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Global Interconnectedness - Local Authorities and Transnational Networking

Author(s): Hans Krause Hansen | Dorte Salskov-Iversen
The Reuse Policy in Developing Multi-Agent System

Author(s): Xue Xiao | Yao Lina | Luo Junwei
Robust Energy Management Routing in WSN using Neural Networks

Author(s): Mohd. Uruj Jalil | Ashish Chaturvedi
Slovenia of fifteen centres?

Author(s): Aleš Šarec
A Hybrid Cache Invalidation Technique for Data Consistency in MANET

Author(s): N. Sabiyath Fatima | P. Sheik Abdul Khader
Network Management Architecture Approaches Designed for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Author(s): Said El brak | Mohammed Bouhorma | Anouar A. Boudhir
Simulation and Performance Analysis of Wired and Wireless Computer Networks

Author(s): Rahul Malhotra | Vikas Gupta | R. K. Bansal
Mapping of health system functions to strengthen priority programs. The case of maternal health in Mexico

Author(s): González-Block Miguel | Rouvier Mariel | Becerril Victor | Sesia Paola
The development of a network for community-based obesity prevention: the CO-OPS Collaboration

Author(s): Allender Steven | Nichols Melanie | Foulkes Chad | Reynolds Rebecca | Waters Elizabeth | King Lesley | Gill Tim | Armstrong Rebecca | Swinburn Boyd
The Turbulent Telecommunications

Author(s): Anton Kuchar
Engaging the broader community in biodiversity research: the concept of the COMBER pilot project for divers in ViBRANT

Author(s): Christos Arvanitidis | Sarah Faulwetter | Georgios Chatzigeorgiou | Lyubomir Penev | Olaf Bánki | Thanos Dailianis | Evangelos Pafilis | Michail Kouratoras | Eva Chatzinikolaou | Lucia Fanini | Aikaterini Vasileiadou | Christina Pavloudi | Panagiotis Vavilis | Panagiota Koulouri | Costas Dounas
Digital Divides and the 'First Mile': Framing First Nations Broadband Development in Canada

Author(s): Rob McMahon | Susan O'Donnell | Richard Smith | Brian Walmark | Brian Beaton | Rob McMahon | Susan O'Donnell | Richard Smith | Brian Walmark | Brian Beaton | Jason Simmonds
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Marketing Strategies in Container Terminal: A Case Study on Shahid Rajaee Port in Iran

Author(s): Hossein Cheraghi | Alireza Abdolhosseini Khaligh | Abbass Naderi | Alireza Miremadi
Effective Security Architecture for Virtualized Data Center Networks

Author(s): Udeze Chidiebele. C | Prof. H. C Inyiama | Okafor Kennedy .C | Dr C. C. Okezie
The Turbulent Telecommunications

Author(s): Anton Kuchar
Health Care Challenges in Iran

Author(s): M Davari | A Haycox | T Walley
Performance Evaluation of an Object Management Policy Approach for P2P Networks

Author(s): Dario Vieira | Cesar A. V. Melo | Yacine Ghamri-Doudane
Wet and dry deposition of atmospheric nitrogen at ten sites in Northern China

Author(s): Y. P. Pan | Y. S. Wang | G. Q. Tang | D. Wu

Author(s): Kazuya Odagiri | Shogo Shimizu | Naohiro Ishii | MakotoTakizawa

Author(s): Kazuya Odagiri | Shogo Shimizu | Naohiro Ishii | MakotoTakizawa
Study on an Improved Algorithm based on LEACH Protocol

Author(s): Chunyao Fu | Wei Wei | Ang Wei
Aquecimento global e mudanças climáticas na visão de adultos residentes em cidades paulistas

Author(s): Antonio Carlos Tavares | Solange T . de Lima­ Guimarães | Camila Alves de Brito | Caroline Lucon Rocha | Priscila Ambrósio de Andrade | Stefânia Cristina de Oliveira
Book Reviews

