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Teacher Inequality

Author(s): Andrew J. Wayne
Scheduling Three Stage Flowshop Processes with No Intermediate Storage Using Novel Matrix Approach

Author(s): Amir Shafeeq | M.I. Abdul Mutalib | K.A. Amminudin | Ayyaz Muhammad
Fertility trends in Serbia during the 1990s

Author(s): Rašević Mirjana M.
Green spaces – a key resources for urban sustainability. The GreenKeys approach for developing green spaces

Author(s): Carlos Smaniotto Costa | Ina Šuklje Erjavec | Juliane Mathey
Contingencias de las estructuras familiares del milenio

Author(s): Angela María Quintero Velásquez
Central bank and the monetary commitment

Author(s): Jakšić Miomir P.
Current use of contraceptive method among women in a middle-income developing country

Author(s): Paul A Bourne | Christopher AD Charles | Tazhmoye V Crawford | et al
Health literacy and health seeking behavior among older men in a middle-income nation

Author(s): Paul A Bourne | Chloe Morris | Christopher AD Charles | et al
Evidence, Ethics & Social Policy Dilemmas

Author(s): Steven I. Miller | L. Arthur Safer
Elements of the Public Policy of Science, Technology and Innovation

Author(s): Julio E. Rubio | Ntumbua Tshipamba
WHO policy development processes for a new vaccine: case study of malaria vaccines

Author(s): Milstien Julie | Cárdenas Vicky | Cheyne James | Brooks Alan
The Function of Remote Sensing in Support of Environmental Policy

Author(s): Jan de Leeuw | Yola Georgiadou | Norman Kerle | Alfred de Gier | Yoshio Inoue | Jelle Ferwerda | Maarten Smies | Davaa Narantuya
Predictors of Infant Mortality in a Developing Country

Author(s): Md. Jamal Uddin | Md. Zakir Hossain
Health Facilities in Balochistan

Author(s): Tahira Jabeen
Multivariate Classification of China`s Regional Energy Consumption Pattern

Author(s): Enebeli Emmanuel Emeka | Cheng Jinhua | Xu Xiaoping
The evolution of HIV policy in Vietnam: from punitive control measures to a more rights-based approach

Author(s): Pham Nguyen Ha | Anastasia Pharris | Nguyen Thanh Huong | Nguyen Thi Kim Chuc | Ruairi Brugha | Anna Thorson
Self-reported health and functional limitations among older people in the Kassena-Nankana District, Ghana

Author(s): Cornelius Debpuur | Paul Welaga | George Wak | Abraham Hodgson
A real case study on transportation scenario comparison

Author(s): Tsoukiás A. | Papayannakis A.
Challenges of industrial development of Serbia

Author(s): Jakopin Edvard | Bajec Jurij
Constraints in the Control of African Trypanosomiasis the Prevailing Factors in Kurmin Kaduna, Northern, Nigeria (Review Article)

Author(s): Attahir Abubakar | S.M. Samdi; J.N. Abenga; B.M. Wayo; H.M. Sumayin; M.K. Haruna; A.M. Jijitar; R.T. Ogunwale; R.A. Ramatu and R.L. Bizi
Tobacco use amongst out of school adolescents in a Local Government Area in Nigeria

Author(s): Adebiyi Akindele | Faseru Babalola | Sangowawa Adesola | Owoaje Eme
The Economics of Autism in Egypt

Author(s): Roger Lee Mendoza
Improved Round Robin Policya Mathematical Approach

Author(s): Prof . D. Pandey | Vandana
Monitoring of clinical efficacy and in vitro sensitivity of Plasmodium vivax to chloroquine in area along Thai Myanmar border during 2009-2010

Author(s): Muhamad Poonuch | Ruengweerayut Ronnatrai | Chacharoenkul Wanna | Rungsihirunrat Kanchana | Na-Bangchang Kesara
Public health: disconnections between policy, practice and research

Author(s): Jansen Maria | van Oers Hans | Kok Gerjo | de Vries Nanne
Science-based health innovation in Tanzania: bednets and a base for invention

Author(s): Shah Ronak | Singer Peter | Daar Abdallah
The Crisis of Public Local Digital Terrestrial Television in Spain: The case of Catalonia

Author(s): Josep Àngel Guimerà-i-Orts, Ph. D. | Federica Alborch-Gil, M.A.
Formulating policies for the welfare of animals during long distance transportation

Author(s): Andrea Gavinelli | Maria Ferrara | Denis Simonin
Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults in Enugu, Nigeria

Author(s): Onyiapat Jane-lovena | Okoronkwo Ijeoma | Ogbonnaya Ngozi
Análise do processo de gestão no setor de habitação: o caso COHAB/Acre

Author(s): Ângela Maria Bessa Fleming | Assed Naked Haddad
The Crisis of Public Local Digital Terrestrial Television in Spain: The case of Catalonia

Author(s): Josep Àngel Guimerà-i-Orts, Ph. D. | Federica Alborch-Gil, M.A.
DO3SE modelling of soil moisture to determine ozone flux to European forest trees

