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Mid-Tertiary palaeoenvironments in Thailand: pollen evidences

Author(s): P. Sepulchre | D. Jolly | S. Ducrocq | Y. Chaimanee | J.-J. Jaeger
Characterization of Pollen Dispersion in the Neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan in the Spring of 2005 and 2006

Author(s): Yoshinaga Ishibashi | Hideki Ohno | Shuji Oh-ishi | Takeshi Matsuoka | Takako Kizaki | Kunio Yoshizumi
Pollen development in Annona cherimola Mill. (Annonaceae). Implications for the evolution of aggregated pollen

Author(s): Lora Jorge | Testillano Pilar | Risueño Maria | Hormaza Jose | Herrero Maria
The Influence of Garden Size and Floral Cover on Pollen Deposition in Urban Community Gardens

Author(s): Peter A. Werrell | Gail A. Langellotto | Shannon U. Morath | Kevin C. Matteson
Floral Biology, Floral Resource Constraints and Pollination Limitation in Jatropha curcas L.

Author(s): Ashoke Bhattacharya | Kalyani Datta | Subodh Kumar Datta
A New Method for in Situ Measurement of Bt-Maize Pollen Deposition on Host-Plant Leaves

Author(s): Frieder Hofmann | Mathias Otto | Ulrike Kuhn | Steffi Ober | Ulrich Schlechtriemen | Rudolph Vögel
Polen y vegetación en la Patagonia extraandina argentina a 45º S

Author(s): Frangi, Jorge L. | D’Antoni, Héctor L. | Burry, Lidia S.
Chronology of Late Saalian and Middle Weichselian episodes of ice-free lacustrine sedimentation recorded in the Arumetsa section, southwestern Estonia

Author(s): Maris Rattas | Volli Kalm | Kersti Kihno | Elsbet Liivrand | Oive Tinn | Kati Tänavsuu-Milkeviciene | Maire Sakson
An anomalous atmospheric dust deposition event over Central Europe, 24 March 2007, and fingerprinting of the SE Ukrainian source

Author(s): Hladil J | Strnad L | Šálek M | Jankovská V | Šimandl P | Schwarz J | Smolík J | Lisá L | Koptíková L | Rohovec J | Böhmová V | Langrová A | Kociánová M | Melichar R | Adamovič J
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