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Gender And The Human Genome

Author(s): Ruth Chadwick
Gender And The Human Genome

Author(s): Chadwick Ruth
On reliable discovery of molecular signatures

Author(s): Nilsson Roland | Björkegren Johan | Tegnér Jesper
Genetic variability in residual feed intake in rainbow trout clones and testing of indirect selection criteria (Open Access publication)

Author(s): Grima Laure | Quillet Edwige | Boujard Thierry | Robert-Granié Christèle | Chatain Béatrice | Mambrini Muriel
Complexity in the genetic architecture of leukoaraiosis in hypertensive sibships from the GENOA Study

Author(s): Smith Jennifer | Turner Stephen | Sun Yan | Fornage Myriam | Kelly Reagan | Mosley Thomas | Jack Clifford | Kullo Iftikhar | Kardia Sharon
Hippocampal volumes are important predictors for memory function in elderly women

Author(s): Ystad Martin | Lundervold Astri | Wehling Eike | Espeseth Thomas | Rootwelt Helge | Westlye Lars | Andersson Martin | Adolfsdottir Steinunn | Geitung Jonn | Fjell Anders | Reinvang Ivar | Lundervold Arvid
Health status in patients at risk of inherited arrhythmias and sudden unexpected death compared to the general population

Author(s): Hamang Anniken | Eide Geir | Nordin Karin | Rokne Berit | Bjorvatn Cathrine | Øyen Nina
Effectiveness of strategies to increase the validity of findings from association studies: size vs. replication

Author(s): Weitkunat Rolf | Kaelin Etienne | Vuillaume Grégory | Kallischnigg Gerd
Small choroidal melanoma with monosomy 3

Author(s): Ghassemi Fariba | Shields Carol | Materin Miguel | Shields Jerry
Inflammation gene variants and susceptibility to albuminuria in the U.S. population: analysis in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), 1991-1994

Author(s): Ned Renée | Yesupriya Ajay | Imperatore Giuseppina | Smelser Diane | Moonesinghe Ramal | Chang Man-huei | Dowling Nicole
Drug Induced Hypersensitivity and the HLA Complex

Author(s): Ana Alfirevic | Munir Pirmohamed
Trial Protocol: Communicating DNA-based risk assessments for Crohn's disease: a randomised controlled trial assessing impact upon stopping smoking

Author(s): Whitwell Sophia | Mathew Christopher | Lewis Cathryn | Forbes Alastair | Watts Sally | Sanderson Jeremy | Hollands Gareth | Prevost A Toby | Armstrong David | Kinmonth Ann | Sutton Stephen | Marteau Theresa
The first three years of screening for medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) by newborn screening ontario

Author(s): Kennedy Shelley | Potter Beth | Wilson Kumanan | Fisher Lawrence | Geraghty Michael | Milburn Jennifer | Chakraborty Pranesh
Identifying future models for delivering genetic services: a nominal group study in primary care

Author(s): Elwyn Glyn | Edwards Adrian | Iredale Rachel | Davies Peter | Gray Jonathon
VTE Risk assessment – a prognostic Model: BATER Cohort Study of young women

Author(s): Heinemann Lothar | DoMinh Thai | Assmann Anita | Schramm Wolfgang | Schürmann Rolf | Hilpert Jan | Spannagl Michael
Cost-effectiveness of predictive genetic tests for familial breast and ovarian cancer

Author(s): Nikki Breheny | Elizabeth Geelhoed | Jack Goldblatt | Peter O'Leary
A novel mutation in STK11 gene is associated with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome in Indian patients

Author(s): Thakur Nikita | Reddy D | Rao G | Mohankrishna P | Singh Lalji | Chandak Giriraj
Perspectives towards predictive testing in Huntington disease

Author(s): Nagaraja S | Jain Sanjeev | Muthane Uday
Predictive modeling of plant messenger RNA polyadenylation sites

Author(s): Ji Guoli | Zheng Jianti | Shen Yingjia | Wu Xiaohui | Jiang Ronghan | Lin Yun | Loke Johnny | Davis Kimberly | Reese Greg | Li Qingshun
Novel APC mutations in Czech and Slovak FAP families: clinical and genetic aspects

Author(s): Stekrova Jitka | Sulova Martina | Kebrdlova Vera | Zidkova Katerina | Kotlas Jaroslav | Ilencikova Denisa | Vesela Kamila | Kohoutova Milada
Classifying Variants of Undetermined Significance in BRCA2 with Protein Likelihood Ratios

Author(s): Rachel Karchin | Mukesh Agarwal | Andrej Sali | Fergus Couch | Mary S. Beattie
Precision-mapping and statistical validation of quantitative trait loci by machine learning

Author(s): Bedo Justin | Wenzl Peter | Kowalczyk Adam | Kilian Andrzej
Prenatal diagnosis--principles of diagnostic procedures and genetic counseling.

Author(s): Agnieszka Stembalska | Ryszard Slezak | Karolina Pesz | Justyna Gil | Maria Sasiadek
Evolving role of platelet function testing in coronary artery interventions

Author(s): Sharma RK | Voelker DJ | Sharma R | Reddy HK | Dod H | Marsh JD
Lay perceptions of predictive testing for diabetes based on DNA test results versus family history assessment: a focus group study

Author(s): Wijdenes-Pijl Miranda | Dondorp Wybo | Timmermans Danielle | Cornel Martina | Henneman Lidewij
Causal graph-based analysis of genome-wide association data in rheumatoid arthritis

Author(s): Alekseyenko Alexander | Lytkin Nikita | Ai Jizhou | Ding Bo | Padyukov Leonid | Aliferis Constantin | Statnikov Alexander
Genome Wide Association Study to predict severe asthma exacerbations in children using random forests classifiers

Author(s): Xu Mousheng | Tantisira Kelan | Wu Ann | Litonjua Augusto | Chu Jen-hwa | Himes Blanca | Damask Amy | Weiss Scott
El diagnóstico predictivo genético y sus implicaciones

Author(s): Astrid Rasmussen | Elisa Alonso
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