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Annual and monthly range fidelity of female boreal woodland caribou in respons to petroleum development

Author(s): Boyan V. Tracz | Jalene M. LaMontagne | Erin M. Bayne | Stan Boutin
A synthesis of scale-dependent ecology of the endangered mountain caribou in British Columbia, Canada

Author(s): Robert Serrouya | Bruce N. McLellan | Clayton D. Apps | Heiko U. Wittmer
Predation on Cercopids and Material Use of the Spittle in Aphid-Tent Construction by Prairie ANTS

Author(s): Gregg Henderson | George D. Hoffman | Robert L. Jeanne
Volatile compounds released by disturbed and undisturbed adults of Anchomenus dorsalis (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Platynini) and structure of the pygidial gland

Author(s): Teresa Bonacci | Pietro Brandmayr | Tullia Zetto Brandmayr | Ida Daniela Perrotta | Salvatore Guarino | Ezio Peri | Stefano Colazza
Forty years of carabid beetle research in Europe – from taxonomy, biology, ecology and population studies to bioindication, habitat assessment and conservation

Author(s): Johan Kotze | Pietro Brandmayr | Achille Casale | Emmanuelle Dauffy-Richard | Wouter Dekoninck | Matti Koivula | Gabor Lovei | Dietrich Mossakowski | Jinze Noordijk | Wilfried Paarmann | Roberto Pizzoloto | Pavel Saska | Axel Schwerk | Jose Serrano | Jan Szyszko | Angela Palomares | Hans Turin | Stephen Venn | Rikjan Vermeulen | Tullia Zetto Brandmayr
Bioactive Secondary Metabolites from the Red Sea soft coral Heteroxenia fuscescens

Author(s): R Mohammed | M Abo Elfotoh Seliem | T Mohammed | A Abed ElFatah | A Murad | M Thabet
Spawning ascent durations of pelagic spawning reef fishes

Author(s): Caroline A. HABRUN, Gorka SANCHO
Pre–release training of juvenile little owls Athene noctua to avoid predation

Author(s): Alonso, R. | Orejas, P. | Lopes, F. | Sanz, C.
Ant Larval Demand Reduces Aphid Colony Growth Rates in an Ant-Aphid Interaction

Author(s): Tom H. Oliver | Simon R. Leather | James M. Cook
Sibynomorphus neuwiedi (Ihering, 1911) (Serpentes; Dipsadidae) and Potamojanuarius lamellatus (Semper, 1885) (Gastropoda; Veronicellidae): a trophic relationship revealed

Author(s): Thiago Maia-Carneiro | Thiago Arnt Dorigo | Suzete Rodrigues Gomes | Sonia Barbosa dos Santos | Carlos Frederico D. Rocha
Seed dispersal by Tana River mangabeys in fragmented gallery forests

Author(s): Dennis O. Otieno | Geoffrey M. Wahungu | Duncan M. Kimuyu
Seed dispersal by Tana River mangabeys in fragmented gallery forests

Author(s): Dennis O. Otieno | Geoffrey M. Wahungu | Duncan M. Kimuyu
PREY SELECTIVITY IN WELS (Silurus glanis) AND AFRICAN CATFISH (Clarias gariepinus)

Author(s): Zdenek Adamek | Krešimir Fašaić | Asif Siddiqui
Predation impact of Procambarus clarkii on Rana limnocharis tadpoles in Guilin area

Author(s): Zhengjun Wu | Fengjin Cai | Yunfeng Jia | Jianxin Lu | Yongfu Jiang | Chengming Huang
The world’s oldest fossil seal record

Author(s): Cajus Diedrich
Monitoring the wild black bear's reaction to human and environmental stressors

Author(s): Laske Timothy | Garshelis David | Iaizzo Paul
Morphological and genetic divergence in Swedish postglacial stickleback (Pungitius pungitius) populations

Author(s): Mobley Kenyon | Lussetti Daniel | Johansson Frank | Englund Göran | Bokma Folmer
Vulnerability to high risk sexual behaviour (HRSB) following exposure to war trauma as seen in post-conflict communities in eastern uganda: a qualitative study

