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Conceptual Nonlocality

Author(s): David A. Grandy
International Injustice in Science

Author(s): Florentin Smarandache
Newton and theInternatinal year of Physics

Author(s): Pieter C. Wagener, BA MSC MA MSC LLM PHD DIPDATA DIPLL
Dimensions of Apeiron

Author(s): Steven M. Rosen
The definability of physical concepts

Author(s): Adonai S. Sant'Anna
The Cosmic Bellows: The Big Bang and the Second Law

Author(s): Stanley Salthe | Gary Fuhrman
Paranada: Beyond Beyond

Author(s): Hector Currie | Juan Pacheco
Towards a Unified Theory of Forces

Author(s): Pieter C. Wagener BA, MSc, MA, MSc, LLM, PhD, DipData, DipLL
Physics in Auersperg’s Library

Author(s): Stanislav Južnič
Exploring Interdisciplinarity: The Significance of Metaphoric and Metonymic Exchange

Author(s): Anne Dalke | Paul Grobstein | Elizabeth McCormack
Epistemologia Tractatus-ului

Author(s): Ionel Narita
Synecdoche and Surprise: Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production

Author(s): Anne Dalke | Elizabeth F. McCormack
History of Astroparticle Physics and its Components

Author(s): Cirkel-Bartelt Vanessa
Didactical physics laboratory from a kuhnian perspective

Author(s): Sergio de Mello Arruda | Marcos Rodrigues da Silva | Carlos Eduardo Laburu
Einstein y la filosofía del siglo XX

Author(s): Sánchez Ron, José Manuel
On the Feasibility of Time Travel and Its Implications

Author(s): Michael A. Amaral, M.D., FACS
Entanglement, Causality and the Cohesion of Spacetime

Author(s): Michael A. Amaral, MD, FACS
Exploring the Efficacy of Vowel Intonations

Author(s): Melanie Braun M. Mus
St. Thomas and the hilemorfic ontology

Author(s): Lawrence Dewan, O.P.
La Construcción del Conocimiento como Proceso Activo en la Enseñanza

Author(s): A. Quintana-Nedelcos | J. J. Llovera-González
Philosophy, Psychology, Physics and Practice of Ki

Author(s): S. Tsuyoshi Ohnishi | Tomoko Ohnishi
From Data to Semantic Information

Author(s): Luciano Floridi
The Natural Philosophy of Work

Author(s): Stanley N. Salthe
The Scientific Mind: Ever Searching, Never Certain

Author(s): Ezegbunam, Leonard N.
Science and the Argument of the Tractatus

Author(s): James Harrington
The myth of the Humanities in crisis

Author(s): Josep Maria Terricabras

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Cybersemiotics and Human Modelling

Author(s): Paul Cobley
Kant y los principios a priori de la ciencia natural

Author(s): Álvaro J. Peláez Cedrés
¿Una ontología dinámica en la Ética a Nicómaco?

Author(s): Fernando Sancén Contreras
A critical review of Electric Earthquake Precursors

Author(s): A. Tzanis | F. Vallianatos
Scientific Paradigms and Urban Development: Alternative Models

Author(s): Martin Fichman | Edmund P. Fowler
Telling time

Author(s): Populizio Ivan
The Cosmic Bellows: The Big Bang and the Second Law

Author(s): Stanley Salthe | Gary Fuhrman
Theory of Neuroscience

Author(s): Nezih OKTAR
Philosophy of Science in Action

Author(s): Mladen Domazet
Application of speckle decorrelation method for small translation measurements

Author(s): Pavel Horvath | Miroslav Hrabovsky | Petr Smid

Author(s): Panda Mrutyunjay | Mohanta Nibedita
Boltzmann et la Mécanique Classique

Author(s): Antonio A. P. Videira
Inconsistent Physics

Author(s): F. G. Asenjo
Epistemologic controversy on quantum operators

Author(s): Rafael-Andrés Alemañ-Berenguer
La satisfacción de los estudiantes en red en la formación semipresencial Online Students´ Satisfaction with Blended Learning

Author(s): Julio Cabero Almenara | María del Carmen Llorente Cejudo | Angel Puentes Puente


Author(s): JOSE DUARTE
Collective Behavior – A General Survey

Author(s): KÁPTALAN Erna | SZABÓ Loránd | SZÁSZ Csaba | NÉDA Zoltán
A retrospective view on the history of natural sciences in XX-XXI

Author(s): Vladislav Sergeyevich Olkhovsky
The Gravity of Pure Forces

Author(s): Nico Jenkins
Is the Notion of Time Really Fundamental?

Author(s): Florian Girelli | Stefano Liberati | Lorenzo Sindoni
A Philosophical Treatise of Universal Induction

Author(s): Samuel Rathmanner | Marcus Hutter
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