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Locating QTLs Controlling Salt Tolerance in Barley Using Wheat-Barley Disomic Addition Lines

Author(s): E. Farshadfar | S.A. Safavi | M. Aghaee-Sarbarzeh
Gentrification, Displacement and New Urbanism: The Next Racial Project

Author(s): Olivia Hetzler | Veronica E. Medina | David Overfelt
Stereotypes of Old People Persist

Author(s): Lars Tornstam
Living with HIV in the Dominican Republic

Author(s): Arregui, Marivi
Some peace of mind: assessing a pilot intervention to promote mental health among widows of injecting drug users in north-east India

Author(s): Kermode Michelle | Devine Alexandra | Chandra Prabha | Dzuvichu Bernice | Gilbert Thomhood | Herrman Helen

Author(s): PERROTTA Francesco
Cheirolophus intybaceus (Asteraceae, Centaureinae) or the constancy of 2C value

Author(s): Garnatje, T. | Garcia, S. | Hidalgo, O. | Pellicer, J. | Sánchez-Jiménez, I. | Vallès, J.
Keeping College Women in STEM Fields

Author(s): Roxanne Hughes
Development and validation of an ELISA using a protein encoded by ORF2 antigenic domain of porcine circovirus type 2

Author(s): Sun Shi-Qi | Guo Hui-Chen | Sun De-Hui | Yin Shuang-Hui | Shang You-Jun | Cai Xue-Peng | Liu Xiang-Tao
Californian forest fire plumes over Southwestern British Columbia: lidar, sunphotometry, and mountaintop chemistry observations

Author(s): I. McKendry | K. Strawbridge | M. L. Karumudi | N. O'Neill | A. M. Macdonald | R. Leaitch | D. Jaffe | P. Cottle | S. Sharma | P. Sheridan | J. Ogren
Prognostic factors of survival time after hematopoietic stem cell transplant in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients: Cox proportional hazard versus accelerated failure time models

Author(s): Sayehmiri Kourosh | Eshraghian Mohammad | Mohammad Kazem | Alimoghaddam Kamran | Foroushani Abbas | Zeraati Hojjat | Golestan Banafsheh | Ghavamzadeh Ardeshir
A set of microsatellite markers with long core repeat optimized for grape (Vitis spp.) genotyping

Author(s): Cipriani Guido | Marrazzo Maria | Di Gaspero Gabriele | Pfeiffer Antonella | Morgante Michele | Testolin Raffaele
A predictive model for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) hospitalisation of premature infants born at 33–35 weeks of gestational age, based on data from the Spanish FLIP study

Author(s): Simões Eric | Carbonell-Estrany Xavier | Fullarton John | Liese Johannes | Figueras-Aloy Jose | Doering Gunther | Guzman Juana
Spatiotemporal dipole source localization of face processing ERPs in adolescents: a preliminary study

Author(s): Wong Teresa | Fung Peter | McAlonan Grainne | Chua Siew
Investigation into the Arabidopsis transformant selection time and escapes frequency reduction

Author(s): Ali DEHESTANI | Gholamreza AHMADIAN | Ali Hatef SALMANIAN | Nadali Babaeian JELODAR | Mehdi SEYEDI | Kamal KAZEMITABAR
Immunohistochemical study of the phenotypic change of the mesenchymal cells during portal tract maturation in normal and fibrous (ductal plate malformation) fetal liver

Author(s): Villeneuve Julien | Pelluard-Nehme Fanny | Combe Chantal | Carles Dominique | Chaponnier Christine | Ripoche Jean | Balabaud Charles | Bioulac-Sage Paulette | Lepreux Sébastien
Akor Hazirlama Etkisi

Author(s): Nart Bedin ATALAY
Evaluation of Discrimination Indices Validity for Screening of β-Thalassemia Trait

Author(s): Ahmadi A. | Mirzaee Khalilabadi R. | Noorozi M. | Cohan N. | Ramzi M.

Author(s): Cerezo Reséndiz, Sandra | Hernández Pozo, María del Rocío | Rodríguez Ortega, Graciela | Rivas Lira, Raúl Alberto | Cerezo Reséndiz, Sandra | Hernández Pozo, María del Rocío | Rodríguez Ortega, Graciela | Rivas Lira, Raúl Alberto
Effect of cadmium on CNS function and development in rat offspring: effect of vitamin E

Author(s): A. A. Hassan | E. M. Abdul Alrasool | H. M. Jasem

Author(s): Izabela Mocaiber, Mirtes Garcia Pereira, Fátima Smith Erthal, Ivan Figueira, Walter Machado-Pinheiro, Maurício Cagy, Eliane Volchan & Letícia de Oliveira
Antiretroviral treatment adherence among HIV patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Author(s): Peltzer Karl | Friend-du Preez Natalie | Ramlagan Shandir | Anderson Jane
Exploring the promises of intersectionality for advancing women's health research

Author(s): Hankivsky Olena | Reid Colleen | Cormier Renee | Varcoe Colleen | Clark Natalie | Benoit Cecilia | Brotman Shari
Adaptation and validation of the Charlson Index for Read/OXMIS coded databases