Author(s): Muhwezi Wilson | Kinyanda Eugene | Mungherera Margaret | Onyango Patrick | Ngabirano Emmanuel | Muron Julius | Kagugube Johnson | Kajungu Rehema
Nest Box Preference by Secondary Cavity-Nesting Birds in Forested Environments

Author(s): Choi, Chang-Yong | Hyun-Young Nam | Eun-Jae Lee, | Ok-Sik Chung, | Yong-Su Park | Jong-Koo Lee | Jee-Yun Hyun | Woo-Shin Lee
Assessment of predatory ability of native and non-native freshwater gammaridean species: A rapid test with water fleas as prey

Response of endemic afroalpine rodents to the removal of livestock grazing pressure

Author(s): Flavie VIAL, David W. MACDONALD, Daniel T. HAYDON
Use of island and mainland shorelines by woodland caribou during the nursery period in two northern Ontario parks

Author(s): Natasha L. Carr | Arthur R. Rodgers | Steven R. Kingston | Douglas J. Lowman
Trophic Spatial Variations in the Southern River Otter, Lontra provocax, in Freshwater Habitats, Chile

Author(s): Ignacio Rodríguez-Jorquera | Maximiliano A. Sepúlveda
Effects of habitat fragmentation on avian nest predation risk in Thousand Island Lake, Zhejiang Province

Author(s): Jiji Sun | Siyu Wang | Yanping Wang | Deyu Shao | Ping Ding
Artificial Cavities and Nest Site Selection by Puerto Rican Parrots: a Multiscale Assessment

Author(s): Thomas H. White, Jr. | G. Gordon Brown | Jaime A. Collazo
Mallard Use of Hen HousesTM in Eastern Ontario

Author(s): J. Ryan Zimmerling | Jim R. Fisher | C. Davison Ankney | Christine A. Debruyne
Predation in Ground-Nesting Birds: an Experimental Study Using Natural Egg-Color Variation

Author(s): Aurora M. Castilla | André A. Dhondt | Ramón Díaz-Uriarte | David Westmoreland
Feeding–Danger Trade-Offs Underlie Stopover Site Selection by Migrants

Author(s): Andrea C. Pomeroy | Dana A. Acevedo Seaman | Robert W. Butler | Robert W. Elner | Tony D. Williams | Ronald C. Ydenberg
Contrasting Population Trends at Two Razorbill Colonies in Atlantic Canada: Additive Effects of Fox Predation and Hunting Mortality?

Author(s): Jennifer L. Lavers | Ian L. Jones | Gregory J. Robertson | Antony W. Diamond
Demography of female Greater Prairie-Chickens in unfragmented grasslands in Kansas

Author(s): Jacqueline K. Augustine | Brett K. Sandercock
Risk of Agricultural Practices and Habitat Change to Farmland Birds

Author(s): David Anthony Kirk | Kathryn E. Lindsay | Rodney W. Brook
Exoskeletal abnormalities in paradoxidid trilobites from the Cambrian of Spain, and a new type of bite trace

Author(s): Zamora S | Mayoral E | Esteve J | Gámez Vintaned J A | Santos A
Seedling regeneration of Quercus liaotungensis in Liupan Mountains, China

Author(s): YAN Xing-Fu | DU Qian | SHI Chun | ZHOU Li-Biao | ZHANG Kao-Wen
The long-term consequences of hybridization between the two Daphnia species, D. galeata and D. dentifera, in mature habitats

Author(s): Ishida Seiji | Takahashi Akiko | Matsushima Noe | Yokoyama Jun | Makino Wataru | Urabe Jotaro | Kawata Masakado
Woodland caribou calf recruitment in relation to calving/post-calving landscape composition

Author(s): Sara C. McCarthy | Robert B. Weladji | Christine Doucet | Paul Saunders
Population dynamics of caribou herds in southwestern Alaska

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Richard A. Sellers | Ronald C. Squibb | James D. Woolington | Andrew R. Aderman | Bruce W. Dale
Population growth, movements, and status of the Nushagak Peninsula Caribou Herd following reintroduction, 1988 - 2000

Author(s): Gail H. Collins | Michael T. Hinkes | Andrew R. Aderman | James D. Woolington
Natality and calf mortality of the Northern Alaska Peninsula and Southern Alaska Peninsula caribou herds

