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Dermatology in the new millennium

Author(s): Thomas Jayakar
Management of Spasticity in Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury

Author(s): Belgin ERHAN | Berrin GÜNDÜZ | Ayşe Nur BARDAK
Surgical therapy concepts for the pressure sore treatment

Author(s): Middelberg, Tim R. | Bruck, Johannes
Gallbladder ulcer erosion into the cystic artery: a rare cause ofupper gastro-intestinal bleeding Case report

Author(s): Ben-Ishay Offir | Farraj Mouad | Shmulevsky Pavel | Person Benjamin | Kluger Yoram
Left Vocal Cord Paralysis Secondary to Mitral Valve Disease

Author(s): Marina, MB | Primuharsa Putra, SHA
Study regarding the effect of calendula officinalis cream in healing of pressure sores

Author(s): Ravanbakhsh Esmaili | Ali Reza Khalilian | Ebrahim Nasiri | Hedayat JafariOmid Dehghani | Said Alipour
Viscoelasticity measurement of skin in vivo by rheometer

Author(s): T. Nemoto | Z. Isogai | K. Koide | Y. Itoh | F. Nogata | A. Shimamoto | H. Matsuura
Versatile use of vacuum-assisted healing in fifty patients

Author(s): Al Fadhli Ahmad | Alexander George | Kanjoor James
Quantitative assessment of pressure sore generation and healing through numerical analysis of high-frequency ultrasound images

Author(s): Sahar Moghimi, MS | Mohammad Hossein Miran Baygi, PhD | Giti Torkaman, PhD | Ali Mahloojifar, PhD
Low flow anesthesia: Efficacy and outcome of laryngeal mask airway versus pressure-optimized cuffed-endotracheal tube

Author(s): El-Seify Zeinab | Khattab Ahmed | Shaaban Ashraf | Radojevic Dobrila | Jankovic Ivanka
Development of the interRAI Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale (PURS) for use in long-term care and home care settings

Author(s): Poss Jeff | Murphy Katharine | Woodbury M | Orsted Heather | Stevenson Kimberly | Williams Gail | MacAlpine Shirley | Curtin-Telegdi Nancy | Hirdes John
Perforator propeller flaps for sacral and ischial soft tissue reconstruction

Author(s): Korambayil Pradeoth | Allalasundaram K | Balakrishnan T
Comparison of in-person and digital photograph assessment of stage III and IV pressure ulcers among veterans with spinal cord injuries

Author(s): Darcey D. Terris, PhD | Christine Woo, MS | Marc N. Jarczok, Dipl. rer. soc. | Chester H. Ho, MD
Interface shear and pressure characteristics of wheelchair seat cushions

Author(s): Jonathan S. Akins | Patricia E. Karg, MS | David M. Brienza, PhD
Sensate Flap For Bed Sores: Between Dream And Reality: A Cadaver Dissection Study

Author(s): Rajesh Garg*,Tarik Amer*,Syed Kamran Ahmed*,Boris Kwok Keung Fung**,Wing Yuk Ip***,Shew Ping Chow#
Intravenous Semelil (ANGIPARSTM) as a novel therapy for pressure Ulcers: A randomized clinical trial

Author(s): Shamimi Nouri K | Heshmat R | Karimian R | Nasli E | Larijani B | Novitsky YA | Farhadi M | Gharibdoust F
Efficiency of Magnetic Field Treatment on Pressure Sores in Bedridden Patients

Author(s): Ferda Özdemir | Meliha Kasapoğlu | Figen Oymak | Sadiye Murat
Psychosocial responses to spinal cord injury as predictors of pressure sores

Author(s): Erin Martz | Hanoch Livneh | Samuel T. Gontkovsky | Dobrivoje S. Stokic
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