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Why quasi-sets?

Author(s): Décio Krause
Scanning electron microscopy analysis of dental cements

Author(s): Radosavljević Radivoje D. | Stanković Saša D. | Ajduković Zorica R. | Jevremović Danimir P. | Todić Jelena T.
Morbidity profile and drug utilization in a sub-health post in Western Nepal

Author(s): Shankar PR | Kumar P | Rana MS | Partha P | Upadhayay DK | Dubey AK
Why medical students choose not to carry out an intercalated BSc: a questionnaire study

Author(s): Nicholson Jamie | Cleland Jennifer | Lemon John | Galley Helen
Zoning of rainfall in Côte d’Ivoire

Author(s): B.T.A. GOULA, | B. SROHOUROU, | A.B. BRIDA, | B.I. KANGA, | .A. N’ZUÉ | G. GOROZA
Analysis of composite structural elements

Author(s): A. Baier | M. Majzner
Scent marking by male caribou: an experimental test of rubbing behavior

Author(s): Craig A. Adams | R. Terry Bowyer | Jan E. Rowell | William E. Hauer | Jonathan A. Jenks
Modified Star Patch Antenna with Enhanced Bandwidth

Author(s): M. Ramkumar Prabhu and S. Shanmugapriya
Recruiting Managers with the Lure of CPD

Author(s): Carl Evans | Gbolahan Gbadamosi
Automatic Deformation Detection for Aircraft Engine Disk Inspection

Author(s): Dirk Padfield | Glen Brooksby | Robert Kaucic
Towards malaria risk prediction in Afghanistan using remote sensing

Author(s): Adimi Farida | Soebiyanto Radina | Safi Najibullah | Kiang Richard
National Training Program for Comprehensive Community Physicians, Venezuela

Author(s): Eugenio Radamés Borroto Cruz | Ramón Syr Salas Perea
Attracting and retaining health workers in rural areas: investigating nurses’ views on rural posts and policy interventions

Author(s): Mullei Kethi | Mudhune Sandra | Wafula Jackline | Masamo Eunice | English Michael | Goodman Catherine | Lagarde Mylene | Blaauw Duane
Evaluation of the effect of different surface treatments on the retention of posts: A laboratory study

Author(s): Prithviraj D | Soni Romesh | Ramaswamy Sushma | Shruthi D
The taper of cast post preparation measured using innovative image processing technique

Author(s): Al Hamad Khaled | Al-Omari Faruq | Al Hyiasat Ahmad
The extracellular matrix microtopography drives critical changes in cellular motility and Rho A activity in colon cancer cells

Author(s): Rapier Rebecca | Huq Jameela | Vishnubhotla Ramana | Bulic Marinka | Perrault Cecile | Metlushko Vitali | Cho Michael | Tay Roger | Glover Sarah
Hollow Concrete Poles with Polymeric Composite Reinforcement

Author(s): N. Taranu | G. Oprisan | M. Budescu | I. Gosav

Author(s): J. Sampedro | R. Piñeiro | I. Refoyo
From Editor vol 11, No.4

Author(s): Ugur Demiray
Reconstruction of endodontically treated teeth after excessive loss of tooth structure: Two case reports

Author(s): Stojičić Sonja | Jevremović Danimir | Živković Slavoljub
Radiographie evaluation of restaurations of endodontically treated teeth with individual post

Author(s): Živković Slavoljub | Jefić Bojana | Miletić Vesna J. | Lazić Vojkan

Author(s): Dirce Regina G. de A. Melo | Dorival Gomes Geraldine | Janete Martins de Sá | João Juarez Bernardes | Renato P. da Silva Júnior
Retaining professional nurses in South Africa: Nurse managers’ perspectives

Author(s): Elizabeth Mokoka | Martha J. Oosthuizen | Valerie J. Ehlers
Performance of three multi-species rapid diagnostic tests for diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria in Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

Author(s): Ashton Ruth | Kefyalew Takele | Tesfaye Gezahegn | Counihan Helen | Yadeta Damtew | Cundill Bonnie | Reithinger Richard | Kolaczinski Jan
Internet mediated adolescent relationships