Author(s): A.S. Baer | Philip Houghton | Greg Bankoff | Vicente L. Rafael | Harold Brookfield | Donald Denoon | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Clifford Sather | Cynthia Chou | Shoma Munshi | Krishna Sen | Freek Colombijn | Arne Kalland | Kirsten W. Endres | Phan Huy Chu | Aone van Engelenhoven | Veronica Du Feu | Fukui Hayao | Peter Boomgard | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Volker Heeschen | J. Miedema | Robert W, Hefner | Daniel Chirot | Bob Hering | Lambert Giebels | Karin van Lotringen | David Brown | Ethan Mark | Takashi Shiraishi | Harry Poeze | J.A. Manusama | Nico Schulte Nordholt | Hans Antlöv | Cornelia M.I. van der Sluys | Danielle C. Geirnaert-Martin | Nicholas Tarling | Tom Marks | B.J. Terwiel | Chanatip Kesavadhana | Jaap Timmer | Polly Wiessner | Robert van Niel | Margaret Leidelmeijer | Fred R. von der Mehden | Shanti Nair | Lourens de Vries | Volker Heeschen | Waruno Mahdi | A. Teeuw | Roxana Waterson | Robert L. Winzeler
Fulfillment of the Brazilian Agenda of Priorities in Health Research

Author(s): Pacheco Santos Leonor | Moura Erly | Barradas Barata Rita | Serruya Suzanne | da Motta Marcia | Silva Elias Flávia | Angulo-Tuesta Antonia | de Paula Ana | de Melo Gilvania | Guimarães Reinaldo | Grabois Gadelha Carlos
On Optimizing Compatible Security Policies in Wireless Networks

Author(s): Huang Scott C-H | Makki Kia | Pissinou Niki
Multiservice Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithms

Author(s): Zhu Fang | McNair Janise
A New MAC Protocol with Pseudo-TDMA Behavior for Supporting Quality of Service in 802.11 Wireless LANs

Author(s): Paschos Georgios S | Papapanagiotou Ioannis | Kotsopoulos Stavros A | Karagiannidis George K
An Adaptive Time-Spread Multiple-Access Policy for Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Oikonomou Konstantinos | Stavrakakis Ioannis
A CoD-based stationary control policy for intervening in large gene regulatory networks

Author(s): Ghaffari Noushin | Ivanov Ivan | Qian Xiaoning | Dougherty Edward
An enhanced weighted performance-based handover parameter optimization algorithm for LTE networks

Author(s): Bălan Irina | Sas Bart | Jansen Thomas | Moerman Ingrid | Spaey Kathleen | Demeester Piet
Stakeholders understanding of the concept of benefit sharing in health research in Kenya: a qualitative study

Author(s): Lairumbi Geoffrey | Parker Michael | Fitzpatrick Raymond | Mike English
Architecture of a consent management suite and integration into IHE-based regional health information networks

Author(s): Heinze Oliver | Birkle Markus | Köster Lennart | Bergh Björn
On the Complexity of Scheduling in Wireless Networks

Author(s): Joo Changhee | Sharma Gaurav | Shroff NessB | Mazumdar RaviR
Power/Energy Estimator for Designing WSN Nodes with Ambient Energy Harvesting Feature

Author(s): Ferry Nicolas | Ducloyer Sylvain | Julien Nathalie | Jutel Dominique
Admission Control and Interference Management in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks

Author(s): Martinez-Bauset Jorge | Pla Vicent | Domenech-Benlloch MJose | Pacheco-Paramo Diego
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Vehicular Network Based on NEMO and MANET

Author(s): Tsukada Manabu | Santa José | Mehani Olivier | Khaled Yacine | Ernst Thierry
Forecasting Iran’s Rice Imports Trend During 2009-2013

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Pakravan | Mohammad Kavoosi Kelashemi | Hamid Reza Alipour
Application of BPNN in the analysis of SBI’s Credit Capacity

Author(s): Roli Pradhan | KK Pathak | VP Singh

Author(s): Dănuţ ŢIGĂNUŞ

Author(s): Yen-Wen Chen | Meng-Hsien Lin | Hong-Jang Gu
Trustworthy Computing under Identity-Based Encryption

Author(s): Shabaaz Shaik | M.Srikanth Yadav
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Himanshu Aggarwal | Vishal Goyal
Guest Editorial

Author(s): Jameela Al-Jaroodi | Nader Mohamed
Towards Secure Delegation with Chinese Wall Security Policy (CWSP)

Author(s): Chunxiao Ye | Haibo Hu | Hong Xiang
Privacy Preservation in Role-based Access Control Model

