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Polyphase alternating codes

Author(s): M. Markkanen | J. Vierinen | J. Markkanen
The Fast Haar Wavelet Transform for Signal & Image Processing

Author(s): V. Ashok | T. Balakumaran | C. Gowrishankar, | Dr. ILA.Vennila | Dr. A. Nirmal kumar
Transmission code optimization method for incoherent scatter radar

Author(s): J. Vierinen | M. S. Lehtinen | M. Orispää | I. I. Virtanen
A Full-CMOS Image Rejection RF Front-End Receiver with Tunable Polyphase Filter

Author(s): HADDAD Fayrouz | ZAID Lakhdar | RAHAJANDRAIBE Wenceslas | FRIOUI Oussama
Multiple Description Coding Based Network Coding

Author(s): Hussein H. Maza’ar | Hesham N. Elmahdy
arrier Offset Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Based on CAZAC Sequences

Author(s): Dina Samaha | Sherif Kishk | Fayez Zaki
Implementational Aspects of the Contourlet Filter Bank and Application in Image Coding

Author(s): Truong T. Nguyen | Yilong Liu | Hervé Chauris | Soontorn Oraintara
Rasgos morfologicos y petrologicos del paleokarst de la unidad superior del mioceno de la cuenca de Madrid

Author(s): Sanz-Montero, M. E. | García del Cura, M. A. | Calvo, J. P. | Cañaveras, J. C.
Age distribution of fossil landslides in the Tyrol (Austria) and its surrounding areas

Author(s): C. Prager | C. Zangerl | G. Patzelt | R. Brandner
Cosine Modulated and Offset QAM Filter Bank Multicarrier Techniques: A Continuous-Time Prospect

Author(s): Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny | Chung Him (George) Yuen
Blind Separation of Two Users Based on User Delays and Optimal Pulse-Shape Design

Author(s): Xin Liu | Athina P. Petropulu | H. Vincent Poor | Visa Koivunen
Ceramic electrodes based on Magneli phases of titanium oxides

Author(s): Gusev A.A. | Avvakumov E.G. | Medvedev A.ZH. | Masliy A.I.
FPGA Implementation of Daubeshies Polyphase-Decimator filter

Author(s): Abdelhakim SAHOUR | Mohamed Benouaret
The application of magnetic carriers in wastewater treatment

Author(s): Jakabský Štefan | Lovás Michal | Hredzák Slavomír
DSP-Enabled Radio Astronomy: Towards IIIZW35 Reconquest

Author(s): Rodolphe Weber | Cédric Viou | Andrée Coffre | Laurent Denis | Philippe Zarka | Alain Lecacheux
Schematic for efficient computation of GC, GC3, and AT3 bias spectra of genome

Author(s): Ahsan Z Rizvi | Venu Gopal T | Bhattacharya C
Sharpening of the multistage modified comb filters

Author(s): Nikolić Marko | Lutovac Miroslav
Blind Separation of Two Users Based on User Delays and Optimal Pulse-Shape Design

Author(s): Liu Xin | Petropulu AthinaP | Poor HVincent | Koivunen Visa
DSP-Enabled Radio Astronomy: Towards IIIZW35 Reconquest

Author(s): Weber Rodolphe | Viou Cédric | Coffre Andrée | Denis Laurent | Zarka Philippe | Lecacheux Alain
Frame-Based Multiple-Description Video Coding with Extended Orthogonal Filter Banks

Author(s): Bernardini R | Durigon M | Rinaldo R | Vitali A | Zontone P

Author(s): P. Tirumala rao | P. Siva kumar | Y.V. Apparao | Y. Madhu babu

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