Author(s): Fabrício de Souza | Maria Margarida Pereira Rodrigues
Reforço radicular: relato de caso clínico

Author(s): Analice da Cunha Rocha | Juliano Cardoso | Suzana Uggeri Coradini
An Efficient and Robust Metacrawler with Parallel Activities

Author(s): Vimal Bibhu | Narendra Kumar | Mohammad Islam, | Shashank Bhardwaj
Clustering Posts in Online Discussion Forum Threads

Author(s): Dina Said | Nayer Wanas
Design, implementation and evaluation of a national campaign to distribute nine million free LLINs to children under five years of age in Tanzania

Author(s): Bonner Kimberly | Mwita Alex | McElroy Peter | Omari Susan | Mzava Ally | Lengeler Christian | Kaspar Naomi | Nathan Rose | Ngegba Joyce | Mtung'e Romanus | Brown Nick
Community Discovery in Mobile Blog

Author(s): Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik
Evaluation of the endodontic treatment influence on the bond strength of fiber posts reinforced by a restorative composite

Author(s): Ricardo Ferreira | Bárbara Mildemberg | Bruna Cristina Gadotti | Rubens Nazareno Garcia
Fitting, selection and model identity test for volume and number of fence posts of candeia (Eremanthus erythropappus)

Author(s): José Fabio Camolesi | José Roberto Soares Scolforo | Antonio Donizette de Oliveira | Fausto Weimar Acerbi Júnior | Ana Luiza Rufini | José Márcio de Mello
Automatic Summarization of Opinionated Texts Résumé automatique de textes d'opinion

Author(s): Aurélien Bossard | Michel Genereux | Thierry Poibeau
Stress analysis in mandibular molars restored with cast and pre-fabricated post-and-cores using finite element technique

Author(s): Mojtaba Mahmoodi | Ali Reza Saeidi | Sayed Abdolreza Ganjalikhan Nasab | Maryam sadat Hashemipour

Author(s): Dirce Regina G. de A. Melo | Dorival Gomes Geraldine | Janete Martins de Sá | João Juarez Bernardes | Renato P. da Silva Júnior
From the Editor

Author(s): Ugur Demiray

Author(s): Kevin YEE | Jace HARGIS
Devanagari Character Recognition in the Wild

Author(s): O. V. Ramana Murthy | Sujoy Roy | Vipin Narang | M. Hanmandlu
Waiting Time for Coronal Preparation and the Influence of Different Cements on Tensile Strength of Metal Posts

Author(s): Ilione Kruschewsky Costa Sousa Oliveira | Ynara Bosco de Oliveira Lima Arsati | Roberta Tarkany Basting | Fabiana Mantovani Gomes França
Real Time Opinion Polarity Detection in Blogs by Weighted Ranking TF-IDF Algorithm

Author(s): Abhishek Tiwari | Upasna Tiwari | Narendra S Chaudhari
Comparison of microleakage of cast posts and intracanal pins

Author(s): Mohamad Hosein Lotfi Kamrani | Mahdi Tabrizizadeh | Yosef Khlil Sefat | Vahid Yegane
A Logical Approach to Supporting Professional Learning Communities

Author(s): Laurie F. Ruberg | Meri Cummings | Debra C. B. Piecka | Chris Ruckman | Ralph Seward

Considerations of post application in restoration of endodontically treated teeth: A review

Author(s): A Khademi | M Ebrahimi Dastgerdi, | K Khosravi | M Khoroushi | O Savabi | M Malekipour | P Hosseini Dastnaei
Microtensile Bond Strength of Translucent Glass Fiber Posts to Intra-radicular Dentin

Author(s): N. Mohammadi | M. Abed Kahnamoui | ME. Ebrahimi Chaharom | S. Kimyai | M. Bahari
Improving Business Type Classification from Twitter Posts Based on Topic Model