Author(s): Khan Nada | Perera Rafael | Harper Stephen | Rose Peter
Comparative immunolocalization of the plasma membrane calcium pump and calbindin D28K in chicken retina during embryonic development

Author(s): N. Tolosa de Talamoni | A. Pérez | R. Riis | C. Smith | M. L. Norman | R. H. Wasserman

Author(s): Deshpande JD | Phalke DB, | PhalkeVD
Long-term mortality prediction after operations for type A ascending aortic dissection

Author(s): Macrina Francesco | Puddu Paolo | Sciangula Alfonso | Totaro Marco | Trigilia Fausto | Cassese Mauro | Toscano Michele
Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates in Bangladesh by a species distinguishable multiplex PCR

Author(s): Nakajima Chie | Rahim Zeaur | Fukushima Yukari | Sugawara Isamu | van der Zanden Adri | Tamaru Aki | Suzuki Yasuhiko

Author(s): Pérez Manrique, Tiberio | Díaz Barbosa, Javier Hernán | Pulido Vega, Juan Camilo
Ser ou não Ser Favorável às Práticas de Diversidade? Eis a Questão.

Author(s): Jamille Barbosa Cavalcanti Pereira | Darcy Mitiko Mori Hanashiro
Diversity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genotypes circulating in Ndola, Zambia

Author(s): Mulenga Chanda | Shamputa Isdore | Mwakazanga David | Kapata Nathan | Portaels Françoise | Rigouts Leen
Rethinking the Approaches to Women Empowerment: Bangladesh Perspective

Author(s): Ismail Hossain | Tahmina Akhtar | Md. Mizanur Rahman | Md. Taj Uddin
Californian wildfire plumes over Southwestern British Columbia: lidar, sunphotometry, and mountaintop chemistry observations

Author(s): I. McKendry | K. Strawbridge | M. L. Karumudi | N. O'Neill | A. M. Macdonald | R. Leaitch | D. Jaffe | S. Sharma | P. Sheridan | J. Ogren
Response of sinusoidal mouse liver cells to choline-deficient ethionine-supplemented diet

Author(s): Ueberham Elke | Böttger Jan | Ueberham Uwe | Grosche Jens | Gebhardt Rolf
Jus in bello a operace Irácká svoboda

Author(s): Eva DUŘPEKTOVÁ | Zdeněk KŘÍŽ
Evaluation of a simplified key for the identification of coagulasepositive Staphylococcus isolated from bovine mastitis = Avaliação de uma chave de identificação simplificada para Staphylococcus coagulase-positivos isolados de mastite bovina

Author(s): Geraldo Márcio da Costa | Luciano Vilela Paiva | Roberta Hilsdorf Piccoli | Demétrio Junqueira Figueiredo | Ulisses de Pádua Pereira | Nivaldo da Silva
Novel dual-function CellDetect® staining technology: wedding morphology and tinctorial discrimination to detect cervical neoplasia

Author(s): Idelevich Pavel | Elkeles Adi | Okon Elimelech | Kristt Don | Terkieltaub Dov | Rivkin Ilia | Bruchim Ilan | Fishman Ami
Learning processes and the neural analysis of conditioning

Author(s): Luiz Guilherme Gomes Cardim Guerra | Maria Teresa Araujo Silva
Discriminatory attitudes and practices by health workers toward patients with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

Author(s): Reis Chen | Heisler Michele | Amowitz Lynn L | Moreland R Scott | Mafeni Jerome O | Anyamele Chukwuemeka | Iacopino Vincent
Will the real disease gene please stand up?

Author(s): Shephard Neil | John Sally | Cardon Lon | McCarthy Mark | Zeggini Eleftheria
The Acute-Phase Proteins Serum Amyloid A and C Reactive Protein in Transudates and Exudates

Author(s): Alessandra M. Okino | Cristiani Bürger | Jefferson R. Cardoso | Edson L. Lavado | Paulo A. Lotufo | Ana Campa
Multivariable risk prediction can greatly enhance the statistical power of clinical trial subgroup analysis

Author(s): Hayward Rodney | Kent David | Vijan Sandeep | Hofer Timothy
Improved benchmarks for computational motif discovery

Author(s): Sandve Geir | Abul Osman | Walseng Vegard | Drabløs Finn
Identification of human pathogens isolated from blood using microarray hybridisation and signal pattern recognition

Author(s): Wiesinger-Mayr Herbert | Vierlinger Klemens | Pichler Rudolf | Kriegner Albert | Hirschl Alexander | Presterl Elisabeth | Bodrossy Levente | Noehammer Christa
The acute effects of alcohol on auditory thresholds

Author(s): Upile Tahwinder | Sipaul Fabian | Jerjes Waseem | Singh Sandeep | Nouraei Seyed Ahmad Reza | El Maaytah Mohammed | Andrews Peter | Graham John | Hopper Colin | Wright Anthony
Upregulation of Neurotrophic Factors Selectively in Frontal Cortex in Response to Olfactory Discrimination Learning

