltevo Juha | Sundvall Jouko | Vanhala Mauno | Uusitupa Matti | Peltonen Markku
Upregulation of CYP 450s expression of immortalized hepatocyte-like cells derived from mesenchymal stem cells by enzyme inducers

Author(s): Sa-ngiamsuntorn Khanit | Wongkajornsilp Adisak | Kasetsinsombat Kanda | Duangsa-ard Sunisa | Nuntakarn Lalana | Borwornpinyo Suparerk | Akarasereenont Pravit | Limsrichamrern Somchai | Hongeng Suradej
Sequence comparison of prefrontal cortical brain transcriptome from a tame and an aggressive silver fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Author(s): Kukekova Anna | Johnson Jennifer | Teiling Clotilde | Li Lewyn | Oskina Irina | Kharlamova Anastasiya | Gulevich Rimma | Padte Ravee | Dubreuil Michael | Vladimirova Anastasiya | Shepeleva Darya | Shikhevich Svetlana | Sun Qi | Ponnala Lalit | Temnykh Svetlana | Trut Lyudmila | Acland Gregory
Accuracy of genomic selection in simulated populations mimicking the extent of linkage disequilibrium in beef cattle

Author(s): Brito Fernanda | Neto José | Sargolzaei Mehdi | Cobuci Jaime | Schenkel Flavio
Comparative transcriptome sequencing of germline and somatic tissues of the Ascaris suum gonad

Author(s): Ma Xuan | Zhu Yingjie | Li Chunfang | Shang Yunlong | Meng Fanjing | Chen Shilin | Miao Long
Proliferative reactive gliosis is compatible with glial metabolic support and neuronal function

Author(s): Vázquez-Chona Félix | Swan Alex | Ferrell W Drew | Jiang Li | Baehr Wolfgang | Chien Wei-Ming | Fero Matthew | Marc Robert | Levine Edward
Prioritizing cancer-related genes with aberrant methylation based on a weighted protein-protein interaction network

Author(s): Liu Hui | Su Jianzhong | Li Junhua | Liu Hongbo | Lv Jie | Li Boyan | Qiao Hong | Zhang Yan
The genome diversity and karyotype evolution of mammals

Author(s): Graphodatsky Alexander | Trifonov Vladimir | Stanyon Roscoe
Predicting complex quantitative traits with Bayesian neural networks: a case study with Jersey cows and wheat

Author(s): Gianola Daniel | Okut Hayrettin | Weigel Kent | Rosa Guilherme
Deciphering c-MYC-regulated genes in two distinct tissues

Author(s): Robson Samuel | Ward Lesley | Brown Helen | Turner Heather | Hunter Ewan | Pelengaris Stella | Khan Michael
Early metabolic response using FDG PET/CT and molecular phenotypes of breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Author(s): Keam Bhumsuk | Im Seock-Ah | Koh Youngil | Han Sae-Won | Oh Do-Youn | Cho Nariya | Kim Jee | Han Wonshik | Kang Keon | Moon Woo | Kim Tae-You | Park In | Noh Dong-Young | Chung June-Key | Bang Yung-Jue
A genome-wide survey for SNPs altering microRNA seed sites identifies functional candidates in GWAS

Author(s): Richardson Kris | Lai Chao-Qiang | Parnell Laurence | Lee Yu-Chi | Ordovas Jose
Mutational screening of the USH2A gene in Spanish USH patients reveals 23 novel pathogenic mutations

Author(s): Garcia-Garcia Gema | Aparisi Maria | Jaijo Teresa | Rodrigo Regina | Leon Ana | Avila-Fernandez Almudena | Blanco-Kelly Fiona | Bernal Sara | Navarro Rafael | Diaz-Llopis Manuel | Baiget Montserrat | Ayuso Carmen | Millan Jose | Aller Elena
Quantifying stability in gene list ranking across microarray derived clinical biomarkers

Author(s): Schneckener Sebastian | Arden Nilou | Schuppert Andreas
Cell dedifferentiation and epithelial to mesenchymal transitions during intestinal regeneration in H. glaberrima

Author(s): García-Arrarás José | Valentín-Tirado Griselle | Flores Jaime | Rosa Rey | Rivera-Cruz Angélica | San Miguel-Ruiz José | Tossas Karen
Characterization of a Mycobacterium smegmatis uvrA mutant impaired in dormancy induced by hypoxia and low carbon concentration

Author(s): Cordone Angela | Audrain Bianca | Calabrese Immacolata | Euphrasie Daniel | Reyrat Jean-Marc
Activated MCTC mast cells infiltrate diseased lung areas in cystic fibrosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Author(s): Andersson Cecilia | Andersson-Sjöland Annika | Mori Michiko | Hallgren Oskar | Pardo Annie | Eriksson Leif | Bjermer Leif | Löfdahl Claes-Göran | Selman Moises | Westergren-Thorsson Gunilla | Erjefält Jonas
An attenuated strain of Bacillus anthracis (CDC 684) has a large chromosomal inversion and altered growth kinetics