Author(s): Zuo Chen | Qiuwei Yang | Xin Wan | Yuanyan Tu | Fei Yu | Chen Xu
Streaming Media Caching Model Based on Knapsack Problem

Author(s): Lei Shi | Zhanhong Wang | Yao Yao | Lin Wei
La renta básica de ciudadanía y su posible efecto llamada

Author(s): Boso, Àlex | Vancea, Mihaela
Grayhole Attack and Prevention in Mobile Adhoc Network

Author(s): Megha Arya | Yogendra Kumar Jain
Políticas de control En Europa Del Sur. ¿Una Tarea De Sísifo?

Author(s): Anna Triandafyllidou | Zampeta Papadodima
Divergent modes of integration: the Canadian way

Author(s): Izzat Jiwani | Marie-Josée Fleury
Packet Filtering using IP Tables in Linux

Author(s): Bhisham Sharma | Karan Bajaj

Author(s): Nabi Bux JUMANI | Fazalur RAHMAN | Saeedul Hasan CHISHTI | Samina MALIK
Evaluación de redes tecnocientíficas: la red española sobre Áreas Protegidas, según la Web of Science

Author(s): Pino-Díaz, José | Jiménez-Contreras, Evaristo | Ruíz-Baños, Rosario | Bailón-Moreno, Rafael
Collaborative Caching Architecture for Continuous Query in Mobile Database

Author(s): Mohamed A. Elfaki | Hamidah Ibrahim | Ali Mamat | Mohamed Othman
Using research to influence sexual and reproductive health practice and implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa: a case-study analysis

Author(s): Tulloch Olivia | Mayaud Philippe | Adu-Sarkodie Yaw | Opoku Baafuor | Lithur Nana | Sickle Eugene | Delany-Moretlwe Sinead | Wambura Mwita | Changalucha John | Theobald Sally
National policy development for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia: the relationship between Context, Evidence and Links

Author(s): Hutchinson Eleanor | Parkhurst Justin | Phiri Sam | Gibb Di | Chishinga Nathaniel | Droti Benson | Hoskins Susan
Professional conceptualisation and accomplishment of patient safety in mental healthcare: an ethnographic approach

Author(s): Plumb Jennifer | Travaglia Joanne | Nugus Peter | Braithwaite Jeffrey
Handoff optimization in 802.11 wireless networks

Author(s): Hsieh IP | Kao Shang-Juh
Smart Radio Spectrum Management for Cognitive Radio

Author(s): Partha Pratim Bhattacharya | Ronak Khandelwal | Rishita Gera | Anjali Agarwal
Construction and Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks:A Multivariate Markov Chain Approach

Author(s): Shu-Qin Zhang | Ling-Yun Wu | Wai-Ki Ching | Yue Jiao | Raymond, H. Chan
A Caching Scheme for Session Setup in IMS Network

Author(s): Yufei CAO | Jianxin LIAO | QI QI | Xiaomin ZHU
The Role of Private Water Vending in Nigeian Peri-Urban Informal Settlements: Implication for Policy Makers

Author(s): Hassan Tsenbeya Ishaku | Ajayi Abayomi Peters | Ali Haruna | Fabian Mazawuje Dama
A Novel Cross-Layer Scheduling Algorithm for OFDMA-Based WiMAX Networks

Author(s): Ronak Farhadi | Vahid Tabataba Vakili | Shahriar Shirvani Moghaddam
The Science of Mission Assurance

Author(s): Kamal Jabbour | Sarah Muccio
Gênero, Imersão e Empreendedorismo: Sexo Frágil, Laços Fortes?

Author(s): Gláucia Maria Vasconcellos Vale | Ana Carolina Ferreira Serafim | Armindo dos Santos de Sousa Teodósio

Author(s): Valentin COJANU | Ileana PĂTRU-STUPARIU | Robert Răzvan DOBRE
Global Interconnectedness - Local Authorities and Transnational Networking

Author(s): Hans Krause Hansen | Dorte Salskov-Iversen
Mental health network governance and coordination: comparative analysis across Canadian regions

Author(s): Mary E. Wiktorowicz | Marie-Josée Fleury | Carol E. Adair | Alain Lesage | Elliot Goldner | Suzanne Peters
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