Author(s): Ari Naimark | Edi Barkai | Michael A. Matar | Zeev Kaplan | Nitzan Kozlovsky | Hagit Cohen
Association mapping of partitioning loci in barley

Author(s): Cockram James | White Jon | Leigh Fiona | Lea Vincent | Chiapparino Elena | Laurie David | Mackay Ian | Powell Wayne | O'Sullivan Donal
Relationships between transpiration efficiency and carbon isotope discrimination in chickpea (C. arietinum L)

Author(s): J Kashiwagi | L Krishnamurthy | Sube Singh | PM Gaur | HD Upadhyaya | JDS Panwar | PS Basu | O Ito | S Tobita
Barriers to access prevention of mother-to-child transmission for HIV positive women in a well-resourced setting in Vietnam

Author(s): Nguyen Thu | Oosterhoff Pauline | Ngoc Yen | Wright Pamela | Hardon Anita
Motivation, Disciplined Behaviour, Equal Treatment And Dispositional Flow In Physical Education Students

Author(s): Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia | Néstor Alonso Villodre | Celestina Martínez Galindo | Eduardo Cervelló Gimeno | Luis Miguel Ruiz Pérez
Experienced and anticipated discrimination against people with schizophrenia

Author(s): Milačić-Vidojević Ivona | Đurić-Jočić Dragana | Tošković Oliver
The study of asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum in humans infectedwith immunodeficiency virus in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Author(s): Olarinde Olaniran | Olusola Ojurongbe | Rachel Edoghogho Hassan-Olajokun | Akeem Abiodun Akindele | Magret Adeoti Japheth | Samuel Oloyede Bolaji | Adeyinka Adedokun
Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites in Bakery Workers in Khorramabad, Lorestan Iran

Author(s): F Kheirandish | MJ Tarahi | A Haghighi | E Nazemalhosseini- Mojarad | M Kheirandish
Employment Status of the Members of Tehran Deaf Community

Author(s): Guita movallali | Seyyed Majid mirkhani | Shahrooz nemati | Maryam mellali
Efficient characterization of high-dimensional parameter spaces for systems biology

Author(s): Zamora-Sillero Elías | Hafner Marc | Ibig Ariane | Stelling Joerg | Wagner Andreas
A simplified clinical prediction score of chronic kidney disease: A cross-sectional-survey study

Author(s): Thakkinstian Ammarin | Ingsathit Atiporn | Chaiprasert Amnart | Rattanasiri Sasivimol | Sangthawan Pornpen | Gojaseni Pongsathorn | Kiattisunthorn Kriwiporn | Ongaiyooth Leena | Thirakhupt Prapaipim
An integrated structural intervention to reduce vulnerability to HIV and sexually transmitted infections among female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India

Author(s): Gurnani Vandana | Beattie Tara | Bhattacharjee Parinita | Mohan HL | Maddur Srinath | Washington Reynold | Isac Shajy | Ramesh BM | Moses Stephen | Blanchard James
The value of myocardial perfusion imaging in differentiating between idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy from the ischemic form

Author(s): A. Fard | F. Emami | M. Eftekhari | M. Saghari | B. Fallahi | D. Beiki | A. Takavar
Determination of the optimal cut-off point for ELISA test for diagnosis of brucellosis in Iran

Author(s): Soudbakhsh A | Mortazavi H | Hajiabdolbaghi M | Hasibi M | Jafari S | Emadi H | Esmaili Djavid JH
Comparison of Brain SPECT with 99mTc-MIBI and CT-Scan in Discriminating of Radiation Necrosis and Brain Tumor Recurrence

Author(s): S. Dabiri-Oskoie | A. Naseri | F. Seyyednezhad | A. Ghasemi-Jangjoo | M. Mohammadzadeh | G. Seyyedoskoie
Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial profiles of Scilla nervosa (Burch.) Jessop (Hyacinthaceae)

Author(s): Karen du Toit | Audrey Kweyama | Johannes Bodenstein
Predictive Factors of Survival Time after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients who Received Allogeneic BMT from Matched Sibling Donors Using Generalized Gamma Models

Author(s): Kourosh Sayemiri | MR Eshraghian | Kazem Mohammad | Kamran Alimoghaddam | A Rahimi Foroushani | H Zeraati | Ahmad Reza Shamshiri | K Djafarian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Barriers to gender-equitable HIV testing: going beyond routine screening for pregnant women in Nova Scotia, Canada

Author(s): Gahagan Jacqueline | Fuller Janice | Proctor-Simms E | Hatchette Todd | Baxter Larry
Perceived discrimination is associated with severity of positive and depression/anxiety symptoms in immigrants with psychosis: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Berg Akiah | Melle Ingrid | Rossberg Jan | Romm Kristin | Larsson Sara | Lagerberg Trine | Andreassen Ole | Hauff Edvard
Two logistic models for the prediction of hypothyroidism in pregnancy

Author(s): Mbah Anthony | Ejim Emmanuel | Onodugo Obinna | Ezugwu Francis | Eze Matthew | Nkwo Peter | Ugbajah Winston
Development or the Environment

Author(s): Sumit K. Jaiswal
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