Author(s): Richard A. Sellers | Patrick Valkenburg | Ronald C. Squibb | Bruce W. Dale | Randall L. Zarnke
Body size of female calves and natality rates of known-aged females in two adjacent Alaskan caribou herds, and implications for management

Author(s): Patrick Valkenburg | Robert W. Tobey | Robert W. Tobey | Bruce W. Dale | Bruce W. Dale | Bradley D. Scotton | Bradley D. Scotton | Jay M. Ver Hoef | Jay M. Ver Hoef
Experimental log hauling through a traditional caribou wintering area

Author(s): Harold G. Cumming | Bruce T. Hyer
Status of endangered and threatened caribou on Canada's arctic islands

Author(s): Anne Gunn | Frank L. Miller | John Nishi
Predation rate by wolves on the Porcupine caribou herd

Author(s): Robert D. Hayes | Donald E. Russell
Status of woodland caribou in Saskatchewan

Author(s): Jim Rettie | Terry Rock | Francois Messier
Caribou in British Columbia: A 1996 status report

Author(s): Douglas C. Heard | Kathryn L. Vagt
Woodland caribou population decline in Alberta: fact or fiction?

Author(s): Corey J.A. Bradshaw | Daryll M. Hebert
Population Ecology of Caribou Populations without Predators: Southampton and Coats Island Herds

Author(s): Jean-Pierre Quellet | Douglas C. Heard | Robert Mulders
Ecology of the Porcupine caribou herd

Author(s): Kenneth R. Whitten
Population ecology of two woodland caribou herds in the southern Yukon

Author(s): Richard Farnell | Norman Barichello | Katherina Egli | Gerry Kuzyk
Population Ecology of Caribou in British Columbia

Author(s): D.R. Seip | D.B. Cichowski
A Cooperative Industry - Government Woodland Caribou Research Program in Northeastern Alberta

Author(s): Blair Rippin | Colin Edey | Daryl Hebert | Jeff Kneteman
Predation and caribou populations

Author(s): Dale R. Seip
Predation in the reindeer husbandry area in Finland during 1976-86

Author(s): Mauri Nieminen | Juhani Leppäluoto
Population dynamics of the Kaminuriak caribou herd, 1968 - 1985

Author(s): Douglas C. Heard | George W. Calef
Woodland caribou and forestry in Northern Ontario, Canada

Author(s): W. R. Darby | L. S. Duquette
Wolf predation in the Burwash caribou herd, southwest Yukon

Author(s): David A. Gauthier | John B. Theberge
Woodland caribou persistence and extirpation in relic populations on Lake Superior

Author(s): Arthur T. Bergerud | W. J. Dalton | H. Butler | L. Camps | R. Ferguson
Conditions for caribou persistence in the wolf-elk-caribou systems of the Canadian Rockies

Author(s): Mark Hebblewhite | Jesse Whittington | Mark Bradley | Geoff Skinner | Alan Dibb | Clifford A. White
Caribou nursery site habitat characteristics in two northern Ontario parks

Author(s): Natasha L. Carr | Arthur R. Rodgers | Shannon C. Walshe
The operation and production in Penaeid farm

Author(s): ludi parwadani aji
Predator-induced changes of female mating preferences: innate and experiential effects

Author(s): Bierbach David | Schulte Matthias | Herrmann Nina | Tobler Michael | Stadler Stefan | Jung Christian | Kunkel Benjamin | Riesch Rüdiger | Klaus Sebastian | Ziege Madlen | Indy Jeane | Arias-Rodriguez Lenin | Plath Martin
Predation efficiency of Anopheles gambiae larvae by aquatic predators in western Kenya highlands

Author(s): Kweka Eliningaya | Zhou Guofa | Gilbreath Thomas | Afrane Yaw | Nyindo Mramba | Githeko Andrew | Yan Guiyun
Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery from expressed sequence tags in the waterflea Daphnia magna

Author(s): Orsini Luisa | Jansen Mieke | Souche Erika | Geldof Sarah | De Meester Luc
Demonising the dingo: How much wild dogma is enough?

Author(s): Mike LETNIC, Mathew S. CROWTHER, Christopher R. DICKMAN, Euan RITCHIE

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