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Nutrient budgets for large Chinese estuaries

Author(s): S. M. Liu | G.-H. Hong | J. Zhang | X. W. Ye | X. L. Jiang
Soil surface properties affected by organic by-products

Author(s): Sikora L.J. | Filgueira R.R. | Fournier L.L. | Rawls W.J. | Pachepsky Ya.A.
Specific surface area of Lublin Polesie mucks determined from water vapour and nitrogen adsorption data

Author(s): Sokołowska Z. | Matyka-Sarzyńska D. | Bowanko G.
Factors Affecting, Urease Enzyme Activity in some Soils in Isfahan Province

Author(s): F. Noorbakhsh | S. Hajrasuliha | G. Emtiazy
Decolorization of different azo dyes by Phanerochaete chrysosporium RP78 under optimal condition

Author(s): F. Ghasemi | F. Tabandeh | B. Bambai | K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao
Adsorção de íons Cu2+ em latossolo vermelho-amarelo húmico

Author(s): Jordão Cláudio Pereira | Alves Neusa Maria | Pereira José Luiz | Bellato Carlos Roberto | Alvarez V. Victor Hugo
Anatomical and physiological characteristics of two argentine wheat cultivars

Author(s): Filgueira Raúl Roberto | Golik Inés Silvina | Sarli Oliverio Guillermo | Jatimliansky Raúl Jaime
Analysis of bioactive glasses obtained by sol-gel processing for radioactive implants

Author(s): Roberto Wanderley dos Santos | Pereira Marivalda Magalhães | Campos Tarcísio Passos Ribeiro de
The effects of H2SO4 and (NH4)2SO4 treatments on the chemistry of soil drainage water and pine seedlings in forest soil microcosms

Author(s): M. I. Stutter | M. S. Alam | S. J. Langan | S. J. Woodin | R. P Smart | M. S. Cresser
Comparison of Chemical and Physical-chemical Wastewater Discoloring Methods

Author(s): Parac-Osterman, D. | Durašević, V. | Sutlović, A.
CO2 Separation using Modified MCM-41 in PSA

Author(s): Alias N.H. | Kamaruddin K. S. N. | Bhatti I.
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