Author(s): Chanattha Thongsuk | Choochart Haruechaiyasak | Somkid Saelee
Analysing the operative experience of basic surgical trainees in Ireland using a web-based logbook

Author(s): Lonergan Peter | Mulsow Jurgen | Tanner W Arthur | Traynor Oscar | Tierney Sean
The effect of an intercalated BSc on subsequent academic performance

Author(s): Mahesan Nishanthan | Crichton Siobhan | Sewell Hannah | Howell Simon
Baseline results of the first malaria indicator survey in Iran at the health facility level

Author(s): Raiesi Ahmad | Nikpour Fatemeh | Ansari-Moghaddam Alireza | Ranjbar Mansoor | Rakhshani Fatemeh | Mohammadi Mahdi | Haghdost Aliakbar | Taghizadeh-Asl Rahim | Sakeni Mohammad | Safari Reza | Saffari Mehdi
A clinical evaluation on adhesive posts in extensive composite restorations

Author(s): Ghavamnasiri M. Associate Professor | Hosseini SAA. Professor | Farzaneh H. Dentist
Polymerization of dual cure resin cements applied for luting tooth colored fiber posts

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Kermanshah H. | Ataei M. | Shadman N.
Evaluation of bond strength of D.T.Light- post to root canal using dual-cure and self-cure resin cements after irrigation with various solutions

Author(s): Atai M. | Ghavam M. | Yasini E. | Mirzaei M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Kameli S.
Effect of various surface treatments of tooth – colored posts on bonding strength of resin cement

Author(s): Mirzaei M. | Yassini E. | Ghavam M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Esmaieli B.
Bond strength of three types of fiber posts to three regions of root canal dentin

Author(s): Nokar S. | Dorriz H. | Hajimiragha H. | Shamashyan N.
Effect of ferrule preparation on fatigue resistance of teeth restored with quartz-fiber posts

Author(s): Nasermostofi Sh. | Raghanians A. | Banava S. | Jalalian E. | Abdollah A.
The Nurse Consultant: an Innovative Role in the Greek Health Care System?

Author(s): Antigoni Fountouki | Ourania Pediaditaki | Dimitrios Theofanidis
A systematic examination of the use of Online social networking sites for sexual health promotion

Author(s): Gold Judy | Pedrana Alisa | Sacks-Davis Rachel | Hellard Margaret | Chang Shanton | Howard Steve | Keogh Louise | Hocking Jane | Stoove Mark
Scent marking by male caribou: an experimental test of rubbing behavior

Author(s): Craig A. Adams | R. Terry Bowyer | Jan E. Rowell | William E. Hauer | Jonathan A. Jenks
Application of Butler Matrix to a Tree Structure of Microstrip Antenna Array

Author(s): Tomader Mazri | Fatima Riouch | Najiba El Amrani El Idrissi
A Study of Consumer Behavior on Recycling of Fluorescent Lamps in São Paulo, Brazil

Author(s): Mauro M. Laruccia | Jarbas Vargas Nascimento | Gilmar Jonas Deghi | Mamerto Granja Garcia
Göktürk Dönemi İnsan Figürlü Taş Anıtlar

Author(s): Lale Avşar İSKENDERZADE
A system for de-identifying medical message board text

Author(s): Benton Adrian | Hill Shawndra | Ungar Lyle | Chung Annie | Leonard Charles | Freeman Cristin | Holmes John
Health care seeking behavior for diarrhea in children under 5 in rural Niger: results of a cross-sectional survey

Author(s): Page Anne-Laure | Hustache Sarah | Luquero Francisco | Djibo Ali | Manzo Mahamane | Grais Rebecca
Microstrip Antennas Loaded with Shorting Post

Author(s): Pradeep Kumar | G. Singh
The stress evaluation of root posts using the finite element analysis

Author(s): Nerildo Luiz Ulbrich | Ana Paula Gebert de Oliveira Franco | João César Zielak | Alvaro Luiz Mathias
Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Electrical Charge Tomography System

Author(s): M. F. Rahmat | M. D. Isa | K. Jusoff | T. A. Hussin | S. M. Rozali
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