Author(s): P. Büker | T. Morrissey | A. Briolat | R. Falk | D. Simpson | J.-P. Tuovinen | R. Alonso | S. Barth | M. Baumgarten | N. Grulke | P. E. Karlsson | J. King | F. Lagergren | R. Matyssek | A. Nunn | R. Ogaya | J. Peñuelas | L. Rhea | M. Schaub | J. Uddling | W. Werner | L. D. Emberson
Impact of Workers’ Remittances on Financial Development in Nigeria

Author(s): Babatunde Olufemi Oke | Olayinka Marte Uadiale | Okwy Peter Okpala
Energy-Growth Causality: Asian Countries Revisited

Author(s): Evan Lau | Xiao-Hui Chye | Chee-Keong Choong
Political Priority and Policy Process: A Recent Example from Bangladesh

Author(s): Golam Rabbani | Harold Sougato Baroi
The Central American Fear of Youth

Author(s): Anika Oettler

Author(s): Kanayo Ogujiuba | Kenneth Obi | Enwere Dike
Formulation of Agenda 21 Process Indicators for Malaysia

Author(s): Kamarudin Ngah | Jamaludin Mustaffa | Zaherawati Zakaria | Nazni Noordin | Mohd Zool Hilmie Mohamed Sawal
The EMEP MSC-W chemical transport model – Part 1: Model description

Author(s): D. Simpson | A. Benedictow | H. Berge | R. Bergström | L. D. Emberson | H. Fagerli | G. D. Hayman | M. Gauss | J. E. Jonson | M. E. Jenkin | A. Nyíri | C. Richter | V. S. Semeena | S. Tsyro | J.-P. Tuovinen | Á. Valdebenito | P. Wind
Healthy cities strategy as public policy, Antioquia, Colombia, 2007

Author(s): Blanca M. Chávez | María P. Arbeláez
專論/專利指標發展研究/阮明淑、梁峻齊(Ming-Shu Yuan, Chun-Chi Liang)

Author(s): 阮明淑、梁峻齊 Ming-Shu Yuan, Chun-Chi Liang
Financial Statement as a Veritable Source of Strategic Information in Automobile and Tyre Industries in Nigeria (R T Briscoe Nigeria Plc)

Author(s): Mary Josiah | Samson A. Adediran | Clement Edojor Ozele | Veronica Uzoma Sule | Adunola Oyeyemi Paul

Author(s): Cătălin BABA | Răzvan CHERECHEŞ | Cristina MORA | Tudor ŢICLĂU
Social Change and Personality Development in a Nigerian Sample

Author(s): Mary Nwoke | JohnBosco Chukwuorji
An agriculture and health inter-sectorial research process to reduce hazardous pesticide health impacts among smallholder farmers in the Andes

Author(s): Cole Donald | Orozco T Fadya | Pradel Willy | Suquillo Jovanny | Mera Xavier | Chacon Aura | Prain Gordon | Wanigaratne Susitha | Leah Jessica
Towards the construction of health workforce metrics for Latin America and the Caribbean

Author(s): Nigenda Gustavo | Machado Maria | Ruiz Fernando | Carrasco Victor | Moliné Patricia | Girardi Sabado
Energetická politika ČR v rozhodování politických stran: agregace a artikulace zájmů z hlediska jejich intenzity a konzistence

Author(s): Filip Černoch | Veronika Zapletalová | Tomáš Vlček | Filip Černoch | Veronika Zapletalová | Tomáš Vlček
Protection of Nigerias Environment: A Critical Policy Review

Author(s): Onyenekenwa C. Eneh | V.C. Agbazue

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Noruz | Farhad Nezhad Haj Ali Iran
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Qihai Zhou | Yan Li
Reckoning Participatory Forest Management in Bangladesh: Study from its Implementation Perspective

Author(s): Sourovi Zaman | Salah Uddin Siddiquee | Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruq | Mahfuzur Rahamn Pramanik | Masato Katoh
Onset of a pandemic: characterizing the initial phase of the swine flu (H1N1) epidemic in Israel

Author(s): Roll Uri | Yaari Rami | Katriel Guy | Barnea Oren | Stone Lewi | Mendelson Ella | Mandelboim Michal | Huppert Amit
One stop crisis centres: A policy analysis of the Malaysian response to intimate partner violence

Author(s): Colombini Manuela | Ali Siti | Watts Charlotte | Mayhew Susannah
Experience of sexual coercion and risky sexual behavior among Ugandan university students

Author(s): Agardh Anette | Odberg-Pettersson Karen | Östergren Per-Olof
Polish and Estonian Economic Competitiveness. A Comparative Study

Author(s): Grzegorz Gołębiowski | Anna Kowalska
Determinants of Egyptian Agricultural Exports: A Gravity Model Approach

Author(s): Assem Abu Hatab | Eirik Romstad | Xuexi Huo
Alternatives for a Peripheral Economy in Transition

Author(s): Germelino Bautista Jr.
Challenges in public housing provision in the post-independence era in Nigeria

Author(s): Eziyi Offia Ibem | Michael Nwabueze Anosike | Dominic Ezenwa Azuh
Gênero, Imersão e Empreendedorismo: Sexo Frágil, Laços Fortes?

Author(s): Gláucia Maria Vasconcellos Vale | Ana Carolina Ferreira Serafim | Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio
Contribution to the new public health development in the South Eastern Europe, 2000-2010

Author(s): Doncho M. DONEV | Adriana GALAN | Silvia Gabriela SCINTEE

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