Author(s): Okinaka Richard | Price Erin | Wolken Spenser | Gruendike Jeffrey | Chung Wai | Pearson Talima | Xie Gary | Munk Chris | Hill Karen | Challacombe Jean | Ivins Bruce | Schupp James | Beckstrom-Sternberg Stephen | Friedlander Arthur | Keim Paul
Effects of edible bird's nest (EBN) on cultured rabbit corneal keratocytes

Author(s): Zainal Abidin Fadhilah | Hui Chua | Luan Ng | Mohd Ramli Elvy Suhana | Hun Lee | Abd Ghafar Norzana
Gene network analyses point to the importance of human tissue kallikreins in melanoma progression

Author(s): Martins Waleska | Esteves Gustavo | Almeida Otávio | Rezze Gisele | Landman Gilles | Marques Sarah | Carvalho Alex | L Reis Luiz | Duprat João | Stolf Beatriz
The influence of different helminth infection phenotypes on immune responses against HIV in co-infected adults in South Africa

Author(s): Mkhize-Kwitshana Zilungile | Taylor Myra | Jooste Pieter | Mabaso Musawenkosi | Walzl Gerhard
Following the genes: a framework for animal modeling of psychiatric disorders

Author(s): Mitchell Kevin | Huang Z Josh | Moghaddam Bita | Sawa Akira
Molecular typing of mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates circulating in Jiangsu Province, China

Author(s): Liu Qiao | Yang Dandan | Xu Weiguo | Wang Jianming | LV Bing | Shao Yan | Song Honghuan | Li Guoli | Dong Haiyan | Wan Kanglin | Wang Hua
Phenotypes of pain behavior in phospholipase C-related but catalytically inactive protein type 1 knockout mice

Author(s): Migita Keisuke | Tomiyama Masahiko | Yamada Junko | Fukuzawa Masashi | Kanematsu Takashi | Hirata Masato | Ueno Shinya
Expression of mutant TDP-43 induces neuronal dysfunction in transgenic mice

Author(s): Xu Ya-Fei | Zhang Yong-Jie | Lin Wen-Lang | Cao Xiangkun | Stetler Caroline | Dickson Dennis | Lewis Jada | Petrucelli Leonard
HIV-1 predisposed to acquiring resistance to maraviroc (MVC) and other CCR5 antagonists in vitro has an inherent, low-level ability to utilize MVC-bound CCR5 for entry

Author(s): Roche Michael | Jakobsen Martin | Ellett Anne | Salimiseyedabad Hamid | Jubb Becky | Westby Mike | Lee Benhur | Lewin Sharon | Churchill Melissa | Gorry Paul
High expression of HLA-E in colorectal carcinoma is associated with a favorable prognosis

Author(s): Benevolo Maria | Mottolese Marcella | Tremante Elisa | Rollo Francesca | Diodoro Maria Grazia | Ercolani Cristiana | Sperduti Isabella | Monaco Elisa Lo | Cosimelli Maurizio | Giacomini Patrizio
An experimentally-supported genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction for Yersinia pestis CO92

Author(s): Charusanti Pep | Chauhan Sadhana | McAteer Kathleen | Lerman Joshua | Hyduke Daniel | Motin Vladimir | Ansong Charles | Adkins Joshua | Palsson Bernhard
Probing the role of estrogen receptor isoforms in neonatal programming of neuroendocrine and behavioral functions

Author(s): Alexandre V. Patchev | Annemarie Wolff-Muscate | Dieter Fischer | Osborne F.X. Almeida
Determination of serum paraoxonase phenotype distribution by double-substrate method in patients with coronary artery disease

Author(s): Abdolkarim Mahrooz | Mohammad Nouri | Mohammad-Reza Rashidi | Naser Aslanabadi | Durdi Qujeq
Polymorphism and hybridization in species of Hottentotta Birula, 1908 (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

Author(s): Lourenço, W. R. | Ythier, E. | Stockmann, M. | Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L.
Molecular detection of fluoroquinolone-resistance in multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Cambodia suggests low association with XDR phenotypes

Author(s): Surcouf Corinne | Heng Seiha | Pierre-Audigier Catherine | Cadet-Daniel Véronique | Namouchi Amine | Murray Alan | Gicquel Brigitte | Guillard Bertrand
Re-Defining Dyslexia: Accounting for variability/Redefiniendo la dislexia: explicando la variabilidad

Author(s): Cyril R. Pernet | Olivier Dufor | Jean-Francois Démonet
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