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Productivity of poplar and willow in short rotation plantations

Author(s): Facciotto G | Bergante S | Lioia C | Rosso L | Mughini G | Zenone T | Nervo G
Harvesting Short-Rotation Poplar Plantations for Biomass Production

Author(s): Raffaele Spinelli | Carla Nati | Natascia Magagnotti
Classification of poplar stand areas by high-resolution satellite images

Author(s): Grignetti A | Coaloa D | Niccolini G
Advances in biosafety studies on transgenic insect-resistant poplars in China

Author(s): Jianjun Hu | Minsheng Yang | Mengzhu Lu
Pruning in poplar plantations by mechanised devices

Author(s): Bajić Vojislav | Danilović Milorad
Diseases in poplar plantations

Author(s): Keča Nenad
Effect of water regime on poplar cultivation

Author(s): Letić Ljubomir | Ivanišević Petar | Rončević Savo
Analysis of commercial profitability of poplar plantations aged 24 years

Author(s): Keča Ljiljana | Ranković Nenad | Pajić Sanja
Modeling Gross Primary Production of Agro-Forestry Ecosystems by Assimilation of Satellite-Derived Information in a Process-Based Model

Author(s): Mirco Migliavacca | Michele Meroni | Lorenzo Busetto | Roberto Colombo | Terenzio Zenone | Giorgio Matteucci | Giovanni Manca | Guenther Seufert
Establishing trees on cut-over peatlands in eastern Canada

Author(s): J. Bussières | S. Boudreau | L. Rochefort
MDF/HDF Production from Plantation Wood Species

Author(s): Tibor Alpár, Tibor Fáczán, István Rácz, Gabor Kátoli
Results of poplar clone testing in field experiments

Author(s): Orlović Saša | Pilipović Andrej | Galić Zoran | Ivanišević Petar | Radosavljević Nenad
Dense poplar plantations as the raw material for the production of energy

Author(s): Klašnja Bojana | Orlović Saša | Galić Zoran | Pap Predrag | Katanić Marina
Pruning in poplar plantations by mechanized device Stihl HT-75

Author(s): Danilović Milorad | Đorđević Zoran
Elements of structure and productivity of clone I-214 (Populus×euramericana (Dode) Guinier) plantations on the river Sava alluvium

Author(s): Andrašev Siniša | Rončević Savo | Vučković Milivoj | Bobinac Martin | Danilović Milorad | Janjatović Gojko
Changes in soil quality following poplar short-rotation forestry under different cutting cycles

Author(s): Claudia Di Bene | Elisa Pellegrino | Cristiano Tozzini | Enrico Bonari
Diet of the Eurasian badger (Meles meles) in an agricultural riverine habitat (NW Italy)

Author(s): Alessandro Balestrieri | Luigi Remonti | Claudio Prigioni
Efficiency of John Deere 1470D ECOIII Harvester in Poplar Plantations

Author(s): Milorad Danilović | Ivan Tomašević | Dragan Gačić
Phytocoenological characteristics in poplar plantations in the protected region of the central Danube basin

Author(s): Galić Z. | Orlović S. | Vasić Verica | Galović Vladislava | Klašnja Bojana | Stojanović D. | Babić Violeta
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